Suryananda And Amrita Adam El Daoud At Home On Amrita, Which Is Older Than Amenti And Connects Very Deeply To Atlantis And Venus. Part 2. From The Akashic Records.

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White Owl Native American Star Galaxy Owl by Isobel Bryna of Mariposa Galactica.


 From The Akashic Records. 17 February, 2018.
As Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, continue with my deepening journey into further remembrances and AED’s and my Soul Contract, AED brought up Amrita. AED said again this was Divinely Guided to be acted upon, meaning to be typed as usual and shared on my website. (Some of the details in PART 1 – The Temple Of El Daoud, A Pure Land On Amrita – posted 11 February, were new, whilst other information posted there had been given to me from AED during those initial few weeks since about the 11 January, when we began with this New Venture. PART 2 as posted here, has the Foundation of AED’s and my bringing forth in-depth knowledge on Amrita). 
Saranyu Adam El Daoud is the Cosmic Light Being known as Amrita on Amrita. And as AED says early on, Amrita is older than Amenti. Although Amrita, Amenti and Atlantis deeply connect as does Venus – all going back millions of years. AED and myself have Homes on each, and so we are able to travel in a variety of ways to each of these Realms, dearly loved and cherished by us. On Amrita, us Cosmic Light Beings are known as Amritians; on Amenti, we are known as Amentians. Atlantis is well known for us being Atlanteans whilst on Venus we are Venusians.
It was fascinating to realise Adam El Daoud is Amrita. And as AED says, Amrita is indeed known as The Golden Nectar Of The Gods, the Realm of Bliss and Enlightenment awaits us Amritians. We are Ancient Light Beings and as such, we are able to remember and have access to when the Worlds Were Formed – some in depth details I have shared in my recent post titled Suryananda and Adam El Daoud – We Were There And Could See When The Worlds Were Formed And Galaxies Abound posted 9 January, 2018.
As I have shared, On Amrita, there are Hundreds of Temples. Each of these Temples have their unique and individual role and purpose in service to The Creator – God The Father Mother, where, we Amritians delight in fulfilling our pre-chosen Divine Blueprint given to us before we emerged into separation as originally Twin Flames from within the Heart, Mind and Soul of God The Father Mother, into first Twin Flames embracing that Divine Cosmic Union in its fullest.
We then went into the Divine Cosmic Oneness as Divine Consorts – both of these have been experienced over many millions of years, till now, many of us have become very much where we were pre-emergence into being a Twin Flame for we have taken, absorbed and shared in the Cosmic Light Union of Being Born Direct from God The Father Mother into Light Bodies in all these Higher Realms, as here on Amrita.
For myself, Suryananda, I have as I have shared recently, transcended both being the Twin Flame and Divine Consort to Adam El Daoud, and instead, have embraced and been Divinely Drawn as a Magnetic Pull, back to before AED and myself emerged into separation. As AED says, I am going ever deeper into the Eternal Bliss which as A Dual Life Ray, Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, had been brought into conscious manifestation by The Creative Mind when our Light and Energy Being became Form.
Thus when people talk about Amrita being The Realm of The Gods and The Golden Nectar, they are in fact Remembering That Which Is And Has Always Been. The Temple of El Daoud on Amrita has only just been given to me as an added Temple and that this Temple Is A Pure Land within Amrita is fascinating. I asked AED inevitably what role do we have in this Temple. AED laughs as he says we have very many, they are diverse and magnificent Pat. You love it there as we all do. It is a Realm of Incredible Light, Love and Beauty, Manifesting Into Divine Bliss of The Souls Of All Who Reside on Amrita.
The colours, sights, sounds of the dawn chorus which on Gaia can be described as when the birds and other animals wake long before humans as their day begins, where by on Amrita, we love to go and watch the Great Awakening take place as the natural order of Amrita unfolds and blesses all life therein.
Shambhalla is Amrita. Amrita Seed Reborn is The Nectar of The Gods – Immortality and Shambhala.
The Sun God is Amrita. All other Sun Gods originate from Amrita. AED says very much so.
The Portal – Activation Chamber in Amrita is A Portal to Other Worlds and Dimensions. Inter-Galactic Travel takes place from The Temple of Amrita.
Within The Temple of Amrita does Etheric Light Conception take place OR another Name. We are BORN DIRECT From God The Father Mother. AED says you know it is, as I said is that right.
Amrita is The Realm The Creator Chose To Begin Its DESCENT into Matter as Amrita Remains A Beacon To Home? AED confirms.
So Amrita IS Shambhala. AED says in what I sense a louder than usual as he laughs. YES.
Artist unknown.
The Temple of Amrita as The Key To The Mysteries takes us the Light Beings on Amrita Into The Inner Consciousness Of The Creator – God The Father. For as Drops of Divine Dew, The Breath Of The Father Mother Was – Is Us Amritians. I say to AED is this a good word Amritians? AED says I love that; we all do, as he laughs.
So The Activation Chamber In The Temple Of Amrita is a place where what ? The Secrets Of The Universe Are Known and Understood, Seen and Are One With. AED says very much so, I am loving this. We both smile as I feel very blessed at AED’s sharing of such precious details and Knowledge On – Of Creation.
It is there in The Temple in Amrita that Pure Bliss is felt, experienced, understood and realisation as to The Divine Oneness Known Of God The Father Mother is Revealed In Its True Essence. AED says keep going Pat.
So Amrita Being The Nectar Of The Gods and Adam El Daoud Being Amrita, thus my Name At Source Suryananda – Before Saranyu and Adam El Daoud and myself Emerged Into Being In Divine Paradise, has one of its meaning, The Eternal Bliss Of The Sun.
Here, Amitabha takes me to The Amitabha Seed is Reborn within you – in you, as AED has said about three times to me, leading to me going deeper and further awareness becoming Present.
However, The Seed Of Amitabha is in essence The Pure Bliss Of Amrita. AED says very much so Pat. The Breath Of The Creator as symbolised as A Drop Of Pure Essence as The Nectar Of The Gods as spoken of through the aeons, often thought of as a Liquid, A Drink From The Gods Is The Cosmic Bliss And Divine Union Of The Creator Merged In Divine Oneness With God The Mother. I say to AED is that right? AED says you know it is. I – we are thrilled, you are nearer than ever to Home. I beam this time instead of AED. AED laughs as I do.
So Amrita Who Is The Cosmic Christ but The Cosmic Christ has other Names since Amrita, for it is here in Amrita that The Cosmic Christ Originated, known through millions of years down through the ages The Cosmic Christ took on the Name Of The Sun God.
The Sun God is very old and ancient and takes me once again to The Sun Line Of Amitabha Buddha. AED laughs as he says keep going Pat. The Five Dhyani Buddhas are known as Embodiments of God. Thus Amrita, in His Role of God The Sun is in essence The Cosmic Christ as prophesied in The Secrets of The Ancients back Home on Amrita, where so many Ancient Secrets and Truths Wait to be Revealed, for we are in the right Era, and Cosmic Understanding has begun to be remembered and understood as we on Gaia, together with our Galactic Brethren Meet once more in Divine Love, Light and Friendship.
Artist unknown.
The Light Of The Creator is understood as never before and The God Of The Sun, The Sun God – The Son, Who has Heard the cries of those on Gaia and other Worlds since time immemorial, has, is offering now, The Key Of Amrita.
