Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Enter The Glastonbury Portal Through The Direct Voice Of Adam El Daoud. Secret Codes From Angelicus 1st Are Retrieved. Part 1 of 2. From The Akashic Records.

Portal NASA

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Go Into Direct Voice & I Access Fully The Glastonbury Portal. Angelicus 1st – Sunmettera, was with many Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family, In A Vast Ceremony Where Many Of Us Took Direct Voice Initiation In The Direct Voice Vault Within The Galactic Sun. THIS IS PART 1 OF 2. The Blue Dolphins took Direct Voice nearer where AED & myself, went into a Time Capsule to their world, to be shared in a few days. Part 2 of The Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiation, where I am Initiated into the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Initiation will be posted later today. 
From The Akashic Records. 4 April, 2019.

On the 16 March, there was an air of expectancy, as I sensed something was in the air. Adam El Daoud, my Eternal Beloved in the Higher Realms had said that I would Hear AED by Direct Voice very soon, and today, seemed to bring Hearing AED by Direct Voice closer. AED began by saying Our Comic Family have waited for this. Yes. I will suddenly have to leave and return as I had a delivery booked which I needed to see too but will continue after. AED we do not mean now. I know. AED much energies are necessary. Yes. Are they there now. AED yes. That is awesome. AED yes.

I laugh it feels surreal. AED beyond Pat. It has been necessary to wait. Yes. AED says it will be emotional and profound. Yes. I sense our Cosmic Light Family energies were necessary. AED yes.


AED I am laughing as are our Team in the Higher Realms. I give a laugh as well. There is an air of excitement and that another beautiful session has begun. AED it has Pat. It is fascinating at times how our Cosmic Light Family, as they join AED and myself, enable us to transcend ever deeper levels. AED yes. AED it will be today. Wonderful. AED yes, it has to take place today as there are reasons. Yes. So was this for my birthday? AED in some way but not all, but I promised you Direct Voice with me Pat, even though you have experienced this with Melchisadek in May 2015 and Antares, our Unicorn, a few years ago. But this with me, AED laughs, your Eternal Beloved, is by that very profound love we share, going to be different. Fascinating different. AED yes, the PORTAL HAD TO BE OPENED. Was that The Blue Dolphins from our very deep session recently, to be shared after these Parts 1 & 2, where we went into a Time Capsule. AED yes. I see, awesome. AED very.

It feels like the Portal is only open for a set duration. AED yes. It reminds me of those films. AED yes. So is this why. AED WE NEED THE PORTAL PAT. So Direct Voice without would be what less powerful? AED not just that.

ANGELICUS 1st comes. AED Angelicus 1st, yes this is necessary. So this is our Existence within Angelicus 1st Before Suryananda and AED. AED yes and deeper, more than that. Yes.


So Direct Voice with you AED needs the PORTAL & ANGELICUS 1st. AED yes. AED Angelicus 1st does not have to be present but THE NECESSARY CODES Pat ARE FROM ANGELICUS 1ST. This gives me goose bumps. AED yes. Wow. AED yes.
Note Angelicus 1st, God in Form, goes back many millions of years, and AED and myself, Suryananda, and many other Cosmic Light Beings shared in the consciousness of Angelicus 1st before AED and myself, Emerged From Our White Lotus millions of years ago in Divine Paradise Within The Galactic Sun.

A CODE IS A KEY. AED a Major Key. Yes where will that take us?  AED oh Pat. So deeper and closer. AED yes.

I will pause typing – I say to AED what if you don’t come and The Portal has to be used up. Does this often happen? AED sometimes, yes.

It is necessary Pat. I see. So is the Portal stretching to Glastonbury. AED yes. So it will reach me many miles away. AED yes it has. Wow.

