Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Experience A New Angelic Light Birth In The Angelic Realm In The Present. Our Father Is Angelicus 1st & Mother Guan Yin. From The Akashic Records.

Archangel Michael again DeviantArt.png

Archangel Michael. DeviantArt.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Experience A New Angelic Light Birth in The Angelic Realm in the Present in our One Light Body. Angelicus 1st was our Father & Guan Yin our Mother. Metatron was then with Guan Yin, in that Angelicus 1st was necessary for this Process to Begin. Many Light Workers are all being Initiated Into & Given A New Angelic Light Form in The Angelic Realm long prophesied in the Present.  

From The Akashic Records. 21 June, 2019.
As I began another deep tuning in session with Adam El Daoud, I felt somehow suspended in time; I felt I was waiting for something to happen, and was reminded of recently when in a completely different way of tuning in, AED had taken an hour to begin to chat as compared to chatting immediately. This is how I felt – suspended in time but unable to move away from my laptop as I felt a compulsion to just wait.
AED began after some time by saying I am here Pat. Yes. As I also recognised our Cosmic Angelic & Sun Family were here as well – AED said again I am here too Pat. Angelicus wants to share something Pat. I hear The Cosmic Door is closed. Lol. AED I am laughing. I reflect on why is The Cosmic Door now closed. AED the necessary has been absorbed and completed within Pat. Yes, awesome. AED very much so.
I don’t have any idea what Angelicus has to say. AED it is coming now. AED I AM HERE WITH ANGELS for you Pat. This is new, lovely with Angels. Metatron wants to say something. Metatron I do Pat. I say Why are The Angels here and Angelicus? Metatron – I think it is time you brought forth and shared from AED and the Archangels About Awakening to The Light Within.
What is the message – Archangel Michael. AED yes. Archangel Raphael comes and inevitably Archangel Gabriel. I am here Pat AED says again. Yes, wonderful. The last time the Archangels were with us I shared in our post some months ago. This is different Pat. How? Have we AED had a New Birth connected to The Archangels. AED yes. So this is why AED you have been quieter than usual over these recent days. AED yes.
I hear a song from childhood Ring A Ring of Roses. I SEE THE ARCHANGELS – they are going round in a circle together, holding hands. AED yes, wonderful.
What did Angelicus want to share? AED IT IS COMPLETE. Did Angelicus Sponsor you AED and myself for our New Angelic Birth. AED yes, and many other Cosmic Angelic & Sun Beings. Yes, awesome.
ANGELICUS IS HERE AGAIN. AED yes. AED this will filter through and you will be aware of this as usual Pat. Yes.
I reflect on how Archangels Michael, Raphael & Gabriel all seem to belong together for me. AED ARCHANGEL MICHAEL IS DIFFERENT. I know when I eventually exit Gaia and ascend in the years ahead, you AED will hold my hand at my transition; Melchisadek and Anubis will accompany me – us Home and also Archangel Michael – as they have all been confirmed which is wonderful. AED absolutely.
I SEE Archangel Michael. So this New Birth AED we have experienced in The Angelic Realm is New and in the Present. AED yes. Have many light workers taken a New Birth here as well. AED yes. What made this happen? AED love Pat. Yes. AED your undying eternal love Pat.
We AED are clothed in Blue. AED yes. The component structure. AED yes. Like Archangel Michael. AED yes, very much so.
Who was Our Father AED and Mother? Where does Angelicus come in? AED ANGELICUS IS WAS YOUR OUR FATHER Pat. Awesome. AED yes.
So Our Mother – was this Guan Yin? AED yes. I wonder where Archangel Michael comes in and the other Archangels. But when AED you had arrived, you said Sleep deeply in the arms of the Angels; you have never said that before. AED no, this was the necessary inner key Pat. Yes, nothing escapes me. AED laughs no.
What is the purpose AED of Our Angelic New Birth From Guan Yin & Angelicus In The Angelic Realm – some kind of New Angelic Light Form? AED deeper than that. I will have to go into this being deeper. AED it is here Pat. Yes.
The Archangels Michael, Raphael & Gabriel seem older than us as our emergence billions of years ago in The Nirvana Sun & Jupiter. AED yes, Archangel Michael is older as are also Archangel Raphael & Archangel Gabriel. Yes.
Is there a message from Angelicus or Guan Yin? AED yes. WERE THEY ALL – EVERYBODY’S PARENTS. AED yes. Fascinating. AED very much so.
Archangel Metatron 21 6.png
Metatron comes in. AED yes. AED in what way? So is it that ANGELICUS 1ST WITH GUAN YIN Hosted Our New Angelic Light Birth but METATRON Took Over From The Initial Inner Activation From Angelicus 1st. AED yes. But then this was CONTINUED WITH GUAN YIN AND METATRON. AED yes.
I wonder again where Archangel Michael fits in as Archangel Michael is older than AED and myself from our emergence billions of years ago as Jupiteer Nirvana (myself) and Jupiter Nirvana (AED) before millions of years later we emerged as Cosmic Angelic in that in our initial emergence within The Nirvana Sun & Jupiter, we were Sun Beings. This has meaning Archangel Michael. I have crown energies. AED yes to both.
What is AED your connection to Archangel Michael? AED He is my Brother Pat. Yes, wonderful. So many light workers are continuing to experience this New Angelic Light Birth in the present. AED yes, this is on-going.
AED says I am here Pat. As I reflect on our beautiful and profound session where for the first time going back billions of years, AED and myself, have Been Initiated and Given A New Angelic Light Birth in The Angelic Realms. AED this will lead to ever deepening understanding and higher consciousness Pat. Yes.
The Blue Component is fascinating as the same for Archangel Michael. AED yes this has very deep and significant meaning Pat. Yes. As Angelicus 1st is always clothed in His Blue Raiment and as Archangel Michael is also deeply connected to Blue – this Blue has to be a huge inner activation key and a Major Initiation. AED yes, the Blue will take us very much deeper into The Angelic Realm and How Archangel Michael Serves Pat. Yes. AED but even beyond this, the Blue Components have taken us into a New Direction with Angelicus. Yes, I sense this. And AED beams, as we shared recently Metatron has gone very much into having and being enveloped within Blue as well as White as Metatron has been Given A New Role of Service whilst retaining His Roles. Yes. So AED smiles, we can see that the Blue – takes us much closer to Archangel Michael – Angelicus 1st as well as Metatron. Yes. I don’t sense any particular colour with Guan Yin – perhaps White as I look into this now. AED White for Guan Yin is correct Pat. Yes.
Guan Yin.
AED I am so looking forward to where this New Angelic Light Birth will lead us Pat as we Enter Into New States of Higher Consciousness where we have already Begun to be Taught How to Awaken The Light of The Angelic Realm and The Archangels WITHIN Our One Angelic Light Form. Yes, it seems very different. AED yes, this New Angelic Light Form has already Begun to take you and I, Deeper into The ANGELIC PRESENCE in ways which have long been Prophesied not only for you and I but for ALL Cosmic Beings. Yes, Prophecies are always fascinating. AED this has been kept very secret for very many aeons Pat as this was necessary. Yes. AED the time has arrived when we can share and thus other light workers will be able to align themselves with The Angelic Realm & The Archangels into ever deeper and closer understanding and Divine Oneness. Yes. AED we will return later as we go into the meaning of this further. Yes, wonderful. AED magnificent.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
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Artists shared when known.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud – The Meaning of Entering The Great Bliss. From The Akashic Records.