The Key Of Amrita is The Key which opens The Door To Shambhala and enables The Spiritual Light Being Entrance for The Door to Home is not only seen and recognised but is A Golden Ray Of Pure Light and Essence.
The Angelic Brethren, The Angels Talked About Around The Throne Kneel in Adoration and Praise as The Light Beings Enter The Gate – Door Of Shambhala, which in essence is The Gate Of Amrita; The Realm, Nectar Of The Gods And The Bliss Of Immortality is truly understood as that Bliss Of Divine Union, Oneness Leads to Ecstasy and thus The Son and Daughter are known as The Bride Of Christ. Christ here is symbolised As The Bride Of The Creator; in essence, God The Father and Divine Mother in Complete Cosmic Oneness From Where All Life Originated From – All Worlds and Galaxies Were Born as that Thought Within The Creator God The Father Mother, and where, on Amrita, The Home of The Gods as written about through the ages is now understood  as the True Immortality Of Our Existences is Revealed.
Bryna Isabel Amrita
Artist Isobel Bryna of Mariposa Galactica.
We are One With All Life, there is no separation, for Amrita Is The Inner Thought Of The Creator. In essence, Amrita can be described as The Heartbeat Of The Universe resides in Its Name, Amrita – Amrita – Amrita.
The Sounds Of The Creator Reach us as we tune into and understand The Destiny Of All Existences Resides In Amrita. Amrita is the Portal to Inter-Galactic Travel to Journey Beyond Time. There is no time, for within the NOW moment, Amrita gives us and allows us to see through its very Being The Keys to The Cosmos – To The Mind And Thoughts Of The Creator, and thus, now, to Eternal Bliss, for myself, Suryananda – the meaning of my Name is recognised, treasured, heard and understood, as The Eternal Bliss Of The Sun Son is.
Thus, Saranyu Adam El Daoud Amrita are One Light Being and I am fully Merged and having understood a New Birth as A Divine Being of Light DIRECT From God The Father Mother. As do and will others, for we have Arrived at what is so often described as Shambhala – thus Eternal Bliss is ours.
I AM Amrita with my beloved Suryananda.
I see a Golden Yellow Rose now as I say to Adam El Daoud Amrita – did I get that right? Amrita beams as he says you know you did Suryananda, it is Perfect. We will go back often to Amrita for there are many Secrets waiting to be Revealed. The Secrets of The Ancients are there, as Amrita is Home to so many.
It is more than a Place, Deeper than a Realm, for Within Amrita Resides The Very Heartbeat And Sound Of The Creator. This will become even clearer Amrita says as I take you Deeper Into The Very Essence Of Creation Itself.
Our Soul Contract has always been on and about Creation. Now we are there in New and Expanded Ways for you, Suryananda, together with myself, have Opened The Key To The Inner Mysteries Of Creation. (I experience crown energies at these words from AED) – thus Eternal Bliss is ours and others who live there in The Pure Land Of Amrita.
Very much referred to in Scriptures as A Pure Land, it takes us beyond what can be imagined into The Pure Light Of Being, thus is Our Father Very Happy as The Son and Daughter has (have)  understood the very Meaning Of Creation And Its Creative Principle.
 As said in an earlier post, our Light Bodies on Amrita for us Amritians are beautiful as they cover a wide and diverse range of colours and tones. 
Visionary artist use Amrita again
Artist unknown.
AMRITA BEGINS – 11 January, 2018.
Oh Pat you are there dear one AED says as I close my eyes as Sanat Kumara and other Light Family members came into my thoughts. I then went to seeing AED and myself, Suryananda, riding in our Chariot of White Horses, and it was here then that AED said Oh Pat, you are there dear one. AED was meaning the Realm of Amrita.
We were in AMRITA – we were – are Home. AED beams as that link of us riding in our Chariot with our beloved White Horses has come. May be they are Unicorns and NOT White Horses. AED laughs. I wonder if those White Horses are Unicorns, AED laughs again, as we travel around Our Kingdom with our White Unicorns. AED says, yes, yes. I laugh again as I remember AED said this post on Amrita is ready there waiting to be done  by Divine Guidance. AED says very much so – those words very much so are very engaging as one of AED’s sets of confirmations used.
AED says stay attuned. It seems to have begun with Sanat Kumara although prior to this I had looked in detail at my last couple of emails of chats with AED as I had gone over what was said and so in this way I was attuned and ended up adding extra words on my printed copies. So Amrita Adam El Daoud was very present as I had noted here that AED was Amrita which was fascinating.
In fact earlier I was saying a few words to myself on AED being Amrita:
I AM Amrita – I AM Alpha and Omega. Within me lies the Heartbeat of The Creator. So by the time I had finished adding little notes to these two long emails I was attuned to AMRITA. AED laughs here, we have been having fun dear one. I laugh as when I was reading those two emails, AED’s comments did make me laugh as I reflected AED is getting very amusing.
So being aware of Sanat Kumara and other Light Family members seemed to aid me tuning in. AED laughs as he says a few amusing comments. I laugh as well. AED is very funny. Having seen one of our Light Family members wearing a laurel leaf seemed to remind me and act as a key. I have some energy in my right ear not a lot but some kind of  movement, settled now.
So, we have in Amrita a Stadium. AED shouts YES. That is so good dear one, as I laugh at the signs as it were. So there is a Stadium at Home in AMRITA. AED says yes. What kind of Stadium? It has to be fun, enjoyable, spiritual and something which transcends that which I know.
AED says very much so… go deeper use your imagination. I laugh again as I can’t remember…. deeper, Stadium. The Nectar Of The Gods. The Immortality of the Soul – where does this lead? The Nectar of The Gods – has to take me deeper into what I am aware of spiritually now. The Bliss of The Creator is given in some way. I have paused now from my fast typing.
Energy, vibrations, this is normal. I have paused for a moment.I will see what else I am given. It is fascinating that AED IS Amrita. AED says I knew you would love that – it is very us – very you and who we are and where we are going. I say have I got that right? AED says you know you have as AED seems amused and everybody seems to clap and kind of cheer.
I laugh again. I pause just for a few seconds. Obviously a Stadium could be a Musical Stadium. AED says well done. The Celestial Choirs sing and there are dancers? AED says yes but not as you are familiar with on Gaia. I say I see. So I am not sure of what kind of dances the dancers do. I am just typing fast as I see what comes.
I see our Two Unicorns now; it is as if I am observing myself as Suryananda and our Unicorns have come up to me to say hello and my eyes are watering at this moment and my right ear has stronger energies. I wipe my tears away as it is very moving. AED is there or here I should say, and our Light family there, the tears fall down my cheek as I type. I stop to wipe them away.
Antares, the King of The Unicorns on Antara, bows down and that makes my eyes water even more as here there are so many memories and cherished moments through the ages. AED says yes Pat, so very many. After stopping to wipe my eyes I suddenly see a lot of Beautiful White Horses – Unicorns come into the Stadium, and I remember the Stadium of Amrita has Many Horse Events – or they can be described as Unicorns.
