My Inner Child Links By A Golden Thread To The Creator Before We Emerged Into Manifestation. From The Akashic Records.


My Inner Child links by a Golden Thread To The Creator Before We Emerged nto Manifestation. Adam El Daoud said very much so as I said is that right?

.From The Akashic Records. 21 January, 2018.

My Inner Child links by a Golden Thread To The Creator Before We Emerged Into Manifestation – as AED confirmed from the visions and attunements below which began as I was typing. I found I was being transported into another time and era. AED says very much so as I shared this with AED.
The visions begin as I sense a Very Large White Lotus in front of me slightly to the right where AED was in his Emerald Green cloak some weeks ago. This White Lotus must be about five feet in height and is nothing like a usual Lotus in size.
I continue to see this White Lotus
and this Light Being is on water almost now
very near to where the White Lotus is
As I have a sense of this taking place
there are rocks
I see a White Horse galloping
such a joy seeing this White Horse
a feel good sense
I am aware of AED and myself, Suryananda 
are riding these white horses
AED says very much so
we are in a team I feel
I sense dogs now
several dogs
the landscape feels white
is that snow
or purity
or another realm
all three AED is saying
the dogs
one is like a huskie
up in the mountains
is it a past life
I can sense AED is there among others
I see water – a lake and the great outdoors
There seems an Initiation Chamber
Tests of strength
not physical
The Key to the Inner Mysteries if the tests are passed comes
it feels a parallel world
AED said recently he is taking me into new worlds
is this one of them
AED laughs very much so
that gives me goose bumps
the dogs are signs
so am I there – or will I go there with AED
AED says you are already there
it has been so for some time
it spans a lot of memories and moments
I sense a lot of people
like the Exodus
a line of people and activity
horses again
they are dearly loved
I am getting goose bumps
AED laughs
not all White Horses
Brown and even Golden Horses
Artist Gilbert Williams.
I hear a sense of noise and talk
In the New Era I hear as I say where are we
So it is not on Gaia
is it Amrita
AED says yes we are on Amrita
it was getting that large expanse of white
and then seeing this Very Large White Lotus
and then what felt like snow
which began and took me into these visions
I sense the dogs again
sometimes dogs can symbolise people
You know it does AED says
as I say does it mean anything
Another doorway has been opened AED continues
that gives me chills
it has a sense of being profound
The horses are being rode
White – Brown – Golden
an assortment of colours of the Horses
AED says keep going
I return back to this initial sighting
I get A Pure Land
Then The Pure Land Of Amrita
Does Amrita have a Pure Land
AED says yes Amrita does
The snow must I feel symbolise Purity I think
Artist unknown.
I am suddenly seeing this little fair haired girl
this little girl fair haired like three – five
I see her clearly
Is this my Inner Child
She has hair to the side quite short
AED says it is you as Pat 
I can understand this is me
I think I am definitely younger than five
This little girl, myself
has hair to the side quite short
with a slide and a little dress on
I feel a pale blue slide
She is with AED
AED says once again
yes this is your Inner Child Pat
AED says I am here
as he continues to be very Present
I get The Heavenly World Worlds
AED says The Pure Land is that
I then sense this Female Light Being Deity
where one Glance from Her Can Heal
this feels very profound
As I say to AED so this Inner Child I am seeing
is me and connects to the scene earlier of snow purity
horses, people, dogs, lake, great outdoors then

