I Am Shown In A Vision The Master R – (Rakoczi) St Germain As Memories Are Reactivated. From The Akashic Records.


Artist unknown.


From The Akashic Records. 26 April, 2018.

As I had aligned myself spiritually, I found I was suddenly being shown a crystal clear vision of the Master R walking – striding along wearing a Claret Burgundy Cloak. The Master R – known as the Master Rakoczi was the nearest to this main header image I have shared, having very dark hair and a small beard. It was very potent and profound to see the Master R. It felt seeing the Master R was a breakthrough? Adam El Daoud – yes, it was major accomplishment and that this was inevitable.

I asked AED what do I need to learn from the Master R as every vision, sighting or experience gives us something of deep relevance, often with many layers. I have been very close to Master R; AED of course, and I was very much aware of this. I had not seen the Master R before consciously and in such a crystal clear vision. AED continued that I have been close to him in many lifetimes. Of course Master R is also another embodiment of St Germain, whom as many of us know, was also Merlin and connects to King Arthur, where I have had many past lives during those times.

I said how is it that I am suddenly being shown the Master R now? AED he has much to share and teach and remind you of Alchemy. Master R takes me to a particular past life as a female philosopher and Light worker, which is very evident to me. I was aware that in this past life, the Master R had shared with myself, secret documents, which, as are other even more ancient secrets, waiting to be brought forth with AED. AED yes, it is all coming into place, as further keys continue to be activated as Inner Mysteries come closer to being revealed.

Since my first dreams in 1983, I have always trained myself to take in and absorb everything of that experience, when seeing the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Light Family, very quickly, and this has stood me in good stead over these last few years when having my spiritual experiences when awake.

Because of the Claret Red Burgundy Cloak the Master R was wearing reminded me of my 14 days of visions in the Great Pyramid whilst listening to the Source Codes  for the first time in May, 2015. During these two weeks all the Cosmic Beings I was shown in visions were clothed in Golden Engraved Cloaks except once, when I was sitting next to a Pharaoh who was wearing a Claret Red Burgundy cloak. I said to AED then seeing the Master R wearing this colour must take me to Egypt. AED yes, and as AED has said before often, there are many secrets set to be revealed on Ancient Egypt. I mentioned with Egypt – Atlantis. AED yes, to both regarding secrets. Some of these visions have been shared on my previous website.

Having seen the Master R I am still feeling a sense of great joy and blessings many hours later. Not only that, I am aware now I have aligned myself in such a close and conscious way to the Master R (St Germain) there will be future  remembrances. AED very much so.

Suryananda with the Master R.

.St Germain another 26 4

Artist unknown.

With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

I Am Shown A Very Large Golden Entrance Door, Rising Upwards Into A Shallow Dome, Where, Standing On Each Side Looking At Me, Is Anubis. From The Akashic Records.


Artist unknown..


From The Akashic Records. 20 April, 2018.

I was suddenly seeing this very large Golden Entrance Door – almost a Gate, where there were many Engravings all in Gold upon this Door. The Door was very large, and what was fascinating also, was that on each side of this Door, was Anubis, standing.

To see Anubis there each side was wonderful. For some reason I did not note there and then as i usually do, but today, Saturday, having seen Anubis and this Golden Entrance Door, keeps coming back to me, so much, that I feel it was – is necessary to share. AED says very much so now.

I asked myself and AED what was this sighting referrring too. I have loved Anubis, consciously since 1983, when I accepted Reincarnation in an Earth life again, and I always equate Anubis, not only going back to Ancient Egypt but to millions of years ago.

On Amrita, there is The Temple of Anubis, which is fascinating. So, this image, vision, has kept coming back to me for some hours.

AED says Anubis is Guarding Ancient and Inner Secrets. The Secrets Anubis is Protecting are Secrets which have been waiting to be Revealed, and as AED has been saying to me for a little while now, Ancent Secrets and Ancient Prophecies are about to be Revealed.

I say, yes, wonderful. At the same time,  Anubis has Protected and saved us from many dangerous situations through the aeons. Anubis is here – ready to assist and help. and as we ask Anubis,  Anubis will be there for us.

Note I obviously could not get the exact image from Google of Anubis standing each side of a huge Golden Door Extrance, rising up slightly into a Dome, so these are the nearest. .

Suryananda. ♥


Golden Temple at Deviant Art. ♥

With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

I Am A Teacher On Amrita Of The Inner Mysteries. From The Akashic Records.