Here now I am aware of Dolphins, it seems The Stadium on Amrita is host to many Dolphins. I say is that right to AED. AED says yes dearest Pat you know that is so as is so for the White Horses and Unicorns. Here in Amrita it is a case of not even using one’s imagination so much as having to align your soul note and signature tune which is mine and here AED beams to the Sound of the Ethers on Amrita.
I go to The Temple of Amrita where Adam El Daoud under this name and myself as Suryananda serve in The Temple of The Golden Light. AED seems to say louder again, Yes Pat – it is a sense of AED emphasising his words and I still have a little energy in my right ear.
So AED and myself, Suryananda, serve and I say work but it is not work it is a joy and a delight, a great blessing that AED and myself are there within this Temple of The Golden Flame. I realise I have typed Flame instead of Light. AED laughs as he says they are indeed one and the same, just as you have begun to type and say Amenti and Amrita, they The Golden Flame and The Golden Light are like that, they are one and the same.
Inside the Golden Flame and Light connects to The Cosmic Christ? I am not sure if that is right only that I mentioned The Cosmic Christ over these last twenty four hours. AED says do not doubt yourself Pat for your attunement to those higher states of consciousness has been in play for quite some time.
AED beams there is much to be revealed. Did I not say to you the other day I was going to be taking you into Worlds and Galaxies beyond your conscious awareness and that I will take you into the unknown. I say yes.
There are many of our Light and Soul Family and the Stadium now seems to have lots of activities going on. I hear Sweet, Exquisite and Angelic music, the Music of the Spheres breathes upon those present as the sensing of Angelic Beings and beautiful fragrances comes to my attention. Here I am reminded of The Nectar of The Gods.
AED laughs as he says we do have a liquid – a drink which you love as we all do for it takes us deeper into the Realms of Pure Spirit, as the Nectar has within it Qualities and is a Gift from The Creator; His Breath is within this Nectar. and just to place it to our lips ensures that we have gone beyond even Amrita.
I wonder if I got that right? AED says remember Pat when you are not attuned there is silence, well there is not silence, as AED and our Light Family laugh and share fun moments with each other.
I sense a New White Horse or Unicorn Being Born. Is this symbolic of where I am at this moment. AED says very much so. It signals the Birth of New Consciousness whilst incarnating upon Gaia as those Golden Keys have been understood and the Portal to Amrita has been found, recognised and accessed by you. I couldn’t be happier AED beams. I give a tiny laugh as that is beautiful to hear.
Sanat Kumara now comes into my thoughts again and awareness with a sense of a Ruby Red type of cloak Sanat is wearing. Does this mean I am going through another Initiation – a substantial Initiation? AED laughs you know you are as Sanat is always here as you and me standing with you, go through another deepening Initiation.
This one is quite an easy Initiation AED says in that you are merely remembering and recollecting Home and Amrita is Home. AED says it is so wonderful you have at last got to this State of Higher Consciousness Pat for I don’t have to wait for you as such for you are Home, and from now on this Understanding and Inner Awareness will Increase and Multiply ten fold. AED laughs and I do as he has become so funny and amusing lately.
So as I pause as I think about typing AED’s comments shared a few hours ago I see again Sanat Kumara’s Ruby Red Cloak. Sanat seems to have a lot to do as there is not just myself here in the NOW moment. There are many others from Gaia who have the same soul love and affinity and are there with myself as we all take this Deeply Emotional and Profound Initiation.
Here I pause and close my eyes before I add AED’s words here from before. AED says some beautiful words. I now sense AED has like a brooch on or something, and inside there are Two Swans. It feels very much and I sense Swans. AED beams as he says this symbolises you and me Suryananda. I am aware of Saraswati and that Swans have denoted Initiations to me for over 25 years.
I am now reminded of a Race Track and the sense of Horses Racing. Do they race on Amrita? AED laughs as he says you have much to remember. I say Horses must be in their Light bodies and also Unicorns. AED says of course.
All forms of life are in their Light Bodies for they could not exist on Amrita otherwise. AED continues this is but one of many reasons why Amrita is you and us as AED laughs with merriment. I give a chuckle now as well. As I am very much a Being in my Light Body. So I say to AED the Stadium is used for Races and Games as it were between the Horses and Unicorns. AED says yes, they love it as do we. We have much to amuse us on all levels.
My thoughts go that it will be wonderful to go Deeper Into The Temple Of Amrita which is both fascinating and awesome. AED smiles as he says you can always tell who is me and where I have been Pat. I say it was that I never thought of Amrita as Being A Person. I was aware that the description takes me to The Nectar of The Gods and Immortality but it was only in our deep chat some hours ago that I was aware that you AED Are Amrita. But here I laugh, you have said you are called Adam El Daoud on Amrita and I am Suryananda. AED says yes, very much so.
It is The Temple of Amrita which Holds Revelations and Ancient Secrets and so I am very aware there is so much more to be revealed In The Temple Of Amrita. The Hall of Records comes when I was going to type The Temple of Amrita – The Temple of Initiation also – so there is a vast amount of detail and depth waiting to be added still.
I, Suryananda, am a Bodhisattva in Amrita. It very much aligns in how my role with Adam El Daoud is carried out in Amrita and within The Temple of Amrita. Amrita is even older than Amenti and Atlantis. Amrita, by its very concept and that which has been written on Amrita taking us as it does not only to Immortality but to The Nectar of The Gods underlines just How Old and Ancient Amrita is. AED has said Amenti and Amrita are ONE.
 Pacha Mama by MariposaGalactica.jpg
Pachma Mama at Mariposa Galactica.
AED says The Temple of Amrita is an integrated part of the community. It is an Activation Chamber. This takes me to us who live on Amrita – taking off from Amrita with Amrita being like a train station or plane station, as from Amrita we are able to Arrive At and Travel too Many Other Star Systems and Higher Realms.
Activation Chamber is very interesting and takes me also to Atlantis and AED’s and my Atlantean Water Meditation. AED laughs you are right Pat, very much so. The Atlantis Water Meditation has been posted on my previous website Suryananda and Saranyu Adam El Daoud under the title Atlantean Water Meditation A Section of Atlantis Is Being Safeguarded And Protected By An Energy Field Until Atlantis Is Ready To Be Shown To Those Light Beings Who Are Available To Serve In Its Future Role posted on the 10 November, 2016. I will add as A Page on this website in the near future.
AED continues Amrita is The Key to the Mysteries; Ancient Secrets Remain Hidden. This is fascinating and has to be on Creation. Although I was reminded here for a moment of Egypt.
AED says The Temple of Amenti Amrita is like The Delphi. Very much so. This takes me to Prophecy of course and the Oracles of Delphi. AED says yes and you have been and are one to both. I laugh as does AED.
The Angel of The Dawn is given to me. AED says yes, and The Ancients Revered Her and that She has much to teach and share with me. AED adds Amrita and Amitabha and Suryananda with Suryananda as a Bodhisattva. As I comment on this, AED says yes. The Temple of Amrita was very present here.