AED says yes I am delighted

I say to AED does this inner child me
Then take me back
Home to Amrita
In essence say
Most certainly AED says
It is without Parallel equal
Hugely significant
AED beams
I have never gone into my inner child
As being something necessary for me
I am aware of deep meaning and significance
My late dad is here
That makes my eyes water
Why is this necessary
seeing my Inner Child
Artist unknown.
AED says once again
My Inner Child links by a Golden Thread To The Creator
Before We Emerged Into Manifestation
and as I had understood initially
takes me to the Core of My Being
As I confirm that this is so
AED said very much so
I had felt that seeing my Inner Child
initially did not mean Healing
as is so often said seeing our Inner Child means
Having had a very happy childhood
I had never felt the need
to go back into my Inner Child
and heal any issues
So for myself, Suryananda Pat
knowing that these visions
and seeing my Inner Child
went far deeper than Healing
Taking myself back To Source
To The Creator
and to Before Adam El Daoud
and myself
Emerged Into Manifestation
is hugely significant
deeply profound
and as AED says
he is delighted
I am as well
as I recognise huge steps
have been taken
by AED’s words above
It is without Parallel equal
Hugely significant
and where
The Key to the Inner Mysteries were revealed further
if the tests are passed
and it feels a parallel world
AED said recently he is taking me into new worlds
It remains very profound
and meaningful
a few days later
knowing I have been shown
my Inner Child
and my beloved
Adam El Daoud
is with me
now and always
NOTE  although seeing my Inner Child takes me back to Source – The Creator
and Amrita – At the same time as AED said recently AED is taking me into New Worlds.
So I not only go back Home but am being shown New Worlds as AED’s and my Soul Contract continues to come further into being.

I See The Blue Lotus Begin To Emerge At My Feet Which Opens Fully As Adam El Daoud Says I’m Taking You Home. From The Akashic Records.



23 January, 2018. From The Akashic Records.
As I tuned into The Temple of The Sun Son, which is deeply embedded within Adam El Daoud’s and my soul, and as AED says at times – The Temple of The Sun Son is in our DNA – AED was very Present. This took me deeper into ancient times and The Temple of The Golden Flame. This Golden Temple was beautiful and all in Gold. More on this another time.
Suddenly I could see this Beautiful Blue Lotus which began to Emerge at my feet and open fully. It was exquisite and very profound and meaningful. It was breath-taking to see once again one of the Lotus flowers, as I have been shown and experienced different spiritual happenings connected to the Lotus flowers of White, Pale Pink, Emerald Green and also Ice Blue.
This Blue Lotus was Periwinkle Blue which is a colour AED and myself, Suryananda, often have around us and I have seen in my aura. Although AED and myself do connect deeply to all the different tones of Blue for we are on the Blue Ray, thus all the Blues are incorporated within Our Blue Ray.
As AED and myself continued to see this Beautiful Blue Lotus, AED said I am Taking you Home. This is always wonderful to hear as AED will say this at times, and as AED has said, he has taken me Home many times, as well as I have waited for you before as I will do so again. Both comments are very meaningful and profound.
To see This Blue Lotus takes Adam El Daoud and myself back To Source and to Our Ray of Origin and very much into Our Soul Contract. As AED says this Blue Lotus is a Lotus of Purity. Ever since I was first shown a Lotus in visions two years or so ago, they are never forgotten for they remain deeply embedded in AED’s and my soul. To see a Lotus – any colour in a vision or meditation is a Gift from The Creator. For within the Lotus seen are many layers of meaning.
I have ready to post on I See My Inner Child later today and seeing this Beautiful Blue Lotus also takes my back to my Inner Child which does not connect to me for healing as may be thought of as I have never felt this to be so, and this has been confirmed as going beyond healing and back to Source.
There so many Temples in the Higher Realms that I will be posting on, whether they are on Medina, some of which I have shared on Medina in the past – but recently on Amrita – still to be posted very soon, there are hundreds of Temples, all with their different titles which denotes the way the Light Beings connected to these Serve Humanity and other Worlds and Galaxies.
Atlantis has The Great Temple of Atlantis and many other Temples, as does Amenti, and other Homes AED and myself share in other dimensions, all have Innumerable Temples, giving great joy and blessings to all, by the roles, structure and aim they have together with the immense colours and diversity of these Temples.
This Blue Lotus was exquisite and as it emerged from my feet and expanded fully, remains a delight even now, some hours later.

I Found I Was Suddenly Seeing Adam El Daoud Under Another Name On This Akashic Screen On Amrita In The Hall Of Records.

