Gaia In The Many Aeons Ahead In The Future, Gaia Will Cease Being A Physical Planet With All Her Inhabitants & All Life Forms No Longer Be In Physical Form. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.


Gaia. In The Many Aeons Ahead In The Future Gaia Will Cease Being A Physical Planet With All Her Inhabitants & All Life Forms No Longer In Physical Form. Gaia & All Her Inhabitants Will Undergo The Necessary Metamorphosis Changing To A Light Based Very Different Component Structure of Vibrations & Frequencies, Not As Yet Aligned Within. This Is A NEW Very Advanced Prophecy For Gaia In Future Aeons.

From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records. 14 December, 2019. Experienced 12 12 19.

As once again, Suryananda & Adam El Daoud who is in Jupiter & The Higher Realms chat, I have said to AED that as we have posted briefly here that Gaia is Eternal Having The Eternal Flame Thus Being Always In Existence, that from my perspective, I do not feel Gaia can ever be a Golden Planet World Whilst Beings INHABIT THE PHYSICAL FORM. AED no.

As I see it, and I recognise this may be somewhat way out – AED this is very much you Pat regarding the physical form on Gaia – Yes – but as AED is aware I said to AED a few days ago that for me for Gaia to be what I would describe as a Light Planet, as In Jupiter & The Higher Realms, where the physical form does not exist, and thus the whole component, structures, vibrations and energies are VERY DIFFERENT, therefore they CAN be described as LIGHT Planets, Worlds, Realms, Gaia needs to have Her Own Form With Components & Structures Capable of Fully Supporting Non Physical Life In All It’s Forms.

As my yet to be posted deep session on The Elements will show, The Elements have much to share with us. AED very much so. The Elements Session Was Very moving and fascinating. AED yes, deeply Pat.

So as I see it and have said to AED and Cosmic Masters & Jupiter Creation, the WAY that I see Gaia being A LIGHT Planet, will only be WHEN AND IF The Inhabitants on Gaia HAVE DIFFERENT FORMS and are NO LONGER IN PHYSICAL BODIES.

AED do you think this will ever happen Pat? I hope so for Gaia. What do you say AED?

AED as I have said this, IF IT WAS EVER TO HAPPEN, this is a very very long way ahead in the Future. Yes, I said that for me is FAR TOO LONG. AED yes.

AED do you think in a Future Age Way Into The New Cycles of Gaia, ALL Inhabitants will NO LONGER have a physical form Pat?

Yes. AED you ARE CORRECT Pat. Jupiter Creation yes CORRECT Suryananda but this as you recognise and AED has said will be WAY BEYOND how you can even begin to envisage LIFE & EXISTENCE ON GAIA. Yes, I know.

The very fact that GAIA HAS THE ETERNAL FLAME HOUSED IN A VAULT IN JUPITER WHERE ALL ETERNAL FLAMES ARE KEPT, and that as we have shared, JUPITER IS ETERNAL With Thousands of Worlds, Realms, Including The Personal & Private Realms of Jupiter Creation, as well as Suns,  Stars & Planets Where They Have The Eternal Flame Thus Are Eternal. ALL of these Have at their disposal Tremendous Power. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. AED absolutely.

However, Gaia Being A Physical Planet, Although Eternal, will, by Her Very Nature, HAVE TO undergo the necessary metamorphosis, CHANGING From a physical Planet of Gravity to a Light Based Very Different Component Structure of Vibrations & Frequencies, Not as yet Aligned Within. AED absolutely. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

As I had been thinking of this strongly over the last few days and although I had gone into the fundamental issue that for me, for Gaia, To Be A LIGHT Planet As In Jupiter & The Higher Realms, then the inhabitants with physical forms would need to have been RE-CALIBRATED so that NO Physical Forms EXIST on Gaia at all. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

From my understanding and recognition, by having the physical form on Gaia, there will always be those who want to control all forms of existence and would take Power, whether this is on a personal daily basis against other inhabitants on Gaia or in a wider controlling context. I am not meaning politicians here but where the dark forces gather and aim to control those who are good and caring beings.

This was not my intention to share now today, 12 12 19,  although posted 14 December, but I had a feeling I would go into this more with AED. AED yes it was inevitable Pat. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. It was many weeks ago that I recognised that Gaia also Had Within Her The Eternal Flame & Was Therefore Destined Always To Exist, so from then it was only a matter of time till these revelations would manifest. AED yes. The Eternal Flame as AED and I have posted, is not only Within Jupiter, Suns, Stars & Worlds but is also Within AED and myself and Jupiterians as well as other Cosmic Beings. The Eternal Flame has ALL the colours in existence and each are within. AED wonderful yes. Jupiter Creation how delightful Suryananda yes.

