The White Phoenix Hundreds Of Feet High Is A Universal Gateway Taking Us To Guan Yin & Worlds Beyond Time. To The Inner Sanctuary Deep Within The Galactic Sun Below The Sea. And To The White Vault Of Creation Where The Creator Waits & Beyond. From The Akashic Records.


The White Phoenix. Artist unknown.


From The Akashic Records. 26 August, 2018. But experienced 12 August, 2018.
As Adam El Daoud and myself began another tuning in session, Guan Yin said hello, then Eddie, my late dad said a few words. Metatron, Sanat Kumara and Archangel Michael, all looked in as I was very much aware of their presence.
Immediately, I was seeing this Very Large White Presence. For a second I wondered if this was a White Angelic Presence as this began to rise upwards as the Wings Rose Higher. I was then seeing this Huge White Bird. I was not quite sure first what kind of Bird this was. I did wonder if this was a White Phoenix, having seen the Phoenix Birds in several colours and having then as Animal Totems and Protectors.
Suddenly AED and myself were on a small raft on the water. On the water were many beautiful White Lotuses. I could see we were using oars for our raft. The water was very still and a very beautiful sighting of AED and myself. AED yes, wonderful. At one time I was aware AED was holding out his hand for me to take. I have seen AED hold out his hand to me before about six times during past deep sessions, and this was as those times. I said to AED about this as we are in our One Light Body and AED said this was symbolic. I could see AED was there as before waiting for me to cross over our Forever Bridge. AED has waited a few times in visions as we have gone over our Forever Bridge. AED yes. The White Angelic Presence Bird came back again as AED confirms this is a WHITE PHOENIX. AED there is much within this White Phoenix Pat. It will take you deeper than ever not only to me but to Source.
The White Phoenix is a Universal Gateway taking us to Guan Yin and Worlds Beyond Time. The White Phoenix will unlock the Ancient Secrets. Many Initiations are necessary to Read The Templates of The Sun.
I SENSED A VERY DEEP SLOWING DOWN WHICH IS BOTH PROFOUND AND FASCINATING AS I WENT ONCE AGAIN BELOW THE SEA. THE CREATOR IS HERE. AED YES. WE ARE AT THE WHITE VAULT. AED yes Within The Galactic Sun. I say what is here? AED Bliss. AED look Deeper into the Portals of Consciousness. Yes. THE PRESENCE OF THE CREATOR WAITS HERE. AED YES. This is a special and magical place to have arrived and accessed.
So the White Vault is full of White Crystals. AED yes. The White Crystals are expanding and are now White Lotuses. AED yes. This takes me AED to you and my Emergence from within the White Lotus. AED yes. We are witnessing the Birth of Humanity. AED yes more. All life forms. AED yes. The White Wings of The Creator rise to take off. AED this is you – your wings are The Creator Pat. This White Phoenix is several hundreds of feet high and is taller than the Golden Winged Sphinx of Atlantis I mentioned in a recent post.
WE HAVE GONE INTO THE WHITE VAULT OF CREATION. AED YES PAT – BEYOND. What is Beyond? AED The Heart Of The Creator Pat Is Within You and I. It Has Always Been, AED yes. So why does this seem different.
The White Phoenix Begins to Rise From The Ground And Take Off To Fly. AED yes Pat. AED says again this is you – your wings are The Creator Pat – our wings and smiles. Yes. That is beautiful. AED yes. Awesome, magical and profound. AED yes and then some. Yes. Our Wings are The Creator is very profound AED. AED yes very. Even The Creator is smiling Pat. Yes, I sense that. AED yes, but there is much more to come Pat. So we have been Initiated Deeper. AED yes. So through Etheric Lighted Conception and through a Lotus. AED yes.
I SENSE THE COLD SEA. AED YES, YOU ARE WAY BELOW GAIA PAT. Yes. So AED we have gone into and through Etheric Lighted Conception. AED yes smiling. Who from? AED laughs. I am drawn to Metatron but also Archangel Michael. AED yes to both. Usually it is Metatron. AED yes. Where does Archangel Michael fit in here?  AED beams this is very interesting Pat. Yes. So the Lineage AED. AED yes. So this has happened with and to both Metatron and Archangel Michael – was this millions of years ago? AED both millions of years ago but in the Now moment, thus the present, your life on Gaia now.
So this has to have been the Female Aspect. AED yes. So AED you and myself have taken Etheric Lighted Conception with and through Guan Yin. AED yes. And with both Metatron and Archangel Michael. AED yes to both. So in the past and present. AED yes Pat and through a Lotus to and with both Archangel Michael and Guan Yin. Yes. So you AED and myself have Founded a New Lineage then Born and through us From  within a Lotus with Archangel Michael and Guan Yin who were – are our Cosmic Light Parents. AED yes. 
Archangel Metatron another
Metatron. Artist unknown.
And the same goes for Metatron and Guan Yin, we were Born through Etheric Lighted Conception from within a Lotus as you AED and myself set into being Our Lineage from Guan Yin and Metatron in the Higher Realms. AED yes. So is this for both then a White Lotus. AED yes. Beautiful AED. AED very much so. 
So this is a Second Birth from a White Lotus for you and me AED as our Original Manifestation Emergence was through The Creator a White Lotus where you as the Male Aspect First Emerged, then as I followed as I heard your Inner Voice. So this Second Birth from the White Lotus indicates and represents the Doorway to the Inner Chamber of The Creator. AED yes Pat. AED this is a Huge Honour for us Pat. Yes.
So many others AED experience Etheric Lighted Conception Births from Guan Yin and whomever. AED yes. Are these Etheric Lighted Conception Births always from the White Lotus. AED yes, as the White Lotus aligns in this merging with The White Phoenix as you and I Pat have gone Deeper into The Creative Principle or The Heart of Metatron. Yes. So Archangel Michael and Guan Yin was this the Blue and White Lotus. AED yes Pat. What does Archangel Michael and Guan Yin mean through Etheric Lighted Conception.