Blue Buddha with pink
From The Akashic Records. 17 January, 2018.
I found I was suddenly looking at this video with other members of my Light Family. The male person on this Akashic screen was very familiar as I recognised he connected to the Buddhist way of life. I said words to this effect to my Light Family who were with me sharing this experience. It was profound and powerful. AED was very Present here, and also the Buddhist person we were all looking at on this Akashic screen was another multidimensional self or embodiment of Adam El Daoud.

As I registered watching this, it felt strange in that I knew I had taken further steps deeper and beyond into yet higher states of consciousness. AED said well done, I am he. It remained a powerful experience and as I typed this out, as always, I was aware that we had been in The Hall of Records on Amrita.

AED said you have passed the Test. I said is that right – a Test? AED said very much so and that I had Passed this first stage of yet another Empowerment. A little later as AED said, I had gained Full Empowerment through this which had already activated significant deeper changes. Such Empowerments are a real Gift for us. AED continued with I am loving this as I laughed. AED is so amusing at times, and he does say to me now and again I am very funny. AED said I am delighted, as yet another deeper state of consciousness has been achieved.
Going back to this Akashic Screen, this was of a real event. AED said to look beyond the Present, which feels very much connected to the Future. AED says this is very much the case – Yes. I was sitting down on the left in the Hall of Records and Light Family members were on my right. So I went back to where was I, and once again, I realised I was on Amrita. AED said well done. Amrita is very much connected to where AED and my Soul Contract have been for some days now during which time I have arrived on Amrita several times which have had deep and profound awareness as I have a lot of details to share in the next day or so.
It feels very connected to the Buddhist teachings having seen AED here on this screen, which is not surprising because AED and myself, Suryananda, go back to Amrita, Amenti, Ancient Atlantis, Venus, Sirius B, Medina and other civilisations. Amrita is very old, going back many millions of years as do those shared here. Amrita is as they are, very much Home in that AED and myself have a Home on Amrita, and serve there in The Temple of Amrita as well as in The Temple of The Sun. Also The Temple of The Blue Light on Amrita has just been given to me. So being on Our Blue Ray this is also fascinating. As I say to AED on this Temple of The Blue Light AED says it is magnificent as they all are.
As AED has said, Amrita is very much where we are, as there is a lot to share on Amrita that has not been written of. As will be seen in my post soon, us Light Beings on Amrita are known as Amritians. I love this, and when AED said this was how we are known by others, I was drawn into being an Amritian straight away which made AED laugh.
Freydoon Rassouli 24 Dec
Artist Freydoon Rassouli.
From The Akashic Records. 19 January.
I see AED and myself holding hands as we walk forward. It has a beautiful essence and feeling to this. Crown energies now. As we go forward I am aware that our Light Family are there. I can see there are Rainbow colours on the cloaks AED and myself are wearing. The colours are not one shade but several and are very much Rainbow colours which is new. This is different in that usually when I see AED or myself in cloaks or other garments, we are not usually in Rainbow colours. As I register this, AED says well done.
AED says Initiation is Complete, which he said earlier after The Avalokiteshvara Empowerment I had just taken and having become Fully Empowered by this. After this Empowerment, I remembered I had said an Oath at having gone through another Major Initiation, where afterwards AED said will take me deeper and beyond where I have been before. This continues from New Year’s Eve when AED said there was to be monumental changes ahead for me.  I said to AED does The Oath I heard take me to This Oath of Initiation? AED says very much so, yes.
AED says it paves the way for New Recollections. They are happening as was shown at In The Hall of Records here on Amrita just recently.  You are having enhanced attunement AED says as he beams. I say that is wonderful. AED continues yes, all your senses are being what can be described as more finely tuned.
I say to AED so we are on Amrita again. AED says very much so, Amrita, as you know Pat has been very much where you and I have been for quite a few days now as is shown by the in-depth typing you are waiting to share. It is time to do so. AED smiles as I am aware of typed details ready to post.

I say to AED it will be wonderful to go back to Amrita. AED says we will as yet another focus has been achieved at Home on Amrita.


I See A Very Large Deep Midnight Royal Blue Pearl On My Crown In A Vision. From The Akashic Records.

