Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Are Joined By Rodriguez Cabrillo In Another Session In Jupiter. The Rodriguez & Anubis New World Initiation In Jupiter. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.

Rodriguez cabrillo 1st

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud are joined by Rodriguez Cabrillo again in another meaningful and profound session as we are in Jupiter. Suryananda Is Initiated Into The Rodriguez & Anubis New World Initiation in Jupiter. Males had previously been Initiated as was Adam El Daoud. I was the 4th Female to be Initiated; now vast numbers have been and this New World is beautiful where fun, love and rejoicing has been happening at both the Male & Female Divine Consorts fully conscious here in This Personal Realm of Jupiter Creation – one of innumerable Personal Realms.

From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.
7 November, 2019. Experienced 5 November, 2019.

As Adam El Daoud and I begin a new session, Metatron looks in. I say to AED & Metatron Were you Rodriguez Cabrillo. AED yes. I laugh. AED I do. So quite a few of us were Rodriguez. AED yes. I had just been wondering if he was a Walk In. Rodriguez is the o my Spanish name I have tended to think of over the years.

AED I Want to say something Pat. Is this about Rodriguez. AED yes. Many of us must have been a Walk In. AED yes. Metatron. AED yes. Did you and I, AED. AED yes. I say a few other names and AED confirms yes. Did we ALL Walk In together. AED yyes.  Metatron yes. Many Jupiterians then. AED yes. What numbers are we looking at for Walk Ins 20 – more. AED more. Metatron yes. Is this normal. AED it depends.

Any message from Rodriguez what age did we Walk In? 7 Pat Rodriguez. Really. AED yes. So we ALL Walked Into the life of Rodriguez at his 7. AED yes. Rodriguez yes Pat. I had wondered earlier if we Walked In Can We Walk Out Easily? AED yes. Does that happen? AED some times. If we Walked Out Would We ALL Walk Out Together? Yes Pat. I see.

I have been aware of you Rodriguez over the years. AED yes. Interesting. AED wonderful. It has been the only name I think of as Spanish. AED yes. Rodriguez had two sons. AED yes. Was I his wife? AED yes. Metatron yes. As Rodriguez’s wife, were we also Walk Ins. AED yes. Really. AED yes. What about his two sons were they also Walk Ins? AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. So all the Walk Ins of Rodriguez were also his sons? AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. That is quite something. AED magnificent. Yes.

Jupiter Creation you are speeding along Suryananda. Hi how lovely Jupiter Creation yes, I am speeding along. Do You have a message Jupiter Creation? Yes Suryananda. I am slowing down from my fast typing. AED laughs. I do. Metatron I have.

Rodriguez is HERE Pat. Was this El Dorado? AED yes. El Dorado yes Suryananda. I wondered for a second if Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes. Why was this Suryananda? You and El Dorado have a kind of similar something. AED yes. Jupiter Creation I Am smiling Suryananda. AED yes I am. Metatron I have.

So all the above was accurate wife and sons ALL of us were both; this was quite something. AED yes. Yes Suryananda Rodriguez. We had 7 as the age of The Walk Ins. AED yes. That was a lot of Walk In Consciousness would we say more than 20 or less? More Pat. How often does this happen so many Walk Ins? AED it happens when necessary. Yes. Did you Rodriguez have an exciting life. Rodriguez yes Pat. AED yes.

The Core Essence of Rodriguez must now be Jupiter Creation as Rodriguez is a Son of Jupiter Creation. AED yes. His Divine Consort must be Guan Yin. AED yes.

Anubis & Rodriguez. AED yes. Have they Merged or will they? AED yes. Like El Dorado. AED yes. I know. AED yes.

Is there The Rodriguez Cabrillo & Anubis Initiation OR
The Rodriguez & Anubis Initiation OR
The Anubis & Rodriguez Initiation?

