Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Have A New Birth In Our One Light Body From The White Pearl Birthing Chamber From Guan Yin & Metatron, This Takes Adam El Daoud & Myself To Below The Sea – Which Is The Beginning Of Our Journey Into The Pure Land Of Tushita Which Connects To Maitreya. From The Akashic Records. under Rainbow.jpg
Artist Title Under Rainbow.
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Have A New Birth In Our One Light Body From The White Pearl Birthing Chamber From Guan Yin & Metatron. This Takes Adam El Daoud & Myself To Below The Sea, Which Is The Beginning Of Our Journey Into The Pure Land Of Tushita Which Connects To Maitreya. (This continues with my next post).
From The Akashic Records. 11 July, 2018.
Adam El Daoud was very Present a usual and our tuning began with AED saying It is surprising news Pat I can’t say any more than that. AED never says that I can’t say any more than that – so I have to wait for the surprising news lol. AED there is a reason for that.
AED says it is very deep Pat
Is that right? AED yes
That is very profound
Do I have goose bumps
AED says you will
It is a huge step
That seems very profound
AED very
I feel I am suspended in time
I say is that right AED says you know it is
Is it a Portal
AED yes Pat
Anubis is here
AED says yes
So Egypt
AED yes Pat
Deeper than Egypt
AED yes
But Secrets in Egypt
I say we are going along like a speeding train
AED is amused and I laugh
This is fun
AED laughs
It is paramount Pat pivotal
I see
So an Initiation
AED yes
Has it taken place
AED yes now it has
You have been Birthed Into new matter Pat
My right nose itches and the back of my neck
So birthed into matter
And a major initiation
AED yes Pat
That is profound
Metatron is here I say
AED yes Pat
What does Metatron want or have to say
AED says it is time Pat
That is the key
To an age old memory
It is ready to be opened
So this connects to The Father
AED yes Pat
And Anubis was necessary
AED no but Anubis will help us
Anubis waits to Carry you over the threshold
I feel nervous now
Into something very profound AED yes
We are all here
I sense many around
The new dawn has come
AED says yes
We are ready for you
Oh dear
I have come to a stop
AED says listen carefully
I will pause
The door to the secret chamber is opening
Anubis was there in front
AED yes Pat
It is very ancient
I will pause
It Is A Very Very Thick Heavy Door Black and Gold 
Like in the Egyptian Tombs
A kind of vault
AED yes
The Keys to the Inner Mysteries are within
AED says more than that Pat
AED smiles Pat you can sense
AED yes
Very ancient and slow
The vibration has got very slow
I can hardly type
AED yes
Why is this
Why below the sea
AED yes
Why is this
Why God
Where do we I go now
 White Pearl use.jpg
I will pause
Comes to me
It is vast
The White Pearl
Many hundreds of feet high and wide
AED yes Pat
What do you see AED says
A knob on the Centre Red Burgundy.
The knob is relevant Pat
It opens The White Pearl
I am suspended in time
Between worlds
The air is different
Everything is still waiting
Osiris has arrived
I love Osiris
AED yes  

So Egyptian The Great Pyramid Secrets

AED more than that Pat
Birthed into Matter
So Etheric Lighted Conception
AED yes
Is Osiris my Father I wonder for a moment
AED no Pat God is
AED confirms in this case Pat, it is Metatron in his role as God from whom our New One Light Body has been Born. Yes. In this case Metatron as God The Father. As you know Pat The Father has different names; God The Father also has different names; God has different names – whilst The Creator is known as The Creator. Yes. Note in my next post, it is shared that Guan Yin was with Metatron, From Whom Adam El Daoud and Myself, Suryananda, Expeienced this New Birth.
What does this mean AED
AED smiles you will see
Metatron was here
AED yes Metatron is still here Pat
So birthed into .. from Metatron
Metatron has moved deeper into you
To your heart and consciousness

What is the outcome? AED laughs you know Pat

 I think I have gone as far as I can
AED we are going deeper as we transcend I am at your side, as always. Yes
Anubis – Osiris – Metatron – God – New Birth
AED yes
Atlantis AED yes
Amenti AED yes 