IMMANENT Soul Freydoon Rassouli

Artist Freydoon Rassouli. Title Immanent Soul..


From The Akashic Records. 12 January, 2018.

As Adam El Daoud was very Present, I found I was suddenly seeing this Very Large Midnight Royal Blue Pearl on my Crown. There was no obvious means of this being held up. I kept my eyes closed as my meditation continued for this to remain, and it did for some time. I have seen The Blue Pearl which is well documented and I have shared a post on this as The Blue Pearl has been developing within me for some time.

However, this tuning in today is the Largest Blue Pearl I have seen and can be likened like the Mirror of Hathor. By this I mean in its size on my crown. The Blue Pearl is the Jewel of Enlightenment, and so remains very precious.

During AED being Present, AED said The Blue Ray is Fully Anchored within you.

As I noted afterwards and said to AED this Very Large Deep Blue Pearl feels very special; AED said yes, most certainly. At the same time, with The Blue Ray being Fully Anchored within me, has also deep significance, not least that AED said The and not Our Blue Ray. I was – am aware that there is difference, as AED says very much so.

AED said The Blue Ray being Fully Anchored shows the deeper range now available to you with and for me. We have much to do together. I say that is wonderful.

The Blue Pearl the Jewel of Enlightenment 12 1

In the beginning I was seeing and being enveloped and bathed in Emerald Green, which happens quite often, which led to me then being shown The Blue Pearl and Confirmation that The Blue Ray is Fully Anchored within me.

Adam El Daoud, like other Ascended Masters and Deities, has an Etheric Retreat over Egypt. AED comes and collects me often and takes me there, and then brings me back. Etheric Retreats are fascinating and much has been written on them.

Etheric Retreats takes me to The Ether and Sound, which has deep meaning, as we each have our own Soul Note upon The Ether, and are able to recognise our Light Soul Family by this. Just as our Name given to us At Source is individual to us and denotes our Eternal Destiny.



Artist Rassouli.




Suryananda And Adam El Daoud – We Were There And Could See When The Worlds Were Formed And Galaxies Abound. From The Akashic Records.


