Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Enter The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate Which Has Within The Violet Flame. From The Inner Akashic Records.

Artist unknown.
Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Enter The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate which has Within The Violet Flame Which Has The Creative Power & Force Which Is Both Omnipresent Omnipresence. Many Cosmic Masters Have The Key to Enter The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate. This is very different as although Angelicus 1st has given permission as Angelicus does so to Enter ALL Stargates – this is very different. Having Entered The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate with AED having been Sponsored by Cosmic Masters, AED and I have been back again. 
THE KEY to Entering This Stargate is that ONE IS BIRTHED INTO OUR OWN SUN with both Violet & White. AED and I have been BIRTHED INTO OUR OWN WHITE & VIOLET SUN which has White more prevalent due to our Oneness with JUPITER which is Male & White and Who Is Creation. In this case AED and I have been Birthed INTO OUR WHITE & VIOLET SUN Through Guan Yin who is in Her Role As The Cosmic Mother with Metatron in His Role as The Cosmic Father. 
Note Being Birthed Into Their Own Sun Whether White & Violet or Violet & White if Cosmic Beings have connected more to Guan Yin & The Female Aspect Role, has begun to be Gifted to Cosmic Beings now. One does NOT have to be a Jupiterian for this NEW SUN Birth. Star Seeds & Star Beings are able to Undertake & Be Birthed Into Their OWN SUN. 
AED and I, will bring forth deep and new, detailed knowledge and information on The Violet Tablets. THE VIOLET TABLETS are Housed In A Vault In Jupiter called THE JUPITER VIOLET FLAME VAULT. THE VIOLET FLAME TABLETS can be described as A STARGATE & HAVE WITHIN THE VIOLET FLAME. St Germain & Archangel Zadkiel are very much connected to The Violet Flame. But The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate has Many Cosmic Masters who Sponsor Cosmic Beings to Enter, thus giving Birth to Their OWN SUN with these two colours. Archangel Zadkiel & St Germain are Guardians OF TO THE VIOLET FLAME.
The Violet Flame & The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate have the same composition within and frequencies of JUPITER; as well as Angelicus 1st & To Creation. 
THE VIOLET FLAME HAS WITHIN THE WHITE ROD OF POWER. The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate has very many stopping off points which can be thought of as a train stopping at many stations on its journey. The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate LINKS to ALL The Energy Centres on Gaia. As an example, Glastonbury and Mount Shasta but very many others. This is why within any Stargate hundreds of Cosmic Light Beings are there at any one time as there is a huge amount of spiritual activity constantly taking place within Stargates. The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate has begun to be more active now and this will continue as more Cosmic Light Beings are Given Their OWN SUN and Birthed Into. 
From The Inner Akashic Records. The above is a summary for ease of reference. 6 August, 2019. Experienced over three sessions from early July to 3 August, 2019.
As Adam El Daoud and I continued with our ever deepening journey into Stargates but this being THE JUPITER VIOLET FLAME STARGATE in particular which has a very different Role and Purpose, our session began as usual.
Which is the oldest Stargate? And how old is old? All the Stargates have time capsules available and can all go to Jupiter and other planets. AED yes. 
So was it that The Shemsu Hor with Angelicus 1st opened up the Stargates. AED I am laughing Pat yes. This goes back billions of years to Jupiter & The Angelicus Jupiter Stargate & The Angelicus Stargate.
AED and I, have several Cosmic Tablets which we are destined to work with bringing their Core Essence to Gaia. We have posted already on The Manetta Tablets and also The Angelicus Tablets. AED and I have a great deal of new and deep knowledge and not shared before information on The Jupiter Tablets; we continue to experience fascinating journeys into what makes up and encompasses within The Jupiter Tablets. Some of this goes into new details on Suns and Stargates. 