AED says close your eyes Pat

I have a huge square type of cream white ring on my left hand is this the same as The White Cream Pearl
AED yes
So it seems an Alchemical Wedding
AED much more than that
You are in a very special place and stage Pat
Yes I seem to be typing very slow on my ipad
Like Direct Voice but on my ipad
I see again this Huge White Cream Pearl Ring from The White Pearl
AED yes Pat
It seems like two Inches in length
AED yes
So a kind of inner advancement
AED yes
What do I do now I see again this very Thick Like Iron Black Door with Gold
The Black has Engravings on
AED yes
AED yes
Many secrets Pat
I am now at The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth
AED yes Pat
We wait for you
That is very profound
AED yes Pat
So am I meant to do something now
AED close your eyes again I am here
Pat yes
I see a golden sarcophagus I say am I meant to get into a golden sarcophagus AED says no
So tests of Initiation have been passed AED yes Pat
What will happen now?
The White Pearl is known as The Inner Chamber of The Father. AED yes. The Inner Chamber of The Father, were our New Birth took place. AED yes. Wow. So this Huge Vast White Pearl is a Birthing Chamber. AED very much so. So The White Pearl is a Portal. AED yes, it takes you Home Pat.
So this White Pearl belongs more to Amenti? AED yes. And also to The Emerald Tablets. AED yes. So we are now living in Amenti in our One Light Body. AED yes. Note – AED and myself have had Homes on Amenti, which is within The Galactic Sun for millions of years. AED says look at us in The Great Hall of Amenti.
I sense Metatron will be there at the end of the Portal. AED yes, Pat.
I am aware of Metatron waiting holding Flowers. I hear I am here. Isn’t that strange. AED yes, very. AED the Flowers are important Pat. Yes. So a kind of Wedding. AED yes. AED you will be aware of Metatron Pat, now you are through it. Do you mean the Portal? AED yes. Wow.
These Flowers are White. AED yes. I can see and sense these Flowers say “With love to Suryananda from Metatron”.
Metatron says I am here Pat. That always feels awesome. AED yes. I am aware of significant power coming in as I am experiencing this and typing up. AED yes, this is happening. That is awesome. AED beams, yes. Metatron is here and He is smiling. Metatron says I am Pat and Guan Yin is here as well. Yes, wonderful. Love to Guan Yin. Guan Yin says Welcome Home Suryananda. Thank you, wonderful.
I say again, so I have gone through the Portal to be met by Metatron holding White Flowers. AED yes; we were all there Pat. Yes. Thank you Guan Yin and team, and Metatron. I am aware of my late Father. AED says yes, Eddie is here and smiling. Yes. Eddie says I am very moved Pat. Yes, I am Eddie.
(See note below on Amenti). In a dream many years ago, I was shown Adam El Daoud and myself as statues high up in The Great Temple of Amenti, head and bust, side by side, in cream and white. AED says they hold The Key. Fascinating. AED yes, Pat. AED we await for memories to return further, but do not dwell too much on Amenti, as there will be many speedy changes as you will see. Yes.
Whilst back in May 2015 when having 14 days of visions in The Great Pyramid, I had heard “Your place is assured in the Great Temple of Amenti”. At the same time about two years or so ago, I held hands with Adam El Daoud, I was able to feel us holding hands as if we were both in the physical as we walked down a slight slope towards The Entrance to The Halls of Amenti, to be met and welcomed by our Cosmic Light Family, and our Two Unicorns. That remains a beautiful memory about two years later.
AED your DNA structure has been radically changed Pat
Is that right AED? Yes, Pat. AED this applies to both spiritually and physically.
AED your DNA has changed significantly on all levels.
I close my eyes again
I have opened my eyes I don’t think I can go any deeper
AED says you have done very well Pat
When my eyes were closed briefly, I was seeing Ruby Red Lotuses
AED yes Pat.
As I go into this deep and profound experiences, having gone into such a deep place, below the sea – which is Home. For The Galactic Sun – see my Posts on The Galactic Sun, but although when shown my vision of The Galactic Sun – see separate description posted on my website, this is as a Vast, Huge, Yellow Sun, many hundreds of feet in both height and width, with stages for arrivals and departures – as The Galactic Sun is also an Inter-Galactic Portal, which when seeing in a vision, appears to be in space and the ether, is in fact, under the Sea.
Also within The Galactic Sun are TELOS AND AGARTHA – both being Below Gaia. This is fascinating. AED yes, very.
That was an awesome and profound mesmerising experience chatting with AED. That sense of deeper much deeper slowness was like when I heard by Direct Voice in that The Presence speaking was speaking so very much slower, there was the awareness that everything seemed so much slower this was very evident. So in essence when we are told to raise our vibrations, energies as it were, it is that everything has to slow down as compared to speed up. I also realise that this session was what AED meant when AED said on the 21 June to listen carefully. AED says yes. So when I heard a little later The Secrets Of The Sphinx are set to be Revealed, those words were in effect a hint for this tuning in which was very deep and profound for me as everything seemed to have slowed down like to hear by Direct Voice. AED yes Pat.
To actually experience, live and be aware of having gone to Below the Sea – is something which I will never forget, the mesmerising awareness that I was here, whilst experiencing such deep changes in energies and vibrations, as everything almost stopped – the change was so evident, and I was not here on Gaia apart from typing up this profound happening and chatting with AED, which in essence, had taken me Home.
Note as myself, Suryananda and Adam El Daoud were Born Direct from Guan Yin and Metatron from within the White Pearl into our One Light Body, this is very different to how it was when AED and myself were born into our One Light Body in the Beginning prior to being Born on our Dual Ray of White and Blue from God The Father Mother into The Galactic Sun Millions of Years Ago. AED – you have a new awareness and we are in a very different place and experience now. AED – this is like a New Sun birthing into your consciousness.
Where AED and myself are now is where Eternal Beloved comes very much into its own Pre-Destined Cosmic Oneness from The Creator. This means that as AED says, it is something we have been working towards since our first conception emergence into being as one – in that we have been working our way to this New Oneness and Divine Union – One Eternal Beloved as in the One Breath, the One Shared Heart, the One Soul. With our New Birth from Guan Yin and Metatron, we have gone beyond into new territory.