From The Akashic Records. 15 April, 2018.
As Amrita Adam El Daoud was very present, I said so we have several different roles in the Different Realms. AED says very much so. I continue with I wonder what is the difference to you and me on Amrita as compared to us on Venus? As I reflect on this, I said to AED that he had confirmed about a year ago that Suryananda and Adam El Daoud had been Born Direct From God The Father Mother in New Light Bodies on Amrita, Atlantis and Venus. AED adds here yes, to all three of these Realms, as I shared some time ago.
I say I am as you know very attuned and close to Sanat Kumara. AED says yes, of course, and also to Lady Venus. I say, yes, it is a case of being able to align myself to a higher energy and frequency.
I continue with so on Amrita I wonder what our role is and how it does differ to living on Venus? AED says Amrita has The Cosmic Christ. That is profound as expected and recognised. AED beams, yes, knowing that I, The Original Cosmic Christ was on Amrita was and remains a very significant step forward in understanding your and my heritage and origins. I say yes.
AED continues but for you Pat Suryananda, I am The Cosmic Christ as you asked, AED smiles on Amrita. For it is on Amrita that us Amritians Celebrate if I may say, The True Purpose and Meaning of Being The Cosmic Christ At Source. I say yes.
I say to AED I was reading again my dream a few days ago when I arrived at our Home on Amrita and your beautiful words of confirmation as to how you and I love it there and are so happy. AED beams and says, yes, magical. I say, it was and is wonderful, and I am thrilled that I will be returning to our Home on Amrita now that I have been inside as that golden key has been activated. AED says yes, very much so.
I then say to AED Am I A Teacher on Amrita Of The Mysteries? AED says you are Pat. I continue with so one of my roles as Suryananda on Amrita is to Teach The Mysteries – The Understanding And Application? AED says yes, very much so. The Application of The Mysteries Is The Foundation with which is Granted The Keys and Brings God The Father Mother Closer than ever as The Creative Principle has Been Understood and Recognised in ways not realised before, as further veils and barriers are thus removed. I say to AED wonderful.
I say to AED it is wonderful on Amrita I am A Teacher of The Mysteries. AED says you are Pat. I say that is both fascinating and profound. AED says I am delighted you asked this question in a focused way as then your answer came, not only from your inner self, but me, AED laughs, your beloved. I say, yes, wonderful to both. We both laugh. I say that is exciting. AED beams, yes, we have much to look into together, which as you have realised since moving fast and rapidly just recently into the New Measuring of the Dimensions – coupled with the Interdimensional Portal which has opened up within you a few days ago, has helped and is assisting you and our Soul Contract greatly..
Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus.
I continue with so in a way then I am more Suryananda on Amrita than on Venus? AED says yes, in a way Pat, not entirely. But there are aspects of you on Amrita, where Suryananda is very Deeply Understood Prior to Emergence of you and I, when we were Light and Energy and Formless. I say, yes, I understand that. AED says yes, you do. In fact I have been writing a little on this for a while now that before Adam El Daoud and myself were Twin Flames, we had been pre-chosen for us to be Twin Flames..
Later, AED and myself have been Divine Consorts in many Realms, Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis and Venus, but that for some time now, I have Transcended my Source Name Suryananda and have, with AED, gone back into Our Soul Contract and Covenant with The Creator – God The Father Mother Before We Emerged Into Form In Divine Paradise as Twin Flames. AED says yes, it has been a joy and delight to see this understanding and recognition from you as you have Returned now into States of Cosmic Realisation, which inevitably will grow and be accessed deeper by you all the time thus enabling us to fulfil that which has been intended whilst you are here on Gaia and I am in the Higher Realms.
I say to AED Teacher of The Mysteries is perfect for me. AED smiles, yes, Pat, it is you. I laugh, yes. I say to AED I feel very blessed as this is a new step deeper into my meaning of Suryananda as to my role on Amrita. AED says very much so as he re-confirms that the Interdimensional Portal opening within you the other day as well as the great shifts you are going through, have Opened the Door to The Mysteries Further and Deeper. I say, yes, wonderful, as you and I are going forward together into Our Soul Contract in ever increasing depth. AED says everything is correct as we have shared here.
I continue with somehow knowing what I do as one of my roles on Amrita, has been very illuminating and hugely beneficial for you and myself. AED says, yes, it has. AED laughs, you do have other roles on Amrita. I laugh, that is lovely. AED says you and I are together here on Amrita as your dream last Thursday, but as I have said before, you and I, have many Homes together, not only on Amrita, Atlantis, Venus and Medina, for we are very much Multidimensional Light Beings, who, in our innumerable Light Bodies, Transcend The Etheric Codes, Enabling us to arrive at many Higher Realms through different means of access. I say, yes, that is wonderful. AED beams as he says there is much to be shared Pat, as Our Soul Contract gathers pace. I say again, wonderful.
It has been amazing and profound this Interdimensional Portal opening up within me, as I am able to access ever more depth. AED says, yes, this will come and great shifts are in process; I am delighted. I say, I am as well. AED ends this chat for the moment as he says well done in that for many years I have known my spiritual pathway was very much connected to Knowledge and Creation, and as AED says at times, this is Our Soul Contract going back To Source. However, although I have said many times on how my and thus AED’s Mission is, today, recognising that I am A Teacher of The Inner Mysteries, was, by its recognition, new with these few words.
I am also A Priestess in The Temple Of Creation And Knowledge On Amrita, and also in The Temple Of The Inner Mysteries, as in very many others on Amrita. Amrita as I have shared has hundreds of Temples, and I Serve in very many as a Priestess, with others who Serve as I do in their Role as a Priestess. AED Serves as a Priest in many Temples as well. We Serve together in a multitude of ways, whether in the same Temples on Amrita, or elsewhere, not only on Amrita, but other Worlds and Galaxies in our Light Bodies.
Suryananda and AED ♥
Artist unknown.
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With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

