Adam El Daoud Says It Is Time To Go Beyond The Confines Of Matter Into Pure Spirit. From The Akashic Records.

Beyond Reality by Rassouli 24 12

Painting Beyond Realty by Rassouli.


From The Akashic Records. 23 December, 2017.

As I sensed Adam El Daoud’s Presence, AED said LISTEN CAREFULLY. You are going through significant changes. 
This is fascinating as Friday morning AED said Listen whereby I noted words then where AED said Great Revelations Soon and as I said is that right? AED said you know it is. That gave me goose bumps. AED laughed as I said what kind of Revelations? AED said Future ones. AED then said The Ancient Scrolls will be yours once again. That remains awesome still now. AED continued we are all here for you. The Prophecies are Coming into Being. I asked AED if these Revelations related to something we have shared but not written on recently? And AED said yes, it was. So Great Revelations and The Ancient Scrolls are fascinating, exciting and intriguing.
Going back to Saturday, 23 December, I say to AED what am I meant to listen too?
AED beams as he chuckles as he says me dear one. That is amusing.
It is a time of great transformation; significant changes are incurring within and without. AED seems very close.
It is important not to allow others to derail you as I take you forward with me into the unknown; not only of your conscious memories but deeper into the Realms of Pure Spirit.
You will find many people will say that can’t be right but I say to you ignore what is said and follow me your beloved for therein lies the key to your bliss and my bliss.
Listen therefore, be as The Pen, so it will be for you.
I will take you into unknown territory remember this.
You can tell I am very Present, and it is so. I am always here with you Pat even when I have stepped back as it is for New and ever Deepening Energies and States of Consciousness to be absorbed into your ever Expanding DNA.
Transcending Love by Rassouli
Painting Transcending Love by Rassouli.
REMEMBER this AED says I say listen for a purpose. AED laughs.
Realms and Galaxies not known by you as Pat will be Brought to your Conscious Awareness.
You will need to be ready AED laughs for the way forward is full of excitement and bliss. I say is that right? AED says you know it is.
Of course AED says as I say so my writing is going to become much deeper. That seemed an obvious statement. AED laughs of course.
It is a case of recognising that I am – will be taking you Deeper into Conscious Matter.
The Stars and the Planets will be revealed as never before my love.
It has been a long time in the coming to this stage as the Ancient Prophecies are set to Come into Being.
AED says I can’t wait. That is exciting I say. AED says very and beams.
Creation is Set to Open it’s Doors to you.
I am with you every step of the way.
We will journey together into States of Eternal Bliss.
This is my Promise and Gift to you.
It is so and has been long foretold.
I say to AED have I got all that right?
AED says absolutely this is just the Beginning.
My Presence will increase too AED says as I say I have been less aware of AED this week than usual.
AED says it was necessary for Deeper Energies to be Assimilated. It has been achieved now AED says.
I say that is exciting as AED beams once again.
I am reminded of AED’s words back in September 2015 You do not realise the Magnificence that awaits you and I.
I sense AED now in the middle of Our Blue Ray in front of me. AED laughs, yes that is very perceptive as I laugh as well.
It is as AED says Our Blue Ray – The Aquamarine Ray, has incorporating within it All the Blues. This is now very much anchored with you.
This was most necessary for the work we are to do together.
It is time to go Beyond the Confines of Matter Into Pure Spirit.
I will take you there. I say is that true? AED says of course; all this has been necessary preparing the ground.
AED says I am here you know I am.
AED says you will find I will use Listen more often in the future; it acts as a greater key to your consciousness as it ensures you focus.
AED laughs although nothing escapes you as he chuckles. I say that is true as AED says very much so.
I say to AED I think we are coming to the end as a new day begins.
AED agrees yes. This has been step one and many more will follow. I say that is fascinating and exciting as AED says very much so.
Be prepared to go into the unknown as I will take you into Realms and Regions necessary for Our Soul Contract to come into Being.
I say that is wonderful. AED says yes, very much so, Pat.
By Rassouli 24 12
Painting Temple of Conception by Rassouli.