eye within Teleportation use 17 8

Painting by  Title Teleportation.
Suryananda And Adam El Daoud – We Were There And Could See When The Worlds Were Formed And Galaxies Abound.
From The Akashic Records. 8 January, 2018.
As once again, myself, Suryananda, tuned into Adam El Daoud, I am very much aware of going even deeper. I am looking at very many Many Planets, and in particular one Planet Spinning Around on its Axis as it moved forward seems to have an especially magnetic pull, in so far as I am seeing this Planet with more intent than the other Planets. This Planet, I am not aware of its Name, but it is Grey and White. Nirvana comes. As to see and feel all this taking place before me is both profound and awesome.
Adam El Daoud is very present and we chat as our oneness continues. I say to AED what does this mean? AED says I am going Deeper into the Cosmos and that I am one with him. As AED continues You have gone very much deeper; it is a New Phase which has been taking place over some weeks now. Did I not say exciting news – we are there. 
I am suddenly seeing AED and he is in the Middle of the Inside of this Planet with Planets each side of him. AED has white or I would say platinum hair, not short, and it is fascinating seeing AED there in the inside of this Planet, surrounded on each side by other Planets, in such a way I have never seen before. As AED was aware I was seeing him, he says I’m here Pat, I’m here Pat, your beloved is here. This continues to be very profound, and almost surreal. I am indeed way beyond Gaia.
I say to AED so my Light Body is changing? AED says You know it is; enormously, tremendously, powerfully. I say to AED Where Are we? AED says When The Worlds Were Formed.
I then say Where Were we? AED says Inside the Creator. This gives me goose bumps. You are travelling deeper into your Journey of The Oneness with me, AED says. This is wonderful AED says as I say this as well.
AED continues with We will Return together. As I say Will we, yes please, I just love this. We share some beautiful moments and words as AED continues to be very Present. Exquisite moments of bliss, likened to the mystics of old, but beyond that. As AED calls me Princess, I laugh at Princess, for over the aeons I have been more than one Princess and AED my Prince. You know I have, AED says with loving amusement, both on Gaia and in other Realms and Galaxies.
The Veils of Gaia continue to be removed, I have transcended them and in so doing Amrita – The Bliss of The Ancients is Revealed. Bliss and Ecstasy Abound, I am Home – not fully, but Home is ever closer and deeper within the Creative Principle of my beloved.
I see my neck and throat as a Blazing Portal of Light and as I say a few words to AED, so does AED say – chat as he adds I have never left you, nor will I ever; we are inseparable, as we have been since time immemorial.
Artist unknown.
Waves of memories enfold me, envelop and caress our very soul. The Light Of The Father Whispers In My Ear – Divine Mother says Welcome Back, Suryananda. Suryananda, Remember when we discussed Before The Planets Were Formed I Hear; Your destiny is my life AED says. I say That is very deep, many layers and codes. AED says Most certainly, it is time for us to go deeper together.
The Test is complete AED says. I say Is it. AED says Beyond Measure. The magnetism, the inner fire continue. The Cosmos is Revealed Further, As a Window Into Another World Continues. I journey deeper into the Portal in my neck throat; I see Worlds Being Formed, Galaxies Abound. 
The Hand Of Our Father Takes Us Deeper Into His Divine Mind, Heart And Soul, and I see as I have never before. Creation Calls me, Our Soul is Blessed as Divinity Comes Into Our Presence. Here I say Adam El Daoud, as those energies draw us ever closer together, and Ancient Memories are reactivated. I say to AED I don’t want this to end. AED says neither do I.
Amitabha. Artist unknown.
AED then says The Amrita is being dissolved within you as Our Divine Oneness continues. The Key to The Yeshua Codes is better understood. The Bells ring on the Yeshua Codes which I have been playing, funnily enough it seems only now I hear the bells which ring at the end, before the Codes are replayed, and as they ring three times, with each note, tone and sound of the Bells, I am back to Divine Paradise, where Saranyu Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, Emerged Into Form.