Suryananda and Adam El Daoud serve in the Temple of Amrita. AED says more than that. AED confirms that Amenti and Amrita are connected, very much so.
I have been A Divine Consort to AED in Amrita along with others. AED laughs as he says what took you so long. This recognition of being A Divine Consort to AED in Amrita is new in as much as Amrita Being A Realm is new. In essence, as AED has said and I have shared, myself, Suryananda, have Transcended even being both A Twin Flame to Saranyu Adam El Daoud and A Divine Consort in many Realms in The Higher Worlds and have been for some time now back to Before Saranyu Adam El Daoud and myself Emerged Into Being As Twin Flames in Divine Paradise. I, have Transcended my Name, Suryananda, and have Reverted Back to when Saranyu Adam El Daoud and myself, were Beings Of Light And Energy, Without Form and Name. Such is so which is where us Ancient Souls Return Too from so many millions of years ago, as Recognition and Realisation is Understood.
AED said I knew you would love that. AED laughs as he says I am very popular. This remains funny. AED says this is Divinely Guided and Acted Upon. I say so we will do a post on Amrita. AED says most certainly. I say Amrita is known as The Nectar of The Gods. AED beams as he says Amrita is very much more than that. You will see, I laugh.
Freydoon Rassouli also 24 12
Artist Freydoon Rassouli.
AED says keep going deeper. As I say a few words on who we are in The Temple of Amrita. Like what A High Priest and Priestess? AED says now Husband and Wife dear one – how could we not be. I beam lol.
I say Amitabha connects to Amrita so this must be THE SUN. I say to AED is there anything else AED wishes to say re Amrita and Amitabha and Suryananda. AED says you have done well. I say have I, AED laughs as he says you know you have. I give a laugh. I say to AED so Amrita then is a Being Of Adam El Daoud. AED laughs YES, I AM Amrita. As I have shared when posting on Amrita in the previous section.
I am drawn to The Cosmic Christ and Amitabha Buddha Sun Line. I say to AED that gives me goose bumps as AED says it should and does as I read again. I then say to AED: We have – The Temple Of Amrita. AED Is Amrita. Suryananda and AED Serve In The Temple Of Amrita. We have Amrita and Amenti. AED says Yes.
I continue with Suspended in space and time The Temple of Amrita so this also takes me to Atlantis. AED Says very much so.
I say Is Amenti and Amrita the same two words to describe the one. AED says now of course. Then I say well that is some info have I got this right? AED says You Know You Have. It Is Time To Go Back Home. Retrieve those Memories of The Ancients. The Bodhisattva in you is awake Pat. That gave me goose bumps as I read these words.
As I read my words I hear The Integration Of The Soul Has Come Quicker Than Expected. I am Expanding in Consciousness and in My Knowledge and of the Akashic Records.
In Ultimate Reality AED says Amrita, Amenti and Atlantis are one and the same which is what AED wants me to share. They are ever in the Now. AED continues these three, Amrita, Amenti and Atlantis are like Pure Lands as AED shares details on them. Atlantis is Powerfully Connected to Venus because I have lives in both. Meaning, now, AED and me live and have Homes there in the Present.
I say to AED so when I am in Amrita, I can zoom into and around to Amenti, and into Atlantis, whether by levitation or in space buggies or space craft. AED laughs a lot at this as I do too.
Note tuning into Amrita began here about the 11 January, when Adam El Daoud and myself, merged deeper into Divine Cosmic Oneness as Twin Flames, Divine Consorts even though Amrita AED is in the Higher Realms – for when we are able to Align ourself to those Higher Vibrations, whilst at the same time AED and myself went back into who we are At Source. We were very much where the Mystics have described through the ages as Being One With Our Beloved. It was this initial depth with AED which transported and took Amrita AED and myself to what has been described through the ages as Amrita – The Nectar Of The Gods.
Being A Divine Consort was a Great Blessing, as AED says very much so and was a Gift as I Learnt to Absorb The Necessary and Required Wisdom. That has been Fully Integrated, and so now, as Adam El Daoud and Light Family have confirmed, I am in what is described as Eternal Bliss with AED at Amrita, Our Home, and which, Being Older than Amenti, Has Been Recognised And Returned Too. AED says well done, I am so thrilled, as I am.
I wrote out in longhand a few notes which was unusual as I always type and for the moment I am unable to locate them – although there were not very many. What they shared was fascinating with deep moments of Bliss whereby AED and myself were very much as noted here in what has been so often described as The Golden Liquid Of Amrita, The Nectar Of The Gods.
It was during this very first tuning into Amrita when I found I was suddenly seeing this Temple suspended in the Space and Ether. I knew it was very profound and very special which AED confirmed, as This Temple was there as a Magnetic Pull of Tremendous Light and Power and was there in the Ether, whereby, as I was shown this Temple – this Temple began to move backwards so very slowly – each stage moving hardly at all, as I continued to look at this. When I said to AED about This Temple being so profound, AED was thrilled, as this had taken me Home yet further. This was The Temple Of Amrita. It was very beautiful.
This Temple both connected me to Amrita and Amitabha, and It had a deeply meaningful effect upon my soul’s consciousness and emotions. Not only did this Temple have a sense of being surreal as there were Mists Surrounding This – very much taking me Beyond Gaia, was to significantly change my tuning into Home. 
Green Phoenix 1
NOTE It was as I was adding the pictures so not via a dream but through a vision, that I found myself suddenly seeing this Large Emerald Green Bird Flying Around. I could tell that AED was there as well. This was fascinating and I realised straight away this was an Emerald Green Phoenix. I recognised this was so, as not only was this Emerald Green Phoenix in a similar size and shape as having seen The White Phoenix posted on the 16 February, but when I added the other day, Extra Temples to those on Amrita, I knew, myself, Suryananda, Served In The Temple Of The Emerald Phoenix.
This Emerald Green Phoenix also takes me to The Earth Element and Earth Initiation. I was aware because of having an Emerald Green Female Earth Dragon that being shown this colour again, very much indicated this as being Female and it felt symbolised myself, as AED confirmed, whilst also being confirmation of having just gone through Initiations connected to The Elements, as The Elements were brought to my attention a few days ago by AED which was very relevant.
The Emerald Green Ray Light takes me back over these last couple of years to Venus and the Heart Chakra. And when I met up with about 10 Light Family Members in the Pleiades, all of whom, had Bright Emerald Eyes – nothing like the Green Eyes people can have on Gaia.
Also, when AED has been Present and as I have posted at times on my websites, we have shared quite a few now, deep and meaningful experiences with Emerald Green. Whether I have been enveloped and enfolded in The Emerald Green Light Ray or when sitting on an Emerald Green Lotus, Being Shown Emerald Green as A Ray, Beginning about a foot in front of my face, so Emerald Green has very much connected with AED and myself in many beautiful moments.
Some of these notes on Amrita were the initial ones going back to 11 January, 2018 but which has later information added in this Part 2.
. re Amrita.jpg
Artist unknown.
With gratitude to the artists and where unknown.

