The Key To Solomon Is The Key To The Inner Mysteries & A Matrix Of Grids Interwoven Into The Very Fabric Of Gaia. From The Akashic Records.

From The Akashic Records. 27 September, 2018.
As Adam El Daoud was very present, our tuning in session took us to King Solomon and The Seal of Solomon. Many of us have been aware of The Seal of Solomon since childhood; this was certainly so with myself. However, it seemed that the time was right to go deeper into The Key of Solomon thus taking myself back into ancient times and memories. King David, Bathsheba and Solomon are all deeply embedded within the soul of AED and myself as are other prophets and seers of olden days.
AED THE SEAL OF SOLOMON IS THE KEY TO THE INNER MYSTERIES. AED beams, what took you so long Pat. Yes. AED – Venus and you are deeply connected as you have known for some years now, thus the Emerald Light is very much where you have been aligning yourself with Pat through many meaningful and profound experiences with Emerald Green – whether the Emerald Green Sun in Venus in one of the Pure Lands – ready to be posted; the Emerald Green Lotus and our Galactic Cosmic Light Family. AED adds not only this Pat but the Emerald Green Vault of The Creator and Emeralds together with the Inner Core of The Galactic Sun – the Emerald Green of the Heart Chakra, have all ensured that Emerald Green has been easy to align yourself and tune into for some time now. Yes. 
AED as you go deeper Pat into your thus our Higher Heart, this has been and will continue to activate a change in the energies that are being beamed down onto Gaia. AED Look into The Seal Of Solomon Pat for there are deep and secret codes within, which like other signposts to the spiritual light being, waits for deeper integration into the understanding of pre-destined soul contracts you and I have pre-chosen as other Cosmic Galactic Light Beings have also embedded within. Yes. 
AED there is much to understand Pat re The Seal of Solomon. The Seal has within it the Keys to understanding the Matrix of Grids on Gaia and will take the light worker deeper to the Venus connection and also to Kundalini, for The Seal of Solomon is An Energy Force-Field and has tremendous power as you are aware. Yes
The Key to Solomon being The Key To The Inner Mysteries AED seems very relevant today. AED very much so Pat. I reflect again on The Seal of Solomon IS AN ENERGY – A Matrix of Grids interwoven into the very fabric of Gaia. That is fascinating AED with lots of power and energies even as I read once again. AED yes.
So that takes me to your words some months ago I shared on The Immeasurable Palace of AED. AED beams, I, like other Cosmic and Galactic Light Beings have had innumerable past lives in a multitude of civilisations and eras. AED we are back here now Pat as we have been for some time. Yes.
For some time I have been looking deep into The Seal of Solomon, going within to Solomon as never before. Even though Solomon connects deeply with Adam El Daoud and myself, and I have been fascinated with The Seal of Solomon since childhood. Nevertheless, as my Cosmic Light Galactic Family have brought to my attention The Seal of Solomon is not only a Perfect Embodiment of Alchemical Principles as are The Five Dhyani Buddha Families the Perfect Embodiment of Tantra Practices. So too is The Seal of Solomon embedded deeply within the very Core of AED’s and my being.

So, I spent quite a few hours going deeper in thoughts, each new thought being transcended and transmuted by another. I was aware that with AED’s Presence as always felt and recognised I had taken steps deeper into my pre-chosen destiny and spiritual pathway with AED.

As I was typing this up AED brought to my attention several Animal Totems and Protectors in visions. It seems hidden mysteries are coming to my attention.  They take you Pat into a different realm of consciousness as this has been happening now as you know on a continuing basis. And as I have said Suryananda your DNA is expanding rapidly, thus our Journey together has also begun to change significantly. Yes this is wonderful. These particular words were from many months ago and since then AED and myself have transcended very many Veils of Gaia bringing as a First on quite a few occasions now deep and insightful new information not previously shared by us or other spiritual channellers.

As I paused for a moment typing this now, I was suddenly seeing a Beautiful Expanse of Emerald Green Light – Ray in Front of My Face, less than a foot in front, stretching out Its Rays and Light into a very large expanse of Emerald Green, with the Rays Streaming out as the Rays of The Sun. It was profound and magical, and a real Blessing. AED says, yes, it is very much so.

The Eye of Ra is opening further for you AED says. It is time for you to Claim Your Spiritual Inheritance consciously. Yes. By this, AED means my Spiritual Divinity is Coming Deeper into my Consciousness instead of being hidden.


