Suryananda And Amrita Adam El Daoud Are Home On the Galactic Sun As Celebrations Continue. From The Akashic Records.

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From The Akashic Records. 3 May 2018.

I was very aware of AED’s Presence, and that there were Celebrations going on at Home on The Galactic Sun as our Cosmic Light Family celebrated my ever deepening awareness and understanding into The Inner Mysteries of Creation.

I can see that AED and myself are in a Vast Hall Arena which Hosts such Gatherings where we Celebrate and share with Our Cosmic Family the different initiatory stages through which each of us have passed over many aeons. The steps taken as we Return to Source, having reincarnated over millions of years into a Multitude of Other Worlds and Galaxies, where the Veils of our True Self have not always been understood in their fullest sense.

The Great Hall on The Galactic Sun is dearly loved and treasured as my beloved Adam El Daoud and myself Suryananda have innumerable deep and profound memories going back as it were Millions of Years. For in essence before we were – we have always been as Cosmic Light and Energy without Form and Nameless prior to our Source Name having been pre-chosen for us by God The Father Mother, as within each of our Source Names, rests our Destiny and Soul Contract and Covenant with The Creator. Our Source Names are therefore as precious gems as they lead us forward into States of Eternal Bliss as Eternity is understood in ever Deepening Consciousness.

Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, were Loved and Cherished Thoughts Within Our Father Mother God. AED correct Suryananda, I am so happy you have typed and recognised this as I do not have to wait for you any longer, so it is a most wonderful cause of and for Celebration as we can see here now in The Great Hall. Yes, I can see and take in the Beautiful Atmosphere, Joy and Excitement. AED yes, it is Magnificent.

There are vast numbers of long tables with white cloths covering them and upon these tables are an assortment of fruits and liquid drinks. These tables have many beautiful crystals, and as I look, I am aware that the drinks are what so often we here on The Galactic Sun describe as the Nectar of The Gods, for these have within them special properties, which, when absorbed, take us, the Galatians, Amritians, Amentians, Atlanteans, Venusians and other Galactic Cosmic Light Beings into Higher States of Consciousness, as The Cosmos Opens Its Doors to us in very profound and wonderful ways.

Thus, on all these special occasions through the many aeons, we, the Cosmic Light Beings are Served by Angelic Hosts this Golden Liquid, often described as Amrita. AED laughs, and says, how perceptive Suryananda, and I smile as the significance is not lost with Adam El Daoud having the name of Amrita as one of his innumerable multidimensional selves – embodiments.

Daughter of Flowers by Rassouli 31 12

Titled Daughter of Flowers. Artist Rassouli.

AED whispers in my ear and I laugh as AED is teasing me. AED says well done as I have recognised this taking place as I see before me with clarity Home as we relax and participate in the Celebrations taking place in The Great Hall on The Galactic Sun. Even now, some hours later, I see again, those long tables with their beautiful white cloths, assortment of fruits, crystals and drinks that all may enjoy in their fullest these great blessings.

It is not just AED and myself, Suryananda, who are being celebrated here today, there are very many other Beings of Our Cosmic Light Family, as they too, like myself and AED, have been invited to attend these profound Celebrations. I am happy and delighted for our other Soul Family as I see them all waiting as AED and myself as further stages into deeper Consciousness has been recognised by them also.

Galactic Light Beings from other Realms are all gathered here in The Great Hall and Exquisite Angelic Celestial Music has begun to sound in Light Waves as the Notes of the Music is heard clearly and with great joy by all who are gathered here. So also are the Angelic Bells being rung and a great deal of spiritual happenings unfold before me as I take in and absorb the beauty and excitement of these happenings.
AED smiles and says, it is our time Suryananda, and I am so thrilled we have arrived together here in the NOW as even though on Gaia you have been able to raise sufficiently your Higher Consciousness and have Aligned your Energies as is necessary to be able to tune into and see us, your loved ones and myself, in our wonderful Home on The Galactic Sun. Yes, it is both wonderful and exciting. AED beams, yes, Suryananda, very much so.
The dancing has begun and my beloved once again comes close and whispers a few words as I beam with joy and delight. I laugh as do our loved ones around us, as they see AED and myself take to the huge Dance Floor with other Celestial Beings, each having much to share with each other. Whether Twin Flames, Divine Consorts, or as AED and myself, Pre-Emergence to both, as we have Returned into our Divine Oneness when we were Light and Energy – where we knew our Pre-Destined Source Names, long ago, when we Emerged Fully Adult, Born Direct from God The Father Mother in Light Bodies on The Galactic Sun.

Under Thousand Petalled Lotus.jpg

Artist unknown.

I am in my Light Body of course as we all are at Home on The Galactic Sun and there are a vast and diverse range of the most beautiful gowns being worn by us Female Cosmic Angelic Galatians, which as mentioned above, is one of the descriptions, we as residents of The Galactic Sun are known by, as the Celebrations continue.

Many friends come and say hello to us as the Investiture draws near when AED and myself are to be given an Honour and Blessing which has long been prophesied as being very significant which AED and myself have been planning for a long time as we have moved into our New Home on The Cosmic Sun. AED smiles as he says I am thrilled and as delighted as you are Suryananda, that after so many reincarnations on Gaia, you will, at the cessation of your present Earth life, Serve and Remain in these Higher Realms in your Light Bodies, and so we will be even further blessed. Yes, I am thrilled and delighted as well.


Here we are met by lots of cheers as AED and myself step up onto the Podium once again to be bequeathed further and deeper into our Divine Cosmic Oneness. AED and myself hold hands as we stand before Sanat Kumara who says amusing words to me thus laughter comes not only from myself but The Lords Of The Blue Flame Light Ray intermingle with AED’s and my Light Bodies at an ever Increased Frequency. As I look at AED I can see my reflection back, that we have Transcended the necessary steps, and further stages now await AED and myself, at our New Home on The Cosmic Sun.

AED says well done and draws me close deeper into the Divine Oneness which is ours as was pre-planned by Our Father Mother God, as my beloved and I await further journeys long prophesied, as the Ancient Scripts are Remembered, as we have to our Great Joy and Bliss Moved Closer to Eternity in its True Sense.

Suryananda and AED ♥

Goddess Art Pamela Matthews celebrations use

Goddess Art by Pamela Matthews.
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.