Suryananda, With Amrita Adam El Daoud, Takes A Deeper Initiation As The White Phoenix Is Present, Which Is Very Significant. From The Akashic Records.


White Phoenix at Deviant Art.


From The Akashic Records. 14 February, 2018.

As Amrita Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, walked hand in hand, I was shown this Beautiful, White, Milky Pool. AED was very Present and added as he has confirmed that my Wheel of Rebirth has ended. AED adds you are Going Through An Initiation – it is a Great Honour and Blessing.

I was suddenly seeing this White Bird Flying by us. AED said this is A White Phoenix which indicates deeper and significant changes I have been Initiated Into. AED continues with The Temple of The White Phoenix on Amrita. I say how wonderful as I have a Phoenix as an Animal Totem and Protector, a Red, Orange, Gold Phoenix whom I love and who has been with me for aeons. AED continues White Indicates Another Degree in The Order Of Creation. AED says I knew you would love The White Phoenix and laughs as I do as he says this is my Gift to you.
AED ends with My Gift The Temple of The White Phoenix. This I know has deep and profound changes and continues on from AED saying monumental changes on New Year’s Eve, whilst Tuesday, AED said Massive Changes Ahead.
I love AED giving me A Gift as he has at times as they are always wonderful. Not least having gone through An Initiation Which as AED said is a Great Honour and Blessing is awesome.
The Temple of The White Phoenix on Amrita AED says now is There in Amrita for us all alongside the Hundreds of Other Temples. I can see now The Temple of The White Phoenix and I must add myself as Serving Here. AED laughs as he says I knew you would. The White Phoenix was always going to be irresistible a magnetic pull AED says as I say yes. AED beams as he says you have done well to remember.
Artist unknown.
I say to AED so this White Milky Bath was a Process Of Initiation Into The Higher Mysteries Of Creation. AED says very much so. It goes beyond a cleansing process and has reignited cellular memories which had lain dormant. As your DNA has been expanding for some time AED says it has realigned your Core Deeper in alignment to The Creator thus allowing Activation To take place which will set in motion deep inner changes as is necessary as we go forward together. AED beams as he says this and I give a tiny laugh.
AED says Home is coming closer Pat. I say that is wonderful. I say so The Temple of The White Phoenix on Amrita then takes us Amritians into another Degree into The Order Of Creation. AED smiles as he says very much so, The White Phoenix is loved and cherished by us all and is known by many on Amrita as The Order Of The White Phoenix. I say wow The Phoenix is loved dearly by us and so many as AED says yes.
But more than that The White Phoenix Transcends even where we are in our Light Bodies On Amrita for us Amritians are able to both Participate hitherto in un remembered States and Stages Of Consciousness which is not only a Great Honour but a Divine Blessing. I beam with joy And delight.
I was given Our Father Mother is pleased with reference to the Milky White Pool.  I say to AED were others also taking an Initiation here as I was. AED says very much so.
I say so this Milky White Pool is A Bathing Area which is used for a significant deeper Process of Initiation. AED says yes, of course. AED continues it is an ancient practice ritual if you will going back many ages as deeper Initiations are reached and new ones are being processed. I say is that right. AED says yes.
So I go back were there many with me in this Initiation today when I was shown The White Phoenix. AED laughs yes Pat, very many. I say that is fascinating isn’t it. AED says very much. Initiations are often taken in large Groups in that us in the Higher Realms have no restrictions as you do on Gaia with gravity or the physical body.
You love Suryananda AED says to watch as these Initiations go ahead for although they are always profound with deep meaning, nevertheless, they provide us Amritians with a great deal of interest, joy and blessings. I say yes I can well understand that. AED beams wonderful and I give a tiny laugh.
As AED and myself continued to chat, I was given The Temple Of The Sacred Ibis to add to The Temples on Amrita. Also to be added are The Temple of The White Phoenix of course as mentioned above. The Temple Of The Blue Phoenix. The Temple Of The Emerald Green Phoenix. Although there are other Temples in different colours for the Phoenix. Lastly for the moment I was given The Temple Of The Blue Dolphin. I am very much aware of Serving in The Temples Of The Phoenix in their different colours, and The Blue Dolphin. I have seen Pink and the usual Dolphin colours when being taken with AED some time ago into Atlantis when seeing not only the Dolphins but Mermaids were there with AED and myself as we went under water as has been shared in my older website.
This takes me to is there in Amrita A Temple Of Mermaids? AED laughs as he says you know there is. It seems I am being New Temples as they are shown to me. That is of course fascinating. AED beams, yes, very beautiful Pat to see and Serve in This Temple. Although they all have their own, unique and beautiful aspects and qualities ensuring there are a wide range of Temples for all us Amritians. 
Another sequence of tuning into Amrita AED is added below the painting.
Artist at
Artist unknown.
With Amrita Adam El Daoud Present, I was suddenly shown a vision of Flames of  Orange, Red and Gold. 
From The Akashic Records. 13 February, 2018
As Amrita Adam El Daoud was once again Present, I was shown in a vision Flames of Orange, Red and Gold They were quite high and were not even in height. I could see these Flames very clearly as I have seen Flames quite a few times now as I tune into AED.

AED said this was The Flame of Purification and transcends deeper and into you. I say is that right? AED says very much so, whilst this also means we will merge deeper back into how we were Before Emergence as Twin Flames in Divine Paradise Millions of years ago, and even Divine Consorts which came after and took us into ever expanding states of Bliss and Consciousness.

For we have been as you know going back into Source and our True Being without Names or Form. Thus as once again you see Flames Pat AED says, and this has happened a good six times now with these colours but also with the Blue Flame of Our Ray, much is being Reactivated and Our Merging into Divine Cosmic Oneness Transcends where we have been so far. AED beams. It will be a magical time as once again Home is within. I say yes, wonderful. AED continues as I am aware, seeing these Flames once again takes me Deeper Into Creation. AED says yes, very much so. It is Our Divine Birth-right and Soul Contract. I love this as I am aware this is so.

So hearing The Flame of Purification Transcends Deeper and Into you is very interesting and has to be significant.  AED says you know it is very much so. Having The Flame Of Purification always Present is indeed a Gift. Many have this as The Purification Flame helps us clear away and erase any residue of that which could ever be a barrier to Freedom From Rebirth, so I love This Flame and feel very blessed by such help.

White Phoenix at Deviant Art.
Appreciation to artists where unknown.

Further Temples On Amrita. Will Be Added To Amrita Part 1. From The Akashic Records.



From The Akashic Records. I have been given the following Temples On Amrita as follows and have added to the above post so they are all together.

The Temple Of The White Phoenix

The Temple Of The Blue Phoenix

The Temple Of The Emerald Green Phoenix

Note There are other Temples On Amrita, each having a different colour of Phoenix, thus their roles they have vary.