I am back now to the wonder of seeing these Emerald Rays stretching out from a little under a foot in front of my face encompassing a very large expanse and seen in a way I have not experienced before. In the past when seeing The Emerald Green Light Ray – this has been either as an Emerald Green Lotus; being Bathed and Enveloped Within this Emerald Green, and seeing Emerald Green often, in different spiritual and profound moving moments with AED.

This Emerald Green of course takes AED and myself to Venus – to Home, to The Seal/Ring of Solomon, which has begun to be recognised and understood by me on a conscious level, as with the Five Dhyani Buddhas, they and The Golden Seal of Solomon, also acts as A Divine Protector, as this has through the Ages, not only for myself but for many.

This very act and concept takes me to the Inner Mysteries, for The Seal of Solomon is AN ENERGY – it is a Force-field of Tremendous Power, Vibrations and takes me to the Very Core of Gaia’s GRIDS – placed on Earth Millions of years ago, when, together with AED and other Cosmic and Galactic Light Beings, we were there in the Very Beginning as the Matrix and Maps of Christ Grids and what AED laughing confirms is The Immeasurable Palace of AED. Some month ago AED said we were there in The Immeasurable Palace, which by its very nature is both fascinating and awesome and continues to be exciting as those deep and significant changes which have long been ordained come into fruition.

White dragon and gold.jpg

As AED says very much so, once again, I am transported deep into the CORE of Gaia’s Grids. Here, are the Protectors, Divine Light Beings, Ancient Dragons and Serpents, who Act as Protectors to and for Gaia, whilst at the same time, their Protection takes us all far beyond Gaia, and into both Ancient Civilisations and Future Worlds still in their Infancy.

“I have a post on my website added on the 9 January, 2018 Suryananda & Adam El Daoud – We Were There And Could See When The Worlds Were Formed And Galaxies Abound” as we saw the Worlds and Galaxies Come into Being. This is also as a Page so easy to find. I can still remember the joy, excitement and wonder, when, with AED and our Cosmic Light Family and other Galactic Beings, we Watched in Awe and Wonder as Creation CAME INTO BEING before us. Such has been the joy, deep soul memories and fascination, to all of us who were there as Creation Opened Its Doors.

So as AED said recently Creation has Opened Its Doors Pat, and this is the accumulation of centuries of planning and pre-ordained Gifts From The Creator, as The Sun Son comes Into His True Being. The Sun of Illumination is thus Recognised and Understood, as those Remembrances are brought to the surface of my and others’ Consciousness, ready for the New Era which has been waiting, as the Birth of the New has finally arrived, after aeons of past anguish, pain and upheaval, all is set for a Mighty Shift in the Consciousness of Humanity on Gaia. In other Realms, Worlds and Galaxies this has long come into being, but Gaia, being what it has been, where we have left our True Homes behind in the Higher Realms and Star Systems, is now ready for Her OWN Expansion, and it is something which those in the Higher Realms and Galactic Centres have long waited this coming to fruition.

AED says, Pat – the Emerald Green Light Ray was indeed that Key and I recognised this as being so. For it was as I went back into this Magnificence of seeing this just now stretching out its Light and Rays Far into the Distance, so it Opened Another Door in the Window of My Consciousness. I can tell AED is loving this and I am too, for I see deeper and profound Portals Being Opened, the Doors to Infinity Have Opened Wider and are Ready To Be Accessed as Never Before.

AED is beaming with joy as I have tuned in not only to my eternal beloved who resides in the Higher Realms but beyond that to Our Soul Contract With The Creator as The Sun Son Comes Into His Inheritance, thus do the Spheres Sing With Joy At The Marriage Feast Of God The Sun Son. This gives me goose bumps, for I have been here before and AED’s Presence is very close, the intensity of His Light makes my eyes water, for I am aware I have gone deeper into my Spiritual Inheritance as just above here as I began to write what I thought was just about seeing two more new Animal Totems of mine and Protectors, instead acted as the Key – the Key to the Inner Mysteries which has also been brought to my attention with The Seal of Solomon.

