Rainbow Stargate – Portal – Spaceship & Dragons as vast numbers Enter the Rainbow Stargate, hundreds then thousands in The Pleiades. From The Akashic Records.

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Rainbow Stargate – Rainbow Portal – Rainbow Spaceship – Rainbow Dragons and Rainbow Ones as vast numbers of light beings Enter the Rainbow Stargate; first into hundreds then thousands in The Pleiades.

From The Akashic Records. 7 November, 2018.
(This in-depth consciousness with myself and Adam El Daoud, began as I read on Saturday, 3 November, Altair Shyam’s advance notice of his live stream meditation on RAINBOW LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION for the next day Sunday, 4 November. As soon as I was aware of Altair’s description in the title, this took AED and myself deep into the Rainbow Stargate – Rainbow Portal – Rainbow Spaceship and Rainbow Dragons. This was experienced and typed over Saturday and Sunday, and by the time Altair was ready to do his live stream on the Sunday 2 pm UK time, many thousands of light workers and cosmic beings had ENTERED Into The RAINBOW STARGATE).
As the build up continued to the planned time to tune into my Rainbow Body Light Activation, Adam El Daoud, laughed saying I can’t wait for this Pat, so many wonderful experiences will occur. Yes, having now fully formed my Rainbow Body over a month ago, the deep and significant changes continue. This is so for all who have now obtained this.
AED says there are many changes happening as we speak. I sense Rainbow Cloaks on cosmic beings. AED yes. I’m aware we are in the Pure Land which has a RAINBOW SUN. The Rainbow People are here Pat; they will be with us tomorrow (Sunday, 4 November). So The Rainbow Light Beings. AED they are more than that. They and thus we AED says are the Protectors of Gaia. So The Rainbow Ones. AED I like that The Rainbow Ones. Yes, it feels right and more in keeping with these times now. AED yes.
We have a RAINBOW SPACESHIP. AED yes. I laugh, delightful, wonderful. AED beams, it really is Pat. So tomorrow The Rainbow Ones will be with us from The Rainbow Spaceship. AED laughs, yes, Pat. It will bring deep and significant changes Pat to you and to many. Yes, wonderful.
AED many changes have begun Pat and as I said just now the Shakti Awakening will continue – is continuing. Yes, that is wonderful.
AED you will Enter The RAINBOW PORTAL Pat. I have not heard that before. AED it is NEW. Wow. AED yes, this is a Great Gift Pat. Yes. So this is connected to The Father in my next post to be shared. AED yes. This is typed ready to add here in the next few days.
So a Rainbow Portal. This aligns with The Rainbow Spaceship. AED very much so. Wow. AED laughs we are there NOW Pat. Yes.
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How will The Rainbow Portal affect me and thus us AED? The Whole of the Cosmos is here Pat. Really. AED yes. Wow. There are a vast number of Rainbow Ones who will be there tomorrow Pat. Yes. A vast gathering. I can sense that already. AED yes. So in essence Opening up that which was not there before AED, this seems exceptional. AED it is Pat, very much so.
So this is a monumental gathering Sunday. AED yes, it is a whole different structure. So, it is a STARGATE AED. Wow. AED beams, yes, exactly, Pat. So this tuning in tomorrow then Not only has the RAINBOW SPACESHIP – The Rainbow Ones; a vast number of Rainbow Cosmic Beings and others – but also a RAINBOW PORTAL. AED yes to Portal. And a Rainbow Stargate. AED yes to Rainbow Stargate. Wow. This is amazing AED. AED yes it is Pat. This is momentous AED. AED very. I see some of our Cosmic Light Family here. AED yes. Hi everyone. AED there is much more happening Pat. Yes, exciting.
AED a STARGATE is very different to a PORTAL. A Stargate must be an Entry for vast numbers. AED yes, but more than that. The RAINBOW STARGATE is magnificent Pat. Yes. So this is an Activation Chamber. AED yes, many hundreds and thousands Pat will go through tomorrow.
So many cosmic beings here will have their Rainbow Body tomorrow. AED yes. That is wonderful. AED very much so.
The Rainbow Ones I love that. AED yes. The Rainbow Stargate then is vast.
I was aware earlier of RAINBOW DRAGONS. AED yes there are very many. They are awesome. AED magnificent. 
AED as I said the other day we were in Nirvana. Yes, it is not somewhere I tend to be aware we are at. However, being in Nirvana has to be exciting AED, not least as this is my last life on Gaia, which for myself is wonderful and perfect. AED beams, yes, you will continue as we do now in our One Light Body in innumerable Realms, Worlds and Pure Lands. Yes, that is awesome isn’t it. AED yes, it is a great joy and blessing for us both.  
AED continues people need to be made aware of the RAINBOW STARGATE AND RAINBOW PORTAL. Yes. As I chat on having gone through the Rainbow Stargate Saturday in advance of our proposed tuning in session – AED adds the very fact you got all this deep in-depth information, inevitably meant that you and I have Entered The Rainbow Stargate. AED beams, we have gone through The Rainbow Portal and thus into and through The Rainbow Stargate in our One Light Body.
I sense the Rainbow Dragons are like shepherding people to the Rainbow Stargate like a sheep dog rounds up sheep. AED yes. The Rainbow Dragons have a very special role, they love it. Yes, I can tell. It is wonderful. AED it is Pat, a magnificent sight to see as you are aware now. Yes. 
The INTENT AED adds was the activation key for many Pat, even if light workers were not consciously aware. As our session is almost here I am getting nervous energy in my solar plexus. AED yes.
I look into where is The RAINBOW STARGATE. Is this in the PLEIADES. AED yes. I am drawn to The Galactic Ocean. AED that has meaning Pat. Yes. AED so The RAINBOW STARGATE is in the Pleiades Pat. Yes. And so The RAINBOW PORTAL AED. AED yes. Wonderful. AED beams, very much so.
What about The RAINBOW SPACESHIP. So as we Entered The Rainbow Stargate – the Rainbow Spaceship must have been there waiting for us to Enter. AED yes. Yes, I can see this. AED of course.
So once Through The Rainbow Stargate we have all Entered The Rainbow Spaceship. AED yes, there are vast numbers on The Rainbow Spaceship as you type and we chat. Yes. So we must be going somewhere. AED of course. That will be for another time AED. AED yes. It is a magnificent sight. AED wonderful, yes, it is indeed Pat.
As our tuning in session began after a short break, I was aware of crown energies again and said to AED I must be having another Shakti activation. AED yes this is a continuation as indicated before Pat. AED – it has been completed Pat. What has? AED that which was necessary. I recognise this was an Initiation, so a RAINBOW INITIATION. AED yes. So fascinating even though my Rainbow Body was Fully Formed just over a month ago. AED this is very different Pat.  The Rainbow Initiation Opens The Portals into numerous Galaxies and Worlds Pat. Yes. This takes you and us AED says closer to Home. Yes.
AED The Shakti Activation has already filtered down and is in the process of “Opening Inner Gateways.” I am reminded recently AED I had gone through Gate 100 which was a Bliss Gate. AED we have gone into a more Advanced Direction than even Gate 100. Wonderful.
It was wonderful to recognise AED that The Rainbow Stargate was in the Pleiades as this was the necessary foundation. AED very much so. As I go to rub my head as I have crown energies, I suddenly see a tiger. This is a brown striped one and takes me by surprise, more so as I have a white striped tiger which is an animal totem and protector whom I was shown in a vision 18 months ago. And like many of AED’s and my animal totems lives with us in many of our Homes in the Higher Realms.
So as I end these two days of tuning in, it is awesome and profound that not only myself with AED have Entered Through The Rainbow Portal and into The RAINBOW STARGATE, but many hundreds and thousands also Entered into The Rainbow Stargate, guided and welcomed by hundreds of Rainbow Dragons. Not only did I undertake the Rainbow Initiation but others will have as well, leading to deeper integration to Source. 

