I Am One With The Emerald Green Lotus, Thus The Key To Amrita Is Remembered. From The Akashic Records.

Green Lotus 21 11
From The Akashic Records. 20 November, 2017.
As I attuned myself to Adam El Daoud and the Cosmos, very early on at the very beginning I went beyond 3D existence, as this Emerald Green Light Ray took me to the Green Heart Chakra. I was aware and Became this Emerald Green Heart Chakra in its Fullest Sense, so did all the other Divine Blessings follow. As Suryananda, I Was One Chakra, this was felt and sensed as never before, in that in the past and to-date I have understood this, but today, I Lived this in Its True Sense, I knew this, for I WAS the One Chakra in ways and depth never experienced before. AED says now, Very Much so.
Normally, I will type there and then deep and profound visions and experiences as they happen. However, the necessity of opening my eyes was not an option as I was mesmerised by these Great Swathes of Emerald Green Light Ray – stretching far ahead in the Vast Distance of the Cosmos, Ether, Space, whilst at the same time beneath me, and where everything within my physical body WAS this Emerald Green Light Ray.
As I was enveloped and enfolded deeply within this Emerald Green Light Ray it was A KEY – A Key to Amrita and a State of Divine Grace and Bliss, which kept returning as the I of myself, had been left behind and no longer existed for I was My True Self, I had gone beyond what can be described as Time for I was in Frozen Zero – Meaning No Time – having delved further and deeper into any previous happenings which this Emerald Ray Light had Blessed myself, Suryananda with, and it was both fascinating and profound.
As AED’s Presence was deeply loved and cherished throughout, AED said and it was I knew, I was in The Pure Land of Bliss, The Divine Blessing of Amrita was with AED and myself, for together we were the One Presence.
Greeen Lotus 2
I did not open my eyes at all, for this Divine Presence was too beautiful, majestic and powerful, it was a Gift from The Creator, belonging To Divine Mothers, not just One. In my case, First Evam Arbel, Divine Mother, entered into My Very Being, as Evam Arbel said “Hello, Pat, Welcome Home”. Evam Arbel was deeply loved and Her Presence felt, and I Was One With Evam Arbel.
So, not only did Divine Mother, Evam Arbel come and grace me with her Love and Presence several times, each time saying Welcome Home with a few words. So also, did Divine Mother Guan Yin come and say Hello as well several times. I Was One With Both and it was very meaningful and profound, and to have had such a duration of beautiful moments with Both Divine Mothers was longer than has happened before.
EA kept Coming back several times over a long session of love and attunement, as with Adam El Daoud I went beyond the confines of my mind, I was in Frozen Zero time, I was Energy, Vibration, Love, Compassion, Power and Divine Presence and beyond any other experiences with this Emerald Green Light Ray which had taken place. And there have been about six or seven as I have shared, where this Emerald Green Light Ray Presence has been cherished.
This Emerald Green Light Ray was very much completely within me at some stage, no other colour Light Ray was, just this Emerald Green, as it Fully Enfolded Myself And I Was This Light.
Artist unknown.
I WAS this Emerald Green Lotus. This was a recurring awareness, state of Being, that there was no I, this Emerald Green Lotus was the Core of Who I AM. There were some moments when myself, Suryananda, was Seated on This Emerald Green Lotus, it was both magnificent and profound, and it was here that “I” Gave Birth To God The Son. Within these words many mysteries remain, known and secret. “My” Very Being Came and Welcomed Me Home.
Quite some way in this tuning in with AED and the Cosmos, other Light Family Members came and said Hello. Sanat Kumara was there as he so often is, whilst Archangel Michael, Melchisadek and Shiva, all came with their Love and Presence. Later, I was also very much aware of Archangel Raphael and His Emerald Green Ray Light, again, Whom I have been blessed with both seeing and tuning into in the past.
Several times AED said I Was In The Pure Land of Bliss – The Land of Pure Bliss, and it was something I too knew and understood. Again, Amrita was brought to my awareness both by AED and recognising this, again, in ways and knowing that was again new, welcoming and cherishing this Divine Nectar of the Gods, of Immortality, leading as it had and does to Higher States of Cosmic Oneness.
Green Lotus 1
Even now, these Huge Swathes of Emerald Green Light Ray I am still able to See Stretching Way Out Into The Cosmos, whist at the same time, myself, Suryananda Was Fully Immersed And Bathed Within Its Divine Presence.
AED is always with me but with the arrival of Both Divine Mothers, Evam Arbel and Guan Yin – both coming and then returning several times to say Welcome Home, remains profound with cherished moments. I am told this is but the first of such deep and close tuning in, for as always, once another step and stage has been reached, this always acts as a New Base and Foundation.
This Emerald Green Light Ray was magnificent not only in Its Range and Depth but where It Took Me, Deeper into My True Self and Into The Very Heart of both Evam Arbel and Guan Yin, leading me into The Pure Land of Bliss – of Amrita and of Immortality, The Immortal Light of AED’s and my soul.
Being aware of this Beautiful Emerald Green Lotus was exciting and meaningful. It was very pivotal as no longer myself as Suryananda, I was sitting on this Emerald Green Lotus, this was very vivid and clear, as was realising as I was sitting on this, “I” Gave Birth to God The Son. Recognising that there are secrets and codes in all spiritual deep happenings, nevertheless, it was and remains deeply beautiful and profound, as Divine Presence and Suryananda Were One, The One Chakra, lived and felt as never before.

Note a little later, AED showed himself in a vision in front of me. Although not as clear as many visions, nevertheless, AED’s Presence was very near just a few feet in front of myself, and clothed in a Beautiful Emerald Green Cloak Robe. As I said a few words to AED, AED laughed, as he said I knew you would notice that, following on from a little earlier when AED had said I am always here Pat; good news – exciting times ahead. 

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