As always it is fascinating at just how one Golden Thread and thought, dwelt upon with love and intent, can take me ever deeper into the Very Heart and Mind of The Creator. Thus am I, Suryananda, Nearer To Source than ever.
I was very much aware and AED was too, in that I had begun typing this beautiful session of having been shown in visions a few of my animal totems and protectors which was wonderful but as I continued with AED going deeper, we were very aware that the whole energies and vibrations gathered momentum, till I felt as these words continued, I was on a different energy grid, which had gathered pace and was leading me rapidly to a new and even more exciting stop than where I had been before.
As AED beams and agrees, this whole experience has been deeply moving, exciting and profound – leading myself and AED forward and deeper as AED says within my ever expanding DNA, thus our Journey together has changed. Even though this had been pre-chosen, the excitement and anticipation has greatly increased and feels a spiritual tsunami as AED and myself go to the next step. Thus each additional new step reached is a Golden Light.
NOTE As I went to post now, I am very much aware that The Seal Of Solomon connects deeply to The Ark Of The Covenant. AED very much so. Like so many secrets and revelations, The Ark Holds Within The Secrets Of Creation.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud – Experienced 1 January, 2018.


With gratitude to the artists. Shared when known.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud At Home On The Purple Lotus Spaceship Of Melchisadek Whose Crest Emblem Is The Purple Lotus. From The Divine Oneness Of Suryananda & Melchisadek Leading To The Lineage Of Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Where We Are Known As The Purple Light Warriors. From The Akashic Records.

Lotus lavender deep into purple

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud at Home on The Purple Lotus Spaceship of Melchisadek whose Crest Emblem is the Purple Lotus. From the Divine Oneness of Suryananda and Melchisadek leading to the Lineage of Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, where we are known as The Purple Light Warriors.

From The Akashic Records. 22 September, 2018.

I say to Adam El Daoud who is my Eternal Beloved in the Higher Realms, I wonder where we will go next in our deepening journeys, pathway and soul contract. I think we will go to a Future Life. AED beams, yes, Pat. Wow.

So somewhere in the higher realms. AED yes and laughs. AED this is ongoing Pat and not just a one off. This is the continuum of existences but in higher worlds. Awesome. AED yes. So like one of the Pure Lands. AED yes. A New Pure Land AED. AED yes. Or a Spaceship – I laugh. AED yes that too.

AED what do you say? AED you make me laugh Pat. So AED you and myself could access a Future World tomorrow or earlier. AED yes it has been accessed Pat. Gosh, already. AED beams, yes. So have we gone to a New Pure Land? AED no not a Pure Land. A Galaxy or Spaceship? AED a Spaceship Pat. Wow, is that right. AED yes. So whom drives it Melchisadek. AED yes and laughs.

Does Melchisadek have a Spaceship. AED of course. That is new. AED many other firsts are coming Pat it is an exciting time. Yes, wonderful. So what is different about this Spaceship of Melchisadek. AED you will have to wait. No, AED I am teasing. What do you wish to know.

I don’t know anything about a Spaceship and Melchisadek. AED no Memories will come down Pat through the Ether. So do you and I AED live on this Spaceship of Melchisadek. AED we do. As I went over with AED some of our Cosmic Light Family it was fascinating and interesting to be aware of others who AED and myself deeply connect too being with us on The Purple Lotus Spaceship.

I wonder what this Spaceship is called. AED laughs. Is this a Purple Lotus. AED Yes Pat. Do you mean this Spaceship is called The Purple Lotus Spaceship. AED yes. Amazing. AED you were correct in sensing a Purple Lotus. Yes. Yes, we are very into Lotuses. AED yes that is why we live on this Purple Lotus Spaceship Of Melchisadek. Yes.

.three purple lotus flowers

I have not read of a Purple Spaceship. AED no. This is new. So this is a Spaceship for Future Explorations do you mean AED. AED yes. That kind of gives me goose bumps. AED yes. So we on this Purple Spaceship are like forerunners. AED yes. So how does this work. AED laughs you’ll see. I see very different. AED not really just you have not gone here before. I see again a Purple Lotus. AED yes.

AED says we have gone into The Great Bliss with Melchisadek. So a New Lineage. AED yes Pat. In the present or past or future. AED the Future Pat.

Really. AED you know this is the Future. I am drawn to Eden. AED yes. Beyond. AED yes beyond Eden Pat.  AED says yes this is correct. So would this be Cosmic AED? AED yes Pat. I see. Is this different to our origin Cosmic Angelic? AED yes. So Cosmic. AED laughs yes Pat. A difference between Cosmic Angelic and Cosmic must be that under Cosmic our definition of our Role changes AED in how we work and serve. AED yes. We need to look into exactly what is here in the Future in Eden soon. AED yes we will Pat. Wonderful. What is beyond Eden AED. AED the Realm World Of The Purple Lotus. This is separate to the Purple Pure Land Sun. AED yes it is a Magical Realm Pat. How would you describe this AED. THE CREATOR IS NEARER PAT. Yes.