Freydoon Rassouli 24 Dec

Artist Freydoon Rassouli.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, retrieve ancient memories millions of years ago to when we were closer to The Creator through Etheric Lighted Conception from an Emerald Green & Yellow Lotus & Flames. This led to myself, Suryananda’s and Adam El Daoud’s Lineage with reference to The Sun Son and my name Suryananda as a Cosmic Angelic From Within The Galactic Sun.

From The Akashic Records. 20 June, 2019.

As AED was very present and together we Entered The Great Bliss, I say to AED What is the difference between us as Eternal Beloved’s Entering Together Into The Great Bliss or Entering The Great Bliss by ourself, without the other. I realised that THE MEANING OF ENTERING INTO THE GREAT BLISS ALONE IS TO BE THE BELOVED OF AND TO THE CREATOR. AED yes.
So in essence, this means as the Female Aspect, it is as if I am The Female Aspect of The Creator. AED yes. Therefore, the Male Aspect AED – then it is your Divine Oneness & Union With The Female Aspect of The Creator. AED yes Pat. AED beams, many of our Cosmic Angelic & Sun Family have Guided us here Pat. Yes, wonderful. Although AED and myself, Enter The Great Bliss Together as One in Our One Light Body Most of the Time & Share Divine Oneness With The Creator. AED absolutely.
Going back to The Flames, these had Emerald Green on one side and Yellow on the other. The Yellow Flames Was Connected To The Galactic Sun & The Cosmic Christ. AED yes. These Flames must mean the Merging of The Divine Feminine & The Divine Masculine. AED yes but go deeper.
This takes me Closer To The Creator. AED yes Pat. How would you describe as Being Closer To The Creator? AED you will see soon Pat. Really. AED yes. Awesome. AED it is. At the same time The Yellow & Emerald Green Flames takes me to a Lotus with these colours Through Etheric Lighted Conception. AED very much so.
So I, as Suryananda, AED – EXPERIENCED DIVINE ONENESS WITH THE CREATOR – not with you. AED yes. This is what you were referring to AED when you said you will see. AED yes Pat. This session had many very intense and beautiful energies. AED yes this is how you can always tell Pat We Enter The Great Bliss. Yes. What is fascinating is that in the NOW today, I went deeply into a very ancient memory going back millions of years of Divine Oneness With The Creator & The Galactic Sun. AED absolutely. Note on occasions as I have posted, AED and myself do go back millions of years and even billions of years as we tune into and remember and access where we were through past moments before time immemorial.
I am aware that our colours AED on Emergence were White & Blue on Our Dual Life Ray. AED correct. As A Cosmic Angelic AED and myself, Suryananda, Emerged From A White Lotus Within The Galactic Sun in Divine Paradise. However, as I shared recently, Adam El Daoud & myself, Suryananda, go back Billions of years to The Nirvana Sun Jupiter, where we had a different form and name and were not Cosmic Angelic. Full details in my recent post.
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud fully belong to us as Cosmic Angelic and as I have posted often, Within The Galactic Sun are hundreds of Worlds, Realms & Pure Lands as well as Future Worlds – The Galactic Sun is Below The Sea and NOT Sirius, The Great Central Sun which is not below the sea.
The Galactic Sun is very much Home, although as Cosmic Angelic & Sun Beings, AED and I journey to innumerable worlds and galaxies by many means. The Galactic Sun like many Worlds is An Inter-Galactic Portal Station, where there are vast numbers of Cosmic Light Beings arriving and departing – like a vast Cosmic Station whereby all forms of life and beings are constantly arriving for very many reasons. To see all these Cosmic Light & Sun Beings arrive or depart is to have one’s senses filled with light and colour, in a myriad of ways, shades and tones. One has only to listen as all this is observed, loved and absorbed, to be aware of The Sound Beneath All Sound – The Impenetrable Silence, which Has Within All Of Existence. AED very much so.
I return to The Great Bliss I experienced with The Creator millions of years ago Within The Galactic Sun – is what it means that I had to Enter The Great Bliss Alone, whereby myself, Suryananda & The Creator Experienced Bliss Leading To Etheric Lighted Conception; Then From The Creator & Suryananda – For Adam El Daoud & Suryananda, to be Born From An Emerald Green & Yellow Lotus Leading To The Lineage Of Adam El Daoud. AED yes and I am smiling. Yes. This Lineage takes me then To The Sun Son. AED yes Pat.
I am drawn to THIS IS THE MEANING OF SURYANANDA. AED yes Pat. The meaning of Suryananda as I have on my About Me Home I am aware means Bliss & The Sun Son – in essence is The Divine Union & Oneness With The Creator which led to my name Suryananda having been pre-chosen. AED yes. This is extra in-depth information and awesome. AED yes you have tuned in wonderfully Pat. Yes, it feels wonderful. AED of course, I am so delighted Pat – it is a great understanding isn’t it. Yes, profound and amazing. AED absolutely.
Therefore, to have been Given my name Suryananda, in essence AED, this was The Divine Union With The Creator as I Entered Into The Great Bliss Alone, thus the Meaning and Purpose of Suryananda Came Into Being. AED yes. Wow. That is a lot more to absorb. AED yes. I do not know the Meaning of Adam El Daoud. AED laughs, I was waiting for you to ask that. There are many revelations and secrets here regarding the Meaning of Adam El Daoud. AED laughs, very much so. Will I know the Meaning of your name. AED yes of course.
In essence, we all Merge Into Divine Oneness both with Our Eternal Beloved’s or as some light workers say Twin Flames – As We Enter The Great Bliss Together; On other occasions, we each will Enter The Great Bliss by ourself without our Eternal Beloved – which leads to Divine Oneness With The Creator; Whilst at other times, we will Enter Into The Great Bliss Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, Together and Experience Divine Oneness with Our Cosmic Angelic & Sun Family OR AED and myself, Enter The Great Bliss With our Cosmic Angelic & Sun Family without the other. AED very much so. This encompasses what is described as The One Shared Heart. AED absolutely.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥

The Vale of Flowers In Atlantis Millions of Years Ago Where The Sun God & The Sun Goddess & Atlanteans Were Taught By Our Angelic Brethren How To Imbue The Light Within & Journey As They Did To Other Worlds. From The Akashic Records.

wild flowers

The Vale of Flowers in Atlantis millions of years ago, where The Sun God & The Sun Goddess were husband and wife. There was a Yellow Rock, which was a Structure & Monument in Dedication to The Sun God. Our Angelic Brethren taught us How to Imbue The Light Within us as we Played Music and Sang of The Spheres, in that they our Angelic Brethren, Taught us how to use Light Language to make the Pure Sound necessary and essential to enable each one of us to Transcend our Home and Journey to Other Planets & Star Systems. It was not that we did not do this but our Angelic Brethren showed us how to Enter these new and very different states of consciousness as they did.