In Jupiter, with Adam El Daoud, We Are Taught On Creation Which Is New and Ever Deeper and More Complex by Jupiter Creation, Angelicus & Cosmic Masters In Jupiter. AED’s and my Path is Creation & Pre-Destined Contract & Role of Service, as well as being at Our Very Core. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

Although not posted fully as yet as there were several deep sessions but they will be shared when able, but AED and I have Been Gifted Teaching Ashrams in several Realms in Jupiter which is also our Ashram Home. AED yes, wonderful.

Jupiter Creation with His Divine Consort Jupiteer Creation (Guan Yin) Have Their Own Teaching Ashram where deep inner truths on Creation are Gifted us. AED very much so. Masters are continually entering these Jupiterian Ashrams where knowledge not brought into being on Gaia over the many aeons is revealed, cherished and understood. Jupiter Creation yes how lovely Suryananda.

Angelicus also teaches AED and I, on Creation in Jupiter, and Gifted AED and myself, Suryananda Our Own Teaching Ashram Home some months ago. Angelicus yes beautiful Suryananda. These two very different Ashrams in Jupiter to look at are so unique.

AED’s and my Ashram Home from Angelicus is very long and a low in height Ashram. The colour is of an exquisite Navy Midnight Blue Sapphire shade and remains a constant joy. AED very much so. Angelicus yes, much in-depth teaching continues Suryananda and fun. Yes. I did not post from our deep session at that time as we were going to keep till AED and I posted on The Jupiter Tablets, a Cosmic Record of what has not been shared on Gaia. However, when time allows, we are set to add here as not necessary to postpone. AED yes.

Whilst AED’s and my Ashram Home Gifted by Jupiter Creation which came after our Ashram Home from Angelicus, coming into being as AED and I went into ever more expansion of consciousness together, has about three floors lit up very brightly with white and gold and is very different. This is a very large Ashram Home. AED yes. As Jupiter Creation has shared AED and I have been Gifted Other Teaching Ashrams Homes in Jupiter and this will continue into Future Worlds in Jupiter. Jupiter Creation yes, wonderful Suryananda & AED yes.

It is necessary to add that Many Jupiterians & Cosmic Beings have also been Gifted their Own Ashram Home by both Angelicus & Jupiter Creation. AED yes. The Ashrams where Teachings are for Jupiterians & Cosmic Beings whose Role & Path is Creation, are very varied, whilst recognising that Creation has Many Aspects. AED absolutely. So some Jupiterians Cosmic Masters will Teach in their Ashrams on the Different Aspects of Creation, whether Healing or other forms. AED yes.

By this I mean Creation has Many Aspects, Healing, Compassion as well as Knowledge and Accessing Deep Into Future Worlds or Worlds not written on in Jupiter and into Realms & Worlds, Suns to be brought still to the attention and consciousness of those whom will resonate to this on Gaia. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda this is your Path with AED. Yes.

As Melchisadek said to me in 2015 and I shared on my website, Your Remit is Creation – Creation – Creation, this was confirming something I had known and recognised for many years. AED very much so. Jupiter Creation of course Suryananda. At this time of course as Melchisadek said, AED and I, with many others would be Teaching on Creation.

When Melchisadek spoke to me through Direct Voice for thirty minutes a few years ago, I was so surprised and fascinated as this was a First By Direct Voice whilst awake and not dreaming. The Power, Vibrations & Energies are so very different by Direct Voice to HEAR – that once Heard, I have always recognised this as the deep and profound GIFT that this is. Jupiter Creation very Suryananda. AED yes.

A few years ago I heard my unicorn, Male, Antares speak to me through Direct Voice as I was typing. That was so exciting and unexpected and again Antares spoke for about thirty minutes. Each Direct Voice Experience to HEAR has been a Gift, allowing me to be deeply aligned and connected to a higher power. AED very much so. Jupiter Creation how delightful yes Suryananda. On the 16 March, 2019, I heard Adam El Daoud by Direct Voice as confirmed this was to be so through The Glastonbury Portal. This began my in-depth new understanding on Portals as I have shared, and was pivotal in going deep into Stargates with AED as posted on The Lion’s Gate 8 8 19. Stargates are much more fascinating than Portals having no darkness within. Innumerable Stargates are on Power Places on Gaia as well as in Jupiter with many stopping stations between. Time Capsules being in constant use between Jupiter, Gaia, Suns & Planets. Each having a great many of Cosmic Masters numbering hundreds Within Stargates at any one time. Stargates are mesmerising and much will be shared on Stargates in the future. AED yes.