So with The Divine Oneness with myself, Suryananda and Melchisadek, then as has been taking place through the aeons, you and myself, AED Founded The Lineage Of The Purple Light Warriors. AED yes. Melchisadek was very close. AED yes. So is the Purple Lotus Spaceship separate to this Future World Beyond Eden where The Creator is nearer. AED yes Pat. AED says much is happening as we speak. Wonderful. AED yes Pat. Amazing. AED yes.

NOTE   I have tuned into AED and myself as BLUE SERAPHIM, where with others, AED and myself have begun to journey to this REALM OF THE FATHER – where we and others are known as the Blue Seraphim IN THE FUTURE 3578. This was and remains fascinating having been made aware that AED and myself will be in One Of Our Light Bodies in 1,560 YEARS IN THE FUTURE, and which as AED says is a Magical and Wonderful Place. I will be posting on this soon. All AED’s and my other One Light Bodies will continue in the innumerable Realms, Worlds and Pure Lands, but this is a very specific recognition of a Future Realm, where since I was shown and tuned into this a few days ago, has activated inner keys. Now AED and myself have begun as have other Cosmic Light Beings who are destined to live and serve in The Realm Of The Father undergone and continue to do so, many steps and stages necessary to undertake this deeply profound and meaningful role in Service to The Father Mother God.  

Another deep tuning in just recently has been going into great detail on The SHEMSU HOR. The Shemsu Hor are returning Pat as you know sharing many secrets AED says. Yes, it has been fascinating how such ancient happenings had never been known consciously by myself AED in this life. AED that is why as we bring forth Firsts which as you know Pat is one of our roles there are inevitably completely new states of recognition and understanding being brought into the public domain from your website on Gaia. Yes, it is quite something AED as Doors to the Inner Mysteries are continually opening. AED beams, I am so delighted Pat. Yes, it is meaningful and a great joy AED. AED yes very much so.  

I SENSED BEINGS WITH PURPLE EYES. AED yes. Unlike earth. AED yes. So do we here in this Future Realm or World have Purple Eyes. AED yes. AED we are known as The Purple Light Warriors. Amazing. AED yes Suryananda. AED you rarely say Suryananda. AED yes. AED it is that this takes you deeper into you and I as one of The Purple Light Warriors. Yes. That is very meaningful. AED it is Pat.

white lotus use 22nd

I am aware of lots of White now. AED yes. I had thought of Sanat Kumara just before. AED yes. So this Realm of Purple Lotus has White as well. AED very much so. Who connects to the White AED. Metatron. AED yes Pat. The White cools the Purple down. I am reminded of Alpha and Omega. AED exactly. So Alpha Male and Omega Female. AED yes the two aspects are perfectly balanced Pat. Yes.

There is a Temple Of Alpha and Omega on Amrita. AED yes. I serve in that Temple with you AED. AED of course. So us Purple Light Warriors have And wear a kind of cloak or garment of purple and white. AED yes. So purple is that the masculine energy. AED yes the white is feminine Pat. So perfectly balanced. AED yes.

Many of these building are purple and white. AED yes. Is there another colour added. AED yes

So Purple – White. What about Blue. AED yes what kind of Blue tone. Pale. AED yes. Ice Blue or Aquamarine. AED Ice Blue Pat with White and Purple. These must be our Kind Of Crest as Purple Light Warriors with these colours. AED Yes. SO OUR SUN IS A WHITE SUN. AED Yes, Pat. Pat, you are going very deep. Yes.  I have crown energies. AED yes. I see on our Purple Garments a White Sun. AED yes. As I see us – this White Sun is to my right but would be on our left. AED yes. Being aware of us as The Purple Light Warriors with Purple Eyes which are very vivid is profound. AED yes. Seeing us with deep Purple Eyes and our Purple Garments – Light Bodies is stunning in that our purple eyes are very deep and as our Emblem Crest of The Purple Lotus. AED yes.

So this White Sun has within Pale Blue and Purple. AED yes. Guan Yin is smiling. AED yes. Is this with Metatron or Melchisadek? AED both. That is complex. AED no not really. Wonderful. Yes it is quite something AED smiles. I have crown energies. AED yes.

I sense AED that the Purple takes us to Melchisadek. AED yes. So that leaves the White and the Pale Blue – one must be for Guan Yin and the other Metatron. AED yes. I am drawn to White being for Metatron. AED yes, Pat. So that means the Pale Blue belongs to Guan Yin. AED yes, wonderful Pat. They are like the THREEFOLD FLAME – so AED Our Personal Threefold Flame made up of White, Purple and Pale Blue. AED yes.