AED laughs. I do. Is there such an Initiation? AED yes. Have I Been Initiated? AED yes. Metatron yes. Was I the Female 4. AED yes. Metatron yes. We’re ALL Males initiated prior? AED yes. This was a New Realm in Jupiter? AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. when did this take place? Left ear has energies. Was this Initiation NOW. AED yes Now Pat.

Jupiter Creation instigated this. AED yes. I thought so. AED yes. I thought so. AED yes. ALL The Walk Ins Have Been Initiated. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. What does this mean :

We have ALL Entered a New Realm in Jupiter. AED yes. What kind? AN EXPLORATORY REALM. AED yes. Really. AED yes. Is this below the oceans Jupiter. AED yes. Left ear energies. Jupiter Creation Yes Suryananda. How delightful. Jupiter Creation yes Pat, your love drew me back. Yes, I was focused on typing and did not say goodbye. Jupiter Creation no, but I stay longer now. Yes, wonderful.

Guan Yin is now here. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Pat why is this? Guan Yin loves to look In. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. And Guan Yin is the Divine Consort to Rodriguez. Jupiter Creation yes. What else?

TO OVERSEE THE INITIATION. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Not sure of the title. AED no. Is Anubis first or not? So Anubis journeys with us. AED yes. Metatron yes.

Anubis is here. Anubis yes. What colours am I in, Anubis? Purple. AED yes. This is very new for Anubis. AED yes. It takes me to Melchisadek & The Shemsu Hor. AED yes. My ipad typed Shemsu earlier. AED yes. How lovely Pat Jupiter Creation says. As I say would you like to say anything to me, shall I stop. I take a deep breath.

Stopped. Why do you think Rodriguez fascinates you so much came. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Several reasons. AED yes. A powerful presence, a modern kind of look. And Rodriguez has joined us. And I have over the years thought of this name Rodriguez. Jupiter Creation yes but Love Pat. Yes, Jupiter Creation, love. I love Rodriguez. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

Rodriguez is My Son Pat. Yes. Nothing else comes. Jupiter Creation it will Suryananda. Really. Jupiter Creation yes. Metatron yes Pat. I have energy at the lower back neck. AED yes. Why here – it is not often here?

I SENSE A GROUP OF US. AED yes. We are well wrapped up. AED yes. Do we need to be as we are in Jupiter and have Jupiterian forms for the cold in certain colder Realms. AED this might be symbolic. Is it. Jupiter Creation yes Pat.

So this is a cold realm below the oceans Jupiter. This Explorer Realm is cold. AED yes. Huskies, dogs. AED yes. This cold then is symbolic. Symbolic yes Pat, Jupiter Creation. What does this mean? ADVANCEMENT Pat. How delightful. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Metatron yes Pat.

Have vast numbers NOW Begun to Enter. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Do You Live Here Jupiter Creation? AED oh Pat. Jupiter Creation This Is A Personal Realm Suryananda yes.

What takes place here? Stars comes. AED yes. Astronomy. Jupiter Creation how lovely Pat. Yes. WE STUDY FAR INTO SPACE. AED yes. I feel cold now. Jupiter Creation yes Pat. But it feels snow, is this symbolic? Jupiter Creation interesting Pat. I sense singing. This takes me to The White Flag. Jupiter Creation how delightful. Do we have a Flag – Purple & White. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. You brought Jupiter Creation lots to my attention. Jupiter Creation yes, I have. (NOTE AED and I have a wonderful post to share soon on THE WHITE REALM, JUPITER which has The White Flag of Jupiter Creation connecting to this Realm).

THE INITIATION OF ANUBIS & RODRIGUEZ is this different? AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Is it an OUTDOOR INITIATION. AED yes. It can’t be physical. AED no.

Anubis barks. AED yes. Anubis is full of it. AED yes. I don’t think I can go any deeper for now. Shall we stop here Suryananda Jupiter Creation? Yes. Wonderful Pat AED. Yes, this was unexpected. Jupiter Creation only to you Suryananda. I laugh, yes.