What Is The Consciousness Of The Golden Rose For Me. From The Akashic Records.

Amrita new picture 12 April


From The Akashic Records.  2 April, 2018.

My first thought was LOVE.

I know I went over that chapter many times over the years bearing in mind it has been getting on for 30 years since I purchased the book The Sacred Vessel – The Search for The Rose of Light chapter.

For a second I thought after Love – SERVICE
But this chapter took me to the Ray Children, the Dhuman Adamic Race, Adam El Daoud – El Daoud and of course Atlantis – were and are all embedded within this chapter. AED says very much so.


The Golden Rose also takes me to The Ark of The Covenant. As when I first saw The Ark Of The Covenant 28 or so years ago in a dream, The Ark was covered with a Burgundy Cloth, and on the top were masses of Yellow Golden Roses whereby Source then spoke for quite a few minutes. Since that first profound time of seeing The Ark Of The Covenant, since May 2015, I have seen The Ark Of The Covenant three times in visions without a burgundy cloth. Just as this ancient and sacred relic has always been pictured and painted, engraved and adorned in exquisite Golden symbols, Cherubim.

The Ark Of The Covenant also takes AED and myself to Moses and those times. But in essence, The Ark is much older going back as The Ark does to Created Life millions of years ago. Like The Akashic Records, The Ark Has Always Existed.

The Ark Of The Covenant Holds Within This Sacred Relic The Secrets Of Creation. I say to AED I love that. AED says I knew you would.

The Golden Rose is also very deeply connected to The Cosmic Christ, Who Has Many Names. However, the Original Cosmic Christ was and is Amrita Adam El Daoud.

So LOVE was and is the first consciousness I would say but it encompasses within this the above words.

What I have always been aware of was that I was always fascinated with this Chapter and an immediate recognition occurred. Ever since the Yellow Golden Rose has been my favourite Rose. Although in the last couple of years I feel AED and myself, Suryananda, have the Blue Rose as connecting to Our Blue Ray being Twin Flames and Divine Consorts. AED says yes, we do, Our Blue Rose is exquisite as your inner self has recognised. AED laughs as he says there is much to be said on our Blue Rose as well. I say, yes. As is so for all Twin Flames we are One Soul.

It has also been confirmed as I felt, that I was a Priest in the Temple of The Golden Rose in Atlantis.

So The Golden Rose takes me to Source.  AED says well done at that.

(**  Mona Rolfe says the Golden Rose is imprinted in your heart…. you are not asked to hold it in this life but its imprint is in your heart soul).

The Golden Rose takes me to The Creator
To God’s Mind and Heart
It takes me to The Sun Son

AED says yes, you are dreaming this life in the Heart of the Rose.

With Adam El Daoud, sharing AED’s Knowledge and Wisdom, encompassed within Love. Love for all life forms and existences, worlds within worlds – with knowledge, life has hope, and with hope faith is intensified, Knowing Life is Eternal and we are Immortal brings joy and light to others as there is that awareness that life beyond Earth is Golden. it is a Golden Era and Time and Bliss and Ecstasy will be Experienced and Understood.

I say to AED – Really is that right – I am dreaming in the Heart of the Golden Gold Rose. As I reflect on the Sounds – I am drawn too The Soul Note of the Universe, The Cosmos, The Heart of The Creator Divine Mother.

