The Hundreds of Darker Unknown Stars Have Been Destroyed To Protect The Hundreds of New Suns They Were Aiming To Destroy. These Dark Stars Go Back To The Star Wars. The Nucleus of The Dark Stars Have Been Replaced By Light Stars. Peace Now Will Exist Between The Stars & The Suns. From The Inner Akashic Records.

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Adam El Daoud began by saying Exciting News Pat. Everyone’s gathered here. This began a profound and fascinating New Revelation on The Stars – these were many hundreds of not known Stars who were jealous of The Suns. As 31st August, The Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protectors with Its Vast Crew have destroyed all the dark star’s nucleus, allowing for new, lighter Stars to continue. The hundreds of Suns are safe now and are continuing their pre-destined path. Safeguards are now in place to ensure this does not happen again. This knowledge and deep information was last shared with The Shemsu Hor on Gaia a little under one million years ago when The Shemsu Hor were not in their physical bodies.

From The Inner Akashic Records. 2 September, 2019. Experienced 31 August. 2019.
SO EXCITING NEWS IS PROFUND. AED yes. Everyone’s Gathered here is quite rare. AED yes. I feel a little chilly for a second I had wondered if AED was in a Vault earlier as AED seemed quieter to hear and was sounding from a further distance. AED I was in a Vault. In Jupiter. AED yes. You have all touched my crown. AED yes. Anubis is here. AED yes. And Angelicus Pat. Hi to you all. SANAT IS STANDING UP PAT. That is different. AED yes. Is Sanat giving a speech or as A Master Of Ceremonies? Both Pat. Yes. So we are in Jupiter again, fascinating. AED yes.
What is Anubis doing? I laugh. AED I do. Anubis seems to be doing a dance. AED yes. AED why is Anubis dancing? A Celebration. AED yes. Has Anubis been Promoted. AED yes. Wonderful. What in another of Anubis’s New Roles In Jupiter. AED yes.
Multi …. Task Force. Is that right. AED yes. Anubis barks. Is Metatron in this New Role with Anubis. AED yes. And Guan Yin. AED yes. AND US PAT. Really. AED yes. Wow. Metatron yes Pat. In some kind of Protector Role. AED yes.
To do with Lion’s Gate? AED THE NEW SUNS PAT. Is that right. AED yes. The New Suns New Stargates in EMBRYO are pending for The Jupiter Tablets we are putting together. AED yes.
So Anubis, Guan Yin, Metatron, Adam El Daoud & Suryananda and others are in This CEREMONY. AED yes. In The Great Hall In Jupiter.AED yes. As Sanat – AED JUPITER CREATION Pat – Yes Speaks.AED yes. Fascinating, Profound. AED yes.
JUPITER CREATION I AM HERE PAT.I am honoured. AED yes. So to send frequencies to my crown Jupiter Creation. AED yes. Wonderful. Jupiter Creation has left. AED yes. Metatron yes. Note Jupiter Creation has joined AED and myself and our Cosmic Light Family about three times now and on each occasion Jupiter Creation has touched my crown thus Projecting Both His Energies & Frequencies With His Presence to me. On each occasion this has been a major activation and has enabled me with AED to go Deeper Into Jupiter Creation. Jupiter Creation remains with us with His Presence for about ten seconds but this is sufficient time to activate me to His Alignment & Frequency for the session taking place. AED absolutely. I have a new deep post on Jupiter Creation I will share in the week where AED and myself are In The Great Hall In Jupiter and Jupiter Creation arrives amongst us there. It was and remains awesome and profound still from a few days ago. AED very much so.
That is complex. AED yes. So A Multi Task Force connecting to THE NEW SUNS

In A Protector Role. Do these New Suns need Protecting? AED yes. Really. AED yes. Whom do they need protecting from STARS. AED yes. Really. AED yes. Why is this? I have not said that before. AED no. How many NEW SUNS DOZENS – HUNDREDS? HUNDREDS PAT. Gosh. AED yes. So we have Hundreds of New Suns Who Have A Multi Task Force Sent to Protect Them From The Stars. AED yes. Has this happened before? AED yes.