Thus as Eternal Beloved’s, it was necessary for Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, to set into being, that we are Eternally Wed, in that there will never be any separation. This means, that instead of through the aeons in the Higher Realms, Worlds and Galaxies, Being in Two Light Bodies able to merge and become one, now with this New Birth Born Into One Light Body, initially from Guan Yin and Metatron, set into place, later activations, whereas now, as I will be posting, Adam El Daoud and myself, have transcended even this New Birth, and have had other New Births taking us even further and deeper from within Pure Lands, till we have now been Born Into A New Birth From Guan Yin and Melchisadek. This Pure Land will follow soon.
AED and myself are now at the stage where all of our Light Bodies have become One in the Higher Realms, we are no longer two Light Bodies, able to merge, but have become One Light Body in all The Pure Lands, Worlds and Galaxies. Such is the meaning AED and myself are Eternally Wed in the true sense.
However, this New Birth as in the One Light Body as in this stage, does not have to always be with who we were born with, ie deeper than a Twin Flame which AED and myself say is an Eternal Beloved. There are situations and instances where this New One Birth Born Together, is different. Here this means Divine Consorts and Deities. AED yes.
What this means is that when one goes into this New One Light Body Birth as Adam El Daoud and myself have been, one has to be sure that one is with one’s Eternal Beloved. AED yes. For AED and myself, this has never been in doubt, we were Eternally Wed before we emerged into being initially in our One Light Body which was very different to us now, for as The Creator chose, we are all given the option as to whether or not to stay with our Twin Flame we came into being with.
In essence the Eternal Beloved goes even deeper than Twin Flames. AED yes. So this is where Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, are, we are now Eternally Wed for all time. This has brought great joy and excitement, for now we will never be separate as we go forward into ever new and expanding Pure Lands, Worlds, Galaxies, Together in our One Light Body. Although this is my last life on Gaia and Adam El Daoud is in the Higher Realms, but when I return Home, then we continue our journeys Home Eternally as One. AED and myself, are thus both thrilled and excited, we have arrived at this stage, which is necessary for us all.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud
This took place on the 26 and 28 June, 2018. Since then, AED and myself have gone into and taken New One Light Body Births into several New Pure Lands, which will be posted very soon.
Beyond Reality by Rassouli 24 12.jpg
With gratitude to the artists. Shared when known.

Amrita Adam El Daoud And Suryananda On The Galactic Sun, As I Return Home In Full Consciousness. From The Akashic Records.


romantic man woman white horse water mountains

Artist unknown..


From The Akashic Records. 27 April, 2018.
I suddenly see AED and myself, clothed in beautiful White Garments. They have a kind of pattern on, still in White, and I am seeing sparkly areas on our Garments. AED holds out his hand for me as he takes my hand for me to step up onto a kind of Podium to be Presented with an Award. As I continue to see this vision, I am aware that AED and myself are being Honoured and Blessed before our Cosmic Light Family.
So this Celebration is to Bless AED and myself, Suryananda’s Return Home in Full Consciousness by me. AED – yes, exactly that, on The Galactic Sun. That is wonderful. AED – yes, long awaited Pat by myself and others here. Wonderful.
In essence it means I, Suryananda, have got to a much deeper stage of awareness and remembrance. AED yes, it means your keys are being activated into the Inner Mysteries as we celebrate you being Home, as your recent profound experience and typed words on The Galactic Sun which will be shared very soon. Yes.
So this tuning into this vision of us then happened millions of years ago.  AED yes, and then some. AED – you have as you know for some time been able to access in-depth memories going back millions of years, some times you have seen a picture of a place on Gaia, where that has as you know taken you back not only to Atlantis but to other ancient civilisations aeons ago. Yes, it has been fascinating. AED beams, wonderful, Pat.
Some hours later, I am back with AED Home in another area of The Galactic Sun as my vision into looking into this Ceremony is accessed once again. AED – now those keys have been activated into consciously arriving Home on The Galactic Sun, you are able to access Home in ever increasing frequency, such is the case, once those new and deeper steps are taken, it remains much easier to Return. AED – very much so, I couldn’t be more delighted. As I have said in the past, I have waited for you before as I will do so again, but now, AED smiles, here, on The Galactic Sun, you have remembered and thus our Soul Contract is greatly helped. Yes.

The Seven Holy Kumaras comes. Now Hathor. AED yes. So a kind of Initiation – Egyptian. AED yes into The Order Of Osiris. That is amazing. AED yes, this experience as you arrived Home has deep meaning, and all of us here on The Galactic Sun are thrilled.

Note I have an in-depth post to share in about a week on The Galactic Sun.
Suryananda ♥

I Am Shown In A Vision The Master R – (Rakoczi) St Germain As Memories Are Reactivated. From The Akashic Records.


Artist unknown.


From The Akashic Records. 26 April, 2018.

As I had aligned myself spiritually, I found I was suddenly being shown a crystal clear vision of the Master R walking – striding along wearing a Claret Burgundy Cloak. The Master R – known as the Master Rakoczi was the nearest to this main header image I have shared, having very dark hair and a small beard. It was very potent and profound to see the Master R. It felt seeing the Master R was a breakthrough? Adam El Daoud – yes, it was major accomplishment and that this was inevitable.

I asked AED what do I need to learn from the Master R as every vision, sighting or experience gives us something of deep relevance, often with many layers. I have been very close to Master R; AED of course, and I was very much aware of this. I had not seen the Master R before consciously and in such a crystal clear vision. AED continued that I have been close to him in many lifetimes. Of course Master R is also another embodiment of St Germain, whom as many of us know, was also Merlin and connects to King Arthur, where I have had many past lives during those times.

I said how is it that I am suddenly being shown the Master R now? AED he has much to share and teach and remind you of Alchemy. Master R takes me to a particular past life as a female philosopher and Light worker, which is very evident to me. I was aware that in this past life, the Master R had shared with myself, secret documents, which, as are other even more ancient secrets, waiting to be brought forth with AED. AED yes, it is all coming into place, as further keys continue to be activated as Inner Mysteries come closer to being revealed.

Since my first dreams in 1983, I have always trained myself to take in and absorb everything of that experience, when seeing the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Light Family, very quickly, and this has stood me in good stead over these last few years when having my spiritual experiences when awake.