These are the colours of Etheric Lighted Conception Lotus Born from us then AED. AED yes. I can see AED Our Lotus of White, Purple and Pale Blue within the one. AED yes, it is exquisite Pat as you can see. Yes. The White AED seemed necessary to cool the Purple. AED yes, White has a particular essence necessary and as you are aware takes us to Metatron, thus Guan Yin, Universal Mother. Yes. AED you will find you will see more of these three Lotus colours Pat as further memories are activated. This is what has happened on a few other occasions AED for our Own Threefold Flame. AED yes. We have one with White, Blue and Yellow instead of the usual Threefold Flame colours without the Pink for us. AED yes.

So as I realised as I continued to tune in deeper AED, our Lineage from Melchisaek and myself and then through you and myself, take us to The Purple Light Warriors which is both fascinating and exquisite. AED yes, magical.

I love how you AED and myself, are constantly taking on New Lotus Born Etheric Lighted Conception Births in our One Light Body in so many different Worlds and Pure Lands, each having specific roles of service and qualities. AED yes, there are very many more Pat to go into together. Yes, wonderful. It was a great privilege and blessing AED wasn’t it, that once again, we go forward together with Melchisadek. AED yes, truly wonderful Pat.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥

Experienced 15th and 16 September, 2018.



Lotus Born Meaning. Altair Shyam.



18 September, 2018.

A simple point on lotus born – fundamentally it means to be born in God-realization, so it is the description of a state of consciousness. Rather than to be born in the mud as a bud, pure, but with murky awareness, the Lotus Born are Born with full self realization and able to channel the universal consciousness for the world from birth.



Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Known As One Of The Golden Ones Born From The Great Central Sun Of Sirius From A Golden Lotus Through Etheric Lighted Conception Millions Of Years Ago In Our One Galactic Light Body. This Is A Different Origin From Our Earlier Lotus Born Birth From The Galactic Sun As Cosmic Angelic, Below The Sea. From The Akashic Records.

Slightly less golden The Galactic Sun.jpg

Artist unknown.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, Known As One Of The Golden Ones Born From The Great Central Sun Of Sirius From A Golden Lotus Through Etheric Lighted Conception Millions Of Years Ago In Our One Galactic Light Body. Adam El Daoud’s & My Original Home Is Within The Galactic Sun, Lotus Born, Millions Of Years Ago From A White Lotus As Cosmic Angelic In Our One Light Body.