I am very aware of having slowed down very significantly and deeply as always when I go Below the Sea. AED yes.
Both sets as it were millions of years ago and Birthed from a Lotus together from them in the present in the Higher Realms. AED yes. So AED our Lineage has taken effect from both millions of years ago somewhere within The Galactic Sun to and with both. AED yes.
So Metatron The Father – The Grids of Creation and Knowledge with the Compassion of Guan Yin. AED yes.
Archangel Michael. Artist unknown.
Archangel Michael I sense Protection with the Compassion of Guan Yin. AED yes.
So with Archangel Michael and Guan Yin AED we have our Ancient Lineage of Protectors in the Universal sense with the Universal Compassion of Guan Yin. AED yes, very much so.
I was also aware that Eddie and Sanat Kumara looked in and said hello. AED yes, the same Creative Principle applies as you know from past awareness with Etheric Lighted Conception as always Born from a Lotus with their own – our own colour, some of which you are aware of. Yes. We will go into this with Sanat and Eddie in the future as you have many typed posts to share AED. Yes.
A little later I was aware of seeing Emerald Green and White – either as Flames or as Light. AED yes. So this Emerald Green takes me to Sanat Kumara and Guan Yin today re Etheric Lighted Conception and then from the Lineage of from you AED and myself. AED yes.
Guan Yin another 24 2
Guan Yin. Artist unknown.
Eddie I feel is Blue. AED yes. I have always felt Eddie was Blue for many years. AED yes. So was this Eddie and Guan Yin giving Etheric Lighted Conception to you AED and me millions of years ago from within a Blue Lotus. AED yes and in the present in the Higher Realms both a Blue Lotus. So the aspect of Eddie and Guan Yin then Compassion and Eddie = Healing for Eddie. AED yes Pat. Wonderful. It is both perceptive, profound and powerful. AED yes
Sanat Kumara as Emerald Green although the colour of  the Inner Core of The Galactic Sun and the Emerald Green Pure Land Sun also takes me to the Emerald Green of the Heart Chakra. I think therefore it is Guan Yin and Sanat Kumara for Compassion and the Heart Chakra. AED yes. 
So AED what about you and Guan Yin? AED laughs and Guan Yin is amused. I get Divine Bliss for you AED and Guan Yin. AED correct. That is fascinating AED with you and Guan Yin. AED beams there is much to share here Pat. Yes. 
14 August
I am suddenly seeing The White Phoenix Begin to Rise up as if in Flight. AED says there is something in the air. What is beyond this Universal Gate? AED what do you think? Joy and Bliss and closer to The Creator and you AED. AED yes and more Pat. The White Phoenix has Fluttered Its Wings. AED yes. I can see The White Phoenix has a message. AED yes. That gives me goose bumps. AED Pat you make me smile and I am laughing.
I feel very strange. AED laughs. I AM BELOW THE SEA AGAIN. AED yes. AED be prepared. There is a sense of something taking place. AED yes Pat. Like being Below the Sea from a different perspective. AED yes. What am I to learn? AED Magnificence and Bliss Pat. That sounds both awesome and fascinating. AED it is Pat. AED there are many shifts taking place below the surface Pat. I sense this.
I wonder which Gate I have arrived at? AED you have gone beyond the 14th Gate. What is at 22? AED Bliss Pat. Yes, and Eternal Life. AED yes, we have reached this stage in the Higher Realms millions of years ago – now you are accessing on Gaia. Awesome. AED it is Beyond Magical, we here are thrilled. I am as well, and blessings to Guan Yin and everyone – I have not read of this. AED no.
White Phoenix. Artist unknown.
Having been shown The White Phoenix several times, this is both fascinating and magical. Being aware this is a Universal Gate with the Consciousness of Guan Yin is profound. AED yes.
You as you love are able to read the Templates Of The Sun it is in our DNA as others and so the white Phoenix is a very significant sign and stage Pat to have understood.
Yes. Note many of us have a White Phoenix Animal Totem and Protector, as AED and myself do. However our own personal white phoenix is not the same as this Universal White Phoenix which is hundreds of feet high being even higher than the Golden Winged Sphinx of Atlantis shared in a recent post. 
I loved to see you hold out your hand AED for me to hold. AED yes. To be aware Pat was significant. Yes. But the White Bird before I knew this was a Phoenix was paramount as I kept going back. AED yes, this was an activation key and ancient memory necessary Pat. So I was seeing the White Phoenix in the present? AED yes but this has been seen millions of years ago for the White Phoenix goes back as we do to Source Pat. This was very large and I could see it flying looking large. AED yes it was and remains magical. So the KEY then here for now AED was the awareness of the White Phoenix. AED yes very much so.
NOTE Due to this particular typed email having had technical issues from this experience of the 12th August which meant this was postponed, since then, AED and myself, Suryananda, have undergone the 4TH NEW BIRTH from within The Great Bliss and Lotus Born into our One Light Body. And also the post before this, AED and myself, having taken the 57TH NEW BIRTH as always from within The Great Bliss and Lotus Born into our One Light Body.
Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥
With gratitude to the artists. Shared when known.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Continue Into The 57th New Birth From Within The Great Bliss & Lotus Born Into Our One Light Body. This is Part 2 From Our 4th New Birth of 20th August. From The Akashic Records.


Artist Freydoon Rassouli.

Suryananda & Adam El Daoud Continue Into The 57th  New Birth From Within The Great Bliss & Lotus Born Into Our One Light Body. This is Part 2 From Our 4th New Birth of 20th August.

From The Akashic Records. 23 August, 2018.