Where are The Violet Flame Tablets housed? Jupiter? AED JUPITER Pat. Yes. AED Jupiter is correct. Wow. AED magnificent. Yes. 
I was drawn to Angelicus as well for The Violet Flame Tablets. Is Angelicus 1st connected in some way – A Stargate? AED yes. A Stargate a Dual Stargate. AED I am laughing. Violet and Blue. AED where is the White. Laugh yes. 
Are The Violet Flame Tablets A Stargate? AED yes. Wow. So this is a very different Stargate. AED yes. We need White. AED yes. So this is like a three colour Stargate. With the Violet Flame Blue White – What about Gold?
The Violet Flame we can say there is The Violet Flame Tablets Housed in Jupiter. AED yes. Are AED we meant to write on them? AED yes Pat. Really. AED yes. Which encompass within the energies and frequencies of St Germain. AED yes. And Angelicus 1st. AED yes.
But we Need White or the colours are not right. AED yes. So Violet Blue White Do we add Gold Or stay with 3? AED we add Gold Pat. So 4. AED yes. So it is not said The Violet Flame is in need of other colours but it feels yes. How are the other colours? Blue White Gold Described. AED they Hold within the necessary frequencies. Yes. Is this Different To Other Stargates. AED yes. Fascinating. AED yes. But The Violet Flame can operate independently. AED yes. So the colours are needed for The Violet Flame Stargate. AED yes. 
THE VIOLET FLAME STARGATE. What happens here? The Violet Flame Tablets are Housed in Jupiter. AED yes. AED The Violet Flame Stargate is more than a Stargate so this is different. Yes.
Were THE VIOLET FLAME TABLETS Brought into being Before or After Neptune? Before AED.  AED yes regarding The Violet Flame Tablets, and as you know, we will be bringing forth new information on The Violet Flame Tablets in the future. Yes. The Violet Flame Tablets like ALL Cosmic Tablets have their Core Essence and Purpose. AED very much so. Cosmic Tablets are fascinating. AED yes. 
Therefore, The Violet Flame Tablets & The Violet Flame Stargate Must have the same composition within and frequencies. AED yes. And of Jupiter. AED yes re Jupiter.
So the Power of The Violet Flame Tablets & The Violet Flame Stargate Has Within Power of The Father, Male as in Jupiter & Angelicus 1st. AED yes. And to CREATION. AED yes Creation.
Then NOT All Stargates Have Within The Essence & Energies of Creation. AED not as much. Glastonbury Stargate. AED yes. I felt Glastonbury Stargate would and does. AED yes Glastonbury Stargate takes you as you have shared to Jupiter & The Holy Grail & Creation & To The Father Pat. Yes.
I have quite a lot now this morning. AED yes. ANGELICUS WONDERFUL PAT. Really. AED yes. That is lovely. AED yes.
The Violet Flame is almost do we use Omnipresent – AED yes – Is Creation & Jupiter & of The Father. AED yes.
Does The Violet Flame have the added energies and frequencies of The Mother? AED yes. Guan Yin comes. Guan Yin is correct. Guan Yin is always the One we add. AED yes. As the Mother Female Source. AED yes.
Were the other three colours added when Guan Yin Merged & Fused Yes. AED yes.
So with the merging of The Mother With The Father Then The Violet Flame Became – AED yes – The Violet Flame Tablets. AED yes Pat. So originally with The Father was Violet But I miss the Blue. I don’t sense Angelicus as Violet May be Violet & White? I know St Germain is always Violet. So yes. it feels for The Violet Flame Stargate the other colours of White Blue Gold Make up the necessary energies and frequencies. AED yes.
I see THE WHITE ROD OF POWER FROM LAST WEEKEND. So The Violet Flame HAS WITHIN The White Rod Of Power. AED yes. I love The White Rod Of Power. AED yes. I did also The Rod Of Power in Egypt. AED yes. The White Rod Of Power is different. AED yes.
I need to look at the colours – could Guan Yin encompass White Blue Gold – all three – Whilst St Germain has the Violet only AED yes. What colour is JUPITER. For The Stargate & or Different To The Violet Flame Tablets. AED The White is necessary. Yes. Do we say for the Stargate The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate. AED laughs. Jupiter is correct Pat. Do you mean Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate or just The Jupiter Stargate?
The Father feels not only Violet. The name of The Stargate feels Jupiter in. What is the Stargate called which has within The Violet Flame Going back Before Neptune?