Because of the Claret Red Burgundy Cloak the Master R was wearing reminded me of my 14 days of visions in the Great Pyramid whilst listening to the Source Codes  for the first time in May, 2015. During these two weeks all the Cosmic Beings I was shown in visions were clothed in Golden Engraved Cloaks except once, when I was sitting next to a Pharaoh who was wearing a Claret Red Burgundy cloak. I said to AED then seeing the Master R wearing this colour must take me to Egypt. AED yes, and as AED has said before often, there are many secrets set to be revealed on Ancient Egypt. I mentioned with Egypt – Atlantis. AED yes, to both regarding secrets. Some of these visions have been shared on my previous website.

Having seen the Master R I am still feeling a sense of great joy and blessings many hours later. Not only that, I am aware now I have aligned myself in such a close and conscious way to the Master R (St Germain) there will be future  remembrances. AED very much so.

Suryananda with the Master R.

.St Germain another 26 4

Artist unknown.

With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

I Am Shown A Very Large Golden Entrance Door, Rising Upwards Into A Shallow Dome, Where, Standing On Each Side Looking At Me, Is Anubis. From The Akashic Records.


Artist unknown..


From The Akashic Records. 20 April, 2018.

I was suddenly seeing this very large Golden Entrance Door – almost a Gate, where there were many Engravings all in Gold upon this Door. The Door was very large, and what was fascinating also, was that on each side of this Door, was Anubis, standing.

To see Anubis there each side was wonderful. For some reason I did not note there and then as i usually do, but today, Saturday, having seen Anubis and this Golden Entrance Door, keeps coming back to me, so much, that I feel it was – is necessary to share. AED says very much so now.

I asked myself and AED what was this sighting referrring too. I have loved Anubis, consciously since 1983, when I accepted Reincarnation in an Earth life again, and I always equate Anubis, not only going back to Ancient Egypt but to millions of years ago.

On Amrita, there is The Temple of Anubis, which is fascinating. So, this image, vision, has kept coming back to me for some hours.

AED says Anubis is Guarding Ancient and Inner Secrets. The Secrets Anubis is Protecting are Secrets which have been waiting to be Revealed, and as AED has been saying to me for a little while now, Ancent Secrets and Ancient Prophecies are about to be Revealed.

I say, yes, wonderful. At the same time,  Anubis has Protected and saved us from many dangerous situations through the aeons. Anubis is here – ready to assist and help. and as we ask Anubis,  Anubis will be there for us.

Note I obviously could not get the exact image from Google of Anubis standing each side of a huge Golden Door Extrance, rising up slightly into a Dome, so these are the nearest. .

Suryananda. ♥


Golden Temple at Deviant Art. ♥

With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

Significant Discoveries Interdimensional Portal Has Opened. From The Akashic Records.


Artist Aeoliah.

Significant Discoveries Interdimensional Portal Has Opened.
From the Akashic Records. 11 April, 2018.

I had very strong crown energies, extremely powerful, so much that I knew there was a specific purpose with information to be shared. Amrita Adam El Daoud said Significant Discoveries Interdimensional Portal has opened. This was all then but I wrote down as always saying this was fascinating and exciting. A couple of hours later AED said it goes way beyond a recent past life into Ancient Secrets. I say that feels very profound and awesome. AED laughs and says it is Suryananda.

I say, Ancient Secrets are they older than Egypt? AED says yes, Suryananda, very much older. I say do they go back to Atlantis and Source? AED continues with yes, you know they do. I say what kind of Secrets? AED says what do you think Suryananda – Our Soul Contract. I say that is wonderful. AED beams, yes, it is.

I continue with when will these significant discoveries be revealed. AED says soon.  I say will I share – AED laughs what do you think. I give a tiny laugh as it is in our Soul Contract and pathway that I share AED’s and my journey and joint mission. As I add that will be fascinating, so these secrets connect to those we know and our Cosmic Light Family. AED says of course and many others. I say to AED as I do at times, clairaudience is fascinating. AED beams as it is wonderful for us both as it is the spiritual tool Gifted by The Creator that the Twin Flame – Divine Consort is the Inner whilst the male is the Outer – certainly with regard to AED and myself, Suryananda.

I end our chat and say do these significant discoveries take us to the Dragon Realm where I have a new post to share very soon. AED laughs and says yes. The Dragon Realm is relevant.

So another wonderful tuning into AED as he shared further profound discoveries due to be revealed.

Suryananda ♥



Artist unknown.

Gratitude to the artists and shared when known.


The Keys To The Golden City Are Yours Amrita Adam El Daoud Says. From The Akashic Records.