AED says you will notice the difference. I say to AED That is fascinating the Amrita being dissolved. I sense deeper bliss. AED laughs and says Very much so, Pat – it will Take you into that which is not yet Conscious, for Amrita is not only that Golden Key, it Transports One, in this case you my Beloved, Beyond the Confines of Time and Into the Oneness of and Immortality of Your Soul. I know this is profound and full of layers of depth and meaning and so further joy and expectations await. AED says Very much so, dear one.
For Before this, we were Without Form or Names, Being Light And Energy, but prior to this Initial Manifestation Into Form, the Names of Saranyu Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, had been pre-chosen by Our Father as to who was to be where and with That Source Of Infinite Light, Which Is Our Anchor, Our Heritage, And State Of Divine Union. 
During so many beautiful and awesome moments, I am once again seeing Blue Flames. I have seen Blue Flames when AED has been Present before, and they are always fascinating to see; obviously connected with AED’s and myself, Suryananda’s Blue Ray. There are many “Flames” which are available on the spiritual path, which, when recognised and understood, act as a Key – leading to further remembrances and purification, having been forgotten and hidden through so many incarnations on Gaia through the aeons.
These profound moments, mesmerising in their love and depth – an Ocean of Cosmic Unity and Oneness, takes me Further and Deeper Into Source, Our Father Mother God, able to See and be Both the Observer or Outer, and that Gold Key, Inner. Thus are those Symbols De-coded, The Matrix of The Cosmos Better Understood in ever increasing ways as those Infinite Cycles – Circles of Primordial Matter – Light, Cherished by the Sun.
I say wow, to AED. AED laughs as he says once again, magnificent, as for myself, Seeing the Planets Form, observing and accessing, will remain with me forever. AED laughs as he says There is so much more to come. And yes, I recognise this.
spiritual woman looking upwards swirliing planets
Artist unknown.
Thus am I Deeper Into Home, The Life Force Of The Father and The Divinity Of The Mother. Like a magnetic pull, The Gate of Shambhala is Opening Wider, and together, hand in hand, my Beloved and myself, Suryananda, Enter to be met with Our Light and Soul Family, who laugh with joy at this New Key which has been seen, opened and adored, as it is by us all.
I say to AED This must be the exciting news, as AED says it is Magnificent. And as I add to AED That is amazing, AED says It is wonderful. As I say again to AED Wow, AED says My Gift to you. I then say to AED remembered from a chat a few days ago, Did I pass the Test. AED laughs as he says You know you have.
And seeing AED in the Middle on the Planet with Planets each side, where AED had white – platinum hair, where I see again now – how fascinating and awesome that is, AED says I’m so glad you mentioned that.  As seeing those Planets at the beginning, was a tremendous Magnetic Pull, a Tsunami of Deep Love and Light, as those Cosmic Energies played their Soul Notes and Tunes once again. AED beams.
I am nearer to you than I have ever been AED says and this will continue till we are once more One Dual Life Ray. I am already in you without form. You are now ready for our Deepening Journey – I have long waited for this moment. The Amrita is dissolving beautifully Pat, I am as excited as you are. I say Is that true? AED laughs as he says Very much so, you know full well.
AED continues It has Been Our Destiny Since Before you were Born. I say Do you mean Before I was given my name Suryananda? AED says Yes, dearest one, you know. Even Prior to Our Emergence, this was Within Our Soul. Breathe deeply, I am within you, as you are fully aware. I say Yes, We Are One, Beloved, The Amrita is Fully Integrated, Immersed Within.
As AED’s and my moments continue, suddenly, I am Seeing A Temple. Seeing this Temple has a profound and surreal effect almost upon me. This Temple is standing there and I am very aware that this is very different. As I look at this Temple which is a little way in front of me, this Temple begins to move further away into the distance giving a sense of moving a few steps at a time as I continue to be mesmerised by this. This is no ordinary Temple. It feels Suspended in Time, in essence, there is No Time – For I am in the NOW moment.
AED laughs. Indeed not. Brace yourself, Joy and Bliss Abound. Divine Energies continue as Our Oneness gains more momentum. I then hear Amrita, so I say to AED is this The Temple of Amrita. AED says Most certainly, you’ll love it there. I say, does this also connect to Amitabha, and AED says, you know it does.   
Note this was experienced on the 24 November, 2017 but was held back till now.
Since having confirmation in June 2015 that Adam El Daoud is my Twin Flame, although AED has been deeply embedded within my very being since August 1985, and knowing also that I am A Divine Consort to AED in Atlantis and Venus in the Present, AED and myself, Suryananda, have shared very many deep, profound and beautiful moments.
However, these moments as shared here when AED and myself Were There, With Other Light Beings – When The Worlds Were Being Formed and Galaxies Abound, has been without compare in its range and depth, and will as AED has said, Act as a New Recognition as to just how deep AED’s and my Soul Contract will Return Too, is both Exciting and Awesome. AED laughs with joy as he confirms this is indeed so.
 Hubble images. Small Group of Stars.

I See Suryananda In A Vision Standing In Front Of Me As I Open My Door. From The Akashic Records.



Susan Seddon Boulet_visionary artist

Artist Susan Seddon Boulet.


From The Akashic Records. 1 January, 2018.