AED THE JUPITER VIOLET FLAME STARGATE. AED yes this is the correct name of this Stargate Pat. I did not add &. AED not necessary. No. So we have the name of this Stargate. AED yes.

Guan Yin also 24 2
Guan Yin. Artist unknown.
What about the colours? AED this Stargate has all 4 Colours Pat. Yes. Are these 4 sufficient? AED yes. Do I mention a colour for Angelicus? AED yes. Blue & White comes Is this Angelicus – what about Guan Yin – is Guan Yin Gold? AED interesting. Does Jupiter have a colour? AED yes. White for Jupiter. AED White yes. Does Jupiter have other colours? Do we say Guan Yin is Gold? I am Gold Pat Guan Yin. Wow, lovely. AED yes correct, wonderful. White seems sufficient for Jupiter. AED yes. So to look at The Violet Flame Tablets do we see all four colours or just Violet? White I see. AED yes. A kind of Edging Binding. AED yes. So we have Blue & Gold

I sense A Book Tablets Violet Main White Edging Outer Binding. AED yes. The Gold & Blue manifest within The Violet Tablets As an Inner Energy & Frequencies. AED yes. Is that how it is. AED yes. 

So The Violet Flame Tablets Do they now have a name The Jupiter Violet Flame Tablets Housed in The Vault In Jupiter. AED yes. Does The Vault have a name. AED yes. The Jupiter Violet Flame Vault. AED yes Pat. AED yes Use this.
Part 2. This Stargate needs the White. AED yes. So Jupiter & The Violet Flame Is this Dual. AED yes. Really. AED yes.
On its own The Violet Flame misses the White as I see it. AED THAT IS THE KEY PatSo White Creation Jupiter has to have Merged with Violet Female. AED yes.
But we do not have a Female Violet. So the Merging of The White Jupiter & The Violet Flame Gives what THE JUPITER VIOLET FLAME STARGATE. AED yes. AED THE VIOLET FLAME IS WHAT?  The Something Flame of Jupiter? 