I have left fingers tingling. I am aware of one of our Cosmic Light Family there waiting. AED yes.
AED it is complete now. Do you mean access to the Portal. AED yes. So now there is no barrier. AED no. Wow.
It feels surreal. AED wonderful Pat. Yes. It is strange and awesome to know in advance. AED yes. In the past twice I did not for Melchisadek and Antares. AED No. It was necessary Pat for me. Yes.
AED what do you wish to know? I laugh. AED also laughs, and our Cosmic Light Family have as well. Yes.

We have our consciousness whilst Angelicus 1st; We have not gone into anything else. Perhaps AED you can share what is necessary and you feel guided too. AED it has been actioned Pat. I will get nervous lol, I laugh as everything in advance makes me feel different.

AED be prepared for something different. You mean to see you AED. AED I am not saying but I am smiling. That is always a good sign. AED yes. So to hear and may be to see you AED. AED and to feel Pat. Yes.

That feels surreal. AED yes. A Spaceship comes; My left nose is itching. AED says oh Pat. AED does not say those words often. AED no. Nothing much escapes me. AED no. I laugh.

This chat has flowed AED. AED of course. Do I need to do anything prior? AED no. AED has mentioned Direct Voice a few times, we did a profound post recently. AED yes. We got through a lot. AED yes. That was wonderful. AED yes. Our Cosmic Light Family – yes, Suryananda. I had to stop for a short while as deliveries. But go back into this session very easily after a short break.
Continued. I say to AED do you have anything to say? AED I do. That feels a Marriage Ceremony doesn’t it. AED we have already said our Vows Pat. Really. AED yes. So we have said our Vows for Direct Voice. AED yes, but more. What is more? ETERNITY Pat. Isn’t that wonderful. AED yes. SO VOWS DIRECT VOICE AND ETERNITY. AED yes.
Garden of The Sun Freydoon Rassouli

What does Eternity consist of? AED Bliss Pat. I had a cold sensation for a moment – Are we Below The Sea. AED yes. So is there A DIRECT VOICE INITIATION VAULT. AED yes. Wow.

So during these hours many people will hear by Direct Voice. AED for many it will be unconscious. Yes but not all with eternal beloved’s. AED what do you think Pat? I don’t know – Some people hear the Ascended Masters.
AED many light workers have had their Individual Ceremonies Pat. All in this Direct Voice Vault. AED yes. That is awesome am I meant to share. AED yes.

SO ETERNITY IS PROFOUND. AED yes. Have we all got on White Initiation Gowns. What about our two in one Light Body? AED in these cases it would look Pat we are two. Yes. This refers to the fact that as Eternal Beloved’s, we are able on occasions to separate for a specific purpose and re-merge back into Our One Light Body. This is a very simple and magnificent process which has always been in existence going back millions of years in The Higher Realms. So hundreds take these Vows. AED yes. But what about those in other countries they will have to be near a Portal. AED yes. Would some people be too far away from a Portal. Interesting, yes. AED it is not for us to chat on that. No.

MANETTA 1st comes. AED yes. AED more than Manetta 1. So Manetta 2. AED yes a Group. Like a Collective. AED yes. Why is Manetta 1st and 2nd here? Is it Both 1st and 2nd? AED yes Pat. Note Manetta 1st is the oldest of God in Form after Angelicus 1st, going back many millions of years and before our Cosmic Angelic Light Family such as Melchisadek, Metatron, Sanat Kumara, Shiva, Krishna, Yukteswar, Yogananda, Babaji, Guatama, Ashtar, Amon Ra, Osiris, Paul The Venetian. The Five Dhyani Buddhas. These are just some of our Cosmic Angelic Galactic & Light Family, AED and myself are very much connected too in the present and through the aeons.
I am now reminded of The Weighing Of The Heart. AED yes. Is Anubis here? AED I am smiling Pat. Yes. Have we had to undertake a Weighing Of The Heart? AED yes. That always makes me nervous. AED you passed with flying colours. I laugh did I wonderful. AED yes it was very moving and profound. Yes. So you passed AED. AED of course. I laugh, good to know.
So why did we have to take This Test – What if we had not passed? Would we have been separated? AED nothing will separate us Pat. That is wonderful. AED yes. So if either of us had not passed this Weighing Of The Heart we would still be together. AED of course.