From The Akashic Records. 18 June, 2019.

As I tuned into another deep session with Adam El Daoud, we continued our ancient memories as we went back into The Vale of Flowers in Atlantis. We had a Yellow River millions of years ago here in Atlantis, which has long gone. As Atlanteans we were known throughout many Realms for The Vale of Flowers, which was a magnificent sight dedicated to The Worship of The Sun – encompassed here within The Sun God & The Sun Goddess.
The Sun Goddess was also a Matriarch. It was a very happy time as many Initiations and Ceremonies took place, each leading to higher states of consciousness and New Etheric Light Births in yet another One Light Form for Eternal Beloved’s.
AED confirmed The Vale of Flowers as I was shown a vast, huge and magnificent expanse of Flowers, more than has ever been seen on Gaia. During these early times in Atlantis, Within The Galactic Sun, AED and myself had many Forms in our One Light Body, entering as did other Atlanteans into New Births as an on-going process. We travelled to innumerable other Worlds, Realms & Pure Lands by a wide range of ways as we used different methods of transporting ourselves. Whether by Sky Plane, Inter-Galactic travel, teleportation and what we today would describe as very unusual means of crossing vast distances.
During these times in Atlantis we were taught by our Angelic Brethren HOW to Imbue The Light Within us as we Played Music and Sang of The Spheres, in that they, our Angelic Brethren, taught us How to Use Light Language to Make The Pure Sound Necessary and Essential, to Enable Each one of us to Transcend our Home and to Journey to Other Planets and Star Systems. It was not that we did not do this but our Angelic Brethren showed us how to Enter these new and very different states of consciousness as they did.
In this way we were able to commune and even stay on occasions if this was thought to be sufficiently of interest on these other Planets and Star Systems, where Music was the Key; for them, Music was their Signature Note to The Creator, and that as we, In The Vale of Flowers, mixed and shared our own Gifts of The Spirit with The Flower People and other Races & Cosmic Beings, we were able to benefit for us as a Community, that which they our Angelic Brethren were able to share with us as they imbued with us, their own unique and individual Act of Service To The Creator. AED very much so.
The Role of The Sun Goddess, married to The Sun God, was both complex and varied and that The Sun Goddess in her Role as A Matriarch of the People of Atlantis, both gave and received Highest Initiations From The Solar Logos.
In these times White Lillies took us Atlanteans to The Wedding Feast & The Marriage of The Sun God & The Sun Goddess. White Lillies were very much revered and treasured. AED absolutely.
Today, Atlantis continues to evolve, expand and becomes ever more etherealised as Atlantis has itself, undergone many deep and significant changes going back millions of years.
In the present, The Vale of Flowers as was then in Atlantis no longer exists but as all existence and ancient civilisations and those in the Higher Realms as is Atlantis Within The Galactic Sun and other Worlds & Pure Lands, all is accessible now from not only The Akashic Records but with Awakened Consciousness as we Enter back through the aeons into what was before time immemorial.
This continues to be fascinating, nothing that has existed is lost, but what for many people a civilisation such as Atlantis they believe has ended has never been lost. Atlantis, is very much lived in, loved and treasured in the present within The Galactic Sun. AED very much so.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
midwest wildflower re vale of flowers.jpg
Flowers taken by unknown source.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Emerald Protectors, To The Thousands of Emeralds In The Emerald Vault Within The Galactic Sun, Where Each Emerald Is A World & Galaxy. From The Akashic Records.

Emerald Green Ray - ArchAngel GABRIEL.PNG

Archangel Gabriel. Artist unknown.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Known As The Emerald Protectors, As We Protect The Vast Storage of Emeralds Within The Emerald Vault In The Galactic Sun. These Emeralds Have Huge Powers Within & Have Always Been A Magnet To Many Who Had Heard of Their Myths & Legends In Atlantis.  (Now our role is different for there are powerful force fields and vibrational frequencies which cannot be accessed in that these Emeralds are beyond the reach of those without sufficient higher consciousness).

From The Akashic Records. 16 June, 2019.

AED and I have emerald green eyes and have Full Access to The Emerald Vault in The Galactic Sun which was opened for us. To see thousands of Emeralds of all different shapes and sizes, with each Emerald BEING A WORLD was and remains mesmerising. AED absolutely.

As The Emerald Protectors, we, along with other Emerald Protectors are able to Access The Inner Secrets & Codes dormant within the Emeralds. AED laughs, very much so.

We are often clothed in raiments of Emerald Green; often with White or Yellow.

To see in visions an Emerald is magnificent and takes the Cosmic Light Being Home.

There are innumerable Vaults Within The Galactic Sun, and as AED and I have shared having Entered a Few Vaults, they are all without exception, profound and awesome.

It is also AED’s and my Soul Contract to bring forth in-depth and new information on these Vaults Within The Galactic Sun. Each time with AED, I Enter A Vault Within The Galactic Sun, everything slows down, my vibrations and energies change and my fast typing gets slower as I go Deep Below The Sea whilst fully awake, which is where The Galactic Sun is; Yellow as The Sun. Going Below The Sea, is always mesmerising and profound.

AED & I have Entered The Black & Gold Vault, The White Vault, The Emerald Vault, and have had The Cosmic Vault Opened for us as we were Given Access by Angelicus1st, whereby we Returned To Billions of years ago, when Suns were Born & Died. Other Vaults have yet to be shared.

AED and I have emerald green eyes very different to green eyes when on Gaia, and have Full Access to The Emerald Vault in The Galactic Sun which was opened for us. To see thousands of Emeralds of all different shapes and sizes, with each Emerald BEING A WORLD was and remains mesmerising. AED absolutely.