It was lovely Jupiter Creation You Remained with us. Jupiter Creation I like to visit Pat. Yes, wonderful. Anubis barks. AED yes.

Does Anubis have a Flower? AED yes. Anubis yes Pat. White. AED yes. IT IS AN INNER ACTIVATION KEY. AED yes. INTO THE COSMOS. The Cosmos is correct Pat. Yes. Left ear energies. It feels – AED yes – THE SNOW HAS GIVEN WAY – AED yes – NOW THE SUN IS BRIGHT AND NOT COLD. AED no.

This is very NEW. AED yes. The Initiation was not fully completed till now. AED not fully. I think I will stop here. Jupiter Creation yes Pat. You are still here Jupiter Creation, how lovely. Jupiter Creation yes Pat. A delightful duration Jupiter Creation. I enjoyed this immensely Suryananda. Lovely. AED yes. I will take My Leave now Jupiter Creation. Thank you Jupiter Creation, Your Presence was beautiful. Jupiter Creation beautiful, I Am smiling Pat. Yes, I laugh. This is because I say lovely more than beautiful to Jupiter Creation. AED yes.

Jupiter Creation we will chat soon Pat. Yes, wonderful. AED wonderful. Metatron yes Pat.

Rodriguez that was lovely you looked in. Rodriguez I will do so more frequently in the future Pat. Lovely.

Any last thoughts on this INITIATION The description?

THE RODRIGUEZ & ANUBIS NEW WORLD INITIATION. AED yes. AED a lot of Power has been here Pat. Yes.

So This Initiation the outdoors felt different in a way. AED yes. I guess Rodriguez & Anubis & The Colours Purple & White. AED magical yes.

Are THE SHEMSU HOR HERE. AED yes. Metatron yes. I will stop here. Thank you Jupiter Creation, El Dorado, Rodriguez, Anubis, Sanat, Guan Yin, and team.

Wow. AED magnificent. Yes. This was just over two hours. AED wonderful. Yes. The Snow Melting when The Rodriguez & Anubis New World Initiation was Completed was very new and different. AED beams, yes. But fascinating to see and be within this. AED yes. Jupiter Creation was as always profound looking in and enabled me to go deeper into yet another Unknown Realm of Initiation in Jupiter. AED magnificent. Yes.

It is also beautiful that Rodriguez has said he will join us AED in future sessions in Jupiter. AED yes, love is deep Pat. Yes. Each New Session AED takes us ever deeper into Creation Itself & Jupiter Creation. AED absolutely. These on-going expansions of consciousness makes Earth life much more fascinating as Home is here as never before. AED oh Pat, yes, wonderful. To hear clairaudiently for me, thus is AED so deeply tuned into, and since the 1 September, 2019, when Jupiter Creation Gifted me the Ability to Read The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records has taken us even deeper. AED yes.

Earlier this year, 2019, Angelicus had Gifted me the Ability to Access & Read The Inner Akashic Records, which took us deeper into Jupiter. AED magnificent yes. Prior for a few years I was Gifted the ability to Read The Akashic Records. AED yes. But each Gift has enabled us AED to bring into being that which has not been shared before on Gala. AED yes, Our Path & Destiny as well as Soul Contract has Always Been Creation. Yes. AED Creation is our Inner Drive and enables us to advance further together beautifully Pat Suryananda. Yes, I would never have chosen another Path or Destiny. AED no, Our Source Frequency of 12 has Gifted us Creation. Yes, fascinating. AED very much so.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud 💙
Divine Consorts from 1 October, 2019 after becoming Son Daughter of Jupiter Creation.