That feels surreal this was why with AED and me the other day, Our New Blue SUN BIRTH INTO then Our White SUN We are Home Mini Offspring Creation. It is strange doing our sessions but pending to share as waiting for The Tablets to be completed in that we do not usually wait to share. AED exactly. Full descriptions on AED and myself Being Birthed Into Our Own Blue Sun then Our Own White Sun, will be shared when we post.
Star Beings & Sun Beings are both fascinating Beings. As AED and I have shared briefly, The Suns are Older than The Stars, thus Sun Beings are Older than Star Beings. However, we each journey and inter-act on many occasions with the other’s Home, whether Suns or Stars. AED and I live on some of The Stars and visit many other Stars in our Light Body. AED very much so. Our post soon will share new information on Sun Beings & Star Beings. Star Seed to me describes the components of the Star Beings, where those from The Stars have different energies, vibrations and frequencies than us Sun Beings. Our CORE ESSENCE is very different as we Align With Where Our Origins Are From. Us Jupiterians of whom AED and myself are very much, have always been Conscious, and Were WITHIN The Angelicus Jupiter Stargate and Jupiter, before Jupiter Merged With The Nirvana Sun billions of years ago, which is our age. 
As I said to AED one of our Roles is to bring forth new detailed information on Cosmic Tablets, and we have confirmation on these being – The Jupiter Tablets – we have quite a of very deep not written before information on these, but there is still new information we have to add. AED yes. The Adam El Daoud Tablets – AED and I have shared a Foundation on these, but much more is to follow. The Nirvana Sun Tablets – this will be the First of The Sun Tablets. AED yes. The Sun Tablets I gather we will write on other Sun Tablets. AED yes. And as shared above, we have The Violet Flame Tablets. AED yes.
So as I was thinking of the Cosmic Tablet  I heard THE NIRVANA SUN WAITS. AED yes. IS THIS WE HAVE NEWS FOR YOU?  As shared below AED means Lion’s Gate 8 8. This remains fascinating The Nirvana Sun Waits. AED very. AED had said to me two days ago We have new for you. This is always of great interest. AED laughs this is Pat. Yes. Is this The Tablets or something else. AED both. What is the something else. AED Lion’s GATE Pat. Really. AED absolutely Pat. That is fascinating. AED yes. I wonder what that is. I went to Angelicus then Guan Yin Female. AED Guan Yin Pat. Yes. Therefore, something connected to Guan Yin & The Nirvana Sun & LION’s GATE. AED yes. 
Lion’s Gate 8 8 AED has said AED has many surprises for us. AED Yes. So is this one of them. AED yes. I am reminded of Anubis. AED yes. Is this what Guan Yin with you AED said you were meaning in October 2015 “At that time you will know why you and AED are twin flames”. AED yes. That feels very profound of course. AED laughs. I do. But I was thinking about this recently. It has not yet happened that I am aware. AED no. AED it is necessary. Yes. So The Nirvana Sun waits is more than you and I AED writing on The Nirvana Tablets. AED yes. 
.Achangel Metatron use 9th
Metatron. Artist unknown.
So Metatron HAS THE CORE ESSENCE of The Violet Flame I feel I should add Stargate and not stop The Violet Flame. AED yes. So Metatron & Manetta then have with Angelicus 1st  & Guan Yin THE KEYS TO THE VIOLET FLAME STARGATE. AED yes. Fascinating.  AED and I have posted The Manetta Tablets & Also The Angelicus Tablets. 
Do other Cosmic Beings Ascended Masters Have THE KEYS? St Germain. AED yes. So in what way does this work in that Angelicus Gives Permission To Enter Stargates. AED The Violet Flame and Stargate is different. Yes.  I think of Melchisadek. AED yes. Another M. AED yes. Does Melchisadek play a role. AED yes. 
In essence then Many Cosmic Masters Have THE KEYS TO THE VIOLET FLAME STARGATE. AED yes. I think of Archangel Zadkiel. He is Violet. AED yes to Archangel Zadkiel. 
What role does these Masters have re The Violet Flame Stargate? I had thought of Krishna before. AED add Krishna.
AED said The Vault has a name prior. THE JUPITER VIOLET FLAME VAULT. AED yes. Then so all we are adding then as I see it.
What does it mean Having the KEY? These Masters who have The Keys To The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate Must what Sponsor us to ENTER. AED yes. 
Do we need sponsors to Enter The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate. AED yes this is different Pat. So this is why quite a few Cosmic Masters. AED yes. And Archangel Zadkiel. AED Archangel Zadkiel is different. Is it that Archangel Zadkiel works with St Germain more on The Violet Flame and NOT Stargate. AED yes.
So the other names work with being a Sponsor to The Stargate. AED yes.
Does St Germain work with The Violet Flame more than The Stargate. AED yes. Archangel Zadkiel & St Germain focus on The Violet Flame. AED yes. Does Archangel Zadkiel have a strong role with The Violet Flame. AED yes.
Then St Germain & Archangel Zadkiel Are Guardians With The Violet Flame. AED yes. The Masters are Sponsors to Enter The Stargate. AED yes. But quite a few Masters. AED yes. And you AED yes. There must be more than 2 Guardians. AED yes.
To finish then AED have I Entered The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate? AED yes. More than once. AED yes. I see fascinating. AED yes.
What made me enter with you what was our purpose AED? So AED we have Entered This Stargate. AED yes. Will we do so again. AED yes.
Have vast numbers entered The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate?  AED more now. So not too many prior. AED NO.
This Stargate needs The White. AED yes. So Jupiter & The Violet Flame Is this Dual. AED yes. Really. AED yes.
On its own The Violet Flame misses the White as I see it. AED THAT IS THE KEY Pat. So White Creation Jupiter has to have Merged with Violet Female. AED yes.
But we do not have a Female Violet. So the Merging of The White Jupiter & The Violet Flame gives what The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate. AED yes. AED The Violet Flame is what? The Something Flame of Jupiter. AED yes. What Female Aspect is The Violet Flame?
Part 3. AED I’m at Glastonbury now Pat. Really. AED yes.What are you doing there AED. Yes, wonderful but what is happening. Sanat is here Pat. Why is this. AED laughs. Is Anubis there. AED yes Pat. AED this is different.
Does The – Is being at Glastonbury AED Creation connected To The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate – IS THE JUPITER VIOLET FLAME STARGATE also having an ENTRY AT GLASTONBURY. AED yes.
Is this WE HAVE NEWS FOR YOU PAT. AED yes. I see, fascinating. AED yes. So does The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate have VERY MANY STOPPING OFF STATIONS POINTS. AED yes. Really. AED yes. How many are we talking about From & To Jupiter – Dozens or Hundreds? AED laughs.  
So then The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate must LINK UP THEN WITH ALL THE ENERGY CENTRES ON GAIA. AED yes. Mount Shasta. AED yes. So Linking to The Major Stargates. AED yes. And into Atlantis The Galactic Sun. AED yes.