Is it jealousy? AED yes. Really. AED yes. We can’t have The Suns at risk. AED no. How Do We PROTECT THE SUNS – The Suns are more powerful. AED yes. But being New Young Suns may not have full power. AED yes. So We Are A Vast Task Force. AED yes. Metatron yes. Anubis barks. Angelicus Yes Suryananda.
How many Stars want to stop the Power of These New Suns? AED many. That’s dreadful. DID THE STAR WARS BEGIN LIKE THIS. AED yes.
So The Stars have always BEEN AT WAR in their way with The Suns. AED yes. Will this ever be resolved? AED in time. Time can be long. AED yes. My right nose is itching. Time for the Stars to change. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. But they have had billions of years; Meaning the Suns are billions – The Stars younger. The Stars are billions of years Pat but as you know and have recognised, The Suns are Older than The Stars. My right eye was itching. This in essence means that The Suns are Older than The Stars, both going back billions of years. AED yes. What AED and I will share soon is that there are different frequencies, vibrations, energies as The Composition of The Stars are very different to The Suns. AED and myself are very much Sun Beings. AED absolutely. So although The Stars do go back billions as do The Suns, there are different qualities and vibrational frequencies between the two aspects of The Creative Principle of The Stars & The Suns. AED yes.
The Star Wars Also Began because The Stars were Jealous of The Suns. AED yes. I prefer The Suns. AED yes. So do us this New Task Force Are We Under The Jupiter Angelicus Starship. AED yes. How do we Protect these Hundreds of Suns? I said to you AED yesterday Had we been on many Missions? And you said yes. Hundreds. AED yes. Isn’t this fascinating in that since Lion’s Gate 8 8 19, The Jupiter Angelicus Starship Protectors Have Carried Out Hundreds of Missions. AED wonderful, yes.
AED What makes this different? They have been at war for billions of years. This was set in place Pat that enough time would be allowed. Yes meaning The Multi Task Force would step in. AED yes.
But what do we do? How Many Stars are involved Hundreds or many more – which has the greatest number – The New Suns who need protecting or the Stars who are jealous of the Power of The Suns? THE STARS PAT. So The Stars outnumber THE NEW SUNS. AED yes. So The Jupiter Angelicus Starship has begun to Arrive at These Stars. AED yes. I don’t think we just destroy these Stars. AED no. But it is like on Gaia If beings wish to remain dark they don’t just change. AED no. So how does the Protecting of The Suns play out? AED much has happened as we have chatted. We began at 9.30 am It is now 10.20 am so 50 mins. AED yes.
DO THE STARS Send their Rays To Destroy THESE NEW SUNS? AED they try. That is awful. Have The Stars succeeded? AED yes. That is dreadful. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. Have the Stars succeeded always? AED In some cases. I see.

How does The Multi Task Force Work To The Stars as peaceful means have been tried before? AED yes. AED this is different Pat. SO JUPITER CREATION IS MORE INVOLVED NOW. AED yes.


SO JUPITER CREATION BEING MORE INVOLVED IS THE KEY. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. And Lion’s Gate. AED yes all is changing.


If then we look at let us say ONE STAR – That Star has perhaps a CORE. AED yes. BUT COULD SHARE CONSCIOUSNESS WITH HUNDREDS OF OTHER STARS. AED yes. Like people on Gaia. AED yes. So to destroy the aim of that Star as it aims to Destroy The New Suns Do We Destroy THE CORE ESSENCE OF EACH STAR – IS THAT HOW PROTECTORS WORK – THE JUPITER ANGELICUS STARSHIP PROTECTORS. AED yes. But if the Core Essence of Each of The Stars who are aiming to destroy ALL THE NEW SUNS IS DESTROYED What happens then to THE CORE ESSENCE OF THAT STAR In that The Star would continue. AED yes. But like the darker centre nucleus is removed. AED oh Pat. Is that right. AED magnificent. So the darker nucleus then From The Star Being Removed THAT STAR BEGINS GETTING LIGHTER. AED yes. So would this be considered then that Nucleus of that Star Begins Its Process of Being Birthed Again Into A Core Essence of A Star. AED yes. Really. AED yes.
Would this be the FIRST TIME these Stars then have Entered Rebirth? AED yes. That would be tough. AED yes. In that they had had Power. So is this Task Force TO PROTECT THE NEW SUNS COMPLETED. AED yes. So rapid. AED very necessary Pat. Yes.
This means then that ALL THE HUNDREDS OF NEW SUNS WERE PROTECTED. AED Yes. Wonderful. AED yes. Whilst the Nucleus of these Many Hundreds of Stars HAVE ALL BEEN DESTROYED. AED yes. And the nucleus taken from one aspect within the Star’s Overall Consciousness. AED yes absolutely. Wow. AED magnificent Pat. Yes. Angelicus yes Suryananda. Anubis Barks. AED yes.
Anubis I sense In Gold & Green. AED yes. So the situation then AED and team Is that ALL THE NEW SUNS ARE SAFE AND PROTECTED. AED yes. Whilst ALL THE STARS THEIR NUCLEUS WHICH HAD THE DARKER ENERGIES HAVE BEEN REPLACED BY THE NECESSARY CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE ASPECT WHICH GIVES THE MOST LIGHT AND PEACEFULNESS FOR AND TO THESE NEW YOUNG SUNS. AED YES. Wow. AED yes. So all this has now BEEN IMPLEMENTED. AED yes. Jupiter Creation is pleased Pat. Yes. That this Multi Task Force of The Jupiter Angelicus Protectors Have Fulfilled Their Missions. AED yes. So ALL Completed to Protect The NEW SUNS. AED yes. SO THESE SUNS WILL GAIN AND RETRIEVE THEIR POWER. AED yes. Does this mean The Stars are unlikely to aim to destroy Suns in the future. AED yes. So Peace reigns between The Stars & The Suns from now on. AED yes. Wonderful. AED yes.
How Long Before These NEW SUNS REGAIN THEIR PRE-DESTINED FULL POWER? AED THE SPEED IS VERY RAPID. Awesome. AED yes. So Is it countdown now to Full Power of These NEW SUNS. AED yes.