Our next post The Jupiter Seals of Solomon Initiation shares how this was Gifted to us as AED and I had always been Eternal Beloved’s since Jupiter & The Jupiter Angelicus Stargate billions of years ago, where AED and I and thousands of other Jupiterians have always Been Conscious. Us Sun Beings & Jupiterians are older than the Star Beings, as we have a different vibrational frequency and energy,  although the Stars do go back almost as far as Jupiter. Reading The Akashic Records had always been an inner drive and passion from July 1983 when I was consciously aware they Existed. I was told in an Akashic Reading in 1992 that to Read The Akashic Records was my main path and task as they were Written on my Silver Cord and could not be erased; as if I wanted them to be, smile.

Below Rodriguez Cabrillo. Both images under Google. Gratitude to source of pictures. Shared when known.

Rodriguez Cabrillo 2nd

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Initiated Into The Jupiter Creation Eternal Flame Ceremony. Also A Marriage Ceremony & Initiation In The Shipwreck Initiation Realm of El Dorado in Jupiter. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.

El Dorado 3
Artist unknown.
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Are Initiated Into The Jupiter Creation Eternal Flame Ceremony. Adam El Daoud & I Undertake A Marriage Ceremony & An Initiation. AED & Suryananda Are Gifted Guan Yin & El Dorado as our Host Parents Guardians in Our New Birth as we chose recently; Guan Yin & El Dorado Being One of Four. AED and I have also Chosen Guan Yin & Melchisadek; Guan Yin & Metatron & Guan Yin & Sanat – all for our New Host Parents & Guardians now we are into a very different and advanced state of Consciousness. This session encompasses within The Golden Lineage of Guan Yin & El Dorado for AED and me.
5 November, 2019. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records. Experienced 7 October, 2019
As Adam El Daoud and I continued into another deep inter-dimensional journey and session once again in Jupiter, which has been mesmerising the moment with AED I Entered that first some months ago now and which is AED’s and my Home – Jupiter, where we have many Homes in the different Worlds & Realms as there are many thousands, full details on this will be shared. I had been thinking of El Dorado who has begun to join AED and me, Jupiter Creation, Angelicus, Manetta, Metatron, Sanat & Guan Yin and team recently, and I was reflecting on El Dorado being an Explorer. It was these thoughts on El Dorado which took AED and me into this profound session, unexpected as so often and very different to the other Realms & Worlds in Jupiter. AED magnificent Pat.
I say to AED are there WORLDS IN JUPITER WHICH HAVE NOT BEEN EXPLORED? AED  yes. But I gather that El Dorado HAS Explored them all. AED yes. How many of Jupiterians or other Cosmic beings have explored those Worlds which were for some time unexplored? Are There Many Worlds in Jupiter which are sparsely lived in?
AED IT IS TIME. Is there something. AED oh Pat. Those words are always profound. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. Are we going on an Exploratory Journey. AED yes. To one of those Worlds of El Dorado. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. So the ruffle neck of this Being which reminded me of El Dorado the other day was an activation key. AED yes. I feel cold. Are we in a VAULT. AED yes. This feels very different. AED yes. A kind of SHIPWRECK. AED yes. So Like Buried Treasure. AED yes. I laugh. Metatron yes Pat. What was here A SHIPWRECK – IS THIS HERE FOR INITIATIONS? AED yes. How clever. I laugh. AED I do.