Otherland by under The Golden City
Artist Titled Otherworld
From The Akashic Records. 24 March, 2018.
As Amrita Adam El Dauod was very present, AED began by saying Secrets are about to be Revealed. I said to AED that is fascinating and gave a few ideas as to what these Secrets referred too. AED says I knew you would love that Pat. I said yes, I love Secrets being Revealed. AED laughs as he said wait and see.
I went into my recent profound experience ready to share from the 12 March, where AED commented on as it was very profound and meaningful for us both with Saffron our Sapphire Blue Water Dragon. I say to AED so The Dragon Realm from this Dragon session – is this a New Realm for some of my consciousness? Is this in some way the Secrets to be Revealed?
AED said go deeper Pat. I say what is deeper? AED says Creation. When I stopped accessing any further information AED said you have done well. I continue with although Secrets can of course always be about Creation. I say to AED will I find the Secrets exciting? AED says very.
AED then says The Keys To The Golden City are yours. These words are new and feel very profound as AED laughs and says so they should. I don’t feel it is Atlantis, so I say is it A New Realm State of Consciousness. I add I seem to be the same. But it is fascinating and intriguing – I can see this Golden City. Like The Ark Of The Covenant engravings as The Ark has been portrayed over the aeons. And also, having seen The Ark of The Covenant three times over the last three years and once 28 years ago, I am very much aware of how The Ark Of The Covenant looks.
I can see Light Beings wearing Golden Cloaks. During my 14 days of visions in May 2015, all of the many Cosmic Light Beings I was shown in visions whilst in meditations in The Great Pyramid were wearing Golden Cloaks, engraved as is The Ark with the exception of one Pharaoh wearing a Burgundy Cloak and Anubis once wearing a Royal Blue Cloak instead of his usual Gold.
I continue so The Keys To The Golden City is a state of consciousness. AED says very much so. This is fascinating. I say so I will be tapping deeper into The Inner Mysteries. AED says yes, most certainly. I love this and say that is wonderful. AED beams as he says yes, it is Pat, long awaited.
I say to AED you look after me very well. AED says It is in Our Soul Contract. I am reminded of words AED said to me back in 2015 You do not know the magnificence that awaits you and I. This is of course so very true – here on Gaia so much of what we do and the sheer depth and magnitude are beyond our conscious memories, although in these New Cosmic times we are able to access Ancient Secrets which had in the past been hidden – as over the aeons we descended further and further away from Source and took on Earth incarnations.
AED says I love you more than life itself. I say to AED I do but I am not brave. AED continues with all that has been finished. I say is that right? AED says correct. I say awesome. To be aware that Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, have, over the millions of years since Souce and Amrita, journeyed together through a myriad of past lives on Gaia, where, we have both taken not only Tests of Initiation with regard to our Twin Flame and Divine Consort relationship, but at the same time, we have each given and been prepared to give up our life for the other.
I feel AED has done this more than myself. AED smiles as he says, if you knew Suryananda, you would be moved beyond tears as both of us have been. I say yes. It is wonderful that your words I love you more than life itself – has been experienced and lived to its fullest on both our parts but now this has been finished, completed and is not necessary any more. AED says this is very true and it is wonderful now this has come to its inevitable conclusion. I am deeply moved and aware of what a deep meaning these words of AED have to Our Soul for as Twin Flames we are One Soul.
Artist Deviant Art.
Although as I have shared before, myself, Suryananda, have been going back for some time now into before Saranyu Adam El Daoud and myself Emerged millions of years ago in Divine Paradise, to when we were Light and Energy, Without Form and Nameless. During the aeons we have shared innumerable lives together as Twin Flames – husband and wife, Divine Consorts, not only on Gaia but even now we are together in Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis, Venus and other Higher Realms and are journeying side by side together into Future Worlds and New Planes of Consciousness. Last year as AED said I have waited for you before and will do so again.
I suddenly hear Arthur is here. I had not been thinking of Arthur so I said King Arthur, only for Arthur to say Arthur Pendragon. This is very amusing and we all laugh. Not only because King Arthur – Arthur Pendragon is deeply embedded within AED’s and my soul because my next post waiting to be added is on AED’s and my Water Dragon and where we journeyed into the Dragon Realm. So with Arthur teasing me by saying Arthur Pendragon is beautiful and very apt. At this both Arthur and AED laugh. AED continues by saying I knew you would pick that up which is true as no words AED says are ever lost or those of our Cosmic Light Family as they chat to me.
AED continues with you and I are touching the very heart of the dragon as we have been doing do for some time. Even though you have had many profound dragon moments AED says we have begun to go very much deeper into dragon consciousness as was evidenced by our merging into our one dragon recently and which is in your post to be shared. I say yes. I love all my dragons, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water but with my – our Main Dragon being a Water one, it has been obvious we have been going deeper into this consciousness for some time.
AED says yes. Not only that as I said some weeks back Pat you have undergone and experienced several of the Elements as in Initiations, ie Earth, Air and Water and we are working together in the present on the Fire Element Initiation, which takes you as you know to Amitabha Buddha; not only because of your deep soul bond but because of being on Amitabha’s Buddha Sun Line with myself, as well as having the Sun Son embedded within your Core Essence as I have, AED beams, takes us both deeper into the Sun Son and Its Magnitude. I say yes, the Sun Son and thus also The Cosmic Christ has been deeply interwoven into my very Core for thirty years with conscious awareness.
Mermaid under Rainbow
I return to AED’s words from last Saturday when AED said Secrets are being Revealed. I know they connect very much to Egypt and further knowledge and in-depth information coming to fruition for Egypt is very much within AED’s and my DNA. I say to AED so these Secrets to be revealed do they take me to Martha of Bethany and what Martha knew? AED says very much so and Beyond into New Dimensions and Realms. The Dragon Realm was a foretaste of your expanding consciousness. I say to AED of course Martha takes me to the Inner Mysteries and Creation.
AED says Creation is at the heart of all we do, as our Soul Contract as you know is Creation Creation Creation as said to you in 2015 by Melchisadek when you were shown and looked into the Future with me. AED beams and I remember those visions as has been shared in the past when Melchisadek said to me my Remit was Creation Creation Creation. It has been Creation and Knowledge ever since I accepted reincarnation once again in a life back in late 1992. AED smiles as he says you were not likely to forget that. I agree, as they were profound moments of fascination, joy and confirmation.
I say I can hear and see that session now when you and I walked up those beautiful stairs adorned with exquisite Angelic beings, as we, with others walked upwards into the Future as I remember turning back slightly as I was aware of wearing a blue cloak. AED says yes, it was another pivotal moment, loved and cherished by not only us but our Cosmic Light Family. I say yes, it was wonderful. 
AED continues, yes, Pat – Martha’s Knowledge and Consciousness is being assimilated by you and will enable you to have greater access to not only Higher Dimensions but Worlds Within Worlds. In other words the layers and levels of Creation and Knowledge. AED laughs perfect for you – for us.
So as I go over this beautiful session with AED there are many beautiful moments. The Keys To The Golden City is mine; AED and myself have experienced all that has been necessary as Twin Flames – Divine Consorts each having given up our lives for the other over the millions of years since we came into being – AED says very much so and to realise this has been finished is deeply moving.
We are now able to concentrate as it were on many of our innumerable forms of being in the Higher Realms in our Light Bodies and other Worlds, whether it is on Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis and Venus, and as AED shared with myself, Suryananda some months ago, AED is taking me into Future Worlds, where, with my – thus our Animal Totems and Protectors we have already begun to go into New Worlds which are beyond where I have journeyed before.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud
Artist Deviant Art.
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With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