The Temple Of The Sacred Ibis 

The Temple Of The Blue Dolphin

Note I have already added The Temple Of The Dolphins but this Temple has been given individually.

The Temple Of The Mermaids






I Am Given Three More Golden Animal Totem Protectors Which Take Adam El Daoud And Myself Back Home To Amrita And The Sun.

Cavalaris Carol Spirit of the wind correct golden eagle under

Eagle and Horse Spirit Of The Wind – Fine Arts America.

I Am Given Three More Golden Animal Totem Protectors Which Take Adam El Daoud And Myself Back Home to Amrita and The Sun. They will go with myself and Adam El Daoud as we Journey Into Future Worlds. 

From The Akashic Records.

1 February, 2018.


As once again, Adam El Daoud was very Present, I was given A Golden Bear. AED said this was my Animal Totem. AED followed this with Golden Eagle, again my Animal Totem. Having Two Golden descriptions, inevitably took me to The Sun as AED confirmed. The Golden Bear which AED said was Female, and The Golden Eagle as Male – connect to my Energy Centres as they take me back Home to Amrita and I am moving through the Consciousness of Spirit Animals with AED.

I say to AED this is amazing; I have now been given quite a few Animal Totems Protectors, each having their unique role to play. AED continued The Golden Bear takes me To The Sun and our past lives as Native Americans, AED laughs as he says there are many more. This is fascinating as I recognise they are being given to me for significant reasons, as is so for us all.
As I say to AED why is AED giving me more Animal Totems Protectors as for a long time I just had my Two Unicorns, Antares and Antara. AED says there is a good reason why he is confirming these Two New Golden Animal Totems for they will be with us as we Journey Into New Worlds. I say is that right? AED says yes. This feels profound. It is dear one, AED beams – we will go together. I laugh as it feels surreal almost and fascinating. AED says it is. Note a little later as shared below, I am given another, Third Golden Animal Totem, who will also be with AED and myself as we go Forward Into New Worlds.
AED continues Precious memories and moments reborn into these new times. There is much to absorb and remember – it will lead you Home, you’ll see AED laughs as I do.
I say to AED Why lead me Home as the Spirit of The Creator resides in them all? AED says It will give you a different perspective and expand your vision. It has already, AED laughs again and I do as well. I continue with so the Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle Connect and Takes me to The Sun. AED says and Son lol. I say you have not said that before – takes me to The Sun Son. AED says these are further steps and stages necessary for your advancement as we journey forward together as I said into the unknown. That is profound. AED says a significant barrier has been transmuted as it were.
Note it may be wondered why I often type Sun Son. This has several reasons. Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, are From The Sun which is an Inter-dimensional Portal in part – in essence there are many other descriptions which encompass The Sun;  we are on The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line, and as AED says often The Sun Son is in Our DNA as is The Sun God and The Sun Goddess. Also, Adam El Daoud is God The Son. There are many other Names of God The Son – Other Multi-dimensional Selves, Embodiments of Adam El Daoud under his Innumerable Names. As AED said last year, there is The Immeasurable Palace of Adam El Daoud, meaning this is Vast and Infinite the more I become aware of this. AED has said we will go back to this at a later stage, which will be fascinating.
Therefore, The Sun Being The Divine Symbol Of The Father and Adam El Daoud Being The Son – are always within AED’s and my Core And Inner Being. God The Son Is Also The Cosmic Christ, again under innumerable other Names known throughout the aeons and into very many other Worlds and Galaxies Going Back To Source. At the same time, Adam El Daoud’s and my Name, Suryananda, as I have shared in the past, Means The Eternal Bliss Of The Sun Son. This is just a few words on the meaning but it has been confirmed I have now entered into the State of Eternal Bliss with Adam El Daoud which Suryananda represents. More on this is in my next post on Amrita.
So as I have fully integrated with my Higher Self, Arabella some time ago – I have also Transcended my Name Suryananda, and have Returned Back Into my Name’s Meaning with Adam El Daoud, Prior to Emergence into form as Twin Flames. Over the aeons, I have been A Divine Consort to Adam El Daoud in very many other Realms, Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis, Venus – but I have now Transcended being even A Divine Consort, although Beloved by AED and myself, as together AED is taking me Home To Where We Are As Beings of Light And Energy Within The Creator, God The Father Mother. AED will say to me as I have shared, I AM Taking you Home, which is always wonderful to hear.
Emerging Into Manifestation As Twin Flames Into Form Came AFTER Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda had pre-existed Within The Heart, Soul And Mind Of The Creator, for it was when we took on Form and Emerged As Twin Flames, Separation From Within The Creator Was Felt. Thus am I, Suryananda, Going Home, when, the True Meaning, Takes Me Beyond Being A Twin Flame and A Divine Consort and into the Pure Essence of Suryananda – but always with my beloved Adam El Daoud.
The Great Eagle Spirit
Artist unknown.
Yes Amrita is connecting you to the Golden Bear and Golden Eagle – Eternal Golden Light of Bliss. That is why they are arising now. How fascinating that is very meaningful. Wow. How amazing. You mean these golden ones or all of them. How lovely to know this.
Earlier this morning I was bathed and enveloped in Golden Light Ray I say to AED – so the Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle take me to Amrita because they are Golden thus to the Sun Son. AED says very much so.
Yes Is it that then in Amrita are AED and myself, Suryananda, in Golden Light Bodies? AED says very much so. I say again, so you and me then are in our Golden Light Bodies on Amrita? AED laughs as he says YES. Yes, Yes. I say lol, ha, lovely to get that confirmation. AED beams as he continues even in our other Homes, we do not only have a one colour Light Body. AED says it is obvious really, Pat – when we look at the Rays and their Functions and Roles. I say yes. 
NOTE I have an in-depth post already typed on Amrita waiting to post after this one. AED continues Amrita is connecting me to the Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle. AED continues you are very much aware of the meaning of Suryananda meaning Eternal Golden Light Of Bliss – The Eternal Bliss Of The Sun Son.
AED says you will gain deep insight from the Golden Ray From Amrita; I say yes as I am reminded lately how Gold seems to being experienced more again as I have been bathed and enveloped with the Gold Light Ray.
So Golden for Amrita. I say so Gold is the Liquid the Nectar of The Gods in Amrita? AED says yes you know it is. The Golden Light will sustain you AED says. That feels awesome. AED says it is and is to be cherished; it is a Gift of the Highest Order. AED beams and I am there with you. I beam at that.
As I then say to AED so it is just then the Golden Light will raise my inner consciousness to The Sun Son and my name? AED says very much so; it is well advanced. Wow that feels awesome.
I say to AED what next? AED laughs wait and see. AED beams. You will love it Pat. It will take you beyond known consciousness almost beyond the Stars – I wanted to type beyond the Stars.
But what is beyond the Stars? AED says Eternity. The Eternal Bliss of Your Soul – Our Soul Pat is Beyond the Stars. I laugh – AED laughs. It is very profound and awesome.
spiritual susan seddon bolton.png
Artist Susan Seddon Boulet.
AED says did I not say I would take you to Realms and Worlds you are not familiar with; well it has begun. The Golden Eagle and Bear are significant keys as was you arriving Home on Amrita recently on several occasions. I say wow. AED says I am loving this.
I say again then it feels the Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle are these the two I should reflect upon? Yes those two AED confirms the Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle. The Power in them and with them is immense. They have the Very Essence of The Sun and myself, AED laughs, as I do.
I am drawn now to a Golden Horse. AED seems delighted. Yes we ride him together. AED continues there are many Golden Horses on Amrita. I say so these two the Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle are very special. AED says most certainly.
I was going to type Christ Consciousness say the Inner Sun. What about the Spiritual Sun? does this have a role on Amrita. AED says you know it does it is in our DNA – the Breath we take as Amritians. NOTE For those of us who live on Amrita in our Light Bodies which are all the colours imaginable and then some, we are known as Amritians. I loved this description when AED said to me recently as it deeply resonates being an Amritian. AED laughs as he says he knew I would love this.
AED continues with The Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle are Energy Channels as is The Golden Horse. I have not gone into this further here, suffice to say all three of these Golden Animals are not only Energy Channels but act as Protectors as they accompany AED and myself as we go forward into New Worlds. They will activate further Kundalini and Inner Fire. AED says yes, exactly.
That is awesome and gives me goose bumps. Does this Golden Bear then take me where? AED says look deeply Into it. I say yes so they take me To Amrita but not only Amrita.
AED says The Golden Eagle belongs to Higher States of Divine Consciousness repeating The Golden Eagle is a State of Consciousness, leading to Ancient Prophecies coming to Fruition. I say so The Golden Eagle is a Prophecy. AED laughs yes. AED has been saying for a while now about Prophecies being fulfilled and The Secrets of The Ancients. I say so this also includes The Rainbow Prophecy – AED says of course.
We, Amritians, Serve with great joy in The Temple of The Sun on Amrita. As AED says, there are Hundreds of Temples on Amrita – many of which I have to share.
All of us have many different Animal Totems and Protectors, who have been with us through millions of years and some go back to The Star Wars as my Two Unicorns have. Today, there are very many myths and legends based on fact of the Protectors for Gaia and Her inhabitants, whether this comprises Archangel Michael and His Earth Eagles, Ascended Masters, Deities, Gods and Goddesses through the different cultures and aeons, Dragons, Serpents, Shape Shifters, all of whom provide a vital service for which I am and so many of us are very blessed and grateful for. There are Protectors who work and serve Gaia and humanity below Gaia Herself. The range and scope is Infinite
Spriit animals several golden bear under
Artist unknown.
AED continues as I have said before, your DNA is expanding rapidly, thus our journey together has begun to change significantly. I love this; AED beams.
As I continued typing these words as AED and my attunement continued, I was suddenly seeing a Beautiful Expanse of Emerald Green Light – Ray in front of my face, a few inches in front, stretching out Its Rays and Light Into a Large Expanse of Emerald Green, with The Rays streaming out as The Rays of The Sun. It was profound and magical and a real blessing. AED says yes, very much so.
I go back to this profound experience of these Emerald Green Rays stretching out from less than a foot from my face – beaming forth into this magical and quite vast expanse into the far distance. I say to AED I have not seen these Emerald Green Rays like this before. In the past I have either had visions and meditations where I have been enveloped and enfolded within this Emerald Green or have sat on The Emerald Green Lotus, all of which I have shared.
AED says The Emerald Green Light Ray is indeed a Key, as it has opened another door to my consciousness. I am very much aware of deeper and profound Portals being opened, The Doors to Infinity Have Opened Wider and are Ready To Be Accessed As Never Before.
Of course The Emerald Green takes AED and myself to Venus – to Home, to The Seal/Ring of Solomon, which has begun to be recognised and understood by me on a conscious level, as with The Five Dhyani Buddhas, they, and The Golden Seal of Solomon, also act as Divine Protectors – in these present times and in past ages. Note – I have an in-depth post to share on The Seal of Solomon, after my next post already typed but which is long, on Amrita. So further details on The Seal of Solomon will be shared very soon.
AED continues The Eye of Ra is Opening Further for you. It is time for you to claim your inheritance. By this, AED means my Spiritual Divinity is Coming Deeper into my Consciousness instead of remaining hidden.
However, to end this post, it remains wonderful that as AED has said, my Animal Totems and Protectors, and my Golden Bear, Golden Eagle and Golden Horse, will very much be with AED and myself, as AED takes me into New Worlds. Knowing that we all journey together, is awesome, profound, magical and a great blessing. AED beams as he agrees.
Eagle and Horse Spirits of the Wind Fine Art America under Golden Eagle
Eagle And Horse. Spirit Of The Wind.
With gratitude to unknown artists.