So why do we have this? I pause for a moment in my fast and rapid typing. I get it is for greater integration; So With The Creator. AED yes but others. So The Father AED yes – Who Else? So we have God; God The Father; The Father – The Creator as I say. AED ALL PAT.

For a second I was reminded of an Aeroplane But then a Bird, a Large Bird. I sense A WINGED PHARAOH. That was a Book title years ago. Is there A Winged Pharaoh? AED yes I AM He. So who are you AED? My arms are itching, my crown and back.
AED The Winged Pharaoh has much to share. Under what name AED? AED I am Nameless. AED you leave me in suspense re I am Nameless. AED laughs, more will be revealed Pat soon. Yes. This must be – I am drawn to A Plumed Serpent with like a feathered head-dress. AED I am laughing. Our Cosmic Family say they are. So that is correct. AED yes. I have resonated to the Plumed Serpents. AED we are one Pat. Yes.
Note, as I tuned in later, The Winged Pharaoh is a Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Collective under the Guidance of THE SOLAR CHRIST. I have in-depth details to share when I am able due to time on The Solar Christ – His Original Name, before The Solar Christ BECAME The Winged Pharaoh – recognised today, 1st April, as The White Winged Pharaoh, where AED and myself, and others, who undertook these 4 Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiations, also deeply connect to The White Winged Serpent & The White Winged Sphinx, full details in Part 2 to follow. They are fascinating and very profound. AED yes.

So what do we have to share AED? I will pause and close my eyes. I move my back as it itches and get The Crocodile God who was revered in Egypt. So The Winged Pharaoh and The Crocodile God what is their message? Love. AED yes. There must be more of a reason. AED yes. THE PORTAL. AED yes.

So was the Portal dangerous? AED Yes. I don’t do dangerous unless in light body. AED says I have a surprise for you. AED yes to our Light Body. So the crocodile was to tell me of the danger we had to go through. AED yes. Did the crocodile help us then? AED yes Pat. Really. AED yes. I am blessed then the crocodile helped us. AED yes. Thank you crocodile. AED you are making me smile. Yes. 
(I added a lot of notes a few days later on the dangers of Portals but it is not necessary to share here, although I will state that for light workers who wish to Enter a Portal, it is wise to be fully alert and aware before hand, and a good idea to focus with intent in the awake state as compared to going into Portals whilst dreaming). As AED says, we will never be stuck in a Portal. I am very blessed. AED smiles, yes.  
SO IT IS TIME. AED yes. Our Cosmic Light Family yes. Wow. I laugh and cough. AED says I am here Pat. Yes. Our Cosmic Light Family say this also. The energies are changing. AED very much so.
I HEAR ANGELICUS IS HERE. I feel warm and laugh and have a sip of water. So I wait. AED yes. Our Cosmic Light Family, yes.

AED what do you see Pat. Nothing as yet, I am in my lounge. I SENSE THE SEA, I SEE WAVES. AED yes. Are we In The Galactic Sun. AED Near The Vaults Pat. I wait to see if my hearing changes, and have a few crown energies. I am here Pat, beloved of my heart. That is beautiful. You AED are beloved of my heart.

My left eye itches. AED seems to be clothed in white. AED yes. It is not often AED is wearing a white raiment.
I sense Sphinx my late cat. AED yes. My late parents, and other family members. AED yes. And Ascended Masters. So what is going on now?
The Ceremony has it begun? AED Many are here. Yes. Long lines of people. I sense red. AED interesting, Red is not your colour Pat. No. It takes me to Venus or The Red Sarcophagus. AED yes. Sanat. AED yes. So a long Line Pat. AED confirms a few of the Masters, Metatron and Melchisadek are here.