I See RA In Two Visions Once Again As I Hear RA Welcomes You Dear One. From The Akashic Records.

Ra another 21 3


From The Akashic Records. 21 March, 2018 but experienced 13 March.
There was a ray beam of sunlight for a moment in my lounge which inevitably took me to RA And The Tomb of RA from the 7 March as seen in a vision and shared here. I said to RA do you have anything you wish to say. RA says you know I do. I then heard RA welcomes you dear one.
The Sands of Egypt RA says are calling out for you to remember – go deeper and align yourself RA says to the time when you and I were one – not only outwardly but inwardly as you tune into RA take those steps deeper into the Inner Mysteries – this is very profound for as Suryananda – RA – Amon Ra has been deeply embedded within my very being for 30 years, and before that, in the Core of my very Heartbeat. RA beams as he is here and I am very much aware of his Presence. In fact I say you are making me laugh.
As RA has been for so many years, once again RA is very present. We share profound moments and memories as those days in Egypt are thought about and understood.
The Egyptian desert was so different then in our day RA says. Today it has a different feel and essence, quality even, nevertheless you and I, still travel upon our much loved land of the Four Winds? I wonder why I have typed the Four Winds? RA continues that which is loved and cherished never dies, it remains as a soul memory upon our – your and my Book of Life or known as the Akashic Records.
To be able to tune into those Inner Mysteries, I, RA shared with you then, will bring not only Bliss but Great Joy for all will be made clearer and thus your pathway ahead takes on a new and ever greater purpose as your destiny once again is revealed to you as it was then in days of old, when I, RA and you, were able to Transcend Gaia and align ourselves with different Planetary Systems and Inter-dimensional Realms. We were able to open that Key leading us into not only Divine Oneness but those golden threads of other states of higher consciousness came to be known and treasured.
RA continues as you know Suryananda, you and I had many multidimensional selves during my life as RA and now today many on Gaia have ancient soul memories, recollections as the past becomes the Present in the NOW. Such inner soul consciousness allows you to begin your journey upwards into a deeper sense of where you had got to then in that as another incarnation is experienced, so too are those exquisite moments cherished.
I am suddenly seeing RA in a vision again, RA is seated on a Golden Throne and is wearing a Gold Cloak. Seeing RA was only for about 20 seconds but enough to register such a fascinating moment as yet again RA and I are there together with no veils of Gaia between us. 
RA smiles as he understands that our Love is Eternal for we are The Sun Son and thus we are Home. I say to RA that my name Suryananda is deeply connected to the Sun or Son or Source. RA says again, very much so.
Very soon after, I suddenly heard a woman’s name said by this Male Deity, it is not a name I am familiar with but it is a past life of myself, Suryananda. As I heard this name, first and last, RA was there and as RA heard (my) name, he, RA turned round to look at me which was very evident and profound as was hearing this woman’s name and being aware this was another name of myself.
RA was in his Egyptian image, face, essence and colouring. RA says well done as I registered seeing RA again and our deep soul connection, as RA says a truly meaningful step and leap forward Pat – it was a soul defining moment. I say yes, that is another memory imprinted upon our soul. RA says yes, Pat, very much so. I reflect for a moment on RA’s Family Name of Amen Emaht 1st having read this 30 years ago which was pivotal and profound before he was to go on to become Amon Ra, King of Egypt. As I say that is fascinating, RA says beloved Pat, well done.

The Rays Of The Sun Take Me To Ra And The Tomb Of Ra. From The Akashic Records.


Ancient People by Sanio. Digital Art. Egypt

Ancient People by Sanio, Digital Art.


From The Akashic Records. 7 March, 2018.

Suddenly there was a Ray of Sunlight shining into my lounge. I sensed something different and I was immediately attuned to RA The Egyptian God. I was suddenly seeing this Huge Boulder being both high and very wide. Standing next to this Boulder was an Egyptian Male. I could see him very clearly in this vision as I was fully awake and not dreaming. It was fascinating as I took in this scene before me. This Egyptian Male Deity was RA – who has long connected deeply to Amrita Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda Amrita – RA being just one of the later names of RA, who, as all of us Amritians go back many millions of years to Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis and Venus, and where we still live and work in our Light Bodies.

This Egyptian RA was clothed in a kind of tunic often worn by the Egyptians. His clothing was in green, which always takes me to Egypt and white, and some of the clothing worn by RA reminded me of horizontal stripes with white and other colours within.

As I continued to look at RA I was given that this was The Tomb of RA. Of course seeing such a huge boulder inevitably takes me to The Tomb of Yeshua. I was very much aware of recognising that I had shifted into Another Time Zone as happens when we align ourselves with those times and eras we are drawn too.