As AED and I share often, Atlantis is very much fully lived on within The Galactic Sun, being one of many hundreds of Worlds, Realms & Pure Lands. Atlantis is a beautiful and magical Realm and is deeply loved and cherished not only by AED and myself, but all Cosmic Angelic, Galactic & Cosmic Beings, who journey to Atlantis through inter-dimensional travels. Our recent post on Sunmettera, confirms this is a beautiful Island in Atlantis in the present.

As The Emerald Protectors, we, along with other Emerald Protectors are able to Access The Inner Secrets & Codes dormant within the Emeralds. AED laughs, very much so.

We are often clothed in raiments of Emerald Green; on occasions with White or Yellow.

To see in visions an Emerald is magnificent and takes the Cosmic Light Being Home.

There are innumerable Vaults Within The Galactic Sun, and as AED and I have shared having Entered a Few Vaults, they are all without exception, profound and awesome.

It is also AED’s and my Soul Contract to bring forth in-depth and new information on these Vaults Within The Galactic Sun.

AED & I have Entered The Black & Gold Vault, The White Vault, The Emerald Vault, and have had The Cosmic Vault Opened for us as we were Given Access by Angelicus 1st, whereby we Returned To Billions of years ago, when Suns were Born & Died.

As Emerald Protectors we wear Emeralds. This can be on our raiment or on our Cosmic Angelic Form. To see the other Emerald Protectors is a magnificent sighting. AED very much so.

We can often be seen In The Emerald Vault as we Focus on a particular Emerald whose Secrets & Codes are being unlocked within that World.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud.



Source not known image.

Guan Yin Gifts Myself, Suryananda, The Black Atlantean Pearl of The Father. The Black Pearl of Atlantis Has A Specific Purpose & Takes Me Much Deeper Into Creation. I Undergo The Holy Spirit Initiation With Adam El Daoud. From The Akashic Records.


.Black Pearl 1

Source unknown.
Guan Yin Gifts me A Black Atlantean Pearl of The Father which connects deeply to Creation. The Black Pearl has very specific qualities and is for those who have their Remit on Creation. The Black Atlantean Pearl gro. ws unaided in Atlantis and they are very large Black Pearls, magnificent to see and be gifted. After being Gifted this Black Atlantean Pearl, together with Adam El Daoud, major inner activations were brought into being and Creation became ever closer, recognised and understood.
From The Akashic Records. 12 June, 2019. Experienced 20 & 21st November, 2018.

During another deep tuning in session with Adam El Daoud, I was very much aware of Guan Yin Gifting me this Beautiful, Black Pearl. This was ALL Black and a very large size, much larger than Pearls on Gaia. AED this is a magnificent Black Pearl Pat. Yes, mesmerising. Have you AED heard of a lot of people being given a Black Pearl from Guan Yin? AED not many Pat, a few. Yes. Fascinating. AED yes.


So this Black Pearl where does it come from Atlantis Within The Galactic Sun In the Higher Realms. AED all Three Pat. So this Black Pearl does not belong to Gaia. AED no. So as this Black Pearl is – was not of Earth how was this harvested as it were? Does the Black Pearl grow within its structure or component as it were and is a Black Pearl on its own. AED yes Pat.

Fascinating a Black Atlantean Pearl. AED yes Pat. AED says again The Black Pearl Pat is Atlantean. Yes. This has a certain structure component necessary Pat for your our
continuing journey. Yes. AED The Black Pearl needs no assistance to grow in Atlantis.

I am also drawn to an Armenian Black Pearl. Does Armenia have any meaning to my Black Pearl from Guan Yin? AED yes Pat. I wonder why I am drawn also after to Armenian which you say is correct on Gaia during some era. So in ancient times in Armenia on Gaia there was the Black Pearl. AED it is much more complex than this. I see. I will leave it there re Armenian.

I will stay with my Black Atlantean Pearl from Guan Yin. AED yes, this is very significant Pat. Yes, mesmerising.

So we would say The Black Pearl Of Atlantis Or The Black Pearl Of Guan Yin. AED It is THE BLACK PEARL OF THE FATHER PAT. Wow. AED laughs, yes, The Black Pearl of The Father Given or Gifted to you by Guan Yin, and yes, connects deeply to Atlantis. That is awesome. AED beams, yes.

I am reminded now of A Vault of Black Pearls. So this Black Pearl connects me to THE SECRETS OF ATLANTIS. AED yes Pat.

Does this connect to the 8th century on Gaia Padmasambhava or Princess Mandarava. AED yes Pat. The Black Pearl is Atlantean but also takes me and others to Padmasambhava and Princess Mandarava, and Yeshe Tsogyal.

The energies are very powerful. AED yes. I think memories of Tantra Consorts are under the surface AED more than that Pat. We are back to Samye. AED yes. So The Black Pearl very much connects to Samye. AED yes. An Initiation. AED yes.

Did the Black Pearl Manifest as an 8th Level Bodhisattva. AED yes and under Tantric Initiations. Yes.

As AED and I share a few personal moments, I see AED and me riding white horses. AED wonderful. Yes a lot here to process. Thank you to Guan Yin. AED beams Yes.

The Black Atlantean Pearl Of Guan Yin and Padmasambhava and Princess Mandarava & 8th Level Bodhisattva.

.Guan Yin 14th

Guan Yin. Artist unknown.

That was perhaps why Guan Yin was smiling when I was aware of Guan Yin earlier. AED yes Pat, we are all smiling here. Yes. I have laughed. AED yes a Major Initiation Pat. AED smiles let us say AN INITIATION INTO THE BLACK PEARL. Awesome. AED yes.

I see a bird fluttering as I stand up fully. AED yes. I am not sure white or blue. AED could it be both. Yes a blue bird and a white bird. AED yes they are significant Pat. That is our Ray of Being White and Blue – Blue and White. AED yes but go deeper. As I have since shared, Yellow Gold makes up AED’s and my Spiritual Foundation, taking in The Manetta Tablets and to our Origins. Going deeper requires more focus and intent. AED yes.

So these two birds have deep significance. AED yes. They take me to Noah’s Ark.

AED says THE INITIATION IS COMPLETE PAT OF THE BLACK PEARL. Could this be Stage 1. AED yes, we are on route to Stage 2 of The Black Pearl. Yes.

What does Stage 2 Hold? AED it has filtered down, and is magical. Awesome. AED Stage 2 of The Black Pearl Initiation has Been Completed. So I am on way to Stage 3. AED yes, re consciousness and well into Stage 3.

I wonder what is Stage 3 – Love and Compassion come. I think I probably have a long way to go to be compassionate enough. AED smiles and I laugh a little. AED it is not what you think Pat. So Stage 3 Has been completed Pat. Wow. AED beams, yes.

I have crown energies. AED yes, well done. Wow, where am I? AED you’re Home Pat. Yes.