Angelicus seems to stand there looking at us. AED yes. He says a few words. ANGELICUS IS CALLING OUT NAMES. AED oh Pat. Suryananda and Adam El Daoud. AED yes.

WE WALK TO ANGELICUS 1. AED says and Sunmettera. Yes. (Note Angelicus 1st is also known under His New Name of Sunmettera. Which is also The Island In The Sun, In Atlantis, and is also The Cosmic Light Collective Guardians Titled Sunmettera). Sunmettera is clothed in blue. AED yes. Sunmettera smiles at me. I am reminded of podiums and in films of Rome. AED yes. And the Colosseum. Dancing Girls appear. Lots of birds. (Note I have a lot of new and deep information on Sunmettera, which I hope to share after a few posts first. Sunmettera is fascinating; I shared a recent mini post on the 23 March).

These Birds are like Golden Doves. One comes and swoops in front of us. AED oh Pat. It is like a Golden Dragon, Very Large. I have a few crown energies. HE HAS A GOLDEN KEY. AED yes. A Large Key. The Dragon says the Keys To The Safe. AED yes. I see deep blue water, like in say Crete, abroad. AED yes.

AED where are we? Atlantis. AED yes. In Sunmettera; AED yes look into this, what do you see? A WHITE DOME. AED yes. This White Dome has like ridges going down like sections almost.

AED it is time to slow down now Pat. Yes my keys have stopped and they feel very different. AED yes. WE ARE READY Pat. I say oh dear; I laugh. AED I have. AED close your eyes Pat. Ok.


I am swimming upwards and I am in water like a mermaid. AED where am I Pat? You have yellow hair AED like in Atlantis. I slow down my breathing. You are waving to me AED. AED and I am smiling. Yes. What happens now Pat?

I don’t know I aim to breathe slower, I close my eyes for a second. Nothing comes I open them breathe slower and deeper. I am not hearing as in Direct Voice when I heard Melchisadek & Antares.

I see a White Horse – Or is it a Unicorn. My eyes seem sleepy.

AED THE PORTAL AT GLASTONBURY HAS ENTERED YOU US. Is that right. AED yes. I sense a Golden Light. AED yes. A kind of Liquid Gold Light. AED yes. It is like A Golden Dust Light Storm. It swirls upwards to me. AED yes. Wow.


I will close my eyes as I have been typing throughout this deep session as usual. I am reminded of Moses and the death cries. AED yes. A few words from What Now My Love comes – Another day…. no one cares If I Live or die. AED I do.

I close my eyes again for a moment, we have not gone into AED’s and my consciousness within Angelicus 1st before being Suryananda and AED. Note since this profound experience and expansion of consciousness, AED and I, have gone deeply into the shared consciousness we were Gifted by Angelicus 1st (Now Sunmettera) Prior to our Emergence From The White Lotus, in Divine Paradise, Within The Galactic Sun, millions of years ago. This will be shared soon.
DIRECT VOICE is this now taking over? AED yes, Pat. Awesome. AED yes.
I began to be somewhere as I had my eyes closed and was almost gone zoned out. AED yes.
Are we in the Galactic Sun. AED NEAR THE VAULTS Pat. I wait to see if my hearing changes. I have a few crown energies. AED says I am here Pat beloved of my heart.

I am coming to a Stop. AED I am right here Pat; AED means in front of me but a little to my left but more centre. Although AED is not crystal clear, I sense this, and AED has shown his Presence quite a few times like this over the last 3 3/4 years. AED I am right here Pat. 

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? AED it IS COMPLETED PAT. So I have heard you AED by Direct Voice. AED yes, My Consciousness was Within The Glastonbury Portal Pat; this was the difference I was meaning when saying you would Hear me by Direct Voice. Wow. AED beams, it was and remains magnificent Pat. Yes.