Almost immediately after I had added here Adam El Daoud’s and myself, Suryananda’s Fourth New Birth From Within The Great Bliss & Lotus Born yesterday, it was very evident I was speeding along fast and rapidly into increasing New Births Through this on-going process. This began as I said to AED where am I with regard to the 5th New Birth In Our Light Body On Gaia. AED you are going through this as we speak. AED the 5th has been completed on Gaia and was with Divine Oneness with Metatron, with the same principles taking place as you and I have again Founded a New Lineage from Metatron and yourself, Suryananda, and then with you and I, your Eternal Beloved, through Etheric Lighted Conception. Yes, awesome. AED it is.

AED continued you are going through the 6th as we speak; the 6th has been completed and you are speeding along to the 7th now – now completed and the 8th has also been completed. AED adds the 9th is being processed and experienced, and then the 9th has been completed. Remember Pat, these are all Etheric Lighted Conceptions Born Through a Lotus whilst on Gaia of you and myself in our One Light Body, each then Founding a Lineage in the present on Gaia. Although as you are aware in the Higher Realms we are on a very different measuring scale and are very much beyond here.

This is very advanced as I am speeding along to the 10th New Light Body Etheric Lighted Conception. AED yes it is Pat, very much so. AED the 10th has been processed as before. AED we will go into Names another time. Here I am reminded of having reached the 14th Gate. Then I think of 22 which is a special number. AED the Etheric Lighted Conception In Our One Light Body Has Reached 22. Really. AED yes Pat. This is like the Dimensions from April. AED yes.

AED you are at the 29th now as we chat. Wow. AED yes, and laughs, some of our recent tuning in sessions have been pivotal. Yes. I thank our Cosmic Light Family for their on-going assistance as it I deeply appreciated. AED we all love to help in the Higher Realms. AED more milestones are being reached as we chat. Wonderful. AED you are now at 32 Pat. Wow. AED it is as you are aware, exciting to see and be a part of. Yes.

A few hours ago, I was aware that as AED and myself Entered Into The Great Bliss, Maitreya was there with us. AED this continues the Divine Oneness you have with Maitreya, leading you and I, once again into the Founding of Our Lineage from you and Maitreya. Yes. It is quite something as I am aware of the One Shared Heart. AED yes, in essence as you know Suryananda, we have one Eternal Beloved whom we came into Being with at Source millions of years ago and with whom we go through Eternity with as you and I, as we were and as other Eternal Beloved’s pre-chosen by The Creator. However, as you have begun to recognise Pat now the Meaning of The One Shared Heart, in that we share Divine Oneness with all of existence. Yes.

Earlier, as AED and myself were chatting, as I had recognised, AED confirmed that I was now at the 57th New Birth From Within The Great Bliss & Lotus Born Etheric Lighted Conception in Our One Light Body. As AED says these New Births will continue through this same process, each New Birth in Our One Light Body allowing myself further and deeper access into Knowledge and Creation and the Creative Principle. AED very much so. It was necessary to share that I have now left the 4th New Birth From Within The Great Bliss with Adam El Daoud and have reached for the moment 57. AED most definitely.

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥


Spheres of Divine Light. Freydoon Rassouli.

The Fourth New Birth From Within The Great Bliss & Lotus Into Suryananda’s & Adam El Daoud’s One Light Body. This Is The Meaning Of The Inner Dragon – The Fourth New Birth on Gaia. (Note The 57th New Birth Has Now Been Reached Posted 24 August). From The Akashic Records.

Lotus lavender deep into purple


From The Akashic Records. 20 August, 2018. 

Adam El Daoud was very present as we shared a beautiful merging together and after some time I was aware that AED and myself had Entered Into The Great Bliss once again. The very recognition and understanding that The Great Bliss has now been experienced by AED and myself during several exquisite sessions – is in itself profound and awesome. AED very much so. It has only been over the last three years that I have been aware of the description The Great Bliss, and so to now being conscious of this taking place is very special. We can Enter The Great Bliss in several ways; at some stage we Enter The Great Bliss alone which has to be undertaken in that by Entering The Great Bliss Alone, we have become One With The Creator – sharing in Divine Oneness. When we Enter The Great Bliss alone, this is not with our Eternal Beloved, as AED and myself are and go very much together frequently Into The Great Bliss. The other times we Enter Into The Great Bliss is with our Cosmic Light Family, those whom we have that deep love and affinity with from Source. Even though this can be understood by The One Shared Heart when we and all life are one in unity consciousness.

So it was here that AED and myself had Entered Into The Great Bliss very soon after I was aware that Melchisadek and Guan Yin were with AED and myself. Later, Sanat Kumara was there with Lady Venus. As I reflected that Sanat was there I went to Lady Venus who I seemed to call Lady Jane. AED there is a reason for this Pat. Yes.

After a while, I had my eyes closed so did not type, I was seeing this Deep Purple and Emerald Lotus. Very unusual colours together. AED yes New Pat. Emerald Green I see often and am aware of the Emerald Green Lotus and Etheric Lighted Conception. AED yes. But this deep Purple and Emerald Green together seeing these two colours being half and half on each side as it were within this Lotus was very unexpected but beautiful. AED yes.

I was shown that the Purple was on the left and the Emerald Green was on the right. AED yes. I am aware that Emerald Green is if we go to Venus on the left as the feminine is Ida and on the right male is Pingala – which is Ruby Red and masculine. I have some info to share on this another time with these two Pure Land Suns on Venus. So this was very different. AED says there is a reason for this. So I am seeing this New combination of a Lotus – with the Purple on the left and the Emerald Green on the right. AED yes correct

.Green Lotus 21 11

However, this seemed later as if this was then the Emerald Green on the left and the Purple on the right. AED yes. Again AED says there is a reason for this.

