I Am Given Three More Golden Animal Totem Protectors Which Take Adam El Daoud And Myself Back Home To Amrita And The Sun.

Cavalaris Carol Spirit of the wind correct golden eagle under

Eagle and Horse Spirit Of The Wind – Fine Arts America.

I Am Given Three More Golden Animal Totem Protectors Which Take Adam El Daoud And Myself Back Home to Amrita and The Sun. They will go with myself and Adam El Daoud as we Journey Into Future Worlds. 

From The Akashic Records.

1 February, 2018.


As once again, Adam El Daoud was very Present, I was given A Golden Bear. AED said this was my Animal Totem. AED followed this with Golden Eagle, again my Animal Totem. Having Two Golden descriptions, inevitably took me to The Sun as AED confirmed. The Golden Bear which AED said was Female, and The Golden Eagle as Male – connect to my Energy Centres as they take me back Home to Amrita and I am moving through the Consciousness of Spirit Animals with AED.

I say to AED this is amazing; I have now been given quite a few Animal Totems Protectors, each having their unique role to play. AED continued The Golden Bear takes me To The Sun and our past lives as Native Americans, AED laughs as he says there are many more. This is fascinating as I recognise they are being given to me for significant reasons, as is so for us all.
As I say to AED why is AED giving me more Animal Totems Protectors as for a long time I just had my Two Unicorns, Antares and Antara. AED says there is a good reason why he is confirming these Two New Golden Animal Totems for they will be with us as we Journey Into New Worlds. I say is that right? AED says yes. This feels profound. It is dear one, AED beams – we will go together. I laugh as it feels surreal almost and fascinating. AED says it is. Note a little later as shared below, I am given another, Third Golden Animal Totem, who will also be with AED and myself as we go Forward Into New Worlds.
AED continues Precious memories and moments reborn into these new times. There is much to absorb and remember – it will lead you Home, you’ll see AED laughs as I do.
I say to AED Why lead me Home as the Spirit of The Creator resides in them all? AED says It will give you a different perspective and expand your vision. It has already, AED laughs again and I do as well. I continue with so the Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle Connect and Takes me to The Sun. AED says and Son lol. I say you have not said that before – takes me to The Sun Son. AED says these are further steps and stages necessary for your advancement as we journey forward together as I said into the unknown. That is profound. AED says a significant barrier has been transmuted as it were.
Note it may be wondered why I often type Sun Son. This has several reasons. Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, are From The Sun which is an Inter-dimensional Portal in part – in essence there are many other descriptions which encompass The Sun;  we are on The Amitabha Buddha Sun Line, and as AED says often The Sun Son is in Our DNA as is The Sun God and The Sun Goddess. Also, Adam El Daoud is God The Son. There are many other Names of God The Son – Other Multi-dimensional Selves, Embodiments of Adam El Daoud under his Innumerable Names. As AED said last year, there is The Immeasurable Palace of Adam El Daoud, meaning this is Vast and Infinite the more I become aware of this. AED has said we will go back to this at a later stage, which will be fascinating.
Therefore, The Sun Being The Divine Symbol Of The Father and Adam El Daoud Being The Son – are always within AED’s and my Core And Inner Being. God The Son Is Also The Cosmic Christ, again under innumerable other Names known throughout the aeons and into very many other Worlds and Galaxies Going Back To Source. At the same time, Adam El Daoud’s and my Name, Suryananda, as I have shared in the past, Means The Eternal Bliss Of The Sun Son. This is just a few words on the meaning but it has been confirmed I have now entered into the State of Eternal Bliss with Adam El Daoud which Suryananda represents. More on this is in my next post on Amrita.
So as I have fully integrated with my Higher Self, Arabella some time ago – I have also Transcended my Name Suryananda, and have Returned Back Into my Name’s Meaning with Adam El Daoud, Prior to Emergence into form as Twin Flames. Over the aeons, I have been A Divine Consort to Adam El Daoud in very many other Realms, Amrita, Amenti, Atlantis, Venus – but I have now Transcended being even A Divine Consort, although Beloved by AED and myself, as together AED is taking me Home To Where We Are As Beings of Light And Energy Within The Creator, God The Father Mother. AED will say to me as I have shared, I AM Taking you Home, which is always wonderful to hear.