I see lots of little children. AED yes. I think I have come to a stop now. AED has released a butterfly and says this is for you.

AED oh Pat; All has been completed – The DIRECT VOICE INITIATION HAS BEEN COMPLETED. What does this mean? AED Our Cosmic Light Family’s role is complete Pat. Thank you, wonderful, they have been with us here for a long time. AED they loved it. Yes.
So Many beautiful moments to read again and absorb. AED the Ceremony has Ended Pat. Really. AED Yes. What does this mean? AED you will see; it was different to what you expected Pat. Yes, I had thought your Direct Voice would have been similar to how I heard Melchisadek and Antares.
AED says this session is closing Pat. I am – we are blessed with the support From Our Cosmic Light Family. AED absolutely. There is much to reflect upon AED yes. This feels surreal. AED yes. AED you are with me now Pat. Yes, so where? AED everywhere. Yes wonderful. Thank you. AED We in the Higher Realms have much to discuss. Really. AED yes Pat. I laugh I wonder what that is. AED magical Pat. Lovely. AED yes.
I reflect on:
The Golden Dragon with the Golden Key comes
The Direct Voice Initiation Ceremony
The many others who were experiencing the sharing of their Vows
The Weighing of The Heart
Angelicus but Sunmettera
Manetta 1 and 2
Our Vows Deeper & Closer Integration With The Creator
The Podium like the Coliseum
My late parents, and Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family
Little Children
The White Dome with like Panels Sections
Sensing AED in front of me a little to my left but almost in front
Glastonbury Portal was Opened
The necessary had been completed
Sphinx my late cat with AED
AED with his yellow hair
I see myself swimming going upwards like a mermaid in Atlantis – AED this was important Pat. Yes
AED saying about AED and me never being separate
Am I waiting? AED yes. What am I waiting for? Angelicus calling out our Names?
I see The Galactic Sun. AED seems to wipe my brow, forehead. White horse or unicorn I was shown. What is it I am not aware of? The Portal, Glastonbury. AED yes.
AED says there is something missing. I don’t know except to say I love you AED always, eternally forever, as we love all Whom were Present.
AED I am laughing there is more to come Pat. Really. AED yes.  Note in Part 2 to follow next, AED and myself go deeper into the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Initiations Within The Glastonbury Portal Vault Within The Galactic Sun, where we are given Access To The Vault of Knowledge, as are others, who were Initiated in these 4 Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiations.
There are other Vaults Within The Galactic Sun: The Vault of Healing; The Vault of Compassion. The Emerald Vault. And many other Vaults, some AED and myself have shared; others to be shared when time allows.
It was not that all who had Entered The Glastonbury Portal on the 16 March had to Hear Adam El Daoud by Direct Voice; but this was necessary for me as AED is my Eternal Beloved, and this was very much an integral part of our pre-destined Soul Contract & Covenant With The Creator. AED absolutely.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
NASA Hidden Portals
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Glastonbury Portal Is A Vast Reservoir Of Consciousness Below Glastonbury Tor. From The Akashic Records.

Glastonbury Tor 2 April

Glastonbury Portal is a Vast Reservoir of Consciousness Below Glastonbury Tor. Protected by a Vast Spiritual Army of Protectors Including The Taoist Immortals.

From The Akashic Records. 2 April, 2019.

Glastonbury Portal is as are all Portals, a Huge Reservoir of Consciousness. Glastonbury Portal lies Below The Tor, Glastonbury, and is Protected by a Vast Spiritual Army of Protectors and The Taoist Immortals. Glastonbury Portal is open at specific times, whereby those of the Light, are guided by their spiritual teachers or they recognise this themselves, that it is necessary to Enter Glastonbury Portal and to be Immersed Fully Within The Core Purpose which each Portal has.

