Adam El Daoud And My Late Dad, Come And Say Hello Once Again. From The Akashic Records.


Artist unknown.


From The Akashic Records.    8 February, 2018.

My much loved dad, Eddie passed over through an illness back in 1962. Although I have seen dad a few times in dreams since 1983, they have not had the frequency with how often I have seen my late mum who passed over in her 80’s just over seven years ago.

I was first given words bringing my dad to me about two years ago. This was when I suddenly heard Eddie sends his love, Maitreya. From that moment, my dad has been closer than ever. Over these last two years, Adam El Daoud has said, Eddie is here. Or there are times when my dad will say It is Eddie. On all occasions, it has been beautiful having these few words shared with that awareness and recognition my dad is here. Just as AED – in that they are both in the Higher Realms. Hearing my dad began as my clairaudience with AED developed and became very powerful.

nature forget me nots

Forget-me-not flowers.

Yesterday, when AED said Eddie is here came about as I was chatting to AED who was amused at something I said to him. I said Eddie used to be amused with mum; for AED then to say I have Eddie here, was yet another beautiful moment shared. Only the other day my dad said I have missed you. 1962 was so many years ago, even though I have always known and believed we will meet again and that there are the Heavenly Worlds – Realms after death. So it has never been about giving me confirmation of survival after death as this has always been completely recognised as  being so. It is like everything, once those first steps have been taken into a deeper level and stage of awareness other steps inevitably follow. It is of course wonderful Eddie and AED are so close and I am able to have a few words with dad and be aware he is here whilst fully awake and not in dreams as used to be so. I would add that my dad was very much loved and myself and family were all devastated when he passed over.

Note I have just said to AED and dad did you like that – the answer was you know we did as I am sharing here. I say daily, sometimes more than once, how fascinating clairaudience is as it always gives me a sense of both awe, amazement and joy and I am aware this has been my spiritual pathway through the ages to Hear that Inner Voice, whether it has been AED in his innumerable forms and names or Our Father Mother Creator in many different Worlds and Galaxies.




Artist unknown.