Anubis is here Pat. Hi Anubis – ALL Decked in Gold. AED yes. Anubis purrs. I laugh. AED yes.
WHAT IS ANUBIS PURRING FOR Suryananda Angelicus?  Hi, I am not sure. You Angelicus. Yes Suryananda. You are decked in Gold. Angelicus yes Suryananda.
I HEAR CELESTIAL MUSIC. AED yes. This seems different. AED yes. My crown was touched. AED yes many. Metatron yes. Ha I sense a GOLDEN TRAIN. AED yes. May be  Also DARK SAPPHIRE. Dark sapphire Pat Angelicus. People Are Looking Out Of This Golden Train. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. Anubis yes Suryananda.
JUPITER CREATION IS HERE. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Hello Jupiter Creation lovely. I laugh. AED we do.
Jupiter Creation why do you think this is like a Shipwreck Realm Suryananda? I felt Initiations. Jupiter Creation yes. Where do you think this will take you Suryananda?CLOSER TO YOU JUPITER CREATION. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. I have a tear. AED yes.
THE INITIATION IS COMPLETE. I was wiping my eyes so not sure who said this. Jupiter Creation no Suryananda. Angelicus said something I was wiping my eyes.
I sense lots of BLUE. AED yes. SO A GOLD SHIPWRECK REALM BUT LOTS OF BLUE. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.
The BLUE ETERNAL FLAME. AED yes. So THE GOLD ETERNAL FLAME OR RAY. RAY PAT. So the Blue Eternal Flame is located here?  Located here Suryananda. Why here is the Blue ETERNAL FLAME elsewhere? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Within You Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Wonderful. AED yes. Metatron magnificent. Angelicus seems to smile. AED yes.
And Manetta is here. AED yes. So all the Eternal Flames are within you Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. What about El Dorado. AED yes. So also El Dorado. AED yes. Metatron yes Suryananda. 
Anubis barks. Anubis is excited. AED yes. Anubis clothed in Gold and is Adorned.
AED yes. A kind of INITIATION CEREMONY. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat.
What is this called
THE JUPITER CREATION BLUE FLAME INITIATION CEREMONY OR SIMILAR. AED laughs. I do. Metatron I have. Jupiter Creation what else Suryananda? THE JUPITER CREATION ETERNAL FLAME CEREMONY. I missed our Blue. AED yes the latter Pat.
So have I been initiated into THE JUPITER CREATION ETERNAL FLAME CEREMONY. AED yes. I sense BLUE WATER. The DOLPHIN Has A Message. I laugh. AED I do. Really. The Dolphin Suryananda what does he say? I love you Suryananda. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. Jupiter Creation what else?
You are blessing us with your presence for longer Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation you are saying more Pat. I laugh. AED yes. 
We go beneath the waves. AED yes. It is very moving. AED yes.
What is beneath the Waves Suryananda Jupiter Creation? El Dorado. AED yes.
Angelicus yes Suryananda. Metatron yes Pat.
El Dorado why am I here beneath the waves Suryananda? A NEW BIRTH OR EXPLORING. EXPLORING PAT. Why are you here El Dorado – I thought All Worlds had been Explored by you? EL DORADO THIS IS DIFFERENT PAT. What makes this different?
THE WIND BEGINS IT SEEMS TO HOWL. AED oh Pat. AED what does the WIND SAY. You are often The Wind AED. AED NOT this time.
So Is THE WIND El Dorado or Jupiter Creation? Jupiter Creation. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Why was I howling Suryananda? To emphasise something very important Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.  AED yes.
Anubis I laugh. AED I do. Anubis seems to be in the water. AED yes. Bobbing up and down. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. Anubis purrs. AED yes.
What has Anubus got brought you Suryananda? A GOLD KEY. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. I have had or seen a few Gold Keys. AED yes. Why is this one different Suryananda Jupiter Creation?  What does this Gold Key open Suryananda? My heart. Jupiter Creation Mine or yours?  Both. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Metatron yes.
Anubis comes up the GOLD STEPS. AED yes. We are still here or elsewhere. Still here Pat. 
Anubis Seems To Have Become El Dorado.