Is there now a Safeguard in place with the NEW CORE NUCLEUS OF THESE NEW SUNS? AED yes. Good. AED wonderful. Yes, what a revelation. AED yes. It was a shock to recognise The Stars were jealous of the Suns. AED yes. Definitely true. AED correct. But the time it has taken Is like on Gaia with Lion’s Gate Opened 8 8 19. How Many Suns were destroyed – Many. AED yes. By the Stars. AED yes.

What has will happen to the NUCLEUS OF THE DESTROYED SUNS? AED oh Pat. They These Suns then which were Destroyed Were They The Ones Now. AED yes being Protected? So these Hundreds of New Suns Were In A NEW BIRTH. AED yes. Their Nucleus then must have been saved. AED yes. Ready for their Anticipated New Birth in later times. AED yes.
What was it like for these NOW NEW SUNS whilst they were like in limbo; was it good? AED yes. Really. AED yes. So they were happy. AED yes. Lovely. That is very moving. AED yes. I am trying not to have tears but I have.
Nasa under Suns.jpg
NASA Under Suns.
Anubis comes and puts his paw on my arm. AED yes. Thank you Anubis. Where Were These Hundreds of Waiting To Be Birthed Suns Kept In A Vault. AED yes. So a Vault In Jupiter. AED yes. Was this The Vault you were in this morning AED. AED yes. So it was really that speedy Destroying the Nucleus of the darker stars. AED yes. Would the darker nucleus of these Destroyed Stars Be STARS NOT KNOWN – NOT KNOWN STARS. AED UNKNOWN STARS Pat yes. But they still had a lot of power. AED yes. So no well known Stars. AED no. Is it that the well known Stars never felt jealous. AED correct.
We would say then the well known Stars have a large degree of Power. AED yes. But the Stars in the Star Wars were Not Major Stars. AED correct. So wanted more power – was this so. AED yes. But The Star Wars also had beings Not Stars who were darker. AED yes.
So was it that INITIALLY still the beings Began The Star Wars and not the Darker Stars. AED yes. So the Darker Stars saw what was happening. AED yes. And so joined in with the darker beings who tried to control The Cosmos. AED yes.
To close as I see this Then these NEW SUNS Were A New Birth From Their Original Nucleus When They Were Destroyed By The Darker Stars But The Nucleus of These Now NEW SUNS Were All Kept In A Vault In Jupiter Waiting For These Times After Lion’s Gate 8 8 19. AED yes. Wow. AED yes.
But during their hibernation time in A Vault in Jupiter These hundreds of Nuclei SUNS Were TAUGHT. AED yes. Whom Taught These Hundreds of SUNS whilst they were waiting for Their Return in the many many aeons ahead after Lion’s Gate 8 8 19? I HEAR I DID PAT. This is Angelicus 1st. AED yes. I wondered for a second if Jupiter Creation. AED yes. Angelicus I Taught these New Suns in Embryo Suryananda. Yes. Angelicus many of us Taught Suryananda. Yes.
But the darker beings who Began Star Wars were not destroyed. AED no. But the darker nucleus now of these many Hundreds of STARS have all been destroyed. AED yes.

What is the situation with the dark nucleus of These STARS Destroyed Are They Destroyed Forever? Yes Pat. I see. What is it like The Nucleus Destroyed – Do they know anything? AED oh Pat. I mean will The Nucleus of the darker STARS will they ever BE ALIVE AGAIN? AED yes Pat. Will then in the future they the darker nucleus of the STARS now destroyed BE BORN BIRTHED IN A DIFFERENT FORM? AED yes. Is this Connected to the Stars still. AED yes.

As stated above, this New and Deep Information comes From The Jupiter Tablets AED and I are putting together, not completed or shared yet.
Anubis puts his paw on my arm. AED yes. I think this session has gone as deep as I am able. AED wonderful. Metatron yes Pat. Anubis barks.
Wow. I never thought that was so. AED no. Jupiter Creation saying I AM HERE
Was Pivotal. AED yes. In that I have said a few times during our last few sessions is this Jupiter Creation. We began early this Saturday our session.
Has this ever been shared on Gaia The STARS were jealous of The SUNS and were also in The Beginning of The Star Wars? Helping the darker beings aim to destroy The SUNS. AED yes. So as The Shemsu Hor. AED yes. But not with The Shemsu Hor in physical bodies. AED no. Was this millions of years ago or not so long? Not so long. So less than one million years ago this was taught by The Shemsu Hor. AED yes. I am aware Angelicus was with The Shemsu Hor further back than one million years. AED yes. AED and I have some new deep information on The Shemsu Hor I will be sharing soon.

Thank you everyone Jupiter Creation, Angelicus, Anubis, Guan Yin, Sanat, Metatron and team.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
Eagle Nubula Young Opens Cluster of Stars in The Constellation Serpens Discovered 1745.
Credits will be shared here when known or if given of artists or where the images have come from.

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    1. new desert Yes, a fascinating and profound session. The Shemsu Hor will be very soon, and yes, I have had some new deep information on The Shemsu Hor for some time. Now with even more not read information, it is time to share. You will find this fascinating. AED yes. Suryananda and AED. ♥


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