Anubis speaks and says I am here Pat & Returns saying a few words, clothed in lime green and emerald and carrying an Emerald.

Anubis jewelled

Anubis. Artist unknown.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud with Anubis. From The Inner Akashic Records.

13 July, 2019.

ANUBIS SPEAKS AND SAYS I AM HERE PAT in a very much deeper voice than I hear from Adam El Daoud. Anubis is clothed in Lime Green and has an Emerald.

I have a wide Emerald Green band on my forehead which is a frequency. AED yes. In the middle is an EMERALD. AED yes. This takes me to Deep into what AED and I am working towards which will be New on Gaia as many of our journeys and in-depth details of Initiations and Knowledge on Creation is shared as AED and I journey deep into The Cosmos, Jupiter, Suns & Other Worlds. AED I am looking forward to this Major Project Pat, which as you know you were so surprised, you laughed out loud. Yes, I did, it was very unexpected but fascinating. AED beams it had been getting closer for a while and was only a matter of time till this realisation was recognised. Yes.

The Emerald has deep significance as not only is there An Emerald Vault In The Galactic Sun, below the sea, where there are many hundreds of Worlds, Realms & Pure Lands, but Many Vaults. To Enter these Vault is mesmerising and profound as AED and I continue to share. AED very much so; it is part of our soul contract to Enter these Vaults whether they are The Cosmic Vault which was Opened for us by Angelicus 1st or other Vaults, each has had a profound impact on your expanding consciousness as you know, as we go deeper into The Inner Akashic Records. Yes, it is exciting and fascinating. AED of course. I laugh as does AED.

Anubis returns and has on like a bow tie which is Emerald Green but has an Emerald Brooch. AED yes. Anubis is dressed up. AED and I laugh as Anubis looks wonderful and very smart. AED yes. Anubis has been seen by me now often and on each occasion it is a joy and delight. AED and Anubis are always together as AED is here on-going even though in The Higher Realms.

Just the other week, again, Anubis was dressed in His Finest outfit as Anubis was with AED and myself, Angelicus 1st, Guan Yin,  and our Cosmic Light Family in Jupiter, which was such a joy, as Anubis loves to be the centre of attention and accompanies AED and me into Initiations or as Further Secrets are Being Revealed and Ancient Prophecies are Being Fulfilled. AED yes, Anubis acts as a Devic loved one as we go into our inter-dimensional journeys into many worlds. Yes.

ANUBIS PUTS OUT HIS PAW TO ME. AED yes. It is very moving. AED yes. Anubis looks down slightly and says I AM HERE. AED yes. Seeing Anubis so close is fascinating as from May 2015 I would see Anubis standing upright clothed in a raiment or accompanying me whilst I was in a sarcophagus or on occasions Anubis was on a sarcophagus. But recently, I have been seeing Anubis very close up which is very profound and powerful. AED very Pat.

AED wants to add that for you who have seen Anubis, if you ask that Anubis comes again, Anubis loves to come with messages and signs and to bring to you something which has deep significance. AED absolutely. AED smiles, the more you become aware of seeing Anubis you will draw Anubis in more often to you, which will be magical as Pat finds. Yes.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥

Anubis 23rd 2nd

Anubis. Artist unknown.