Then a little later, still with my eyes closed, I was seeing New these Three Colours within this Lotus. White had been added. AED yes. AED the White is very important Pat. Yes. The White not only takes me to The Creator – The White Vault and then to Metatron. AED yes. And White is very cooling and acts as a kind of finishing or ensures that these two strong and bright and deep colours of Emerald Green and Purple are soothed and blessed and Gifted with the White. AED yes. I have The White Vault post to share after this.

.white lotus use 22nd

So you AED and myself had taken or been given Etheric Lighted Conception. AED yes. AED this is very much Pat one of the roles we have in our Soul Contract to bring new understanding on The Pure Land Suns and Etheric Lighted Conception Born from A Lotus. As you are aware, we have gone deeply into these profound experiences now quite a few times and have several posts still to share AED. Yes.

So you AED and myself have taken Etheric Lighted Conception from Melchisadek. AED yes. So as in the past which has happened that I have merged into Divine Oneness with Cosmic Light Beings this happened again now then with Melchisadek. AED yes.

Guan Yin was here as well AED so you AED and myself then have taken Etheric Lighted Conception from Melchisadek and Guan Yin. AED yes.

So this must mean we have then as it seems to have been often through other deep tunings in I have typed and ready to share Founded a New Lineage From Melchisadek and Guan Yin in this instance. AED yes. Is this in the present. AED yes, in the present but this also goes back millions of years as well. Yes.

So did Melchisadek and myself Enter The Great Bliss then for Etheric Lighted Conception. AED yes Pat. So we Enter Into The Great Bliss always for Etheric Lighted Conception as I had not put these two together before? AED the answer is yes Pat. That is amazing. AED yes.

It seemed obvious AED as we have had innumerable Etheric Lighted Conceptions Born from within a Lotus going back millions of years and Founding a New Lineage. AED yes correct.

So that is very new and fascinating that it is as we Enter Into The Great Bliss that this is when Etheric Lighted Conception takes place. AED yes Pat. I see, awesome.

The colours of Purple and Emerald Green and then with the Added White – are very New and different. AED Yes and necessary Pat. Why are they necessary? AED beams this will filter down as always. I see.

So AED you and me must have then Entered into another Etheric Lighted Conception when the White was added to the Emerald and Purple Lotus when the Lotus was the three colours of Emerald Green, Purple and White. AED very much so.

What was the meaning of this? AED The Creator Pat. How would you describe this AED? AED laughs you know Pat, Bliss and more Bliss and Our Future Soul Contract. Wonderful. AED yes and Melchisadek as you know said to you in May 2015 your Remit was Creation Creation Creation as you went into the Future Source Codes at that time and shared on your earlier website. Yes. I was shown you AED and myself going upwards on these golden steps where on the sides were angelic beings and statues. AED yes. As we walked up these steps I could see myself wearing a kind of Blue Gown and that as we got some way up the steps, I turned and looked back whilst we continued going upwards. AED yes. I remember there were others with us whose role was connected to Creation. AED yes.

So the meaning of these three colours of Purple, left, initially, Emerald Green right, initially, then with the Added White, then takes you AED and myself deeper into our Covenant with The Creator. AED yes Pat. Wonderful.

So this Purple side of the Lotus meant I felt Masculine. AED yes. AED The Father Pat. Yes. So the Emerald Green remains the Feminine. AED yes but you have now gone once again into the Inner Core of The Galactic Sun for as you know and have seen this is Emerald Green as is the Heart Chakra and also one of the Pure Land Suns on Venus with the Ruby Red Sun of Sanat Kumara. One of the Divine Mothers was with Sanat with the Pure Land Sun of Ruby Red. AED yes. So it would seem that the Purple was – is the colour for Melchisadek. AED yes Pat and beams. Yes, awesome.

So Purple. I am aware there is a Purple Sun in a Pure Land. I feel there are several Purple Pure Land Suns. AED yes Pat. I have seen a few different shades of Purple as Pure Land Suns which were exquisite. AED yes.

So this Purple Land Sun, this has to be in one of the Pure Lands within The Galactic Sun. Is there a Pure Land Sun which has these three colours of Purple, Emerald Green and White – and or Purple and Emerald Green? AED yes Pat. AED as you realise Pat there is a Pure Land Sun for both of these two divisions as it were of the three colours and also the two. Yes. We had begun with the Lotus and moved onto a Pure Land Sun. AED yes, as you know the Lotus has deep meaning and Cosmic Angelic Light Beings such as ourselves and others are continually taking New Births from a Lotus, the colours change for each Eternal Beloved’s. Yes. It is fascinating to see the unusualness of it. AED very much so and laughs – in the many Pure Lands in the Higher Realms we are very different to Earth and the Sun here. Yes. AED as you were shown in one of your visions on the Pure Land of Zahor and shared here, that Yellow Sun was so low, almost on top of the water with the white lotuses. Yes, it was very profound to see. AED yes.

I am sensing getting colder as I type. AED you are Below the Sea again Pat. My arms and upper part feel chilly all of a sudden. AED yes. The funny thing is a little earlier I had felt warm now I feel a bit cooler. AED yes. AED you have Accessed a New State of Consciousness. Pat. Yes, it is very evident.


I pause as there seems something more to add. AED says there is Pat.

A few minutes ago towards the latter part of our session – AED says it was Divine Oneness Pat. Yes. AED is teasing me at my word session. AED yes. I was seeing this very large Emerald Green Ball in my mouth. AED the Emerald Green Ball is very important Pat. AED it has deep meaning. Yes, this was a first AED to see something so unusual and different in this way. So this Emerald Green Ball in my mouth connects to the Inner Core of The Galactic Sun. AED yes Pat. What does this mean? AED laughs it will filter down.