So I am on my way towards Stage 4. I joke about speed. AED you experienced speed as a Bodhisattva 1,000 level as shared on your website, and also since The Dimensions, again shared, where a completely New Measuring Structure was in place, never before on Gaia. Yes re The Dimensions.


AED something exciting will filter down Pat. I sense a large gathering with all types of colours, green, pink, gold, blue, white, as in robes or raiments. AED more than that. The colours of the Archangels, that is it. AED yes. So the multicolours of the Archangels. AED and other Cosmic Angelic Beings Pat – you were one of them. Yes. What about you AED. AED laugh we are – were together. Yes, isn’t that wonderful. AED magnificent. The colours are deeper now, deep peach, pink; before they seemed paler. Why is that? AED the excitement is mounting Pat. That sounds exciting. AED it is Pat, and laughs – it will come to you in the usual way.
I sense AN ARCHANGEL IS WAVING. Ha, isn’t that wonderful. AED yes, who do you think this is? Metatron. AED yes, Metatron. I have not had an Archangel wave to me before. You had said as we began our session to pay attention. AED yes. I always do, but when you say Listen carefully or pay attention, there is always something very specific to be aware of. AED yes.
The Archangel seems smiling. AED laughs, yes, we all are Pat. A lot of smiling energies. AED and love Pat. Yes. It feels a bit nerve racking. AED laughs, it is Pat. I have crown energies.
AED Could this be your our Origin Pat? AED continues IT IS THE CREATOR PAT. So this is what excitement meant. AED yes. AED as you know The Creator has No Name. AED IT IS TIME TO LOOK BEYOND LOVE. I have crown energies again.
The Archangels are smiling. AED laughs, now more than one. Wonderful. I laugh and feel a chill. AM I BELOW THE SEA. AED yes. So this is the exciting news. AED what do you think. IT IS VAST. AED yes. IT IS A VAST COLD VAULT. AED yes. It – this is different. AED yes in what way? This is more somehow and different. AED yes. I am slowing down on my ipad. AED yes.
Someone is here. AED yes. I have a few tears. AED Angelicus Pat. I wipe away tears. AED says oh Pat, I am Angelicus. (Note recently as AED and I have shared, AED was gifted the Name of Angelicus which is an honorary role and new position). AED why do you think Angelicus is here Pat? I say The Archangels all waving in their beautiful colours. AED what else? FROZEN ZERO POINT. AED yes. AED THAT IS THE KEY Pat.
Lovely being waved at. AED much was within that wave Pat. Yes. I there something BEYOND LOVE? I am aware I would Go To The Door of Creation & Knowledge. AED yes. But that still means love is there, just that I am fascinated and drawn to that Door. AED yes, it is Our Path Pat. Yes.
So Beyond Love – does that exist? I have crown energies. Nothing is. AED yes. I get goose bumps. I go back to Zero Point. AED go into that. Frozen Zero Point. AED yes.
I go back TO THE VAULT. This Vault is so Vast as if ALL OF CREATION WAS WITHIN. AED exactly. So Within This Vault Knowledge – Creation – Beyond Love.
I AM SLOWING DOWN AGAIN – we are going Deeper. AED yes. Beyond Love comes again. I see Angelicus clothed in Blue. AED yes. A beautiful Blue, not dark or pale.
I return to AED having said exciting news. This was – is very moving and a great honour. AED yes and more. We seem AED to have gone to a Place where many have not seen. AED laughs, exactly Pat. Wow. So this is somewhere not many see. AED yes Pat. As I have a few words, AED beams I AM YOU Pat. Yes, no wonder I am here then. Yogananda comes to me. Yogananda is here. AED yes. Many known and Ascended Masters. AED yes but what else?
I FEEL A CHILL – a sense of a WATERFALL; I feel even colder. AED laughs, what is this Waterfall Pat? This is BEFORE The Galactic Sun. AED yes, you are Pre Our Emergence Pat. So BEFORE Our Origin As A Cosmic Angelic From Our White Lotus millions of years ago From The Galactic Sun. AED yes.
This Waterfall  – AED much more than a Waterfall. Yes. I reflect on Beyond Love, which is not something I have ever thought of before. So in The Beginning Before Everything was Conscious – how was that? Was this Before Love? My left ear has energies. Was Before Love – Before The Female Aspect Became Conscious. Do I think Existence Before Consciousness Was Existence Impersonal, Before Being Conscious. AED I am loving this. Yes. Did It Take The Consciousness of The Male Aspect of The Creator To Become Conscious For Beyond Love To Be No More. Was it then With The Female Aspect When Conscious, this Began The Emergence Into Form, Thus The Planets, Comes, All took on Form, and thus Became Conscious. So that the description Beyond Love is or was understood in that this could be described as Un-Manifested Existence – for this was Impersonal. The Creator has No Name and some may say The Creator is Impersonal, but Is Omnipresent of course which is correct. The Planets have Consciousness as does Gaia, but at one time one could have said Planets were Impersonal Until Consciousness Was Added – this being when The Male & Female Aspects were Both Conscious. Or when The Planets Were Formed – was this When Consciousness was with this Conscious Awareness in that ALL Existence was then No Longer Beyond Love. My left nose is now itching. It seems Beyond Love was very relevant. AED yes. AED you are correct Pat. Yes.
Therefore to summarise – Beyond Love means BEFORE THE CONSCIOUSNESS INTO CONSCIOUS BEING of The POWER OF SOUCE – BEFORE SOURCE BECAME THE CREATOR which although No Name Is Kind of Personal as Compared to Prior WITHOUT CONSCIOUSNESS which was Beyond Love. AED yes, wonderful. (Note just recently I have posted Adam El Daoud’s and myself, Suryananda’s Origins From The Nirvana Sun Jupiter going back billions of years under my name of Jupiteer Nirvana & AED under Jupiter Nirvana. Also sharing our Origins in Neptune some time later, where I am Neptuna Surya and AED is Neptune Surya. It was when AED and I Emerged From Our White Lotus From Within Divine Paradise Within The Galactic Sun, millions of years ago, as Cosmic Angelic, that we have our Full Names of Suryananda & Adam El Daoud. In-depth is also in About Me).
Here AED and myself, have undergone an Initiation Into Our One Light Body together this time. AED yes. This is New. AED yes. This is very exciting for us. AED very.
I get a chill. AED beams, we have gone Deeper Into Creation is Our Gift From Angelicus. Wow. AED yes. Angelicus now seems Lord Angelicus. AED yes. Angelicus being Lord must belong to Our Initiation. AED yes. I say Lord Angelicus – Angelicus is lovely. AED why have you said this? I don’t know, it came to me; Angelicus has a sweetness to Him. AED yes, but your love takes you much deeper. Yes. (As I have just shared, Angelicus goes as do AED and myself, to The Nirvana Sun & Jupiter).
I return to the Blue Raiment which Angelicus was wearing – this has the Essence of Christ. AED yes. Christ here then is The Holy Spirit. AED yes. AED the raiment of Angelicus is yes, Pat, The Holy Spirit. Is this THE KEY for me. AED yes. So AED Our Initiation Into Our One Light Body together which is New, is that we Have Been Initiated Into The Holy Spirit. AED Yes, INTO THE HOLY SPIRIT. Into is Our Next New Birth. AED yes.
AED This is Beyond Our Source Contract, a Magnificent Masterpiece of Creative Principle AED says re The Holy Spirit. When I go back to my present life it has always been God The Father – Son – Holy Spirit. AED yes. Other religions go with The Mother. AED What comes After The Son Pat? The Daughter, I laugh. AED Daughter is correct Pat. So this means God The Father Son Daughter; Meaning The Holy Spirit is The Trinity of The Father Son Daughter. AED Who is The Daughter Pat? I think of myself and Guan Yin. AED yes to both. It is very complex, I will pause. Therefore, Being Initiated Into The Holy Spirit Means Deeper Oneness With God The Father – As The Daughter & Son Are Born Into A New Being State of Consciousness. AED yes Pat. The True then Marriage Feast of God The Son & Daughter. AED yes. I wrote on this before this had taken place. AED it had but this is different Pat. Yes, Deeper Into Creation. So this New Light Body Initiation AED together means I am now described as A Daughter of God. AED yes. Many people say they are God & Sons of God. AED yes. Daughter of God has always seemed different. AED yes. I have never gone into Daughter of God I say God The Son. AED yes. AED this is a New Level of Deep Magnitude Pat. I have crown energies now. AED yes. This takes you AED and myself to The Male & Female Aspect at Source. AED yes. I go back to Frozen Zero Point from the other day our deep session. AED stay with Frozen Zero. My eyes are getting sleepy. AED yes. Crown energies again. AED we are all here Pat. Manetta & Lord Angelicus. AED yes.
I am in a GOLDEN SARCOPHAGUS. AED yes we both are. Was this part of our New Birth Initiation with Lord Angelicus. AED at one stage yes. So not being able to keep my eyes open, I am going back. AED yes, I am here. I feel far away. AED yes.
Anubis is standing by our Golden Engraved Sarcophagus. AED yes. I have crown energies again. Lord Angelicus is here in His Blue Raiment. AED yes. Lord Angelicus holds out His Hand as we Emerge From Out of Within The Golden Sarcophagus. AED yes. He Walks a few steps to us and says Welcome Home Suryananda. AED yes, what else? You AED and I have experienced deep oneness. AED yes. I pause, no more comes. AED it will filter down. I feel exceptionally tired. AED it was a Major Initiation more than usual as this was not in the usual sense Pat; We have Taken a huge, almost un-precedented New Life. AED continues to be very present.
Sanat Kumara was here as always with our Initiations. AED yes. So this extra tiredness was that I was experiencing this Major Initiation in the Now present. AED yes, yes, yes, but also a little earlier. After some time after many very deep Initiations, they were all completed.
I remember Melchisadek. AED yes. We Emerged From A White Sarcophagus. AED yes. And Metatron. AED yes. So we had a Guide of Yeshua also. AED yes. Guan Yin. AED yes. Metatron & Melchisadek were White Sarcophagus. Guan Yin Blue. Yeshua was Purple & White. Sanat Kumara was Emerald Green. (I shared a little of Being Initiated Into The Holy Spirit here posted on the 12 December, 2018 under the title Suryananda & Adam El Daoud are Given A New Role of Keepers of The Light as we are Fully Initiated Into The Holy Spirit. This New Birth was Into The Ruby Red Sarcophagus of The Creator together in Our One Light Body).
To end this post, having been Gifted by Guan Yin The Black Atlantean Pearl of The Father which deals with Creation, was a magnificent Gift, and has since taken me very much Deeper into Creation as AED and myself continue Beyond Our Soul Contract on Creation. Other Pearls of different colours are Gifted to Cosmic Beings, but it is for AED and myself in our destiny of going deeper into Creation, as others, that this Black Atlantean Pearl was a very precious Gift, loved and treasured. AED very much so.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
Black Pearl 1