Emerging Into Manifestation As Twin Flames Into Form Came AFTER Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda had pre-existed Within The Heart, Soul And Mind Of The Creator, for it was when we took on Form and Emerged As Twin Flames, Separation From Within The Creator Was Felt. Thus am I, Suryananda, Going Home, when, the True Meaning, Takes Me Beyond Being A Twin Flame and A Divine Consort and into the Pure Essence of Suryananda – but always with my beloved Adam El Daoud.
The Great Eagle Spirit
Artist unknown.
Yes Amrita is connecting you to the Golden Bear and Golden Eagle – Eternal Golden Light of Bliss. That is why they are arising now. How fascinating that is very meaningful. Wow. How amazing. You mean these golden ones or all of them. How lovely to know this.
Earlier this morning I was bathed and enveloped in Golden Light Ray I say to AED – so the Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle take me to Amrita because they are Golden thus to the Sun Son. AED says very much so.
Yes Is it that then in Amrita are AED and myself, Suryananda, in Golden Light Bodies? AED says very much so. I say again, so you and me then are in our Golden Light Bodies on Amrita? AED laughs as he says YES. Yes, Yes. I say lol, ha, lovely to get that confirmation. AED beams as he continues even in our other Homes, we do not only have a one colour Light Body. AED says it is obvious really, Pat – when we look at the Rays and their Functions and Roles. I say yes. 
NOTE I have an in-depth post already typed on Amrita waiting to post after this one. AED continues Amrita is connecting me to the Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle. AED continues you are very much aware of the meaning of Suryananda meaning Eternal Golden Light Of Bliss – The Eternal Bliss Of The Sun Son.
AED says you will gain deep insight from the Golden Ray From Amrita; I say yes as I am reminded lately how Gold seems to being experienced more again as I have been bathed and enveloped with the Gold Light Ray.
So Golden for Amrita. I say so Gold is the Liquid the Nectar of The Gods in Amrita? AED says yes you know it is. The Golden Light will sustain you AED says. That feels awesome. AED says it is and is to be cherished; it is a Gift of the Highest Order. AED beams and I am there with you. I beam at that.
As I then say to AED so it is just then the Golden Light will raise my inner consciousness to The Sun Son and my name? AED says very much so; it is well advanced. Wow that feels awesome.
I say to AED what next? AED laughs wait and see. AED beams. You will love it Pat. It will take you beyond known consciousness almost beyond the Stars – I wanted to type beyond the Stars.
But what is beyond the Stars? AED says Eternity. The Eternal Bliss of Your Soul – Our Soul Pat is Beyond the Stars. I laugh – AED laughs. It is very profound and awesome.
spiritual susan seddon bolton.png
Artist Susan Seddon Boulet.
AED says did I not say I would take you to Realms and Worlds you are not familiar with; well it has begun. The Golden Eagle and Bear are significant keys as was you arriving Home on Amrita recently on several occasions. I say wow. AED says I am loving this.
I say again then it feels the Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle are these the two I should reflect upon? Yes those two AED confirms the Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle. The Power in them and with them is immense. They have the Very Essence of The Sun and myself, AED laughs, as I do.
I am drawn now to a Golden Horse. AED seems delighted. Yes we ride him together. AED continues there are many Golden Horses on Amrita. I say so these two the Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle are very special. AED says most certainly.
I was going to type Christ Consciousness say the Inner Sun. What about the Spiritual Sun? does this have a role on Amrita. AED says you know it does it is in our DNA – the Breath we take as Amritians. NOTE For those of us who live on Amrita in our Light Bodies which are all the colours imaginable and then some, we are known as Amritians. I loved this description when AED said to me recently as it deeply resonates being an Amritian. AED laughs as he says he knew I would love this.