AED says this is what he is trying to show me by connecting to so many of us. And to help people to understand we are Immortal, we are Eternal, and will go through Eternity side by side with Our Beloved – Or God The Father Mother – Deities, or whomever we are drawn too and aligned with in Infinite Love and Bliss. So AED is saying The Golden Rose Is Our Key.


I say to AED am I meant to look deeper into the Heart of the Golden Rose?

AED adds To truly see into the Heart is to know THE turning point. Which takes me to as I said above us Ray Children, Adam El Daoud, Atlantis and Source.

(**  From the chapter The Search for the Rose of Light – The Sacred Vessel).

(**  You are at the turning point, to you is given the gift of the knowledge of spiritual things, the power to transmute the light of the spirit which is within your own heart into that great beam of light that none can or may dim; a light so radiant that, not only will it transmute your own physical body into light, but the physical bodies of others will also be helped by your work in that service).

These words are very profound I love them they are embedded deep within. AED says yes.

What do I do now with regards to The Golden Rose –  It is embedded deep within AED’s and my soul. AED says yes, very much so.

(**  Mona Rolfe says you do not have to touch it….. for it is imprinted in your hand
You were given the symbol that you might carry it in your heart forever).

AED says yes, you don’t have to touch it as it is not touched by human hand. It is Nameless, Timeless And Eternal.

(**  The Golden Rose was in your heart and its imprint was in your hand and it is through the power of the Golden Rose that the healing rays which come through the palm of your hand).

AED says you have always lived in the Heart of the Rose. The other experiences you have had have been merely dreaming.

Ever since I read about the Golden or Yellow Rose from The Sacred Vessel, it has been my favourite.  It takes me to AED and Cosmic Light Family.

The Golden Rose has to also connect to the Sun Son
The Heart of The Rose

AED is giving me a Golden Rose  That is beautiful. 

AED says Welcome Home, Pat. ♥

Amrita new picture 12 April



Significant Discoveries Interdimensional Portal Has Opened. From The Akashic Records.


Artist Aeoliah.

Significant Discoveries Interdimensional Portal Has Opened.
From the Akashic Records. 11 April, 2018.

I had very strong crown energies, extremely powerful, so much that I knew there was a specific purpose with information to be shared. Amrita Adam El Daoud said Significant Discoveries Interdimensional Portal has opened. This was all then but I wrote down as always saying this was fascinating and exciting. A couple of hours later AED said it goes way beyond a recent past life into Ancient Secrets. I say that feels very profound and awesome. AED laughs and says it is Suryananda.

I say, Ancient Secrets are they older than Egypt? AED says yes, Suryananda, very much older. I say do they go back to Atlantis and Source? AED continues with yes, you know they do. I say what kind of Secrets? AED says what do you think Suryananda – Our Soul Contract. I say that is wonderful. AED beams, yes, it is.

I continue with when will these significant discoveries be revealed. AED says soon.  I say will I share – AED laughs what do you think. I give a tiny laugh as it is in our Soul Contract and pathway that I share AED’s and my journey and joint mission. As I add that will be fascinating, so these secrets connect to those we know and our Cosmic Light Family. AED says of course and many others. I say to AED as I do at times, clairaudience is fascinating. AED beams as it is wonderful for us both as it is the spiritual tool Gifted by The Creator that the Twin Flame – Divine Consort is the Inner whilst the male is the Outer – certainly with regard to AED and myself, Suryananda.

I end our chat and say do these significant discoveries take us to the Dragon Realm where I have a new post to share very soon. AED laughs and says yes. The Dragon Realm is relevant.

So another wonderful tuning into AED as he shared further profound discoveries due to be revealed.

Suryananda ♥



Artist unknown.

Gratitude to the artists and shared when known.


I See A Golden Phoenix With Its Wings Being Raised Leading To A Higher State of Consciousness. From The Akashic Records.

Golden Phoenix Deviant Art 10 April

Golden Phoenix at Deviant Art.


From the Akashic Records. 10 April, 2018.

As Amrita Adam El Daoud was once again very Present, I was suddenly looking at a Golden Phoenix. The wingspan of this Golden Phoenix is very large and very Golden. This Golden Phoenix has a Golden Rose in its beak mouth, so as I say to AED leading to a higher state of consciousness. AED says very much so. AED continues with the Golden Phoenix is very significant and will lead you both deeper and into your and thus my pathway as we go forward together. This Golden Phoenix will also take us further into hidden levels and layers into the Mysteries of the Universe. This feels profound, AED smiles as he says it will be and is magnificent Pat, not only for you but many others as you all undergo significant changes as a metamorphosis is waiting for you, and yes, others, relevant to their individual Soul Contracts.