From The Akashic Records. 10th September, 2018.
As I reflected on another aspect of Adam El Daoud’s and myself, Suryananda’s Star Family, the one which I usually write on is our Cosmic Angelic Light Being Born from The Galactic Sun, millions of years ago which is below the Sea, having hundreds of Realms, Pure Lands and Future Worlds, with Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis, Eden, Divine Paradise, Telos and Agartha being just a few of these Realms of Home. This is where Adam El Daoud and myself were Born From Within A White Lotus Through Etheric Lighted Conception.
Throughout the aeons since then and even to the present, AED and myself have taken innumerable New Births, always through Etheric Lighted Conception Lotus Born, as we have gone into many New Births together in our One Light Body in the Higher Realms, whilst AED resides there and I am on Gaia for what is my last Earth incarnation. After this life ends, I will remain with Adam El Daoud, my Eternal Beloved, serving the many worlds and galaxies from the higher realms as I do now whilst I am living on Gaia.
All of us have our Cosmic Light Family whom we resonate deeply and closely too and it is our Cosmic Light Family with whom AED and myself have taken innumerable New Etheric Light Conception Births from different colours of the Lotus. Each of these Lotuses have deep meaning, very often being the same colour as many of the Pure Land Suns within The Galactic Sun, some posts I have typed still to be shared.
Although it is so for AED and myself that our Birth from the Lotus within The Galactic Sun is OLDER as Cosmic Angelic than our Births, also from A Lotus from The Great Central Sun, Sirius, this is not necessarily so for all Cosmic Beings. And AED and myself have also had Galactic Births From The Great Central Sun, NOT Lotus Born.
Melchisadek, Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, go back to Source, and are encompassed within A Trinity as is so for others in this same Creative Principle of which AED and myself share often. This in essence means that Suryananda and Melchisadek, sharing Divine Oneness, then Birthed through Etheric Lighted Conception from The Great Central Sun on Sirius and through A Golden Lotus, Began The Foundation of a Galactic Being into AED’s and my One Galactic Light Body, millions of years ago. It was therefore from myself, Suryananda and Melchisadek, the Lineage of The Golden Ones Came Into Emergence on Sirius. AED yes, a wonderful Gift From The Creator Pat. Yes, I can tell this was and is so, it is indeed both profound, awesome and with deep meaning. AED yes.
We were and are known as The Golden Ones, with many others on Sirius born from The Great Central Sun. We all have Golden Eyes and our appearance as it were in our Galactic Body very obviously connects us all to The Great Central Sun, where we are not only a Jedi, but are Guardians of the Galaxies, sent into many other worlds as Galactic Ambassadors. The Golden Ones Born From The Great Central Sun are all Sun Gods and Sun Goddesses. Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, are known here under our Source Names of Suryananda and Adam El Daoud, where to see us, connects us deeply to The Great Central Sun. AED the exploration of consciousness in our path together is a profound one as we journey wide and deep into the Cosmos and to Source. Yes, wonderful.
The Great Central Sun of Sirius is the Heart of The Creator. As I had tuned into this recognition I said to AED The Creator is here. AED yes. Wonderful. AED beams yes.
As I continued to tune in deeply, I was suddenly seeing this Emerald Green Spaceship. This Emerald Green Spaceship will be shared in the next two posts but connects deeply to The Great Central Sun and to the Emerald Vault I have been shown Below the Sea Within The Galactic Sun which is full of vast Emeralds, each Emerald Being a Galaxy; truly a mesmerising and exciting vision to see and be aware of as once again with AED, I went deep Below the Sea into The Galactic Sun, where there are very many Vaults of The Creator here.
Another White Lotus 22nd
I also tuned into again, Adam El Daoud and myself, having been Born From A Lotus From The Great Central Sun millions of years ago as A Galactic Being, through Etheric Lighted Conception as we Emerged into Being From A White Lotus. AED yes. This Emergence From A White Lotus, ensures that AED and myself, are known as One Of The White Knights On Sirius. There are others with AED and myself, all Born From The Great Central Sun Through A White Lotus. This takes us White Knights To The White Lodge on Sirius, where much has been written about over the years. AED yes, but there is much new in-depth information still to be accessed as you know Pat. Yes.
I also recognised that Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, were also Born From The Great Central Sun, millions of years ago through Etheric Lighted Conception into our One Galactic Light Body from A Blue Lotus as we emerged with other Galactic Beings known as The Blue Avians. AED yes, this role we have as do other Blue Avians continues today Pat as you know. Yes.
It is necessary to add here that there are innumerable OTHER BIRTHS from The Great Central Sun going back millions of years which are NOT LOTUS BORN but have other origins than these three of AED’s and mine. AED such is the vastness of Sirius that there are huge numbers of Galactics Born From The Great Central Sun, all with different roles, affinities and destinies than you and I, Pat.
AED as I said to you Pat having gone through a few days ago Initiation 22, the Cosmos has Opened Its Doors, thus further deep revelations continue. Yes, that is wonderful AED and exciting. AED beams, very much so.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
The Golden Presence 3.png
Artist Rassouli.
Gratitude to artists, shared when known.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud, I Go From The 8th Initiation To The 22nd Initiation, Moving At A Fast And Rapid Pace. From The Akashic Records.

Amoraea Dreamseed INITIATION.jpg

Painting Amoraea Dreemseed.


