A Mystic – From Martha Of Bethany. From The Akashic Records.

The Lady of The Lake by Josephine Wall.
From The Akashic Records.  27 October, 2017.
A Mystic goes Beyond Time into the Realms of the Unknown
and into Pure Spirit
A Mystic is like a Seer
Able to Transcend Time
Goes beyond the limits of the mind and senses
into the Creative Principle
Adam El Daoud says more than that
The Mystic is the Golden Heartbeat of The Creator comes
The Cosmos
for nothing else matters
The Mystic is consumed by an irresistible force and power
AED says keep going
It is a compulsion within its soul
to be one with Divine Love
God The Father Mother
This has built up over many life times
till it is as the flower opens before the Sun
As Martha, my Father whom I adored, was Joseph of Arimathea, and he, Joseph of Arimathea was an Embodiment of Melchisadek. Melchisadek was also my Father in Egypt and Atlantis, two pivotal eras, deeply embedded into my and AED’s very soul.
Susan Seddon Boulet_visionary artist
Artist Susan Seddon Boulet.
The word Embodiment describes the many incarnations of Adam El Daoud as shared in The Three Faces of Yeshua posted on the 14th October, or as stated also, Joseph of Arimathea, being an Embodiment of Melchisadek.
Through the aeons on Gaia, where the incarnating soul has the Consciousness of Adam El Daoud, but descending to Gaia, there is not the Full Consciousness, in that this has to be worked towards, which is the aim and goal for all who incarnate upon Gaia, far from their Homes in the Higher Realms. This refers not just to Adam El Daoud’s multidimensional selves on Gaia but to those beings who are not Adam El Daoud. Neither Melchisadek or Joseph of Arimathea are Embodiments of Adam El Daoud.
What is fascinating Martha says, is that when any of the Embodiments of each Light Being At Source, in this case, Suryananda, raises their Light, Love and Vibrations, then all the other Embodiments of Suryananda on Gaia and elsewhere, will have their own vibrations and energies increased to a higher level.
Such is nectar to our souls Martha says, for it is A Divine Gift from The Creator, each person on Gaia, who is able to go beyond the Veils of Illusion, pave the way for all the other multi-dimensional selves they have living on Gaia.
Martha continues – she often feels her blessings have come as the other Aspects of Suryananda have shown Love, Light, Compassion and Understanding for all, thus does Martha feel enveloped and enfolded many times in the Love of Suryananda, even when in a different world.
Adam El Daoud concludes this tuning in as he says that Being A Mystic is very much part of my role as Suryananda once again. For it is here the Keys to the Universe will be found.
Martha of Bethany.
Taken from an extract from The Three Faces of Yeshua.
14 October, 2017.
Forget me not – Artist Josephine Wall.