Re THE RAINBOW STARGATE I say to AED have many gone through the Rainbow Stargate prior to Sunday afternoon. AED as I asked as always about where I am, AED and me laugh – that for the very fact that I tuned into the Rainbow Stargate yesterday and was able to go into that depth, means that and AED laughs yes Pat, you and I have Entered The Rainbow Stargate. AED beams, we have Gone through the Rainbow Portal and thus into and through the Rainbow Stargate in our One Light Body.

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So did AED you and I Enter The Rainbow Stargate before yesterday, Saturday, 3 November? AED yes Pat. Really. AED laughs of course it was inevitable we would. Yes.

So during Saturday and Sunday hundreds and now thousands have all Entered The Rainbow …. I said to myself Rainbow Bridge instead of Stargate. So Bridge has deep and significant meaning AED – The Rainbow Bridge. AED yes, you know it does Pat. I have a little crown energies. The answer is yes Pat many have Pre Entered The Rainbow Stargate as you and I have. Yes, wonderful. AED yes.

So it feels now AED says yes before I say the words – the Rainbow Dragons have been shepherding others to The Rainbow Stargate like a sheepdog rounds up the sheep. AED yes. The Rainbow Dragons have a very special role, they love it. Yes, I can tell. Wonderful. AED it is Pat, a magnificent sight to see as you are seeing and sensing now. Yes. AED the Intent was an Activation Key for many. Yes, awesome.

To know AED you and I, and so many other light workers have now all Entered The Rainbow Stargate and Portal is awesome. There have been many hundreds then thousands of Rainbow Dragons assisting everyone. AED yes. Not that al Light workers needed this but this is a kind of welcoming greeting. Yes, I see that. It is very colourful AED. AED yes.

What about The Rainbow Spaceship. So as we Entered The Rainbow Stargate was The Rainbow Spaceship there waiting for us to enter this? AED yes Pat. Yes I can see this. AED of course.

So once Through The Rainbow Stargate we have all Entered The Rainbow Spaceship. AED yes, there are vast numbers on The Rainbow Spaceship as you type and we chat. Yes. So where are we going? AED that will be for another time. It is a magnificent sight. AED wonderful, yes it is indeed Pat. Our planned tuning in session is due very soon AED; AED beams, yes, but we have been there in advance as so often Pat, bringing forth many Firsts. Yes, both fascinating and awesome. AED there is much more to come Pat.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥

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With gratitude to the artists. Shared when known.