AED continues with The Golden Bear and the Golden Eagle are Energy Channels as is The Golden Horse. I have not gone into this further here, suffice to say all three of these Golden Animals are not only Energy Channels but act as Protectors as they accompany AED and myself as we go forward into New Worlds. They will activate further Kundalini and Inner Fire. AED says yes, exactly.
That is awesome and gives me goose bumps. Does this Golden Bear then take me where? AED says look deeply Into it. I say yes so they take me To Amrita but not only Amrita.
AED says The Golden Eagle belongs to Higher States of Divine Consciousness repeating The Golden Eagle is a State of Consciousness, leading to Ancient Prophecies coming to Fruition. I say so The Golden Eagle is a Prophecy. AED laughs yes. AED has been saying for a while now about Prophecies being fulfilled and The Secrets of The Ancients. I say so this also includes The Rainbow Prophecy – AED says of course.
We, Amritians, Serve with great joy in The Temple of The Sun on Amrita. As AED says, there are Hundreds of Temples on Amrita – many of which I have to share.
All of us have many different Animal Totems and Protectors, who have been with us through millions of years and some go back to The Star Wars as my Two Unicorns have. Today, there are very many myths and legends based on fact of the Protectors for Gaia and Her inhabitants, whether this comprises Archangel Michael and His Earth Eagles, Ascended Masters, Deities, Gods and Goddesses through the different cultures and aeons, Dragons, Serpents, Shape Shifters, all of whom provide a vital service for which I am and so many of us are very blessed and grateful for. There are Protectors who work and serve Gaia and humanity below Gaia Herself. The range and scope is Infinite
Spriit animals several golden bear under
Artist unknown.
AED continues as I have said before, your DNA is expanding rapidly, thus our journey together has begun to change significantly. I love this; AED beams.
As I continued typing these words as AED and my attunement continued, I was suddenly seeing a Beautiful Expanse of Emerald Green Light – Ray in front of my face, a few inches in front, stretching out Its Rays and Light Into a Large Expanse of Emerald Green, with The Rays streaming out as The Rays of The Sun. It was profound and magical and a real blessing. AED says yes, very much so.
I go back to this profound experience of these Emerald Green Rays stretching out from less than a foot from my face – beaming forth into this magical and quite vast expanse into the far distance. I say to AED I have not seen these Emerald Green Rays like this before. In the past I have either had visions and meditations where I have been enveloped and enfolded within this Emerald Green or have sat on The Emerald Green Lotus, all of which I have shared.
AED says The Emerald Green Light Ray is indeed a Key, as it has opened another door to my consciousness. I am very much aware of deeper and profound Portals being opened, The Doors to Infinity Have Opened Wider and are Ready To Be Accessed As Never Before.
Of course The Emerald Green takes AED and myself to Venus – to Home, to The Seal/Ring of Solomon, which has begun to be recognised and understood by me on a conscious level, as with The Five Dhyani Buddhas, they, and The Golden Seal of Solomon, also act as Divine Protectors – in these present times and in past ages. Note – I have an in-depth post to share on The Seal of Solomon, after my next post already typed but which is long, on Amrita. So further details on The Seal of Solomon will be shared very soon.
AED continues The Eye of Ra is Opening Further for you. It is time for you to claim your inheritance. By this, AED means my Spiritual Divinity is Coming Deeper into my Consciousness instead of remaining hidden.
However, to end this post, it remains wonderful that as AED has said, my Animal Totems and Protectors, and my Golden Bear, Golden Eagle and Golden Horse, will very much be with AED and myself, as AED takes me into New Worlds. Knowing that we all journey together, is awesome, profound, magical and a great blessing. AED beams as he agrees.
Eagle and Horse Spirits of the Wind Fine Art America under Golden Eagle
Eagle And Horse. Spirit Of The Wind.
With gratitude to unknown artists.

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