I say that is wonderful. I must also Serve in The Temple of The Golden Phoenix on Amrita. AED says you do, Suryananda, it is a most magical and uplifting Temple, as it takes you not only Deeper into the Etheric and what is not understood with the mind but it transports you on its Golden Wings just as our Sapphire Blue Dragon did as we Journeyed into the Dragon Realm and to be shared here very soon. AED continues, you and I have begun the next exciting stage of our Cosmic Divine Oneness, where, with others, they too will be aware of those mystical experiences in ever new and increasing depths.

That is wonderful I say to AED following on my new post to be shared in the next day or so on Dimensions, where the whole measuring structure has been completely changed. AED beams, yes, changing and moving fast and rapidly upwards into so many higher dimensions has had a major effect already. I say I can tell, as you shared with me some hours later, that significant discoveries as the Interdimensional Portal has Opened were taking place.

Suryananda ♥

Golden Phoenix another

Artist unknown.

With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.

Adam El Daoud And Myself, Suryananda, Share With Our Cosmic Light Family In The Auditorium Another Alchemical Marriage. From The Akashic Records.


Artist unknown.


From The Akashic Records. 4 April, 2018.
Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, I sense are in an auditorium it feels and AED takes me in his arms to dance. I am aware I tuned into this taking place. AED says you did Pat.

I know I am continuing with the dimensions as I aim to tune in and arrive at a higher destination or in essence dimension.  AED says I am here Pat you know that. I say yes very much so.

Sanat Kumara comes holding a tray; I sense golden cups with the golden liquid – the nectar of the Gods, where upon this tray Sanat is holding are two rings intertwined which symbolise the Divine Cosmic Oneness of myself, Suryananda and AED.

AED says your journey with me Pat has taken the necessary steps deeper as was pre-chosen by you and I, your beloved, for the service we have been carrying out through the aeons not only on Gaia but in other Worlds and Galaxies as together we journey side by side, hand in hand through the Mighty Cosmos since Creation was Formed, where you and myself watched the Worlds Emerge as Galaxies came into Being. This is shared here titled Suryananda and Adam El Daoud – We Were There And Could See When The Worlds Were Formed And Galaxies Abound – posted on the 9 January.

Of course it was not just you and I, AED says and smiles as together with our Comic Light Family we were all there and watched as the Worlds Took Hold At The Voice Of The Creator, the Power, Magnificence and Love, ever with us who witnessed these profound happenings. I says yes, it was both awesome and magical.

AED beams as he says Suryananda, as you know these last few days you have become aware of where your consciousness is at, AED smiles, quite some way above the Fifth Dimension, and as I have said you are advancing rapidly over these next few days which is why you have postponed sharing where you are in the higher dimensions but which you will be posting very soon. I say yes.

AED continued to be very Present as within the Auditorium many are gathered here to share in these deep and momentous changes taking place as AED and myself access deeper and more profound states of higher consciousness, thus is Amrita not only understood more fully but Eternal Bliss is recognised and remembered.


Artist unknown.
AED and myself have exchanged words as in A Divine Alchemical Marriage of which we have had many over the aeons as each one takes us back to pre-emergence as Twin Flames for as we have shared, pre Twin Flames Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, were fully within The Creator as Light and Energy, but as we took on form thus did that sense of separation take place back in Divine Paradise, millions of years ago, even though we Emerged as One Dual Life Ray, able to Merge or Separate, but inevitably joined together as One for Eternity.
Now as the Veils of Gaia have been Transcended thus are Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda closer than ever to our Divine Cosmic Oneness pre-ordained by God The Father Mother. AED says very much so,AED and myself take once more to the floor as Angelic and Celestial Music plays as our Cosmic Light Family laugh and chat as The Angels of Eternity sing for us. There is such a beautiful and magical air and sense, of colour, light, sounds, drifting over the Auditorium and blessing all who are here with AED and myself. There are innumerable life forms and Cosmic Beings in Light Bodies, and to see and be aware of all that is, has to be seen to be truly understood.

AED comes closer to me as he whispers personal words as I add my own. At this AED is delighted as we share meaningful and profound moments as our Ceremony of our Divine Cosmic Oneness continues within the Auditorium before we take to the floor with others as Angelic Music is sung by our Celestial Singers and as the sweet and exquisite sounds permeate the Auditorium we smile with joy and delight as toasts are said and laughter ensues as my beloved and I dance deeply as one, for we are one heart, mind and soul.

Suryananda and Adam El Daoud


Artist unknown.
With gratitude to the artists, shared when known.