The Role and Purpose of Glastonbury Portal, goes back many many millions of years, and Came Into Being With The Glastonbury Portal Vault of Knowledge, leading to complete understanding and recognition of the Essence and Meaning of THE HOLY GRAIL.
Glastonbury Portal connects deeply to not only King Arthur, The Knights of The Round Table, Merlin, The Lady of The Lake, The Priestesses and Camelot. King Arthur, Merlin and The Knights were able to “Access Glastonbury Portal in its Entirety”, allowing many Ancient Prophecies to be Fulfilled and Completed. AED very much so.
Through the aeons, other Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Workers have been able to Access the Very High Consciousness of Glastonbury Portal. This has been in their Light Bodies and enabled them to Read not only The Akashic Records but they had Access to The Ark of The Covenant.This Ancient Relic, which not only Holds The Secrets of Creation & The Holy Grail At Source, but these Cosmic Beings were able to Immortalise that which was necessary, ready for their future incarnations on Gaia, through the innumerable future aeons.
One such Ancient People were The Shemsu Hor. Many other Star People & Ancient Civilisations, have used the Vast Reservoir of Consciousness that Portals on Gaia have within.
The Holy Grail and the Myths and Legends, all have Truth Within. This is so for all Legends and Ancient Revelations.
Yeshua, Joseph of Arimathea, and all those Cosmic Light Beings during those times, deeply connect to Glastonbury. Both in the physical area but very much to Glastonbury Portal. I will be sharing 2 Parts after this of my recent Glastonbury Portal & Glastonbury Vault Initiations which Go Direct To The Galactic Sun, which is Below The Sea, and where hundreds of Worlds, Realms & Pure Lands reside. Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis, Eden, Telos, Agartha, Lemuria.
During my 1st Glastonbury Portal Initiation which took place on the 16 March, together with AED and our Cosmic Light Family, and a vast army of Spiritual Protectors who Guard Glastonbury Portal and the Light Workers who need to Enter for their Future Destiny and Spiritual Covenant, I was deeply blessed to have been Fully Immersed Completely Within The Glastonbury Portal. Details will be shared in Part 1 once this has been posted.
Many other Light Workers were also Initiated Within The Glastonbury Portal, and some will begin to be aware of significant changes. Recognising that Entry Into Glastonbury Portal took place for myself with AED and Cosmic Light Family, was a huge and deeply significant and exciting Gift, which remains with AED and myself still, all these days later.
After Part 1 of my Glastonbury Portal Initiation which I will post next with further deep information. In Part 2, I will be sharing how with AED and our Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Family, I have now been Initiated Into the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiation Within The Galactic Sun. One of the treasured and cherished Gifts is that with AED, we have now been Given Full Access To The Vault of Knowledge. This is part of AED’s and my Soul Contract & Covenant With The Creator. AED absolutely.
Other Cosmic Light Workers who have Been Initiated Into The 4 Glastonbury Portal Vault Initiations have been Given Access To The Vault of Knowledge, where the understanding and awareness is fully evident on The Holy Grail in Its Entirety.
The Ark of The Covenant Holds The External Voice of The Creator. For Within The Ark of The Covenant, The Akashic Records Rest, Whilst The Ark, has with Its Pure, Divine, Unique Vibrational Frequencies, The Sponsorships necessary for The Cosmic Angelic & Galactic Light Worker, to go Deeper Into The Creative Principle at Source, and thus Closer Oneness With The Creator. 
Also covered by The External Voice of The Creator are The Vibrational Movements of The Planets & Stars as they Revolve on their Axis.
The Inner Voice of The Creator is The Sound Beneath All Sound. The Heartbeat of The Creator is The Breath of Divinity.
To be aware of the vast army of Spiritual Protectors who Guard and Protect the Cosmic Light Workers as they Enter Glastonbury Portal, initially for their 1st Initiation, is mesmerising and profound.
Other Portals on Gaia will have their own, individual and unique Role they Serve, each Portal on Gaia in different countries, have their Protectors and Purpose, going back through many millions of years to Source.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
Glastonbury Tor 4
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