AED oh Pat. Is that right. AED yes. What has happened something different for Anubis. AED yes. El Dorado yes Suryananda. AED yes. 
An Initiation For Anubis or Something Else? AED Both.
So Anubis has Experienced AN INITIATION & A NEW JUPITERIAN FORM. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. Jupiter Creation leaves. AED yes.
Thank you Jupiter Creation. AED wonderful Pat. Yes. I am typing so fast It is as if I am not here almost. AED yes.
SURYANANDA SLOW DOWN. You are back Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. I will stop typing. AED yes. Ok. Stopping. I hear CELESTIAL MUSIC. 
AED close your eyes Pat. Yes. EL DORADO is coming up the steps Golden smiling and says I’m so pleased you ARE HOME. AED yes. Suryananda yes El Dorado. Anubis comes to my left. AED yes. And lays at my feet. AED yes. Anubis Seems very rested. AED yes. And begins to purr. Different. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. Metatron yes Pat.
So Does Anubis Have Within More of El Dorado? AED yes. Note AED and I have a fascinating session to share soon on THE EL DORADO & ANUBIS INITIATION. AED magical Pat. Yes. As we have commented in the past, my path along with many Jupiterians is to journey forward with Anubis through His Many Initiations in Jupiter, thus I too with AED undertake these, and vast numbers who have been pre-destined to go into The Future with Anubis. This is beautiful isn’t it AED. AED wonderful Pat. Yes. 
Hello Jupiter Creation lovely to be graced with your presence. Jupiter Creation nods His head. AED laughs. I do. Metatron I do. Jupiter Creation smiles. AED yes. Jupiter Creation we are speeding along Suryananda. AED yes.
So Suryananda where do you think we are Jupiter Creation? I was elsewhere for a second. AED yes. I am with You Jupiter Creation and Guan Yin and family. Jupiter Creation yes. What else Suryananda? 
I AM CLIMBING THE GOLDEN STEPS WITH AED. AED yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. Have we undertaken AED a Marriage Ceremony or Initiation. AED BOTH. Anubis yes Suryananda. I was drifting away. AED yes. 
The Gold Bells ring. AED yes. Many are here. AED yes. A MASS WEDDING CEREMONY & INITIATION. AED yes. So Jupiterians. AED yes. What is this outcome – Will we all be – I forget that word – ENTRY TO THE GOLD CITY OF EL DORADO. AED yes.
I thought I had already entered. AED this is different. So this Wedding Ceremony & Initiation means we are Being Gifted – THE GOLDEN CROWN COMES. AED yes. This is unexpected. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat.
The Golden Crown of The …. Golden Nectar of El Dorado. AED yes. Really. AED yes. Metatron yes Suryananda.
Guan Yin & El Dorado Are One of Our Host Parents Guardians. AED yes. So is this THE GOLDEN LINEAGE OF GUAN YIN & EL DORADO. (Note this is a New Session and unusually was not completed in our tuning in as usual due to other session commitments, so AED and I will go back to this for completion. But AED & I chose 4 sets of Divine Consorts to Gift New Jupiterian Cosmic Births to which will shared later. AED this was a wonderful recognition wasn’t it Pat. AED yes, fascinating). 
ANUBIS is Standing to attention. AED yes. The Ceremonial Guard have arrived
I was drifting off. Jupiter Creation not whilst I am here SuryanandaNo. AED laughs. Angelicus I do. Have we entered THE GREAT BLISS. AED yes. This is very deep Pat. Yes. AED and much Power. Yes.
Anubis puts out his paw. AED yes. Anubis seems different. AED yes. Like a SHAPE SHIFTER. Anubis seems now on a child’s merry go round. AED yes. One seems me?
Was this Initiation because of me thinking of El Dorado as an Explorer? AED yes. Metatron yes. How many before me. AED you were the FOURTH FEMALE PAT. Metatron yes Pat. Were the males already initiated. AED yes.
THE GOLDEN PRESENCE Comes THROUGH THE GOLDEN DOOR. HE has Golden Flowers. AED yes. And Golden Children. AED yes. I am elsewhere. AED yes. This has been an awesome journey. AED wonderful. The Cosmic Being with the ruffle neck took me to El Dorado as an Explorer. AED yes. Although not unexpected The Gold City Is full of myths and legends. AED yes. As can be read from our last post, AED and I had already Entered The Gold City & Realm of El Dorado in Jupiter, so this is an additional Realm; a Realm of Initiations and Further Advancement of Consciousness. AED very much so. 