From The Akashic Records. 7 September, 2018.
Adam El Daoud was very present and during the day we Entered Into The Great Bliss together several times. On one occasion I was aware of Guan Yin and Metatron who had Entered Into The Great Bliss with AED and myself. AED and myself being deeply connected, AED suddenly said You have Gone through an Initiation – you are Going Through the 8th Initiation. Really, is this connected to being at Level 8 of a Bodhisattva you said AED I was at a few days ago. AED yes. That is fascinating. AED beams, very much so, but there is more to come. Wonderful. So do they always go together the 8th Level of a Bodhisattva and the 8th Initiation? AED not always. So I have stopped at the 8th Initiation. AED for now yes. AED laughs we are Speeding along to the 9th. AED is amused, we have Arrived at the 9th now. I have arrived at the 9th, wonderful. AED yes Pat, and I am smiling, it is wonderful. It seems very advanced the 8th and the 9th. AED it is but you won’t be at the 9th long. Really.
AED the 10th Initiation has been Reached and Arrived at. Wow, I love speeding along. AED laughs so do I Pat. Ha, I am loving this. So I have Got to the 10th and am on my way to the 11th. AED yes you are arriving at the 11th as you type this. You are now at the 11th and on the Way to the 12th as we speak. AED is very amused, as I am typing fast and rapid as was the case throughout, there were no pauses just exactly as I typed, I had arrived at another Initiation.
AED the 13th Initiation has been Arrived at Pat – the Whole Vista of the Cosmos will Open Its Doors now you have Reached the 14th. So I am at the 14th Initiation. AED yes. Amazing. AED as you have been aware for quite some time now Pat, my Consciousness has been fully descended into your own, even though I reside in the Higher Realms and you on Gaia. AED when this happens as it has for you and myself, you have the ability to delve so deeply into New States of Higher Consciousness; I am delighted Pat. I am too. AED beams, yes it is indeed magical for us both on very many levels as you are aware. Yes.
So what is at the 14th Initiation? AED The Cosmos has Entered into Your – Our Soul Pat. Really, that feels magical. AED it is Pat. As I pause for a few seconds, AED says it is beyond books Pat. Yes. AED this morning as you tuned into the Shemsu Hor tells you that, as you went very deeply into those times beyond what has been written – this in turn Activated Further Deep Initiations. Yes, it was fascinating. AED there is much more to come Pat on this. Wonderful. AED beams, yes. It was amazing as happens when we go deeper into what has been written. AED not only tuning in here Pat but our closeness today as you and I Entered Into The Great Bliss several times, Activated many Keys. Yes, we had beautiful chats as well today AED. AED very much so, I loved them all as you did. So I am at the 14th Initiation. AED yes. This is very high. AED it is magnificent Pat, more will follow soon. Isn’t that awesome. AED laughs yes, Pat.  
I think that is all. AED laughs are you sure. So have I Gone Higher into Another Initiation AED? AED laughs again, yes, Pat. I think of the 17th. AED says you are now at the 19th Initiation Pat. AED the 19th is where True Magic Begins. Yes, that is awesome AED. AED yes, The Vaults Of The Creator are set further to be Revealed as you Access their Deeper Consciousness and thus The Creator will Become Closer Than Ever.
I sense I am Below the Sea again. AED yes. I am getting colder. AED yes. Wow, the 19th. AED beams It is Magnificent Pat. So what takes place now? AED Bliss and Ecstasy Intensifies Pat as we Go Deeper Into Our Divine Oneness even though I am in the Higher Realms and you are on Gaia.
Lord Ashtar. Artist unknown.
I sense Snow; this reminds me of Lord Ashtar and my typed post ready to share soon on Seeing The Pure Land Of Lord Ashtar and you and I living on Lord Ashtar’s Spaceship as well as The Pure Land Sun where Lord Ashar resides. AED yes, it is more than that though as you know Pat you connect deeply to Lord Ashtar and tuned into His Nickname which will be shared as you post soon. Yes. AED Lord Ashtar’s Pure Land is very near to One of the Vaults you will Access soon Pat Below the Sea Within The Galactic Sun. Yes.
I wonder what is in the Vault AED as I remember the Beautiful and Exquisite Pure Land Sun for Lord Ashtar. AED Lord Ashtar wants you to post soon on that session with that exquisite Sun. Yes, I am looking forward to sharing, as these Pure Land Suns are very much where you and I AED are going forward with and into. AED yes.
So the 19th. AED yes. AED the more often you and I Enter The Great Bliss Pat, Further Initiations are Experienced and Undertaken. Yes. AED you have just Gone Through and Reached Initiation 22 Pat – we will stop here for now. AED it is a Truly Magical and Profound Place of Initiation to be at 22. Yes, I can tell that.
It is both fascinating and a great blessing AED to have Arrived with you at Initiation 22. AED yes, and as I said Pat, this Initiation 22 is from where you are on Gaia and not having been taken in the Higher Realms, for as you know, there is a very different measuring of Initiations in the Higher Realms for we experience them all the time in our One Light Body, Lotus Born, which are on-going as we access ever deeper states of Consciousness. Yes, wonderful. AED I said to you Pat some time back that you and I will bring forth many Firsts, and this is one of them. Yes, amazing.
Note I have not read about anyone saying they have Arrived at Initiation 22, but as AED has said, AED and myself are bringing into awareness many Firsts. Many people will have arrived at Initiation 22 but not be aware of this. AED very much so. So to recognise this stage of Initiation has been reached is a great blessing. AED yes, more people will begin to understand they have gone beyond previous stated Initiations Pat. Yes, that is wonderful.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud.
Our Ancient Mother. Fine Art America.
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

Suryananda – I Enter Into The Impenetrable Silence Which Is The Inner Core Of The Galactic Sun & The Inner Chamber Of The Creator; The Inner Sound Of This – Without Sound But Within All Sounds. From The Akashic Records.