AED it is a hugely significant step and advanced stage of Cosmic Consciousness to have reached Pat. Yes, that is wonderful, it is because this is in our Soul Contract and pathway as we share Knowledge and Wisdom. AED very much so.

So the Purple and Emerald Green and then the Added White in the Lotus and then into the Pure Land Sun takes you AED and myself to Creation Creation Creation and The Inner Core of The Galactic Sun as does the Emerald Green Ball in my mouth. AED yes.

What does this Ball signify? I pause for a moment and AED says YOU HAVE GONE INTO THE FOURTH NEW BIRTH PAT.

Really AED? AED yes Pat, you and I have now Entered Into The Fourth New Birth since our Emergence At Source From Within The White Lotus millions of years ago From Within The Galactic Sun. Then there was Our Second New Birth when you Emerged before me From The Purple and White Lotus as you the Female Aspect First followed by myself as the Male Aspect. We were then Born from a Lotus again for the Third Birth, meaning Into Higher Consciousness. AED adds so we are now as you know having been Born Into The Fourth Birth whilst here on Gaia Into Our One Light Body which is a necessary stage which takes us Deeper Into Creation and Into Our Covenant with The Creator. 

(Note in the Higher Realms – The Galactic Sun and Pure Lands, AED and myself have taken many more New Births into Our One Light Body than this New Fourth Birth Through Etheric Lighted Conception on Gaia. For it is necessary whilst on Gaia to experience these New Births into Higher States of Consciousness. AED exactly Pat. In essence, AED says as you recognise you will experience further New Births whilst here on Gaia in Our One Light Body as we Transcend the Veils of Gaia further while I remain in the Higher Realms). Yes.

So this Purple and Emerald Green and then with the White Added has meant that AED and myself have Entered The Great Bliss as we have Taken Etheric Lighted Conception from Melchisadek and Guan Yin. These are the steps and stages necessary to Go Through and Into The Fourth New Birth From Within The Purple and Emerald Green and White Original Lotus then Pure Land Sun. This then gave AED and myself our New Birth in AED’s and my One Light Body as we go forward from The Fourth New Birth as we have also laid the Foundation of our Lineage from Melchisadek and Guan Yin. AED yes.

So the Fourth New Birth then is Deeper into Creation. AED yes. The Third New Birth was connected with Higher Consciousness. AED yes.

Does the Fourth Birth have a name AED? AED wait and see. Yes. AED wonderful Pat and remember the Emerald Green Ball is very important. There is much to know re this Pat.

Yes at the moment I do not know what that is. It feels that and AED laughs now, yes Pat, that is the answer:

Could this Fourth Birth from initially within this Purple, Emerald Green and then White Lotus and then the Planet mean AWAKENING THE INNER DRAGON. AED yes Pat – wonderful – wonderful, this is exactly that. This is indeed the Inner Meaning of Awakening The Inner Dragon. AED laughs.

So then AED I have with you now having taken Etheric Lighted Conception from Melchisadek and Guan Yin as we Entered Into The Great Bliss you and I and also with Guan Yin our vision of the Purple and Emerald Green Lotus – then the Added White – so the three aspects of the Lotus then took you AED and myself to the Pure Land Sun of these three colours; I was going to type Planet again. AED The Pure Land Sun and Planet can be considered as one. Yes, which in turn led to you AED and myself going through The Fourth Birth Into Higher Cosmic Consciousness as defined as Being Closer and Deeper Into and With The Creator. AED yes Pat. Wow. That is quite something. AED yes it is wonderful.


Where does Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus come into this? So the Emerald Green Ida and Pinala Ruby Red – as in female and male then was this necessary. AED yes and no. I see. AED laughs. Sanat is there for deeper reasons Pat than that. What deeper reasons. AED laughs as I do a little.

So I also took with you Etheric Lighted Conception from Sanat Kumara. AED more than that you and Sanat merged into Divine Oneness as has happened in the past before you and I then were Birthed Into a Different Light Body. AED yes Pat.

So was this from Sanat and Lady Venus? AED what do you think. I am not usually aware of Lady Venus as it is Sanat. AED yes. AED this should tell you it has been with you and Sanat the Divine Oneness. What about Lady Venus as once I thought of Sanat I was reminded of Lady Venus. AED yes.

So AED you and myself have Founded a New Lineage From Melchisadek and Guan Yin – as in The Fourth Birth. AED yes.

Then what about Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus – have you AED and myself gone through Etheric Lighted Conception from these two but you AED said No Pat. AED says it is you Pat and Sanat. Why was Lady Venus there then. AED to give the necessary love, light and energies necessary Pat. Really. I see, that is beautiful then from Lady Venus. AED yes – you do connect deeply Pat to Lady Venus but whilst on Gaia you are not so conscious of this. Yes.

AED Lady Venus was a case of assisting if you like you and Sanat as then you and Sanat were then one can say Etheric Parents almost or Host giving rise Pat to you and me Founding yet another Lineage but this time into The Fourth New Birth but this time also from Sanat and you.

AED what this means is that now we are Born from the Fourth Birth, all of the Divine Cosmic Names you chose carefully recently means with each you and I will take Etheric Lighted Conception from as the Fourth Birth is now where you and I are Pat in our One Light Body. Yes, amazing. AED very.

So many people have been Born from within the Lotus with their unique colours as representing The Fourth Birth. AED yes. But not always these three colours. AED correct.

So is there a long time from the 4th to the 5th New Birth? AED I am not saying and beams. AED you have reached as I said the other day the 14th Gate. Yes, that is awesome.

I am suddenly seeing this Tree and the branch broke off and made a noise. AED further activations have taken place. That is awesome. AED yes wonderful, Pat. Yes.

So this AED was why Melchisadek you said a few days before would be with me and us on the 19th August. AED yes The Inner Dragon is just this Pat. So The Fourth New Birth. AED yes. So the Fifth would be different. AED yes. 