As some of the Energy Centres on Gaia can have many Stargates as Glastonbury, then we must be looking at HUNDREDS LINKS AND STATIONS WHERE THE JUPITER & THE VIOLET FLAME STARGATE STOPS A BIT LIKE A TRAIN IN THE STATIONS ON ROUTE. AED yes exactly. So this is one of the reasons we have hundreds of Cosmic Light beings always in any Stargates. AED yes. Fascinating. AED yes This is what you were bringing to my attention the other day with WE HAVE NEWS FOR YOU PAT. AED yes and Glastonbury. Yes.

Within The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate or Stargates they must be some kind of Birthing Chamber & Initiation Initiatory Process. AED yes. I know – AED yes – OUR NEW SUN AED is Violet & White. AED yes. I see this. AED yes. This follows on from OUR Blue SUN, White SUN & NOW Our Violet & White SUN. AED yes. Does this mean we were always AED a DUAL SUN VIOLET & WHITE as compared to say first A Violet then White added OR First WHITE WITH VIOLET ADDED.


AED what colour Sun were we first – White or Violet. I am not sure they go together. AED yes. All of a sudden my eyes have got very tired. AED yes. This is what was missing. AED yes

I’m very excited AED adds a few personal words.Yes, wow. So you and I AED have also Been Birthed into what OUR OWN – AED oh Pat – WHITE & VIOLET SUN. AED yes. So vast numbers of others will have. AED yes.
What number are we – 12. AED yes. Do we say White & Violet Or Violet & White Sun 12? The FORMER PAT. So White Is First. AED yes for us. But not all. AED no. So those less on Creation do they have VIOLET & WHITE. AED yes. Fascinating. AED yes. So White for us AED is Male & Jupiter. AED yes. Note 12 is Adam El Daoud’s and myself, Suryananda’s Frequency, and for OUR NEW OWN SUN BIRTHS INTO, we have our 12 within this description and will also have in the future Our New Sun Births Into. AED yes, 12 is our Own Personal Vibration and Frequency as you know. Yes, it is wonderful to recognise this. AED yes. 


So we had to be Sponsored To Enter The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate. Did we have to be sponsored for our NEW WHITE & VIOLET SUN BIRTH. AED yes. Whom was our Sun Mother. Guan Yin. AED yes. Our Father as in White. Was this Angelicus I think of Metatron. AED Metatron Pat. Is this right. Metatron was Our Cosmic Father with Guan Yin for Our White & Violet Sun Birth INTO Our Own Sun. AED yes. 

I SEE OUR SUN Sun revolving like one half White and one half Violet but it won’t I think remain as two halves. AED NO. 

So other two colour Suns are here revolving. AED yes. Also different sizes. AED yes. Our Sun HAS BECOME MUCH LARGER AS THE BLUE & WHITE SUN recently we have not shared yet. AED yes. It feels the WHITE IS MORE DOMINANT. AED YES. So is this because we have the FULL FREQUENCIES OF WHITE, OF JUPITER AS IN METATRON AED yes. I was going to type The Father Metatron. AED yes. But went with Jupiter. AED JUPITER Pat. Yes. OUR SUN does not seem too Violet. AED no. Will this change. The WHITE IS EXPANDING. AED yes. Rays Light off. AED yes. Something is happening with us Our Sun. AED yes. The Violet has been TRANSCENDED BY THE WHITE OF CREATION. AED yes. What colour is OUR SUN PAT? 