Glastonbury has Many Stargates as AED and I shared on the 8 8 19 Lions Gate. There Are Also STARGATES IN EMBRYO which will come into Full Operation in the Future, again prophesied. AED yes, exciting Pat. Jupiter Creation beautiful. yes, Suryananda. These Stargates In embryo are in one of AED’s and my typed deep sessions waiting to be posted. There is no reason why some posts get shared earlier on my website as AED and I continue to access Realms & Worlds in Jupiter; it is more a case of which meaningful and profound session to post next. AED very much so.

I will be Hearing by Direct Voice on occasions in the future as I will be sharing soon. AED exciting Pat. Yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda.

As Gaia continues Her Ascension Into Higher Levels & Vibration Frequencies, Gaia is taking with each New Aligned Frequency, those necessary and Fundamental Steps Towards BEING A LIGHT PLANET, where in Future Aeons, NO Physical Form Inhabits Gaia. AED correct. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. This means also Animal Species will have had to undergo and experience a metamorphosis as too The Very Structure of Mountains & The Oceans. ALL will have to change and experience the required metamorphosis – CHANGE OF FORM. AED yes.

As Jupiterians we are the ELDEST or OLDEST in existence of Cosmic Beings. AED and I, as well as being Jupiterians are Sun Beings, and as I have posted recently, Sun Beings Are Even Older than Star Beings Star Seeds as we resonate to different frequencies and energies. Jupiter Creation how fascinating yes Suryananda. AED yes. As we shared The Galactics & The Devics have different components, structures and frequencies. AED very much so.

As this New Very Advanced PROPHECY if you like is so FAR INTO THE FUTURE, for us on Gaia in the present, it seems too far into the Future and as I have added above, to me it is.

However, Gaia is a Planet which has The Eternal Flame therefore Gaia will ALWAYS Exist but in the process of doing so, WAY INTO THE FUTURE AEONS, Gaia and ALL LIFE FORMS on Gaia, will have left ALL signs of the physical form behind, as also the animal kingdom and nature, including the oceans. AED wonderful yes Pat. Jupiter Creation how beautiful yes Suryananda. Wow. AED a magnificent recognition into higher advanced consciousness Pat. Yes.

As this detailed New Information & Knowledge of How Gaia will be in many many aeons ahead in The Future many people will find this almost irrelevant. AED yes but as you are aware this life of yours and our journey together whilst I am in Jupiter & The Higher Realms, is for you Pat, to go deep into Creation whilst on Gaia far from Jupiter & Home. Yes. AED the real prize is to be aware of WHAT IS when, as you are, you are in a very different environment and physical world to Our Home. Yes. AED it is necessary to add to your website. Yes, it does feel very necessary. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda necessary.

Jupiter Creation it matters because you have understood this and that this is so. As both AED and Jupiter Creation agreed that many people on Gaia will not believe this or for any who do believe they could feel it is so way into the Future as not being a viable thought to look into. AED yes. Jupiter Creation yes Suryananda. This is why when something keeps coming back to us we have to look into this. AED absolutely. I always do follow signs. AED you do, wonderful. Jupiter Creation it is when Jupiterians and other Cosmic Beings learn to understand the Signs being brought to them from beyond the physicality of Gaia that The Cosmos Universe Begins To Be Understood In It’s Magnificence.

Even though I won’t be returning to Gaia as this is my last Earth life, confirmed many times through The Akasha and by Adam El Daoud & Cosmic Team, which I have always been ecstatic about, now that I recognise this to be in The Very Far Distant Future For Gaia & All Her Inhabitants & Life Forms, I will be always be aware of this. AED yes you will. Jupiter Creation yes this now is very much within your consciousness Suryananda. Yes.

Thank you Jupiter Creation, AED and team. Without Your ongoing Presence, Being Able To Hear Clairaudiently so deeply into The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records has Gifted me Access To Worlds Beyond Worlds and Ever Deeper Into Jupiter & The Cosmos. Jupiter Creation how very very beautiful, true and perceptive Suryananda. Yes. AED wonderful Pat. Yes.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Divine Consorts & With Jupiter Creation. 💙


Artist unknown. Shared when known. Gratitude.