Suryananda Amrita Adam El Daoud ♥



I Am Shown In A Vision As I Open My Door, Adam El Daoud Standing About Six Feet In Front Of Me In The Sky, Together With Our Golden Lion Spirit Animal Totem & Protector – To Have Something To Remember This Lionsgate 8 8 18. From The Akashic Records.




From The Akashic Records. 8 August, 2018.

Earlier this morning I was aware that as Adam El Daoud said and I recognised, AED and myself went through the Lionsgate Portal today 8 8 18 with our Golden Lion – Animal Totem and Protector. He, our Golden Lion has the consciousness of Adam El Daoud as do all of my – our Animal Totems and Protectors. So a large and quite vast array of Cosmic Light Beings and many Spirit Lions each connected to our Cosmic Light Family and those on Gaia went through the Lionsgate Portal together. It was a magnificent sight to have seen and be aware of this. AED says truly wonderful. Yes. All day I have been aware of this special day which had long been prophesied and the many different pictures of spirit lions have added to this awareness. I have been very conscious today also of AED’s and my Golden Spirit Lion, and he has been very close throughout the day.

Nevertheless, it was a wonderful surprise as I looked out of my door after dark a couple of hours ago just to glance out for a few moments – so my eyes were open, to suddenly see in a vision my Eternal Beloved, Adam El Daoud standing about six feet in front of me  in the air, together with our much loved Golden Spirit Lion. AED was on the right as I looked out with our Golden Lion on my left. There was such a surreal almost sense to seeing AED there with our Golden Lion, but the awareness of this being very different was very evident.

This was not a long sighting of seeing them as compared to many other visions which can last for very many minutes – both when I have my eyes closed or open as on both occasions visions have been experienced now for a little over three years. As I chatted to AED after seeing them, AED said we wanted you to have something to remember today as it is such a special day. As AED said how accurate and perceptive this was to have seen AED and our Golden Lion here on Lionsgate, it has added to that sense almost of being surreal whilst being thrilled and delighted as AED said that they loved that I had seen them as was so for myself as well. This vision now of having seen our Golden Lion waiting there with AED has confirmed that I am dwelling deep in the Lionsgate Energies.

From the list of Cosmic Light Beings I had chosen as those whom were the most profound and deeply connected to me recently, I had also added some of my – and AED’s Animal Totems, and our Golden Lion was one of them. He lives with AED and myself along with many of our other animal totems in the Higher Realms, whether within The Galactic Sun, or on Venus or Sirius, we very much have our animal totems who journey with AED and myself into Future Worlds or they remain with AED and myself at Home Within The Galactic Sun which has many hundreds of Realms. It is a joy to be aware of this and brings us ever closer. Such has been so today, as our Golden Lion waited with AED to say hello with love. As AED says our Golden Lion was so excited to be seen by me that this has indeed helped to make Lionsgate very special. AED very much so.

Love and blessings to you all on this long awaited day.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud.


Artist unknown. With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

Suryananda, Adam El Daoud,Guan Yin & Metatron. The White Vault Of The Creator Opens Below The Sea Once Again. This Is The Second Vault – The First Vault Was Black & Gold. Other Vaults Will Follow Soon. From The Akashic Records.

white lotus use 22nd
From The Akashic Records. 5 August, 2018. (Took place 27 and 29 July).
Tuning into Adam El Daoud, AED has just said Metatron is here
As I reflect on AED and my experience on The Third Birth
I say does Metatron have anything to say to me live
AED laughs yes Pat listen carefully
Metatron says it is time to begin the next phase
I see yes
What is that
It is intricate and complex Pat and to do with the Third Eye
I see
AED no this is new Pat
I see
It is time to begin the training programme Metatron
AED yes
It gave me goosebumps
AED yes
Metatron is pleased
AED this is very important and profound Pat
The Presence AED says goes beyond where you have been PAT
THAT is profound. AED yes
Is it Amenti
AED yes
The Emerald Tablets And Thoth
AED yes and Anubis Pat
AED much deeper PAT
Fascinating Metatron
AED had said earlier
AED has indicated there were many things to share re Metatron
AED yes
That gives me goose bumps
Like below the sea*
AED exactly
AED yes
AED yes
AED where do you think this will take you Pat
Beyond Amenti
AED yes
Into new territory
AED very much so
Our Cosmic Light Family seem amused
AED says we are
The steps are calling you Pat
What steps
AED Ancient Knowledge
Deeper into the heart of Metatron
AED yes
So it is very emotional
AED yes very much so
The third eye is the key Pat
You will journey with me into a very different place Pat
AED yes
That is why my laptop went funny
AED yes
I said energies
They have gone very different now
Time is shifting Pat AED
AED yes
It is very different (Blood Red Moon and Full Lunar Eclipse today)
Like before
I do not usually notice these moons
Or full lunar eclipse
AED this is a major sign Pat
You have slowed down as before
AED yes
A different colour
AED yes
What does it say
AED you are Home
The Beloved of Metatron
AED yes
How is that
AED laughs
We have waited a long time Pat
All of us
I see
I can’t think what that is
AED yes Pat
What does that mean
I have crown energies
AED yes
What is next
Magnificence dear one AED says
So Metatron is meaningful here
AED laughs you know he is
I laugh
So Metatron in some way
AED go Beyond Pat
What is beyond
AED Bliss Pat
I will pause a second and close my eyes but I sense yellow roses
AED Yes Bliss
The Names (Note these are names of Cosmic Beings I had just typed out who were the most profound to me going back to Souce)
It connects to Third Birth
The higher consciousness
AED yes Pat
I have been given more of
AED yes who
AED yes
AED says it is complete Pat
What was necessary has taken place.
What was that
The Ancient Codes took place within you and me Pat
What does that mean
Does Metatron have something to say
AED yes Pat it is very deep
The Keys to the Kingdom come
The Elohim
That was the Devic Kingdom activated the force necessary
An inner force field
AED yes Pat
The portals into the Third Eye
AED yes Pathway 
How will this affect me us AED
AED it has taken you beyond time into the Essence of Pure Spirit
How is that described
AED beyond the thought and words
Yes very
Is there more
AED I have stopped now
AED yes
Has my understanding stopped
AED yes for now
I will close my eyes The Yellow Roses are a White Lotus. AED yes
So Metatron connects to you and my Emergence as one initially
AED yes Pat
So I came from the Womb of Metatron
AED yes
That is strange
AED look deeper Pat
Metatron says I am here Beloved
AED yes
AED yes
I do not know much if anything about this
AED you will
So I came from the Womb of Metatron. AED yes
What happens now AED? Guan Yin is here Pat
Hello I say Guan Yin
Guan Yin smiles you chose well Pat
I was the only female necessary Guan Yin says (Note Guan Yin was the only Female Aspect in over 40 Names)
It is said we have to go into The Great Bliss alone
AED yes. You said AED we have gone into The Great Bliss separate and together
AED yes
So now then I am to go into The Great Bliss with Metatron
AED yes
As yourself Suryananda
I say so this has happened
AED yes Pat

