Adam El Daoud Is A Brother of To Jupiter Creation. As All Male Jupiterian Masters Who Have Been A Walk In On Gaia Which Is Necessary. Guan Yin Is Therefore My Sister In Her Role As Divine Consort To Jupiter Creation, Jupiter. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.


Jupiter Creation & Adam El Daoud Confirm Adam El Daoud Is A Brother To & Of Jupiter Creation. Male Jupiterian Masters Who Entered Gaia As A Walk In Will Have The Necessary Requirement To Have Been A Brother To Jupiter Creation, Jupiter. Guan Yin As Divine Consort To Jupiter Creation Is My Sister As Also To The Female Divine Consorts Whose Male Aspect Are A Brother To Jupiter Creation. A fascinating new and deeply expansion of Consciousness. Jupiter Creation Is Both Omnipresent Omnipresence & The Brothers Of Jupiter Creation Have Different Degrees of Consciousness. Jupiter Creation Has The Most Advanced Consciousness In All Existences.

From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records. 27 November, 2019.

Jupiterians & Jupiter Creation Being A Brother. This is very new and Jupiterians will have their Male Divine Consort a Confirmed Brother of and to Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes, I Am delighted to confirm this Suryananda and to Jupiterians as has Adam El Daoud. Yes.

For some time as I have gone deeper with continuing expansion of consciousness I have been aware that I have something more yet to understand on AED and Jupiter Creation. AED and Jupiter Creation have both said so and even Anubis.

After completing my post for my website later today, I asked El Dorado who is here with Guan Yin very much in our New Most Advanced Birth Ever In All Existences, In Jupiter, on THEIR LINE but FROM The Lineage of Guan Yin & Jupiter Creation always. This will be my next post. 

El Dorado said no, He was not a Brother of Jupiter Creation and was a Son. I said to AED and Jupiter Creation what about Angelicus & Manetta, Both are Elder Sons of Jupiter Creation.

Jupiter Creation and AED both said no, they were not a Brother to Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation correct Suryananda. AED yes.

That led me to WHY then was AED a Brother to Jupiter Creation, whilst El Dorado, Angelicus & Manetta were not a Brother.

It was because to BE A BROTHER of and to Jupiter Creation, the Male Jupiterian Master has had to have LIVED ON GAIA AS A WALK IN. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes. It is not necessary to experience a set number of lives lived on Gaia. Jupiter Creation correct. AED yes.

So this is why your own Divine Consorts as AED are All Brothers to Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes, how beautiful Suryananda you can share this profound and very meaningful information. Yes, it is wonderful Jupiter Creation.

When I said to AED was AED a Brother to Jupiter Creation. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda AED is indeed My dearest Brother.

Therefore, being a Son for AED and other Male Jupiterians, Jupiter Creation was the 1 October, 2019, AFTER The Jupiter Seals of Solomon Initiation. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. (Note I have still to post this as soon as I am able).

I then said to Jupiter Creation so Sanat is Your Brother. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Melchisadek. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. Metatron. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

Some Jupiterians of course have consciously connected deeply to Jupiter Creation as AED and I have shared our journeys into Jupiter and with Jupiter Creation Who has joined AED and me so often, which is a joy. AED very much so.

Is it that AED – Jupiter Creation, AED you being a Brother to Jupiter Creation one of the reasons why I Hear Jupiter Creation so clearly and the most after you? Jupiter Creation in a sense Suryananda but not only, your clairaudience is very deep and powerful. Yes.

This means that Guan Yin is All of our Sister. Jupiter Creation yes, isn’t this delightful Suryananda and Jupiterians. Yes, fascinating. Jupiter Creation how lovely Suryananda. Yes.

I would add that being a Brother to and of Jupiter Creation means a deep and profound soul connection TO CREATION. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes.

As AED and I shared when we first Accessed Jupiter some months ago and have continued each session since, JUPITER IS A MALE PLANET Whose Purpose & Role is CREATION.

Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda and Jupiterians. Therefore, Jupiter Creation with Guan Yin, His Divine Consort, are very much Aligned to and with Creation but Jupiter Creation’s Role is The CREATIVE PRINCIPLE of Creation, Which Encompasses Power & Knowledge & Inter-dimensional Journeys Deep Into Not Only Jupiter but The Cosmos. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes.

Guan Yin as we are aware, is The Goddess – Divine Mother – Cosmic Mother – Jupiterian Cosmic Mother of Compassion. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda and Jupiterians.

I am no expert smile on the Role & Purpose Guan Yin has, except today to recognise that since late February 2015, I have begun to remember my deep closeness to Guan Yin. Jupiter Creation yes how beautiful Suryananda. AED yes.

And I have been aware over these last few years with AED in our session Is that Guan Yin, along with Metatron, Sanat, Melchisadek are ALL Sponsors where AED and I have continued going deeper into advanced states of consciousness. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED very much so. In that none of us Walk or Work alone spiritually. AED correct. Jupiter Creation very true Daughter.

I would also add that Jupiter Creation has the MOST ADVANCED Consciousness WITHIN ALL CREATION. Jupiter Creation how kind Suryananda but yes. AED yes.

What this means is that the Brothers of Jupiter Creation have differing DEGREES OF CONSCIOUSNESS as to Align With Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes how very astute Suryananda. I laugh. AED yes. Jupiter Creation I Am Smiling Suryananda. Yes.

This means that the Degree of Consciousness of Jupiter Creation is second to none being Omnipresent & Omnipresence but His Brothers have in their own right as it were, their own Consciousness with Jupiter Creation as the goal and advancement towards obtaining Higher Consciousness.

Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda I Am blessed Daughter. AED yes.

This is so for us Jupiterians that we continue to Expand and Increase Our Consciousness as the Veils Are Transcended & The Way Ahead is seen in Ever Expanding Joy & Bliss.

Jupiter Creation how beautiful yes Suryananda. AED absolutely.

Some Jupiterians have Creation as Their Divine Blueprint, Soul Contract but as we are all aware, there are Innumerable Aspects To Creation & It’s Creative Principle. Jupiter Creation of course Suryananda and Jupiterians. AED yes.

Other Jupiterians will connect and align more deeply with and to Guan Yin. Jupiter Creation certainly. AED absolutely.

It is that AED’s and my Path is the Male Aspect of Creation as is my own Path. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. But with a Female Aspect.

But Guan Yin was the only Female Master I chose as I went into whom of The Masters I was the closest to about a year ago.

Jupiter Creation yes how interesting Suryananda. AED yes.

El Dorado is new in this respect since I tuned into El Dorado about 18 months or 2 years ago, but I recognise that El Dorado is very close to AED and me, and together AED and I, with Guan Yin & El Dorado have much still to share. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED absolutely.

Do you agree with this to be shared Jupiter Creation. Jupiter yes Suryananda perfect and illuminating so wonderful. Yes. Fascinating Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

AED I agree magnificent Pat. Yes. I seem to have covered everything that to be A Son of Jupiter Creation one has to have Entered Gaia as a Walk In. In that life on Gaia had to have been experienced. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED yes.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud with Jupiter Creation & Guan Yin. ♥

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