I Am A Divine Consort To Adam El Daoud In Venus. From The Akashic Records.

Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus by Marius Michael George.
From The Akashic Records. 22 September, 2017.
This special relationship of being A Divine Consort is Eternal, going back through the aeons. (As I shared here on my website in my post dated 27 August under the title I Am A Divine Consort to my Twin Flame, Adam El Daoud in Atlantis. That post has greater detail on myself being A Divine Consort, and Divine Consorts in general).
I had a sense that I was also A Divine Consort to Adam El Daoud in Venus, as well as Atlantis, and a few days ago AED confirmed this was so. For myself, Atlantis and Venus go hand in hand; both take me back to Source many millions of years ago, and are deeply embedded in AED’s and my heart and soul, and both are considered Home.
In both places, Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Ascended Life Forms, Devas, and very many others, live or visit in Divine Love, Light, and share the Highest Teachings, which are embraced and enveloped by all.
There are of course very many moments when I am fully aware as is AED of being Twin Flames, but the next and even deeper journey of AED’s and my relationship, is where I am A Divine Consort to AED in Venus.
“AED said the other day, I Am Taking You Deeper Into The Meaning Of Creation”. AED does say this at times, and it is both fascinating and exciting.
Thus embracing this role of A Divine Consort, has, by its definition and with the many Initiations I have gone through, inevitably, ensures that AED and myself, Suryananda, are even closer, for we are going back to Source and into the Role of Divine Cosmic Union which, I am told, transcends even the deeply personal nature of being Twin Flames.
Spirit of the Elements. Artist Josephine Wall.
“My personal role as A Divine Consort to Adam El Daoud in Venus is to increase the experiences of Divine Visions, and Absorbing and Transforming The Elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water”.
“I am told this covers the same Role I have as A Divine Consort to Adam El Daoud in Atlantis”. “Eventually, the Sacred Breath will be absorbed into my central channel at my heart chakra, and total bliss and full realisation of emptiness and the Dawn of the Mother of Wisdom will come into Being”.
“This can also be achieved through Deity Yoga, or Divine Meditation. “It is not confined solely to being A Divine Consort”. “As AED and myself, as male and female, we bring into play together energies as we experience what is described as The Great Bliss”.
“This is a fundamental and profound experience as A Divine Consort embraces fully in the Divine Cosmic Union, going beyond words – being an indestructible and irresistible force, whilst at the same time, having full clarity in what can be described as Diamond Consciousness”.
“Our whole understanding and awareness has expanded and we embrace all worlds and galaxies”. “We are one with them, and all Life Forms, as we recognise our Divine Blueprints as we have Transcended Time and Space; thus are we Home”.
There are no limits to the number of Divine Consorts Adam El Daoud can have in Venus, it is entirely up to him. “I am told it is Infinite”. I am aware that there are other Divine Consorts to AED in Venus, and it is a great joy and blessing to be able to share with them, their own personal unique role and paths, as they play out their own Divine Blueprints, long pre-ordained, as was myself, Suryananda’s and AED’s.
Artist Gilbert Williams.
Adam El Daoud’s other Divine Consorts and myself, Suryananda, share many beautiful moments as we inspire, illumine, and cherish each other, thus are our blessings multiplied. “AED made me smile and I gave a little laugh as he said I am glad you are happy”.
“In this, AED recognised as I did, that when I realised I was going to be A Divine Consort to AED, initially confirmed in Atlantis, I had very much wondered as to how it would – if it was going to do so, affect our relationship at having Emerged at Source as Twin Flames”.
“So it has been wonderful to have had confirmation more than once that where we are now, will lead to deeper Divine Oneness, more so than even as Twin Flames”. “And I was and am so happy that being A Divine Consort to AED had been envisaged at Source”.
On Venus, we use our names At Source of Adam El Daoud and Suryananda. Just as these names are used also in Atlantis, and again, in Medina, in the Pleiades.
It is both exciting and profound being cherished by AED as we go deeper into this pre-chosen role of ours, side by side, in Divine Cosmic Union, Into The Very Meaning Of Creation And Its Creative Principle.
“Now and again, AED says to me – I am taking you Deeper into Creation – or I am taking you Home”. I love AED saying this, as well he knows, and we laugh at this. Such words are as nectar to our soul, for we are one soul, joined Eternally, forever.
Being A Divine Consort, I will continue to go into Deeper Initiations, such is the nature of being A Divine Consort. Each Initiation undertaken and gone through, leads to ever increasing awareness, remembrance, and into AED’s and myself, Suryananda’s Soul Contract, as it comes further into being as wisdom and love are expanded both within and without. Thus The Creative Force Of God The Father Mother Is Understood In Its Entirety.
As I tune into further memories and recollections on being A Divine Consort, and as AED and my Light Family share their knowledge and wisdom, I will share them.

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