Will this filter down? AED yes


Artist Rassouli.

AED says welcome back as I close my eyes for a few seconds

AED the Golden Sarcophagus This is relevant. Yes. (Note I was shown in a vision before Anubis standing looking down over a Golden Sarcophagus which I knew was myself inside)
I am back to The Great Bliss
AED yes
I know very little of this
AED this takes you deeper into the Mysteries Pat
What do you say AED
AED you know Pat
AED yes
I am Drawn now to Atlantis
AED yes
Why Atlantis
AED says …. I AM THAT I AM
I AM not sure if I can go beyond here
The Great Bliss has taken place Pat
You have crossed over the threshold
I remember the Emerald Tablets the Dweller Of Unal
That gave me goosebumps when l read that heading recently
AED yes
The Dweller is you Pat hear yea the Voice Of The Lord
That is Moses his time
AED yes
I am missing something
AED yes
It has Sand in Between the Waves
AED yes well done
Blue and White Sea and Waves
AED yes
That takes me to AED and my origin in the Galactic Sun
AED yes
We emerged Onto Our Dual Life Ray as White and Blue
I don’t understand The Great Bliss for the moment
I think this is as far as I can go

So that was why my messenger was off for 18 hours to increase the power to me. AED yes


Friday 27 July – this continued on Sunday, 29 July:

The Great Bliss needs more looking into. AED yes.

I say so AED you said this was – is complete AED yes
(Note, early 29 July I go fully conscious into The Great Bliss with AED and Metatron as I am shown in a vision the Golden Winged Sphinx which is Vast resting on a Stand in Atlantis. This Golden Winged Sphinx is made of the same composition of The Ark of The Covenant which I have seen three times since 2015 – see full details at the end of this post).
I say I don’t understand The Great Bliss. AED said no it has to filter down
AED yes Pat it continues from Below the Sea
So there is a significant reason why Metatron say instead of Melchisadek
They seem similar these days in that they kind of go together
AED yes
So is there a similar experience then with Melchisadek
AED yes
I see
AED laughs not yet Pat
AED had said to think of White Light Metatron hence the Vault became White
AED yes
Thank you to Metatron as well
AED it was necessary Pat
As you will understand
I say to AED am I going to understand The Great Bliss
AED says you have gone through this Both Alone and with Melchisadek
And with me
Many more will follow
Do you mean other aspects for want of the right word? AED yes
So I have gone through the Great Bliss with all the names on my list
AED yes it is filtering through AED mentions Cosmic Light Family names
I see
That is quite something
AED magnificent
I mention a few of the names on my list – all yes or going through

So does Guan Yin lead me to all

AED yes
I see
That is quite something
AED yes Pat
Some are my own past lives and with AED
AED yes
Saffron our Water Dragon
AED yes
The Sphinx **
AED look into yes **  (See below in depth details about the Sphinx)
My Two Unicorns Antares and Antara
AED look into yes
Anubis takes place. AED yes
AED and myself mention other names on my list
AED yes completed
So all on my list. AED yes
That is quite something all the Third Birth
So the Third Birth is this The Great Bliss
AED yes
We are supposed to go into The Great Bliss alone
I know
It is the One Shared Heart
AED yes
Well done
So alone but Universal Consciousness
AED yes
We have been together also AED you said
AED yes
Does The Great Bliss have to be by the Third Birth? AED yes
So as you AED had said we had been through The Great Bliss together in the past and myself alone – in essence then I must have reached The Third Birth some time ago
AED yes
I understood this was – is in the present not millions of years ago so how do you describe this AED?
AED that is interesting isn’t it. Yes
So this has to be added to my website? AED yes
The sea and the White Vault on my website
AED yes
So does this mean I should add next
AED yes
I mean Metatron and the White Vault with just a couple of names for my website like Metatron and Melchisadek only
AED yes Pat
So in essence I am writing about The Third Birth on my website before describing the original and second birth 
AED yes it also connects to the Lunar Eclipse and Blood Red Moon
Really? AED yes
AED yes this is a must Pat