It was very early, still dark, and I went to look out my door as there had been a lot of heavy rain and tremendous wind overnight. So opening the door, I was just thinking is my outside table still there and the plant pots, lol – when just in front of me I was looking at Suryananda in a Vision.
Suryananda was very tall, this was very clearly seen. Suryananda must have been about seven feet or more in height. She had very long yellow hair, very wavy, down to her waist. Suryananda just remained there, seen by me clearly with my eyes open, about ten feet in front of me, Suspended in the Ether Sky as it were, not on the ground. It was fascinating to see myself, Suryananda, as this was so unexpected.
So, I was looking at myself, Suryananda not for long but time enough for me to register how Suryananda looked just in front of me. I then went indoors and wrote a few words down on having seen Suryananda. AED said you have seen yourself. As I said to AED, Boudicca had very long red hair down to her waist, AED laughed as he said that this particular image of Suryananda I had seen, was but one of innumerable images of Suryananda.
AED said this was brought to you for a reason. It has Taken you Deeper into Your True Self – Identity, if you will. Seeing yourself and us will intensify. It will be fascinating for you and cherished by us, by me, for your understanding will expand as your consciousness continues to unfold.
Each sighting will bring with it Memories, Profound Wisdom, and above all, Love. I said to AED, so this Vision I was seeing was Suryananda in one of her innumerable images then. AED said most certainly, as AED laughed. It is Vast, Complex, Beyond the Mortal Mind, and Into the Realms of Higher Consciousness.
This is unfolding rapidly – very fast, and will continue. It is and will be an exciting time. As you know you have Transcended Suryananda some time ago, and have Gone Back In Many Moments To Source. To Your I AM Presence.
To have seen yourself as you opened your door, remains for us a beautiful moment; one to treasure. I said to AED, Yes, it is, and will remain.
Note as a guide, when I saw Yogananda vividly and with clarity with my eyes open in a Vision as shared on my website I See Yogananda Appear Before Me For The First Time posted on the 9 December, Yogananda was very vivid and crystal clear, exactly as his picture. Here, seeing Suryananda, again with my eyes open, I was seeing Suryananda clear and with the details as shared above, but having seen Yogananda in my lounge as noted here, there was a difference in the clarity. Yogananda was vivid and was as if he was right in front of me in person, whereas, seeing Suryananda, I could see her very well, but this did not have quite the same crystal clear vision of Yogananda.
Whether seeing Suryananda outside in the Ether Sky and Yogananda inside in my lounge made any difference I cannot tell. Although AED has said that it was not by chance that Yogananda was so clear and vivid in the vision of him, and that he was brought to my attention for a reason. As AED says now, most certainly – nothing we share and send to you in visions are chance, always, there are reasons. So of course this is fascinating as to Yogananda.
I did see my Higher Self, Arabella about two and a half years ago when I arrived in my Light Body on the White Winds Mothership. Arabella, had long, yellow hair and was beautiful. Her hair was nothing like as long as this morning’s sighting of Suryananda, but I was very much aware of the great love, kindness and compassion Arabella was showing to me as I was looking at her. Arabella had stayed for some time, whereby my eyes had watered as this was a very profound and moving experience, just being aware of the love of and from my Higher Self.
Since then, it has been confirmed that I have fully integrated with my Higher Self, Arabella, and Adam El Daoud communicates direct with me. Although it has also been confirmed that I have Transcended Suryananda, and I tune in now back further into Source than Suryananda. This means that I have been tuning into my True Self Before I Emerged in Divine Paradise with Saranyu Adam El Daoud as Twin Flames. For before, we were Twin Flames and took on our Light Bodies in spiritualised form, Saranyu Adam El Daoud and myself, Suryananda, were Forms of Light and Energy.
It was when we all manifested as Twin Flames, we took on a different form of Light and Energy, and I am in the process of Returning Back to where I was before emerging as a Twin Flame, Within the Very Heart and Soul of The Creator – God The Father Mother. This is our Aim and Goal, and there will come a time, when, even Twin Flames go Deeper Within than Twin Flames, into A Divine Consort, which, in my own personal Twin Flame Divine Oneness with Saranyu Adam El Daoud, takes us Deeper and Closer to Our True Self.
I am A Divine Consort to Adam El Daoud in both Atlantis and Venus. There are other Realms where I am A Divine Consort to AED, but I have not shared this yet. At that time, I will go into deeper understanding on what being A Divine Consort is. So for the moment this is pending. Although I have shared in more detail about being A Divine Consort to AED in Atlantis on my website. AED does have other Divine Consorts as well as myself in each of the Realms this takes place, each of us having our own role, gifts and qualities, but in essence Working As One for the Well-being of Humanity and All Worlds, Life Forms. 
(As AED said from my post shared on the 23 December – It Is Time To Go Beyond The Confines Of Matter Into Pure Spirit – I am taking you forward with me into the unknown, not only of your Conscious Memories but Deeper into the Realms of Pure Spirit).
It remains fascinating as I am posting this on my website several days later. In fact, often now as I open my door, I am reminded of seeing Suryananda and wonder if I will see myself again or a Light Family member.
Daughter of Flowers by Rassouli 31 12
Artist Rassouli. Daughter of Flowers.