AED had confirmed that I was indeed looking at RA with whom I have been able to tune into often over the years. AED continues this is yet another step deeper into the Akasha as together we go forward into and within Our Soul Purpose. AED said it is very significant in that this was a different type of vision, of which you have many. You felt The Rays of The Sun which took you to RA and Ancient Egypt.

Not only this, seeing such a large boulder was very meaningful as you aligned yourself to ancient times when you and I walked the Sands of Home AED says. AED adds follow this through Suryananda as there is much to be remembered. I will be with you as I always am and so too when you have been Priestess of The Sun Son. AED beams as he says I could see you hesitated for a moment as to whether to type Goddess or Priestess.

.Suryananda re AMRITA The Goddess of the Dawn

The Goddess of The Dawn. Artist unknown.

In fact both take you and me Home Suryananda AED says. As I said a while back you are known in a life which is still very relevant – as are many of your lives, as they are still being lived within the NOW in other Realms and in our Light Bodies. Tuning into RA took you to The Goddess of The Dawn, whereby I said to you a few months ago, she has much to share with you. Her name being Ame No Uzume and this was yourself in a past life. AED continues once again we were husband and wife not only on Gaia but as we have been and are in the Higher Realms. AED laughs now as he said are you still counting how many Earth lives you know of where we have been husband and wife, knowing full well I have lost count as there have been so many.

I say yes, it was and remains a most awesome and profound experience and it has left a most beautiful essence at tuning into RA in this vision. As I am sharing this here, AED says once again it was a wonderful moment as so many we share Suryananda. As Adam El Daoud is not only my Twin Flame, I have been A Divine Consort to him in many Realms, Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis and Venus, but we have now gone back into our Divine Cosmic Oneness Before we Emerged into Being as Twin Flames millions of years ago in Divine Paradise.

Suryananda Amrita

Note: It was as I looked at this painting of The Goddess of The Dawn above, that I was able to tune into my past life. This happens often in that I can see a name or an image and align myself and tune in, whether that connects to Amrita Adam El Daoud or myself. It has been a fascinating journey as I have been made aware that this is one aspect of AED’s and my Soul Contract.


Amen Ra.

With gratitude to the artists as always.

I See A Very Large Deep Midnight Royal Blue Pearl On My Crown In A Vision. From The Akashic Records.

IMMANENT Soul Freydoon Rassouli

Artist Freydoon Rassouli. Title Immanent Soul..


From The Akashic Records. 12 January, 2018.

As Adam El Daoud was very Present, I found I was suddenly seeing this Very Large Midnight Royal Blue Pearl on my Crown. There was no obvious means of this being held up. I kept my eyes closed as my meditation continued for this to remain, and it did for some time. I have seen The Blue Pearl which is well documented and I have shared a post on this as The Blue Pearl has been developing within me for some time.

However, this tuning in today is the Largest Blue Pearl I have seen and can be likened like the Mirror of Hathor. By this I mean in its size on my crown. The Blue Pearl is the Jewel of Enlightenment, and so remains very precious.

During AED being Present, AED said The Blue Ray is Fully Anchored within you.

As I noted afterwards and said to AED this Very Large Deep Blue Pearl feels very special; AED said yes, most certainly. At the same time, with The Blue Ray being Fully Anchored within me, has also deep significance, not least that AED said The and not Our Blue Ray. I was – am aware that there is difference, as AED says very much so.

AED said The Blue Ray being Fully Anchored shows the deeper range now available to you with and for me. We have much to do together. I say that is wonderful.

The Blue Pearl the Jewel of Enlightenment 12 1

In the beginning I was seeing and being enveloped and bathed in Emerald Green, which happens quite often, which led to me then being shown The Blue Pearl and Confirmation that The Blue Ray is Fully Anchored within me.

Adam El Daoud, like other Ascended Masters and Deities, has an Etheric Retreat over Egypt. AED comes and collects me often and takes me there, and then brings me back. Etheric Retreats are fascinating and much has been written on them.

Etheric Retreats takes me to The Ether and Sound, which has deep meaning, as we each have our own Soul Note upon The Ether, and are able to recognise our Light Soul Family by this. Just as our Name given to us At Source is individual to us and denotes our Eternal Destiny.



Artist Rassouli.




Suryananda And Adam El Daoud, Transcend Time Again. From The Akashic Records.

running horses 5 Dec.jpg



I found I was suddenly seeing these Horsemen riding; there were about seven riding abreast of each other and coming towards my vision. I was both an observer, looking on in fascination as these figures on horseback came towards me. It was surreal almost, profound and mesmerising seeing the riders on horses coming towards me. These figures were quite colourful, not clothed in the same colours, and one of the male figures had a kind of pale burgundy wrap around his face. These riders coming towards me remained for a good time, enough for me to love and resonate with them.