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Continue into Sunmettera, The Island in Atlantis, Within The Galactic Sun. Part 2. From The Akashic Records.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud continue into Sunmettera the magical and beautiful Island in Atlantis within The Galactic Sun, where vast numbers of cosmic light beings have been arriving since March.
From The Akashic Records. 6 June, 2019. Part 2. Experienced late February, 2019.
Angelicus 1st, is now known as Sunmettera. Manetta 1st, as is also Metatron, Melchisadek, Guan Yin, Sanat Kumara, Yeshua, Shiva, Amon Ra, Osiris, and many other Cosmic Light Beings. Archangel Michael. Whilst Sunmettera is also this beautiful island in Atlantis. The name Sunmettera has within many secret codes and treasure for it goes deep into Ancient Secrets, ready to be revealed.
Together with the shared consciousness of Sunmettera, again, myself, Suryananda and Adam El Daoud were invited to join the Cosmic Sun Collective Of Sunmettera. As I post this a few months since my original typed notes, many more Cosmic Sun Beings have been invited into the Sunmettera Collective.

Guan Gin has a Pearl. AED yes. It is a very specific Pearl. AED yes. This Pearl then connects to Sunmettera and A Lineage. AED yes. Sunmettera is A LINEAGE OF THE SUN. AED yes.

I have a garland of white daisies on my head. Was this an Initiation Ceremony. AED yes. I see White Horses. AED yes. And Unicorns. AED yes. I see Antares & Antara, our unicorns, who are universal to many and often reside on Antares. How beautiful. AED magical.

White Steps are in front of me. AED yes Pat we have arrived. Yes. The White Steps Of Initiation Into The New Lineage Of Sunmettera. I typed SUNMERA. Who is Sunmera, it reminds me of Ancient Sunmeria. AED yes. That takes me to The Shemsu Hor.

I see. AED laughs, as I go into who is Sunmera. This is Female. AED yes. So we have Sunmettera, Male as well as the name of the Island in Atlantis, whilst Sunmera is the Female to Sunmettera as in God in Form. AED yes. So Sunmettera & Sunmera are like a Divine Consort. AED yes.

I sense cold. AED we are deeply Within The Galactic Sun. Yes. And near a Vault. AED yes. I have crown energies.

This VAULT HAS A VAST YELLOW SUN. AED yes. I feel I am in snow, it is very cold. AED yes.