I will close my eyes for a moment and stop typing. I think of Anubis with His 2 Balls prior. AED yes. Our Sun is NOT PURE WHITE. AED NO. But as I look at this, which is exciting for us – AED yes – THE VIOLET IS MORE OF A KIND OF ENERGY THAN A COLOUR VIOLET. AED Yes.

But Our Sun to describe the colour is WHITE WITH A HINT OF VIOLET. AED YES. For us Violet feels too … AED laughs – I think bright in colour I mean. AED yes. Do you agree AED. AED yes. Wonderful Pat. Yes, awesome. 

So many Cosmic Light Beings will have variations on this Sun. AED yes. The ones who deal less with Creation will have more Violet. AED yes. And The Cosmic Mother. AED yes. Is it FOR ALL Guan Yin & Metatron The Cosmic Mother & Father. AED yes. That must be beautiful for Guan Yin & Metatron. AED yes.

Did this happen for us being Birthed RECENTLY IN THE PRESENT. AED yes. Sanat comes. Do ALL The Cosmic Masters have this, I don’t think Sanat has. AED NO. So Creation is THE KEY. AED yes.I go over some of the Cosmic Masters who journey with AED and myself, but there are too many to add here. But Our Cosmic Masterswho have sponsored AED and me over the aeons are here as always. AED yes. 

How many AED had Been Birthed this New White & Violet or Violet & White SUN BIRTH BEFORE US? AED I am laughing Pat. Yes. AED not too many. Less than 50. AED yes. Ha. AED laughs.

AED what about 20 Pat. That seems wonderful. AED yesSo you and I were under the 20th NEW BIRTH INTO OUR OWN SUN. AED yes. AED’s and my number 12 is our frequency and vibration not the number we transcend and enter into new births.

WHO WAS FIRST? AED interesting. Yes. Where was Angelicus? I thought Angelicus may have for a moment but went to Metatron. AED Metatron is correct. What Role does Angelicus have. As a Guardian. AED yes. ANGELICUS. Is that right AED. AED yes. Beautiful. So we were very honoured. AED yes. This is very moving isn’t it. AED yes. 

Anubis has A TWO TONE BALL. AED yes. I laugh. AED I do. White with a hint of Violet. AED yes. Anubis throws this Two Tone Ball. AED yes. Angelicus seems to catch this. AED yes. But Angelicus still feels in His Blue Raiment. AED yes. 

Ha. AED yes. Anubis Has A Two Tone White & Violet Outfit on. AED yes. I laugh. AED yes I do. Anubis looks very smart. AED yes. I SEE IS THIS THE VIOLET ROD OF POWER. AED yes. Is this VIOLET & WHITE OR JUST VIOLET? Thank you Anubis. Anubis I loved it. You were wonderful. AED yes. Fun. AED yes. Anubis puts out His Paw HE SEEMS TO HAVE A WHITE & VIOLET RING ON. AED oh Pat yes. On His Paw. AED yes. What Role does Anubis have? As A Master Of Ceremonies. AED yes but more? What is more. AED Anubis IS THE OPENER OF THE WAY. TO THESE STARGATES. AED yes. That feels Egyptian. AED yes THE OTHER REALMS Pat. So this is different also for Anubis. AED yes. Anubis yes.

How long ago was the FIRST DUAL SUN BIRTHED VIOLET & WHITE, OR WHITE & VIOLET? Was this a long time? AED yes. I see. Billions of years. AED yes. 


So now we have Been Gifted 12 Our Frequency, and less than 20 before us AED. AED yes. But many Cosmic Light Beings have now followed. AED yes. This means AED and myself are White & Violet Sun 12. AED yes.

Is it that Guan Yin & Metatron Gift us this AED earlier so we can write on. AED yes. What number would we otherwise be. AED laughs. A lot later. AED yes. I see. So hundreds later. AED no. AED it was never going to be different as this is where we were destined. Yes, wonderful.