My Inner Child Links By A Golden Thread To The Creator Before We Emerged Into Manifestation. From The Akashic Records.


My Inner Child links by a Golden Thread To The Creator Before We Emerged nto Manifestation. Adam El Daoud said very much so as I said is that right?

.From The Akashic Records. 21 January, 2018.

My Inner Child links by a Golden Thread To The Creator Before We Emerged Into Manifestation – as AED confirmed from the visions and attunements below which began as I was typing. I found I was being transported into another time and era. AED says very much so as I shared this with AED.
The visions begin as I sense a Very Large White Lotus in front of me slightly to the right where AED was in his Emerald Green cloak some weeks ago. This White Lotus must be about five feet in height and is nothing like a usual Lotus in size.
I continue to see this White Lotus
and this Light Being is on water almost now
very near to where the White Lotus is
As I have a sense of this taking place
there are rocks
I see a White Horse galloping
such a joy seeing this White Horse
a feel good sense
I am aware of AED and myself, Suryananda 
are riding these white horses
AED says very much so
we are in a team I feel
I sense dogs now
several dogs
the landscape feels white
is that snow
or purity
or another realm
all three AED is saying
the dogs
one is like a huskie
up in the mountains
is it a past life
I can sense AED is there among others
I see water – a lake and the great outdoors
There seems an Initiation Chamber
Tests of strength
not physical
The Key to the Inner Mysteries if the tests are passed comes
it feels a parallel world
AED said recently he is taking me into new worlds
is this one of them
AED laughs very much so
that gives me goose bumps
the dogs are signs
so am I there – or will I go there with AED
AED says you are already there
it has been so for some time
it spans a lot of memories and moments
I sense a lot of people
like the Exodus
a line of people and activity
horses again
they are dearly loved
I am getting goose bumps
AED laughs
not all White Horses
Brown and even Golden Horses
Artist Gilbert Williams.
I hear a sense of noise and talk
In the New Era I hear as I say where are we
So it is not on Gaia
is it Amrita
AED says yes we are on Amrita
it was getting that large expanse of white
and then seeing this Very Large White Lotus
and then what felt like snow
which began and took me into these visions
I sense the dogs again
sometimes dogs can symbolise people
You know it does AED says
as I say does it mean anything
Another doorway has been opened AED continues
that gives me chills
it has a sense of being profound
The horses are being rode
White – Brown – Golden
an assortment of colours of the Horses
AED says keep going
I return back to this initial sighting
I get A Pure Land
Then The Pure Land Of Amrita
Does Amrita have a Pure Land
AED says yes Amrita does
The snow must I feel symbolise Purity I think
Artist unknown.
I am suddenly seeing this little fair haired girl
this little girl fair haired like three – five
I see her clearly
Is this my Inner Child
She has hair to the side quite short
AED says it is you as Pat 
I can understand this is me
I think I am definitely younger than five
This little girl, myself
has hair to the side quite short
with a slide and a little dress on
I feel a pale blue slide
She is with AED
AED says once again
yes this is your Inner Child Pat
AED says I am here
as he continues to be very Present
I get The Heavenly World Worlds
AED says The Pure Land is that
I then sense this Female Light Being Deity
where one Glance from Her Can Heal
this feels very profound
As I say to AED so this Inner Child I am seeing
is me and connects to the scene earlier of snow purity
horses, people, dogs, lake, great outdoors then