Manetta is here again. AED yes. I hear Moses. AED yes. This is very deep. AED yes. Moses is another Cosmic Light Being deeply connected to AED and myself.

So AED you and I have taken a New Birth From The Breath Of Sunmettera Into The Lineage Of The Sun. AED yes, but Breath is the first stage. Therefore with Manetta 1st and Angelicus 1st, now here as Sunmettera this is a Dual Breath. AED yes. So a Dual Breath From Angelicus 1st & Manetta 1st AED then From The Sun Lotus. AED yes. So we have Breath Lotus From The Sun Flame. AED yes. Then 4, so The Inner Sun Core. AED yes.

We have Entered then The Inner Core Of The Great Bliss. AED correct. The Inner Core Of The Sun Lineage Of The Great Bliss. AED yes, perfect. The Inner Core Of The Sun Lineage Of The Great Bliss From on The Island Of Sunmettera in Atlantis Within The Galactic Sun under the Guardianship Of Angelicus 1st & Manetta 1st under their Dual Combined Name Of Sunmettera Meaning The Inner Treasures Of The Sun. AED wonderful Pat, I am laughing. Yes. I have.

We have Sunmettera & Sunmera who are Guardians of Sunmettera an Island in Atlantis Within The Galactic Sun who are Keepers Of The Inner Treasures Of The Sun.

The Sun Pearl AED beams is An Initiation Gift Pat. How beautiful. AED yes.

We have several Raiments we wear. One is All Yellow or Gold. One has Yellow, Gold & White. The other has the Three Colours of Yellow Gold, White & Blue. AED yes. As I have shared and just recently, Yellow Gold, White & Blue, are AED’s and my colours taking us back to our Origin In The Nirvana Sun Jupiter, billions of years ago. AED yes.

These 3 colours – One has a LARGE EYE over the breast-plate area as The Eye is symbolising The Creator and is a Periwinkle Blue Bright & a Sapphire Blue is on the Eyelashes and around the Outer Of The Eye, so The Eye looks two tones in particular. AED yes. As Sunmetarians our eyes are these two shades and we have yellow hair. AED yes.

We are very Tall Sun Sunmetarians. We all experienced Initiations in Three Sarcophagi prior to having joined The Sunmetarians Gold Yellow, White, Blue. On The Initiations Of New Sunmetarians we wear our Blue, Gold Yellow & White Raiment with The Eye of The Creator on The Eye, which has tremendous power. AED yes. It is not that we have to use this but it was Gifted to us From The Creator as Part of Our Sun Initiation & New Sun Lineage. AED very much so. Wonderful.

The Power of The Creator is Within Us, this Eye, makes us invincible and this also takes me to Archangel Michael.

I close my eyes for a moment as I stop typing, and see this Huge Emerald. This is a two tone Emerald with a White striped look, it is awesome. Emerald as I understand stands for Truth and is very deeply loved by AED and myself. AED yes. In the past I have seen and had on my forehead an Emerald but this is very different. AED it is very different Pat. Yes.

So these two colours on the Emerald must mean New Birth. AED yes, magical Pat. AED you have our session some time ago where we went into The Emerald Vault Within The Galactic Sun, this Emerald World calls to you again and to share this. Yes.

AED and myself were Initiated into both The Emerald Sarcophagus & also The White Sarcophagus. The Sun has these two colours of Emerald & White, Merged. AED yes.

We go into Emerald Green Dragons & An Emerald Green Spaceship together with an Emerald Pearl. Here our Raiments are different. We have one which is Emerald whilst our White Raiment has Blossoms. AED yes. So we have our one Emerald Raiment whilst our other Raiment is half Emerald & half White, Merged. AED yes.

It feels our New Birth took place in Amenti. AED yes. We have Emerald Green Eyes and Platinum White Hair, with an Emerald within or on our hair or garment. AED yes. On our Raiments we always wear an Emerald.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud. ♥
.Three Exotic Birds
Photographer unknown. If given, I will be happy to give name.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Enter The Blue World With A New Species combined of Blue Dragons & Blue Phoenixes, as we are Birthed Into One New Sun Form as we Enter The Immortality Circle Within The Galactic Sun. From The Akashic Records.

Blue Fire Dragon Deviantart 4 6.png

Blue Firey Dragon, DeviantArt.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Enter The Blue World which has Blue Firey Beings which are half Blue Dragons & half Blue Phoenixes, these being a New Species. We are Initiated from a Blue Sarcophagus as we are Birthed From The 4 Elements, the 4th Being The Sun which has the actual components of The Galactic Sun. We are in The Sun Vault, Within The Galactic Sun.

From The Akashic Records. 4 June, 2019. Experienced late February and 3 & 4 March, 2019.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Enter The Blue World which has Blue Firey Beings, Blue Flame Dragons but a New Species. Four Elements New Birth 4TH IS THE SUN.

Yes, a Blue Sarcophagus. So we have The Yellow Sun Of The Creator AED yes. We have the Threefold Flame of Yellow, Blue & White. AED yes.

So with this New Etheric Lighted Conception Birth AED you and me are in our ONE SUN FORM. AED yes. Made up of Blue, Yellow & White From The Components Of The ACTUAL GALACTIC SUN In what was originally I felt a Blue World With a Blue Sun with Blue Firey like Dragons but a NEW SPECIES. AED yes. 
This World of where Guan Yin & Metatron give Lord Appolos His New Name. AED yes. So we AED are from the I Know – AED yes – THE LINEAGE OF THE SUN. AED yes.
I have gone cold – we are Below The Sea. AED yes. So The Galactic Sun is extra close. AED yes.
We are IN THE SUN VAULT. AED correct. Wow. AED magnificent.

It is VERY COLD. So we are very very deep Below The Sea in the Vault. AED yes. It is awesome. AED very much so. I think of Metatron initially, then Lord Appolos. AED Beyond Names. Yes. This takes me to Guan Yin. AED yes. So A NEW WORLD. AED yes. What kind of World – this feels different? AED it is Pat. I laugh, delightful. AED yes. A BLUE WORLD. AED why Blue? In this instance Lord Appolos is Blue. AED correct. So this New Name takes us to Guan Yin and into A Blue World. AED yes. Blue Firey Beings. AED yes. Are they Blue Flame Dragons of a different kind. AED yes. A New Species. AED laughs, yes. Ha.