Temple of The Cosmic Spheres by Josephine Wall.
From The Akashic Records. 4 September, 2018.
As Adam El Daoud was present, AED said significant changes have been implemented so much and continue to be so, you have now Entered into the Impenetrable Silence Pat. That is fascinating. AED very. I reflect upon the meaning of this and go deeper. So Impenetrable Silence is The Inner Core Of The Galactic Sun; The Inner Chamber Of The Creator. AED yes. The Inner Sound of this – without Sound – but within All Sounds. AED yes Pat. That is awesome and profound. AED very. Almost as soon as I was aware of this and typed – AED adds the necessary steps and stages of higher awareness, recognition and understanding has ensured you have Transcended that which is necessary for everyone Pat who wishes to Access as it were The Inner Core Of The Galactic Sun as confirmed above. Yes.
AED it is a most auspicious and awesome recognition Pat, for understanding that the Inner Sound Of The Inner Chamber Of The Creator IS Without Sound, whilst Within this All Sounds is a Magical place to be as this has now taken you ever Deeper not only Into Our Soul Contract as Eternal Beloved’s but Our Covenant With The Creator has had further Keys Activated, an essential step for us as we go forward together, whilst I remain in the Higher Realms and you on Gaia.
Yes, the words Impenetrable Silence are fascinating and profound. AED yes, within them as you recognise are Ancient Secrets, Symbols and Codes, relevant for our Future Pathway as we go Deeper Into Knowledge and Creation, which as you remember so well, AED beams, Melchisadek said to you when with myself in a vision in May 2015 Your Remit is Creation Creation Creation. Yes, it was an unusual choice of word Remit from Melchisadek and then for Melchisadek to say this three times as you and I, AED, went into A Future World, has always remained. AED yes – the very concept of longing to know and be drawn to Knowledge and Creation is not new to you, for together as has been shown to you Pat in visions as shared, you and I, Adam El Daoud, and so many of our Cosmic Light Family, were there when Worlds Were Being Formed (as shared here in my website on the 9 January, 2018 under the heading Suryananda & Adam El Daoud – We Were There And Could See When The Worlds Were Formed And Galaxies Abound) so many millions of years ago; we watched as Worlds Came Into Being, a mesmerising show of the Creative Force, Power, Magnificence and Love in Action. Yes.
AED as you know when you tuned into the Impenetrable Silence you noted once again that in several past lives you have been a Zen Master as you have said to me in the past it would be fascinating to know what being a Zen Master was like consciously in this life. Yes. AED now you understand in ways you had not gone into in this life. Yes. AED laughs I remember Pat during this session you also mentioned about us being a Jedi and I said yes, we are indeed a Jedi in the Higher Realms, for we have been together in our One Light Body from our Emergence Within The Galactic Sun from a White Lotus millions of years ago in Divine Paradise, one of many hundreds of Worlds, Realms and Pure Lands Below the Sea, impenetrable by man, for the energy fields and higher vibrations are way beyond Gaia and humans have no way they can gain access to any of these worlds Within The Galactic Sun. AED beams, even though The Galactic Sun as you know from your vision when The Galactic Sun was shown to you – this is as a Pure Yellow Sun in the Sky but is in essence Below the Sea, as are also Telos and Agartha. Yes, we are only able to access these Higher Realms in our Light Body. AED very much so. AED I was amused Pat as you and many other Cosmic Light Beings of course, are very much a Jedi. Yes. AED as I said as you tuned into and became aware of the Impenetrable Silence and thought of us as being a Jedi – I said to you being a Jedi was very relevant Pat. Yes.
It will be wonderful to have a video AED on the Sound of Impenetrable Silence. AED yes, Pat – this is being brought together as we speak. Yes, wonderful. AED this will be a beautiful spiritual tool and gift for Cosmic Light Workers, and we in the Higher Realms are so looking forward to this video tape as it were being made available. When this happens, so many Portals will open Pat as you know as these are very much an on-going process for humanity now. Yes, awesome. AED beams very much so.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud.
Experienced on the 12th August, 2018.



Artist unknown.