I sense a GOLDEN BARGE ON WATER. AED yes. Anubis is here. AED yes. In His Black Egyptian Form. AED yes.
The GOLDEN ETERNAL FLAME IS NOW WITHIN YOU AND ME AED. AED yes. What About THE BLUE ETERNAL FLAME. Is This Within? AED yes Both. Will we have Within The Other Flames? AED yes. AED this is Beginning and Has Begun. Yes. AED The Blue Eternal Flame takes us Home Pat. So The Blue Eternal Flame is closer to Jupiter Creation. AED yes.What about an Emerald Green Eternal Flame is there one? AED yes. A White Eternal Flame. AED yes. Purple. AED yes. Lavender. AED yes. These must ALL be in Jupiter. AED yes. I am aware AED The Eternal Flame Keeps The Suns, Planets, Realms, Worlds & Stars Eternal. Are The Eternal Flames Kept in The Vaults in Jupiter. AED yes. Do ALL The Rays Have An Eternal Flame. AED yes. So ALL The Innumerable Rays In Existence Have An Eternal Flame. AED yes. Wow. It is easy to see and be aware of The Eternal Flames in their different colours. AED absolutely.
A recent session with Jupiter Creation was when AED and I went Into A Pink Personal Realm of Jupiter Creation. This session from the 6 October has to be continued but felt very much New Birth. AED yes. It was very different for AED and me as Pink is not our colour. AED laughs, no. Jupiter Creation has Innumerable Personal Realms; quite a few AED and I have Been Gifted Access to and have Homes in. AED wonderful, yes. These will be posted as usual here.
Do some of these that were unexplored Realms now have many inhabitants? AED yes. So are there many realms in Jupiter not explored by many. AED yes. I wonder how many there are? AED WE ARE ENTERING THEM PAT AS WE SPEAK. Yes, awesome. AED magnificent.
Delightful Jupiter Creation said we are speeding along Suryananda. AED yes. El Dorado is coming in a lot. AED you Love El Dorado. I do. Anubis purrs. AED yes. Jupiter Creation stayed again longer than in the past. AED much longer. Some surreal and amazing moments. AED yes. Since here, Jupiter Creation and I have had several one to one deep and profound sessions of over an hour. AED wonderful. Yes, each session where Jupiter Creation joins us is a Revelation. AED laughs, yes. Jupiter Creation says now I Am Honoured Suryananda. AED yes.
It was very meaningful that Jupiter Creation had said would you like to hear My Voice again through the Wind. I said yes. AED you had confirmed Jupiter Creation was The Wind as I was reflecting on hearing The Wind Howling and this being Jupiter Creation. AED The Elements session was very moving still to be shared. Yes, this was awesome.
Hearing The Wind is fascinating as another medium to hear through. AED yes. I have heard the Wind about 5 times. Jupiter Creation AED says may speak through another medium. AED yes.
As AED and I have said this was a Mass Wedding & Initiation Ceremony and so although many Jupiterians will have no memories, as AED and I are Initiators on many Aspects of Creation, it is our path to bring forth these specific Initiations and New Births which will then be experienced by vast numbers. After I Became Conscious in The Shipwreck Initiation Realm of El Dorado, the 4th Female to do so, in that the Males were Already Initiated as happens often, this was the necessary Activation Key and large numbers of Females also Became Conscious. Now, this Shipwreck Initiation Realm of El Dorado has seen very many exciting activities of joy, bliss and Expansion of Consciousness. Many tears were shed during profound moments not only by me with AED but other Jupiterians as Divine Consorts Became Fully One in This Realm of El Dorado in Jupiter. AED this was long awaited Pat and prophesied. Yes. 
As this profound session ends, I say to AED this was wonderful. AED magnificent Pat. Yes. Now AED and I have posted here that El Dorado & The Gold City is in Jupiter and has never been on Gaia, we have further sessions where El Dorado has joined us which we will share as usual. AED absolutely.
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Divine Consorts. 
Different birds all types
Artist unknown.
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.