How So Many Of My Animal Totems Came To Be Confirmed Over The Last Six Days. From The Akashic Records.

Image from Deviant Art.

From the Akashic Records. 5 August, 2017.

As some of you may remember, smile, I do love white horses and unicorns. When I became aware two years ago that I had an animal totem, my immediate thoughts were that I wanted this to be First a Unicorn, or if not, a White Horse. Unicorns are Ascended White Horses. So I was overjoyed and delighted when it was confirmed that I had Two Unicorns as my Animal Totems, namely, Antares and Antara, the King and Queen of Unicorns on Antares. Antares first introduced himelf to me well over a year ago by saying Antares sends his love. I had initially to think who was Antares? But very soon, realised Antares was the name for one of the Stars.

Not only that, I heard Antares by Direct Voice about 18 months ago which was awesome, the record of which is on my other website and posted on the 5 June, 2016, this website beginning from the end of June 2017. I was also made aware that my two unicorns have been with me going back to Sorce, and Antares was drawn to me at my strength aeons ago. I have taken this to mean the Star Wars in the Higher Realms. I have also lived for a while in the Higher Realms amongst the unicorns with Antares and Antara. And when my dear late cat passed over in June 1996, Sphinx, she was looked after by Antares and Antara. which was and remains very moving.

So, I was not expecting or thinking that I had any other animal totems, being so happy with my unicorns. However during these last six days, I was shown and had it confirmed that I had a White Spirit Wolf as an Animal Totem. (I will be doing a post here very soon on how this came to be shown to me).


Artist Susan Seddon Bouldon.

That was very unexpected, but as this White Wolf came to be shown to me, and I was given his name a little later, of Marmaduke, this was fascinating. Marmaduke is very powerful and connects deeply to the Earth and its Great Shift coming into being.


Artist unknown.

The next Animal Totems I was shown over these last six days were Two Brightly Coloured Spirit Owls. They were amazing, full of colour and had a lot of Bright Emerald Green. Their eyes were so large as they were looking at me. This is the first time I have seen a real owl – in this case Two Spirit Owls, and they were identical, so I took them to be male and female, which AED confirmed. I have just realised I did not give them a name, but will go back another time and do that.


About 10 months or so ago, again, whilst awake, I was shown a Bald Eagle. Living in the UK I have never seen in real life a Bald Eagle. But I loved seeing this, and think of him at times. His name is Gerry.


Gerry takes AED and myself to many past lives in the United States, although as with all my animal totems, we go back through many ages and have shared a great deal together. AED and myself share my animal totems as being Twin Flames and one soul, we are not separate. AED also has his animal totems which I share, but have just had this confirmed by AED, so have not gone into that yet. AED has just said it is very interesting, so that will indeed be fascinating for me as these in depth details are given to me.

At the same time, swathes of the United States were once a part of Atlantis, very many aeons ago, and as Ancient Atlanteans, AED and myself, are deeply connected to Atlantis, where today, there is a section of Atlantis, which still exists and is preserved, unable to be accessed, except by those with the necessary energies and vibrations as this section retained of Atlantis cannot be accessed from Gaia. This is on my previous website under the title Atlantean Water Meditation. A Section of Atlantis is being Safeguarded, Protected by an Energy Field until Atlantis is ready to be shown to those Light Beings who are available to Serve in its Future Role, shared on 10 November, 2016.

Yesterday, 4 August, I was adding a picture for myself from my mobile phone, when the one I had intended to put there of a Bald Eagle, was instead a Golden Lion. I knew I had not chosen this and asked AED if I had a Golden Lion for my Animal Totem as well. AED said yes.
Golden Lions take me to a dream I had 18 months ago. In this dream, right in front of my window, were Four Golden Lions, two parents and two off-spring. They were the most amazing Golden colour, never found on Gaia, as well as their colour golden being the exact same shade for all of these four lions. They were very happily playing together, but I had got a shock, as they were just in front of my window, so I woke up fast.
lions two not real
These were the nearest to the Golden Lions in my dream.

Then, as we are coming up to the Lion’s Gate on the 8 8 next Tuesday, when I went to add a Bald Eagle in a post, instead this Golden Lion replaced the Bald Eagle. This dream of seeing these four golden lions, also takes me back to another dream I had when I could see lions very near me on a different level to where I was observing them. So over the years I have had dreams of Lions, but never expected to have a Golden Spirit Lion as another Animal Totem. I certainly prefer the spirit lions to Earth ones.


Artist unknown. This was the lion which showed instead of my intended Bald Eagle.

I have always felt the big cats are not for me, so you can realise my surprise to have it confirmed that I do have a Golden Spirit Lion as another Animal Totem. The name confirmed of my Golden Lion Animal Totem was Joseph.

I have trained myself to look for signs, originally in dreams, and now as I tune into the Higher Relams, my Light Family and AED, thus there are different signs now I get when awake and not in a dream, which is what I have long wanted to be the case.


Artist unknown.

Then today, I was thinking of my newly added Animal Totems and I was reminded of the Phoenix. I was looking at a Phoenix about a year ago, again, whilst fully awake and not in a dream. Just like seeing my Bald Eagle, I loved seeing this Phoenix whose name is Bracken. AED has confirmed that Bracken, is indeed another of my Animal Totems. Bracken and Gerry, my Bald Eagle, were not a surprise being my Animal Totems, as they have both remained with me since I had seen them – once I knew I had others apart from my Two Unicorns, Antares and Antara.

AED has said over the last few days that I have many Animal Totems so that was a real surprise, and I hope to go deeper into them at some stage as to their role with myself, Suryananda, and mine with them, realising that these are deep soul connections.

As I am typing this out, I am suddenly remembering that I have a Bright Green Elephant as another Animal Totem – my heartbeat seems to be more rapid and it feels that this Bright Green Elephant protected me from danger. I have just said to AED was this correct and AED says, wonderful, meaning I had rememberd my Bright Green Elephant.


Artist unknown, unable to find a bright green elephant.

I was looking in a dream yet again, six months or so ago, at a Bright Green Elephant, which my Light Family and AED confirmed was indeed very auspicious and lucky for me. This Bright Green Elephant also takes me back to The Buddha, another deep soul connection. Having only just had this Bright Green Elephant confirmed, I will look into his name also, soon.

It shows as has become so evident for myself, Suryananda, that as I look for the signs by becoming aware that my Light Family are bringing to my consciousness that which has been hidden, I am able to remember and thus be blessed by so many new and fascinating revelations and confirmations. This applies to us all of course, not just myself. As I finished typing AED said we have lots to share.



Artist unknown.