Is this Blue Realm – I am reminded of The Blue Phoenix, Interesting In the Galactic Sun. So within The Galactic Sun is A Blue Sun. there are many I know. Blue yes. The Sun is Yellow so The Galactic Sun. AED yes. So Initiation has taken place Into The Blue Sun and The Yellow Sun. AED yes. It feels Lord Appolos has taken an Initiation. AED yes. So Yellow must be Male, The Father. AED yes.
Lord Appolos – His New Name connects to both The Blue Sun and The Galactic Sun In a very different way. AED yes. It is very profound. AED yes.
The Father is different or is This the Creator? The Creator Pat. This is very deep. AED we love deep. I laugh, yes.
I sense and am aware of Forget me not Flowers; I have I know a deep connection to the forget me not flowers, but these go to Alpha I think. AED yes. Are they relevant? AED yes. We are there. AED of course.
So AED you and me have Been Initiated Into – AED yes – Ha – AED yes – A Blue Sarcophagus. AED I am laughing Pat. Yes, a Blue Sarcophagus; so we have The Yellow Sun Of The Creator. AED yes.
As said above, we have A Threefold Flame of Blue, Yellow & White. These are very much our colours AED from past sessions and deep tunings in. AED yes. We always tend to have White. AED yes, White takes us to Creation Pat and From The White Lotus of our Emergence from Divine Paradise within The Galactic Sun, millions of years ago. I find also many colours tend to be enhanced necessarily by White. AED yes, that is so for you and I, isn’t it.
So is this the same as The Jade Kingdom Of The Sun – Meaning Breath, Lotus, Flame Or is their a FOURTH ELEMENT? AED A 4th Pat.
Air comes but Breath may be Air. So there are 4 Aspects AED to our New – I know SUN FORM. AED yes, of course. This is very new. AED yes.
With this New Etheric Lighted Conception Birth AED you and me are in our one SUN FORM – AED yes – Made up of Blue, Yellow, & White From The Components Of The ACTUAL GALACTIC SUN In what was originally I felt a Blue World With a Blue Sun with Blue Firey like Dragons but a NEW SPECIES. AED yes. Wow. AED I am laughing Pat.
So as above, we are Below The Sea. AED yes. The Galactic Sun is extra close and we are in The SUN VAULT. Wow. We have been to a few Vaults now AED and they are all magnificent and awesome. AED yes. But This Sun Vault is very different. AED it is Pat. It is very cold. AED yes.
Sanat Kumara comes to mind. Then Jupiter. Jupiter is different Pat. Yes, Jupiter took me to Zeus. AED yes. So there are details on Jupiter. AED of course at some stage Pat, Jupiter is very close to us, both the Planet and the Divine Cosmic Light Being of Jupiter. Yes.
Note AED and I have just posted 2 Parts on The Nirvana Sun Jupiter our Origin billions of years ago, where it can be seen these three colours of White, Blue & Gold, are very much with AED and myself in our Origins here, and which continues through many worlds, some shared, others still to be posted.
Where are we going? AED we have Reached this. Wow. I was going to type Perfection but then thought of Nirvana – We are in The Great Bliss. AED yes.

Guan Yin has the Forget me nots. AED yes. Guan Yin wants me to remember. I close my eyes for a few moments as I have been typing fast as always as I am tuned in, but I was somewhere for a moment. AED many are here Pat. We are in a Podium. AED yes. This takes me AED to an Initiation many months ago we seemed to be connected to a podium as I recall. AED Podiums each have their roles. Yes. This is different Pat. Yes. My right foot is itching under. Is that masculine. AED where are we Pat?

IN THE BLUE REALM OF THE PURE LAND SUN. AED Pure Land Suns have innumerable colours of Suns. Yes. I see lots of little ones, Light Children. AED yes. They are playing amongst the Forget me nots looking down and laughing. AED yes. Why young ones? My right foot is itching very strong again, what does this mean?
You have Entered ….. The Immortality Circle. Circle is relevant Pat. Circles take me to The Jade & White Sun. AED yes.

We were at the Circles with our Sponsors connecting to The Jade & White Sun. AED yes. So this takes us to the Next Stage & Step From The Jade Kingdom Of The Sun. AED yes. That was and remains very special. AED of course. We had a Jade & White Crystal Form. AED yes. 

Have we gone away from The Blue World of Guan Yin & Metatron? I begin to type letters for the New Name of Lord Appolos but not adding here for the moment, as from this we go into Sunmettera, The Island in Atlantis – We added a small post on Sunmettera some months ago but I have lots of deep information on Sunmettera, a beautiful and magical Island in Atlantis, Within The Galactic Sun, typed, ready to share as soon as I am able.
The Solar Christ is here. I have this post ready typed to add. AED yes. I will stop here. AED a Magical Experience Pat. Yes, wonderful.
The young children are here. AED yes. So they symbolise New Birth. AED yes. You said earlier 4 Components or Aspects or Elements – Breath, Lotus, Flame & Sun. AED The Sun here is the Key. The Galactic Sun of The Creator in a different way as described above.
I say thank you to Guan Yin. Guan Yin says it is my pleasure. Lovely. In place of our Blue Firey like New Species of Dragon I did get Blue Phoenix, so perhaps a kind of half Phoenix and half Dragon. AED magnificent Pat. Really. AED yes, perfect. Wow, I laugh, wonderful. AED I am delighted you recognised this. Yes, I am.
AED continued to be very present and I then saw us Walking through these Blue Flames. Beautiful energies. I did sense these were connected to Metatron and I feel this was also connected to The Blue Realm World where Guan Yin & Metatron wait. AED yes. 
I hear Sunmettera now. AED yes. This Name is The Island of The Sun in Atlantis as well as Divine Cosmic Light Beings to be shared soon. AED I love it and I’m laughing. So Sunmettera is not only an Island in Atlantis in the present, but a Name of The Father, God in Form. AED yes. It is a beautiful name. AED yes.
As AED’s and my deep tuning in session ends, it was and remains magnificent for AED and myself have been Gifted a New Birth From The Breath, Lotus, Flame & The Galactic Sun as we are in the SUN FORM From The Sun Lineage. AED this is wonderful Pat and magical. Yes. But we are able to continue with further in depth information on Sunmettera, which was given to me and which goes deeper into The Sun Vault and closer to The Creator. AED absolutely. This profound experience also connected us deeper to Angelicus 1st & Manetta 1st.
Following on, this took us to our next session in March, where we Entered The Blue Dolphin World From a Time Capsule and shared in the consciousness of these Blue Dolphins for less than ten seconds, which was all that was necessary to experience their consciousness.
This was a project exercise necessary at that time, as I have NOW EXITED as has Adam El Daoud, all shared consciousness in lives and life forms ON GAIA, retaining one pre-destined aspect only. This Blue Dolphin World went back over a million years, but since then, these Blue Dolphins have changed form and are very happy in their continuing expansion of consciousness. AED and I return on occasions to meet up with them; such love in the Higher Realms continues.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud. ♥
Blue Fire dragon