The Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protectors Safeguard Space From Over 20,000 Dark Forms During A Fierce Battle. From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records.


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The Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protectors Safeguard Space From Over 20,000 Darker Forms Who Had Been Fiercely Fighting With Continuing New Energies For Aeons. At the end of this Battle, Where Jupiter Creation His Presence Entered Into This Battle In The Form of Anubis, who has Been Promoted Recently Several Times for Deeper & Full Integration With Jupiter Creation. All darker forms fell and will all be rehabilitated in one of the hundreds of Realms below the Oceans of Jupiter.

From The Jupiter Creation Inner Akashic Records. 26 September, 2019.
Experienced 24 September, 2019.
As Adam El Daoud and I continued with another deep session, I was conscious we had gone to another Realm and inevitably this will be Jupiter. AED and I have for some months now gone into many Realms in Jupiter, whether some of the thousands in Jupiter or some of the hundreds below the oceans of Jupiter. Each Realm has its own fascination and mesmerising quality and essence. AED and I are very much Jupiterians, going back billions of years. Jupiter is Eternal having The Eternal Flame, as Suns & other Planets. 
This Realm is very chilly like the Arctic. AED yes. And with cold storms and snow. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. Why are we here Below the Oceans of Jupiter. Is this A RESCUE MISSION. AED yes. So The Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protectors. AED yes.
It is really cold here where I have tuned deeply into. AED yes. I sense darkness in Space. Anubis barks. Pat you are aware of forces wishing to destroy in Space. Yes. AED not only The Suns but all that is of the Light. Yes.

So BATTLES are being fought in Space as we speak. AED yes. So you and I AED and The Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protectors of which we are one in our Cosmic Light Body are fighting them. AED yes. Metatron yes. I SENSE FORMS FALLING. AED yes. The darker forces. AED yes. Metatron yes. This Battle has it been going on long. AED yes. I sense swords. AED yes. As in a film. AED yes. Metatron yes. Why am I seeing this now because this is very advanced. AED yes, and as you are able to go deeper than ever with each Major Initiation & The Emerald Truth Initiation over the weekend has given you ever greater consciousness. Yes. It is fascinating how my Consciousness continues to expand beyond all imagination into Realms and Worlds I knew nothing about. AED yes, wonderful.

I HEAR IT IS TIME. AED yes. THE FINAL ASSAULT IS HERE. AED yes. Meaning The Battle is to be determined. AED yes. So this took a while. AED yes.
JUPITER CREATION His Presence Has Walked Into This Battle. AED yes. In the form of Anubis. AED yes. So ANUBIS with His New Promotion these last days has unrivalled Powers to Fight the darkness. AED yes. Anubis yes Pat. Awesome. This New Promotion for Anubis is one of several which are on-going as Anubis continues To Fulfil His Own Prophecy. AED very much so.

ANUBIS Then Has Here Different Powers. AED yes. But His Powers were Invincible before. This is Anubis & His New Promotion just received. AED yes. The Battle is slowing down. AED yes. I am in a chilly place. A bit like Armageddon. AED yes. This was a very nasty fight battle. AED yes. So Light has been returned. AED yes. Cheering. AED yes, marvellous. Yes.
I sense here Marching. AED yes. Singing now. AED yes. So the Battle fighting is over and done with. AED yes. Everywhere is lighter.
I then go into this Battle had been going on for a long time. How long is long? AED a long time Pat, a very long time. AED AEONS Pat. So this Battle against the darker forces and energies had been going on for aeons. AED yes, aeons. That is such a long time. AED yes. This Battle then had New darker forces added during these aeons. AED yes, New darker forms and energies have continued joining this dark force. Yes.
Were we looking at thousands fighting who were dark – more or less? AED many more. So more than thousands of dark ones. AED yes. More than 10,000? AED yes, more than 20,000 Pat. Then more than 20,000 dark ones had been fighting us of the Light for aeons in Space. AED yes. AED prior to The New – Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protectors we Light Cosmic Beings Have Been Protectors Under Different Names & Descriptions. Yes. AED as you are aware, one of our Cosmic Roles as a Protector over many aeons has been as a Jedi Warrior. Yes. This has been so for those of The Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protectors, as they with us and vast numbers have Entered Innumerable Worlds to ensure their safe keeping. Yes.
AED however as you are aware and we have shared here, The Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protectors Have Been Given Unprecedented Powers since Lion’s Gate 8 8 19. Yes. AED this as we posted was also connected to the many hundreds of Stargates which Opened Fully on this date having merged male and female together. This, coupled with the Grids having been put into place on Gaia and with the power of The Jupiterian Lions, Angelion & Angelion Jupiter, and other Protectors, have all ensured that The Ancient Prophecies were set to be Fulfilled. Yes.
None of the darker forces AED survived the Battle without falling down in this. AED correct.
AED wonderful. Thank you everyone. And Anubis has a New Role. AED yes.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
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Hubble. Space.

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