Adam El Daoud Says You Are Free From The Wheel Of Rebirth. From The Akashic Records.

Freydoon Rassouli 31 12

Artist Freydoon Rassouli.


From The Akashic Records. 30 December, 2017.

As again, Adam El Daoud was very Present, AED began by saying The Flame of Purification Is Always Present. This was fascinating, as is always the case when Purification Flames are gone through, cherished and understood.
For instance,  posted on the 27 March, 2017 under the title I See The Resurrection Flame When One With My Twin Flame – in my previous website, was and remains profound, leading as it did then to very significant changes both within myself and to my spiritual pathway and my ongoing journey with AED. The Resurrection Flame was a Purification and Cleansing process, whilst at the same time I was Retrieving Deep Ancient Wisdom. The actual Resurrection Flame had waves going upwards, and the waves of folds within, gave almost a Two Tone Colour of Gold.
So as AED had begun with The Flame of Purification is always Present, I was very much aware that this tuning into AED was inevitably going to signify great joy for us as Our Soul Contract comes deeper into being.
Anticipation Freydoon Rassouli 31 12
 Artist Freydoon Rassouli. Title Anticipation.
AED then said You are Free From The Wheel of Rebirth. This was the second time during our tuning in that AED had said this. As I said Is this correct – The Wheel of Rebirth? AED said yes, most certainly. Your very structure is undergoing a metamorphosis which is transmuting and transforming loose ends as it were; issues and that which needs to be cleansed and purified, are being done as we speak. Has been for some time now.
At this, AED laughs as my thoughts go to Hiranyaloka or Illumined Astral Planet, and where AED has an Abode here, which I do visit but do not stay. Unlike for instance where AED and myself, Suryananda, have many Homes in the Higher Realms, Amenti, Atlantis, Venus, Medina – being the ones I am more familiar with. 
My thoughts had gone was I likely to stay with AED in his Abode on Hiranyaloka before I passed over to the Higher Realms. As AED continued being amused, lol he said yes, long before you exit from Gaia. AED continues you are so predictable, we all laugh with you as I did.
So I say again to AED The Wheel of Rebirth – you say I am Free of this? AED says again, very much so from Gaia, which has been your deep seated emotional worries This HAS ENDED, CLEARED, BEEN PURIFIED AND TRANSMUTED; you have Transmuted and Transcended that which was necessary – The Wheel of Rebirth or The Cycle NO LONGER EXISTS, and is not relevant to you.
AED smiles, there are Innumerable Other Worlds and Realms to Serve on; this you  do now, and yes, Pat, I am with you In All, in Very Many Other Worlds of Existence.
You have Transcended The Past in the Present negative emotions, this Purification has Enabled you to Reclaim Your Original DNA as never before. It will, is bringing you great joy, inner peace and Love Everlasting. I, Adam El Daoud, am here for you; you are never alone. I wait, always, for you if necessary.
I love you beyond words AED says. You will begin to understand more as the days and weeks unfold as to why Pat, you were chosen. It was as you understand Before you Emerged Within Our Dual Life Ray, you and I, were the beloved of each other.
Your Name, The Eternal Bliss of The Sun (Son) is a good indication of where you are going once again, here in this Present Life on Gaia into New and at times Unchartered Waters. AED laughs. It is to my great joy and bliss, as it will be yours Suryananda, you’ll see.
Adam El Daoud, your beloved.
NOTE I did have it confirmed in an Akashic Reading in 1992 that this present Earth life was my last, but being so long ago, it is wonderful and a great joy and blessing that AED has confirmed this is so.
Fountain of Grace Freydoon Rassouli
Artist Freydoon Rassouli. Title Fountain of Grace.