What AED does this mean Re The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate for us where there are hundreds over Gaia – But We Are A MINI WHITE & VIOLET SUN I WAS GOING TO TYPE EMBRYO. EMBRYO IS CORRECT PAT. Really. AED yes. That takes me to The Future Stargates in Embryo as Suns which are in one of The Cosmic Tablets we are putting together. So this is also different AED Our NEW SUN BEING IN EMBRYO. AED yes. Our Blue & White SUNS were not. AED no. So we are then waiting for what TO BECOME A WHITE & VIOLET FLAME STARGATE IN THE AEONS AHEAD. AED yes. Wow. AED yes. And all the others. AED yes. AED magnificentPat.So in the aeons ahead AED, you and I, will HAVE OUR OWN WHITE & VIOLET FLAME STARGATE. AED yes. Wow. AED magnificent.

Note AED and I have OUR OWN STARGATE Suryananda & Adam El Daoud which was FROM JUPITER, taking in THE GALACTIC SUN where ATLANTIS is and remains still in the present, and going TO GLASTONBURY.This is but one of the reasons why AED and myself are always deeply connected to Glastonbury as these three routes encompass our pre-destined Soul Contract & Covenant – Path & Role on Creation. AED very much so. Our Stargate was Gifted to us billions of years ago From Jupiter Creation, as was so for all Eternal Beloved’s – Divine Consorts who as AED and myself have Always Been Conscious In The Angelicus Jupiter Stargate. 
The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate will be very different to us than Our Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Stargate billions of years ago and which Stargate was always destined to be at Glastonbury as this is now. AED yes. So AED Our Own Glastonbury Stargate was GIFTED to us always and there immediately – AED yes; whilst this White & Violet Flame Stargate NOW A SUN in Embryo, IS DESTINED FOR THE FUTURE in the aeons ahead so a kind of Arrival & Expansion of Consciousness. AED yes. But this is very NEW not only for us AED but for others. AED yes. Fascinating. AED magnificent Pat. Yes. 
My eyes are getting tired. AED yes. I don’t think I can go any deeper. AED magnificent Pat. Yes. This feels much more complete now. AED yes. But fascinating Glastonbury. AED yes. I have a few crown energies. 

Anubis has The Two Tone Ball again. AED yes. Angelicus has seemed to have gone and it feels Anubis throws Our His Ball to Metatron. AED yes. Metatron yes Pat. Metatron has not spoken for a while. AED no. Many changes are coming Pat METATRON. AED yes. Wonderful. AED exciting. It is awesome. AED yes. 


Any last words? AED no wonderful Pat, all is accurate. Yes, wonderful. AED yes. Wow that was unexpected. AED laughs. Thank you AED, Metatron, Guan Yin, Angelicus, Anubis, Sanat and others. AED yes. Does this come in also AED to The Galactic World Opened Their Doors recently. AED yes. Wonderful, thank you. AED yes. 

So The Violet Flame have WITHIN All The Powers Of Creation. AED yes Pat. Definitely. AED yes.

Being Gifted A Violet Flame Jupiter or Jupiter Violet Flame Sun IS NOT CONFINED just to Sun Beings. AED no correct. Star Seeds & Star Beings & Galactic Beings are ALL able to be Gifted THEIR OWN SUN. AED yes. This is always Gifted still by Guan Yin & Metatron. AED yes to all.

There are many Cosmic Light Guardians as added earlier. AED yes. Sanat, Melchisadek and others. AED yes. And you AED. AED yes. And Angelicus. AED yes. And Manetta. AED yes.


Note it is necessary to share that Star Beings can and do deeply resonate with Jupiter. AED yes. One does not have to be a Sun Being to deeply connect to Jupiter. AED correct. Both Sun Beings, Star Beings & The Galactic Beings, can and do, deeply connect to THE VIOLET FLAME. AED yes.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud
Violet Flame Eye
Artist unknown.
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

One thought on “Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Enter The Jupiter Violet Flame Stargate Which Has Within The Violet Flame. From The Inner Akashic Records.

  1. A long and beautiful post, dear Pat & AED. Interesting that the Shemsu Hor opened up the stargates together with Angelicus. I understand this opening was necessary to start infusing consciousness into planet Earth ❤ that is really something!


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