AED yes
Thank you Guan Yin and Metatron and team AED
Today is a very special and magical day Pat
Bright blue bird 2.jpg
I was aware of seeing this very Bright Blue Bird like the Cobalt Blue Sun Of Atlantis, one of many Blue Suns. AED yes. I went into what was the meaning of this bright blue bird and AED confirms this can be understood as a sign of Initiation into The Cobalt Blue Sun on Atlantis.
Being initiated into the Pure Land Sun is the process and journey that is the path as The One Shared Heart is understood in its fullest. AED yes. This is a necessary development as one goes Into The Great Bliss. AED yes very much so. As one is Initiated into each of The Pure Land Suns which are innumerable, one takes on the Inner Core and Soul Structure of That Pure Land Sun. AED yes Pat. 
Therefore having been Initiated into The Cobalt Blue Sun in Atlantis, means that I have absorbed this Cobalt Blue Pure Land Sun’s Consciousness Into  my own with AED. AED yes, wonderful. The same process is undertaken through Initiations Into Each Of The Pure Land Suns, thus our Consciousness Is One With The Divine. AED yes, very much so. 
These Initiations Into The Pure Land Suns, where the range and depth of shades and tones is vast, takes us into The Great Bliss. AED yes. At the same time, one goes into The Great Bliss with those Cosmic Light Beings whom one has the deepest and most profound love and soul connection with. AED yes. This is best understood by myself having chosen over 44 Names and being aware that with each of these, Divine Oneness has taken place in very deep consciousness, as The Third Birth, although Lotus Born in the Higher Realms as was our Initial Emergence with our Eternal Beloved Millions Of Years ago, where the Female aspect was Un-Manifested till she was able to HEAR The Inner Voice Of her Eternal Beloved, which as this took place resulted in the Female Aspect, and myself, Suryananda, Going Through The Second Birth Millions of Years ago In the Higher Realms Having been Born from Within the Lotus.
Seeing myself Emerge recently from this exquisite Purple and White Lotus, then led immediately, to Adam El Daoud, coming forth. This then took us to how this was with The Creator Who was Originally Manifested Male in Full Consciousness until then the Female Aspect Of The Creator, became Manifest, in other words Fully Conscious as The Female Aspect Of The Creator, once Fully Conscious has been the Process us as Cosmic Light Beings have followed – then took myself into The Second Birth, where deep understanding of the Meaning Of Creation was realised, as Male then Female, was followed by Female then Male, whereupon Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda were fully complete, thus leading into The Great Bliss. 
I had gone as AED had confirmed into The Great Bliss Millions Of Years ago both Alone and with Adam El Daoud, but now with The Third Birth which is understood as Higher Consciousness, and as I have shared here, The Creator becomes Present as that Vault is opened further as experienced Below The Sea in Atlantis Within The Galactic Sun, thus is my soul’s journey with Adam El Daoud, recognised and understood.
Knowing this same Process has followed The Creator Male – Female, then Female – Male, each Being Lotus Born. As all New Births in the Higher Realms are. I would add here, that it is also true that on Gaia, going back over very many centuries and aeons, both Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, have been Lotus Born, meaning we were Born from within A Lotus, the colours I am aware of, Fully Adult, and not from the usual physical birth we are familiar with on Gaia. 
It is magnificent to be aware of these Truths and the Conception and Emergence From Within the Lotus, truly a Magical, Fascinating state of Higher Consciousness. I have further in depth details from The Creator and The First and Second Births and Etheric Lighted Conception in the Higher Realms, again Lotus Born, which I will share after further posts on The Pure Land Suns Of Lavender, Lime, Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Strawberry Pink, Cobalt Blue, Amethyst, Orange – which are all Magnificent and Exquisite.  
As I look at my email I see Metatron says it is time to begin the next phase
I say to AED what is that AED inner mysteries? AED yes – The Sacred Mysteries

Yes. I say to AED after about the Inner Mysteries and AED says they are Home 

So the next phase is the Sacred Mysteries

The Core Essence Of The Creator comes
AED yes Pat
Wonderful wow I give a tiny laugh
The Core Essence
Is that very often understood
AED of course
But you are doing this under Metatron now
So I have in the past studied the core of The Creator under another Master
AED yes
And me AED says
And Melchisadek
AED yes
So do they have different teaching methods
AED yes
How do they vary
AED laughs you’ll see
I see but not now
The Core Of The Creator
What does this mean
I am getting crown energies
How long does this training phase take
AED it has ended Pat
Ha is that right
AED laughs
I love this speed
AED It is was necessary Pat
What happens now
So these teachings are taught by The Elders
AED yes
And certain other Cosmic Light Beings
So AED you say Metatron has finished teaching me the Sacred Mysteries – I have crown energies again
AED yes
Is this a Divine Cosmic Oneness
AED laughs yes Pat
I love this speed
After going so slow
Do I begin the next phase with another Master
AED no Metatron is the one Pat
That is very interesting AED yes Pat
So AED these Sacred Mysteries have been taught and will filter down
AED yes
I say to AED that is lovely so Metatron is my Teacher
AED laughs you know Metatron is more than that Pat
Metatron has only been consciously in my life since May 25
AED yes So just over eight weeks
I am reminded of the Emerald Green Core inner core of The Galactic Sun hundreds of feet high and wide
AED yes
Is this the meaning the inner core of The Creator. AED yes Pat.
So the Inner Mysteries or the Sacred Mysteries takes me to the Inner Core Of The Galactic Sun. AED yes
What about Planets like Venus they are not in the Galactic Sun
How are they affected
AED they interlink more than you realise
So is this the Key
AED yes
This is the Holy Grail
AED yes Pat
So the Inner Core of the Galactic Sun is the Holy Grail
AED yes it is what everyone is searching for
Is that right AED
Yes Pat, you have tuned in beautifully. Yes
The Holy Grail is fascinating The Christ Spirit
AED yes
The Cosmic Christ
AED yes
So the Inner Core Of The Creator as symbolised by the Inner Core of the Emerald Green Galactic Sun takes one Home to The Cosmic Christ
AED yes Pat


One thing leads to another

I go at the speed of light I say to AED

Or a galloping racehorse.