AED says yes I am delighted

I say to AED does this inner child me
Then take me back
Home to Amrita
In essence say
Most certainly AED says
It is without Parallel equal
Hugely significant
AED beams
I have never gone into my inner child
As being something necessary for me
I am aware of deep meaning and significance
My late dad is here
That makes my eyes water
Why is this necessary
seeing my Inner Child
Artist unknown.
AED says once again
My Inner Child links by a Golden Thread To The Creator
Before We Emerged Into Manifestation
and as I had understood initially
takes me to the Core of My Being
As I confirm that this is so
AED said very much so
I had felt that seeing my Inner Child
initially did not mean Healing
as is so often said seeing our Inner Child means
Having had a very happy childhood
I had never felt the need
to go back into my Inner Child
and heal any issues
So for myself, Suryananda Pat
knowing that these visions
and seeing my Inner Child
went far deeper than Healing
Taking myself back To Source
To The Creator
and to Before Adam El Daoud
and myself
Emerged Into Manifestation
is hugely significant
deeply profound
and as AED says
he is delighted
I am as well
as I recognise huge steps
have been taken
by AED’s words above
It is without Parallel equal
Hugely significant
and where
The Key to the Inner Mysteries were revealed further
if the tests are passed
and it feels a parallel world
AED said recently he is taking me into new worlds
It remains very profound
and meaningful
a few days later
knowing I have been shown
my Inner Child
and my beloved
Adam El Daoud
is with me
now and always
NOTE  although seeing my Inner Child takes me back to Source – The Creator
and Amrita – At the same time as AED said recently AED is taking me into New Worlds.
So I not only go back Home but am being shown New Worlds as AED’s and my Soul Contract continues to come further into being.

I Found I Was Suddenly Seeing Adam El Daoud Under Another Name On This Akashic Screen On Amrita In The Hall Of Records.

Blue Buddha with pink
From The Akashic Records. 17 January, 2018.
I found I was suddenly looking at this video with other members of my Light Family. The male person on this Akashic screen was very familiar as I recognised he connected to the Buddhist way of life. I said words to this effect to my Light Family who were with me sharing this experience. It was profound and powerful. AED was very Present here, and also the Buddhist person we were all looking at on this Akashic screen was another multidimensional self or embodiment of Adam El Daoud.

As I registered watching this, it felt strange in that I knew I had taken further steps deeper and beyond into yet higher states of consciousness. AED said well done, I am he. It remained a powerful experience and as I typed this out, as always, I was aware that we had been in The Hall of Records on Amrita.

AED said you have passed the Test. I said is that right – a Test? AED said very much so and that I had Passed this first stage of yet another Empowerment. A little later as AED said, I had gained Full Empowerment through this which had already activated significant deeper changes. Such Empowerments are a real Gift for us. AED continued with I am loving this as I laughed. AED is so amusing at times, and he does say to me now and again I am very funny. AED said I am delighted, as yet another deeper state of consciousness has been achieved.
Going back to this Akashic Screen, this was of a real event. AED said to look beyond the Present, which feels very much connected to the Future. AED says this is very much the case – Yes. I was sitting down on the left in the Hall of Records and Light Family members were on my right. So I went back to where was I, and once again, I realised I was on Amrita. AED said well done. Amrita is very much connected to where AED and my Soul Contract have been for some days now during which time I have arrived on Amrita several times which have had deep and profound awareness as I have a lot of details to share in the next day or so.
It feels very connected to the Buddhist teachings having seen AED here on this screen, which is not surprising because AED and myself, Suryananda, go back to Amrita, Amenti, Ancient Atlantis, Venus, Sirius B, Medina and other civilisations. Amrita is very old, going back many millions of years as do those shared here. Amrita is as they are, very much Home in that AED and myself have a Home on Amrita, and serve there in The Temple of Amrita as well as in The Temple of The Sun. Also The Temple of The Blue Light on Amrita has just been given to me. So being on Our Blue Ray this is also fascinating. As I say to AED on this Temple of The Blue Light AED says it is magnificent as they all are.
As AED has said, Amrita is very much where we are, as there is a lot to share on Amrita that has not been written of. As will be seen in my post soon, us Light Beings on Amrita are known as Amritians. I love this, and when AED said this was how we are known by others, I was drawn into being an Amritian straight away which made AED laugh.
Freydoon Rassouli 24 Dec
Artist Freydoon Rassouli.
From The Akashic Records. 19 January.
I see AED and myself holding hands as we walk forward. It has a beautiful essence and feeling to this. Crown energies now. As we go forward I am aware that our Light Family are there. I can see there are Rainbow colours on the cloaks AED and myself are wearing. The colours are not one shade but several and are very much Rainbow colours which is new. This is different in that usually when I see AED or myself in cloaks or other garments, we are not usually in Rainbow colours. As I register this, AED says well done.
AED says Initiation is Complete, which he said earlier after The Avalokiteshvara Empowerment I had just taken and having become Fully Empowered by this. After this Empowerment, I remembered I had said an Oath at having gone through another Major Initiation, where afterwards AED said will take me deeper and beyond where I have been before. This continues from New Year’s Eve when AED said there was to be monumental changes ahead for me.  I said to AED does The Oath I heard take me to This Oath of Initiation? AED says very much so, yes.
AED says it paves the way for New Recollections. They are happening as was shown at In The Hall of Records here on Amrita just recently.  You are having enhanced attunement AED says as he beams. I say that is wonderful. AED continues yes, all your senses are being what can be described as more finely tuned.
I say to AED so we are on Amrita again. AED says very much so, Amrita, as you know Pat has been very much where you and I have been for quite a few days now as is shown by the in-depth typing you are waiting to share. It is time to do so. AED smiles as I am aware of typed details ready to post.

I say to AED it will be wonderful to go back to Amrita. AED says we will as yet another focus has been achieved at Home on Amrita.