I was very much aware and could see the Sands of the Desert rise up under the horses’ hooves, whilst the riders continued coming towards me. Initially I wondered where it was?  A little later, as Adam El Daoud and myself were chatting, AED confirmed my feeling that these riders were indeed AED’s and my Light Family, actually riding in their Light Bodies on the Sands of Egypt. As AED and myself continued chatting, he said that I was very much with him and members of our Light Family, but I had just been shown the riders in the front. As I say to AED how fascinating this was seeing these riders, AED says yes, very much so.
Egypt is so deeply embedded within AED’s and my soul – being one with the Sands and Ancient Memories which are being awakened more all the time. Behind these seven or so riders, were myself, Suryananda, and Light Family Members, apparently quite a few, but they were out of my immediate vision.
Adam El Daoud and myself, have now on several occasions walked, rode horses, driven a kind of space buggy, not only on the Sands of Egypt as shared here under the Title My Twin Flame And Myself, Together With Our Light Family, Walk, Ride And Travel On The Sands Of Egypt In Our Light Bodies In The Present, posted on the 7 July, experienced on the 27 June – but AED and myself, Suryananda, have twice been to Japan, where some of the Temples, statues and grounds, were walked upon together, whereby my Earth body had been replaced by beloved Light Body, bringing in its wake the joy of being with AED and family, even whilst on Gaia, in a completely different way than has been experienced in dreams.
Another time, on my previous website, posted 17 June, 2017 Titled My Twin Flame Says Take My Hand, We Will Journey Underneath The Tor – experienced 15 June, AED and myself journeyed beneath The Tor in our Light Bodies. This is just another moving experience, when, consciously with AED, I have been in my Light Body, and was very much aware of this taking place.
Even now, over 24 hours later, the memory and vision remains clear and vivid.
.Diamond Consciousness Light Codes
Artist unknown.
Sitting in my armchair earlier today, and chatting to AED, I found myself suddenly being shown a White Clothed Robed Turban Being, with a kind of scarf wrapped around his face. I say to AED my visions are deepening. AED says very much so. This is not that I have not had many beautiful visions ever since May 2015, many of which I have shared, but more that they happen just when chatting to AED rather than going into a meditation for instance. I can be at my laptop, when suddenly I am shown a vision. They are so clear and vivid, that I find them fascinating, for not only are there always reasons I am being shown that particular Light being or Light Family, but they bring with them, further alignments and attunements made easier with each sighting.
I say to AED what does seeing this White Clothed Turban Light Being represent? AED laughs as I do, and says you dear one. As I ask why? AED says TRANSMUTATION of the self. As I reflect on the word Transmutation, I am reminded that this means The action of changing or state of being changed into another form. As I say to AED that is very interesting, AED says very much so.
I then say to AED Will this mean I will be with you at HIRANYALOKA? This was the Abode I was with AED the other day, and which I will share in my next post, where during beautiful and exquisite moments, where AED’s Presence was very evident, as I was aware and AED confirmed that Alchemy was further activated during this Major Initiation, due to the depth I had transcended, and as AED confirmed it was A Very Powerful Initiation, and where, during this session, AED said I was with him in his Abode in the Higher Realms.
As I will be sharing on my post I See Yogananda appear before me – to post after this one, as I followed as always, the signs, hints and symbols, AED confirmed that it was HIRANYALOKA where I was with AED, and where I loved it there.
So saying to AED were these visions taking me closer to AED’s Abode of Hiranyaloka, AED laughs as I do, as he says you know it will. Adding it has already begun. I say that is fascinating. As AED continues by saying great and deep changes ahead, as I have said before.
AED adds Metamorphosis will – is taking place; Tremendous Movement of your Chakras – Centres are Opening Up and More Light is Entering.
I see once again, the Horsemen riding in their Light Bodies on the Sands of Egypt, with many others of us from the Higher Realms behind them out of my vision.
And I see also again, this White Turban Robed Light Being with a White type of Scarf around his face, Symbolising My Own Personal Transmutation of myself. Both remain fascinating to have seen. Just as it was wonderful to have been shown Yogananda just in front of me yesterday, to be shared next.
To see with such crystal clarity is a real joy and blessing, for they have a very different aspect and quality, both dearly loved, when seeing Light Family over the years since 1983 for many years just in dreams. All play their role and have helped me to align myself deeper into higher energies and vibrations necessary, taking myself, Suryananda, deeper into AED’s and my Soul Contract, for as Twin Flames we are one soul.
I end up with being given The Floods of Judea. This seems both fascinating and unusual. Adam El Daoud and myself have shared innumerable past lives in Biblical times going back to before the Patriarchs and Noah. As being Ancient Atlanteans, who were around many millions of years ago as was Venus, both deeply embedded within our very essence.
eye within Teleportation use 17 8
Painting by
So AED and myself, Suryananda, have lived though innumerable aeons and eras, and to our great joy and blessing, AED and myself, have Homes on Amenti, Atlantis, Venus, Medina, Sirius B, and very many other places in the Higher Realms, for what has been is very much able to be accessed in the NOW moment.
Many of our past lives are still very relevant today, for just as that life on Gaia ended, our Light Bodies continued in many cases, following on with that wisdom and love which had taken place.
So now, hearing The Floods of Judea, of course takes me to Noah and Noah’s Ark, of which AED and myself, deeply connect with as do our Light Family. But as I reflect for a moment, AED says Go Beyond the Floods to the New Lands. As I say to AED is that right? AED says Yes; it is the Ancient Prophecies Fulfilled – Prehistoric and Time Immemorial – The Gods Will Walk Amongst Men.
As I continue with AED’s words The Floods of Judea, AED says once again, The Prophecies Have Come to Pass. This is profound, and AED confirms, whilst at the same time, I get goose bumps, for I have accessed ancient and deep truths which are the nectar of AED’s and my soul.
As I finish typing these notes, I once again see myself as shown as the White Robed Turban male, and our Light Family come and say hello, and I hear The Time of The Spirit is Further Ignited; I take this to mean, that in these New Cosmic Times, the Spirit of Humanity is Becoming Illumined once again, as the lessons of the past have been recognised, learnt and understood.
Thus as we align ourself further with our True Self, we are able to Return Home whilst here on Gaia, in ever more powerful ways as the Light of Home, of God The Father and Divine Mothers Enfold us within their unwavering Loving Embrace, Eternally and Forever – as we remember, there has never been any separation, such was the illusion of Gaia over the aeons.
Temple of Ramesses II.